Great Budget PSU!8/7/2017 4:41:02 PM

Pros: Inexpensive,especially after $20 mail-in rebate. This PSU powers a system that has an i7-3770 (non-K),GTX 970,16gb DDR3 and a few SSDs and mechanical HDs. I even let the GPU run overclocked when I play some games and I have never had an issue.

Cons: The mail-in rebate is a hassle,especially since I had to contact Thermaltake 2 months after I sent everything in to let them know I had not gotten my $20 back yet. I eventually was contacted back and informed my rebate was on it's way. I got it around 3 weeks later,a $20 prepaid MasterCard. I will add that Thermaltake,along with many other companies,use a 3rd party to process and send out rebates.

Overall Review: I wish this was always on sale as it would be my go to PSU for budget builds.

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Great value10/7/2015 12:04:40 PM

Pros: I have purchased 5 f these drives within the last year and have been very pleased.None have had any problem,I make sure to check them with Seatools which is a diagnostic software made by Seagate.It is free,you can download it online.None of the drives have had any bad sectors or errors.The first drive I purchased almost a year ago and it is still running fine.I purchased 2 drives about 2 months ago and they are working good.Most recently,I purchased 2 more drives and I'm using them to back up pictures and movies.Overall I am very please

Cons: I can't think of any cons,if I have any problems,I will update my review.

Overall Review: My usage of these drives is low level,basically archival storage and not heavy load use.I make sure to check them with hard drive tools and I suggest you do as well.These drives show 0 hours powered on so they are refurbished and not just repacked return items.

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Very good GPU for price7/23/2015 1:05:10 AM

Pros: I purchased this card to put in an HP pre-built PC. The PSU is only 320w so I needed a card that did not require a lot of power and also one that did not need a PCI-E power connector.This card draws less then 65w and is very power efficient.It is also extremely small and will fit in almost any case.If you have a pre-built PC and want to do some gaming,this model is the right choice.I tested some games like TF2 and Bioshock 2 on high and everything looked great.This card will run older games on high/ultra and a lot of newer games on medium. Install is very easy.

Cons: None I can think of.

Overall Review: This is a refurb but it looks brand new. It comes in a plain EVGA box with no manuals or discs.Go to nVidia's website to download the latest drivers.I paid $109 and will get a $10 prepaid debit card back as a "rebate".Not a bad price at all.

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