I-LOVE-THIS-DISPLAY :)12/7/2020 3:34:36 PM

Pros: It's pretty big. It's curved, but when in front of it using it, I don't notice the curve. NO light bleed on any edge. No dead or stuck pixels. The Freesync worked great with GSync on my GTX 1080, until it died, RIP :( Freesync is working fine with the RX580 I am using until the GPU market gets sane and I get a new card. HDR looks really nice.

Cons: The speakers, honestly, WHY, come on, why did they even put them in. They are easily the worse speakers I have heard in many years. A pocket transistor radio from the 70's would sound better. They should have left that trash out and saved a bit of money. I've had this thing for about two months, and it will still not brew coffee and cook breakfast in the morning. :)

Overall Review: I was worried that this display might be too large, but it's not. I have it set up to like 2.5 feet from my face, maybe three feet, not measuring it, but a bit out of reach without leaning in a few inches. It's immersive and gorgeous. I have it mounted on a vesa mount , so can't really speak about the stand, though it looks to be fine Really, other than the speakers, I can't think of a thing to complain about and that is a non issue for me.

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Could be better.12/7/2020 3:04:33 PM

Pros: I can go to the store and they will let me in with one of these.

Cons: I find it difficult to keep my glasses from fogging up. The wire in the top does help, but the fit is still not that great.

Overall Review: Not the product's fault, but it feels like a box of lost liberties and government over reach.

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I am pleased.12/7/2020 2:57:46 PM

Overall Review: I used this in a gaming PC for my grandson, it has worked flawlessly. Windoze boots in like 8 seconds, his games load quickly. Maybe you think I should gather benchmark scores, not going to. Real world use, this drive is doing really well and my grandson and I are both happy with it.

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Better than I expected.12/6/2020 10:56:56 AM

Overall Review: I used this to build my wife a gaming PC. No issues setting it up and it has just worked with no issues. The M.2 slot is not under the GPU so the NVMe SSD is not being cooled with warm air off the GPU. her PC only has a 1TB NVMe SSD and it works great on this board. I like the heat sinks on the MOSFETs, not high end but enough for the average build. For the price point, this board is hard to beat, I can honestly recommend this board. The B550 might be a better choice now, if the price is not insane and you want PCIe 4, but at this point I don't see why.

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It's cheap and looks pretty good.12/6/2020 10:47:25 AM

Pros: Low price Smaller than most cases, less desk space needed. Looks pretty good.

Cons: Plastic side panels, but what can you expect at this price point. A bit cramped to build in, cable management with a full size non modular PSU is a bit of a pain. For a high end overclocked CPU and GPU, I expect air flow would be an issue.

Overall Review: This is not a case for a high end build, but the old i7 3770, 32GB DDR3 and R9 280X it works fine. Nothing gets hot, and that I found amazing as I can't see how this thing breaths that well. It's not "rock solid", kind of flimsy, but who sits or stand on their PC case, it just needs to support the components and it does that fine. The side panel would scratch easy, but if you keep that in mind and don't brush things against in and take it off and put it under running warm water and use mild detergent to clean it, it should las a good while. For the money, it's a good case. If you want high end, look elsewhere.

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We love this drive!12/6/2020 10:35:12 AM

Overall Review: No long drawn out technical review here. Easy to set up. FAST, did I mention it's fast? The speeds the list, are true. It has not had any issues at all. I can absolutely recommend this SSD.

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My wife just loves this case.12/6/2020 10:28:47 AM

Pros: Glass side panel to show off that shiny shiny build. PSU garage to hide the cables and 3.5" drives. Nice looking ARGB fans. Great air flow. Not difficult to build in. Easy to work with glass side panel. My wife is happy with her PC, and that is a plus.

Cons: A modular PSU is recommended, though it was not real hard to stuff the extra between the PSU and drive bay. There was enough room to hide the unused and manage the used.

Overall Review: Her PC has no 2.5" or 3.5" drives, just a 1TB NVMe TLC nand SSD, but adding those would be easy. I was pleased with how easy it was to build in, she is happy with how it looks. Though, ARGB may be wasted on her, the case fans and CPU cooler fan, no unicorn puke, just green, ahh but that's a red head for you. :)

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Easy to set up12/6/2020 10:13:28 AM

Overall Review: Used it to get an older PC internet in a spot I had no cable. I much prefer hard wired network, but this worked out just fine for general internet access. It's not the latest and greatest but it works fine.

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Nice for the price12/6/2020 10:06:53 AM

Pros: Glass, lots of glass. You want shiny shiny fans and show off your build, this thing will show it all off. It feels really solid. Was easy enough to build in. Nice system to mount 2.5" drive on the motherboard tray. Really nice looking fans that so far are doing a good job.

Cons: If you have a large non modular PSU, you are in for the time of your life dealing with the unused cables. Modular PSU is defiantly recommended as there is not all that much room between the PSU and the drive bay.

