Fast, stable RAM11/19/2009 2:51:37 PM

Pros: Fast cool 0.0 errors stable

Cons: None

Overall Review: i7-860 and 8GB of this on ASUS P7P55D Deluxe is like lightning in a bottle.

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Pros: This thing annihilates my old raptors. Especially in the noise department. Waaaaaaay way more quiet than the old 10k raptors.

Cons: Won't crawl out of my tower and get beer out of the fridge when I ask it to. "Get me a beer!" - Nothing happens.

Overall Review: Speed. Lightning in a bottle. Newegg got it here faster than I expected. Packing was great. Tight box/eggs/double bubble etc.

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Great unit11/19/2009 2:05:30 PM

Pros: Works perfectly as advertised. Stable. Quiet.

Cons: None

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Great Mobo for DAW11/19/2009 2:01:16 PM

Pros: Rock solid performance with an i7-860. Cool temps. Looks great. Fits ALL 8GB of RAM (4 sticks) with no heat sink overhang issues even with a large Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme Rev C heat sink rocking dual Scythe SFLEX SFF21D's in push-pull configuration. Plenty of PCI/PCIe.

Cons: Absolutely None. 0.000000000

Overall Review: Perfect board for a recording DAW. 2 x UAD cards, RME HDSP PCI and everything is running perfectly stable on this board (with slots still left for more). I'd give it 6 eggs if I could. As usual neweggs shipping got it here earlier than expected. Newegg ROCKS! Win 7 64bit This board Intel i7-860 8 GB G.SKILL (4 x 2GB) DDR3 SDRAM 1333 (Newegg item # N82E16820231189) Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme Rev C heat sink Velociraptors Caviar Blacks Corsair CMPSU-750TX 750w single rail power supply. (Newegg item# N82E16817139006) DAW performance, speed and stability is simply unreal. This board is the one. As others have said, use 1.5v RAM.

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@ I7 PROC. ARE TRI-CHANNEL!!!!10/23/2009 7:06:32 PM

Pros: Good RAM

Cons: none

Overall Review: @ I7 PROC. ARE TRI-CHANNEL!!!! below two posts. Many of the people buying this RAM are using i7 8xx series Lynnfield 1156 which use DDR3 >DUAL< channel memory, NOT tri like with the i7 9xx series. You're confusing people with your lack of knowledge between the two i7 series going on about 3GB tri for all i7's blah blah etc. Do your homework and stop confusing people.

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Flawless Victory5/22/2007 3:03:55 PM

Pros: Very elaborate overclockability/settings/features. (More than you know what to do with). Worked great right out of the box using latest bios from ASUS site. Runs cooler than most. TONS of great features, if your unsure of them, go to ASUS site and download the pdf manual, you'll be amazed.

Cons: 2 cards in SLI would be a tight fit with bigger video cards. Other than that, rock solid in my config.

Overall Review: This board, CPU = AM2 FX-62 Dual core 2.8Ghz, RAM = 2GB of Geils World Record holding PC2-8500 DDR2-1066+, Videocard = GT7800 256mb, Drives = 3 x 10,000 rpm Raptors, SATA CD/DVD Burner with light scribe etc etc. This is the most solid machine I've ever built. Had it running for a while now with 0.0 issues. Everything worked right out of the box. Thanks again Newegg!

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This is the fastest RAM on earth.5/15/2007 11:14:55 AM

Pros: Hits 3-3-3-8 2T at 800Mhz. Holds the World Record for highest overclock in its class - 1296MHZ at CAS 4 (Geils site). Absolutley off the chain.

Cons: Absolutley NONE

Overall Review: Workstation flys now like never before. Music, Film-video, multimedia, THIS is the ram to get. And cranks for games obviously. Deserves 6 stars. Got here quick, thanks newegg!

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