Makes my i7 6950X run like snail9/17/2021 8:02:11 AM

Pros: 10 core for production work yet, awesome for gaming High core count for some of the production work load applications that using high core frequencies.

Cons: Really..none, other then you need minimum NH-D15 cooler to keep it cool. I run my 10900k with NH-D15...Its awesome.

Overall Review: I don't game much, I do video encoding and some medium to heavy rendering and code compiling and although AMD CPU's seem to handle those types of workstation task faster, this 10900k does really good job for what I need, It takes a bit longer what 16 or 32 core AMD would do, but I'm quite happy with the results of my 10900k. Put it this way, my older $2000 i7 6950X CPU fails behind 10900k in most productivity work by almost 40% If you can pair 10900k with 3080 or 3090 you have power house for both gaming and productivity work.

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Kkowing Issue with Rattling fans12/10/2020 8:57:49 AM

Pros: Runs cool Out of the box hits 2010MHz

Cons: Update: After week of use the fans started rattling pretty loud, especially with fans RPM between 65-90% and even at 100% now and Asus is aware of that now, but no help. 0db doesn't work as it should, fans will spin regardless of wattage and temperature, the new Bios update didnt help. RGB's are turn off, look gimmicky, Its for kids You need to install Armoury software which is bloatware and It needs to be installed if you want to keep RGB's Off.

Overall Review: This could be good card, but its not and whats worse, Asus which we all know is one of the worse in industry as far is customer support, proves it again, ignores to rectify these problems.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, I'm sorry to hear that you are having performance issues with the card. All ASUS products undergo intensive quality control, testing and inspections. What you've experienced was not intentional or representative of our brand. Based on your description of having the fans rattle at all RPMs, we should RMA the card for a warranty repair. I will also forward your RGB and Armoury Crate feedback to the Product team for review. Please reach out to me at and include case #N2012055990 in your email for reference. Thank you for choosing ASUS! Best regards, Lane ASUS Customer Loyalty – US Support
A Trully Amaizing PSU10/31/2020 10:50:37 PM

Pros: Smaller size then competitors in 1000W capacity True Hybrid Mode-Fan doesn't kicks-in until about 450Watts load Very quiet, even with fan ON Build quality is outstanding

Cons: None

Overall Review: This 1000Watts TX- Titanium Power Supply is the best I have owned. I love the silent operation, even when I’m running heavy computing tasks and PC is pulling around 600-680Watts, the fan spins just fast enough to keep it cool, yet you can't hear it. Love this PSU.

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Exellent RAM5/14/2020 11:30:51 PM

Pros: Low profile (31mm height) 2666MHz speed, but feels much snappier Good build quality

Cons: None

Overall Review: I have Asus x99 E-WS 10G with i7 6950X and in order to use Noctua NH-D15S with dual NF-A15 140mm fans configuration you needed to use low profile RAM to make the fans fit at the same height. Corsairs LPX RAM is perfect, both of the NF-A15 140mm fans are in perfect identical height. When comes to memory itself I purchased 2x 64GB of 2666MHz and all 128GB runs at its advertised speed straight from the box. I have been using Corsair Dominator Platinum for as long as I can remember with excellent results and theses LPX are no exception, they are great low profile memory, my system feels snappier. I would definitely recommend them to anyone whether you need low profile memory modules or not

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Impresive quality heatsink2/19/2020 11:30:14 AM

Pros: Great quality Absorbs a lot of heat Very nice and slick looking heatsink

Cons: None

Overall Review: I was skeptical about what to expect, reading so many reviews and mixed of heat sinks with brackets, elastic bands I thought this would be similar. Under overview of the New-egg description of the heatsink it mentioning about clips and I didn't like the clips or rubber bans so when I emailed the supplier he promptly responded with visual pictures what would come in the package. I am very pleased with this heatsink, looks great and quality is top-notch, also decreased temp of my Samsung 970 Pro by 22C, but keep in mind I have very good airflow in my case so the drop in temperature might be different depending on your airflow in your case.

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Awesome HBE Adapter10/13/2019 6:28:06 PM

Pros: Super fast file transfer Recognized all of my 24 WD 12TB HDDs upon drivers install without any issues. Comes in IT mode firmware preinstalled so great right out of the box. Extremely well constructed.

Cons: Poor Windows 7 support. All of my connected drives can be seen in my PC without glitch but Hard disk Sentinel that uses SMART and such won't read 4 of the drives (no Info) although drives are function as they should monitoring software will have hard time seen SMART with 4 ports, windows 10 has absolutely no issue, works perfect. Runs extremely hot, you absolutely need active cooling, 120mm fan blowing directly at it will keeps the card nice and cool at 30C-35C, otherwise is surpasses TJMax which is 55C within few minutes.

Overall Review: If you need absolutely the best, HBA extremely fast disk expansion only without RAID capability, this is amazing card. I absolutely love it and would totally recommend to anyone who is in the market for such adapter

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Pretty quiet but not the same8/29/2018 4:30:02 PM

Pros: Black, fairly quiet

Cons: This fan might be a replacement for the original brown fan but its but the same in some ways, it runs louder. After 2 weeks it developed some humming noise and its noticeable, also now this fan wont satrt unless I give a 5.5-6v and when i got it at first it would start at 5.1v, so something its up Update: After only 3 months the fan won't start even with max 12V so its time to RMA. I heard that Noctua support is excellent, lets find out.

Overall Review: Its nice fan, moves ton of air I just think I might have got defective because I got 4 other Noctua fans at the same time and they run perfectly fine and silent.

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Absolutely the best air cooler5/7/2018 6:45:06 AM

Pros: Outstanding Quality Looks awesome Performance on pair with mid-range custom water loops

Cons: Fan color

Overall Review: I've been water-cooling my i7 6950X with high-end custom loop for # of years and although I was very happy with the performance and silent's as I am silent freak, watercooling has its cons and sometimes things can be very frustrating. My goal in water-cooling was : 1. keep temperatures down 2. Keep my system as silent as possible Once I was looking at some custom air cooled PC builds and I stubble upon this Noctua NH-D15S... it got my attention right away. I really liked the beefy look and the temperature results where almost on pair with my custom loop....hmmm I though Wow! that's interesting how air cooler can keep up with water-cooling. I know it sounds crazy, but I decided to take my Caselabs STH10 and its dual loop apart and go back to air cooling...darn Noctua I got hooked to your NH-D15S After installing it I could not believe how much quieter my system runs, this cooler runs extremely well and so quiet I love everything about it, I honestly never thought I would go back to air-cooling but this cooler made my decision so much easier. Note: I run Prime95 for about an hour on my i7 6950X at stock, which I did run at stock even on water I don't overclock and the temperatures were the same...unbelievable. Noctua did super good job with this cooler. I would recommend to anyone with enough space in their case that want superior quality, performance and silent's, if you meet this requirements don't hesitate its win-win.

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