Overall Review: The case looks really nice, but both sides being glass you are REALLY going to want a modular PSU with nice looking cables if the looks are that important to you. Extensions to look good are out, you can see that mess from the side behind the motherboard. I was worried about air flow and heat when I unboxed it. Both the CPU and GPU are overclocked and nothing is getting hot, so I guess it's not a real problem. I used it to build a gaming PC for a grandson, it's got a non modular 750 watt PSU and it was a bit of a pain to stuff all the extra between the PSU and drive bay. I plan to get him a modular PSU and use the one he has on something else, but it looks less than ideal with the ugly cable right now. All in all, unless you want a huge PSU and stacks of 3.5" drives, it's a good case and I can recommend it.

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This thing just works12/6/2020 9:50:45 AM

Pros: Better WiFi coverage on my property than my old router. Handy switch to turn WiFi off when I don't want others eating up bandwidth.

Cons: It refuses to brew coffee and cook breakfast.

Overall Review: I was a bit hesitant to get this thing, but I am really happy I did. It has been rock solid and performs really well. I don't personally use the WiFi that much, but the people I let use it have been thrilled with the performance. I have not had to power cycle it every few days like my old one, it has just worked really well. I love the guest account, I named it SpongNetNoPants LOL

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A trip down memory lane12/5/2020 4:55:52 PM

Overall Review: It's Duke Nukem, the absolutely NOT PC hero of early 3D first person shooters. By today's standards, not very good looking, but a nice little trip down memory lane. Keep in mind that even though you can play at 1440p, it's still pixelated just like in the good/bad old days. It's just a linear shooter with secret places to fine and lots of aliens to shoot.

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You get more than what you pay for.7/28/2020 1:05:28 PM

Pros: Taking into account the cost, these flash drives are well worth the price and great for backing some things up or sending files to someone as well as Sneaker Net.

Cons: The performance of these flash drives is not all that great. Copying large files to them will start out pretty fast and then fall off a lot. Read speed is somewhat better though.

Overall Review: For the money they may be hard to beat. Just don't expect to reach and maintain full USB 3 speeds. I do recommend them because of the low cost. If you must have bleeding edge performance though, look elsewhere.

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Chill Pill12/26/2019 10:32:53 PM

Pros: Looks nice and keeps my CPU cool. I am only clocking my i5 3570 to 4.2, but I have the little adapter that cuts the fan speed in half yet running iburn at maximum with room temp in the upper 70s F, it never got over 71c. So I know a third fan and and or letting the fans spin up more I could really OC. It clears my Corsair XMS3 RAM with about 10 mm clearance, the fans could be shifted up a bit so clearing RAM should be no issue.

Cons: Cons? Well there is..no, or..no, hmm, none, it rocks.

Overall Review: Read the Specifications and MEASURE the space in your case. This thing is BIG. If you read the instructions or just pay attention to what you are doing and not rush, this thing is VERY easy to install. Edit: Well, I ordered this thing on 4/2/2014, this is 12/27/2019 and I am still using it, with the fans that came with it the entire time. I started out using it on an i5, then an i7 ( that I dragged kicking and screaming to 5.1 GHz (2600K)). When I ordered my Rysen 1600X, just to see, I emailed support, they sent me a free mount for AM4. It now sits on my R7 2700 and everything is perfect. Great product, great people.

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It just works4/29/2019 8:29:14 PM

Pros: It just works. I plugged the Ethernet cable to my router in and the Ethernet cables for my PCs, powered it up and it has been working without issue.

Cons: Wall wart, seriously, I hate those things. Only has connectivity LED and nothing to show 10/100/1000. It will not cook breakfast and brew coffee in the morning.

Overall Review: I really think built in power supplies are the best, but I can understand that it can be as small as it is because of the wall wart. If a small foot print is important to you, and Ethernet ports on the back, and you don't mind no indicator for speed, I think this is a good choice.

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A bit costly, but so far this kit works great.8/20/2018 5:10:09 AM

Pros: Easy to set up. CL 14

Cons: Cost is more than I think it should be, maybe because it says AMD on it ? Won't cook breakfast for me.

Overall Review: I have an ASRock X370 Taichi with an R5 1600X. Getting 3200 was as easy as setting the XMP profile. I bought this kit because of the timings, the clock is nice, but add to that tight timings and it is gold. This kit has good timing. I have had no issues so far. Other than the prices I would recommend this kit. I don't know if I got a good CPU and Motherboard for RAM compatibility, but I am happy with this kit.

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A bit costly, but so far a great drive.8/20/2018 4:54:30 AM

Pros: This thing is pretty fast. It's MLC, so SHOULD last a good while. Very easy to set up. Migration software worked perfect the first try.

Cons: The cost is a bit high It has yet to make breakfast, or clean house for me.

Overall Review: I am using this on and ASRock X370 Taichi with an R5 1600X. Someone said in one review that you can not get the advertised speed on a system like this. I only have the one and only one of my M.2 slots is PCIe 3 X4, the other is PCIe 2 X4. I can't copy between two of these so, benchmark is what I have. Well, I set up a trial of a RAM disk, copied a 1GB folder from RAM disk to the drive, no idea the speed, was a blip. But here is my benchmark scores. CrystalDiskMark 5.5.0 x64 (C) 2007-2017 hiyohiyo Crystal Dew World : http://crystalmark.info/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------- * MB/s = 1,000,000 bytes/s [SATA/600 = 600,000,000 bytes/s] * KB = 1000 bytes, KiB = 1024 bytes Sequential Read (Q= 32,T= 1) : 3590.167 MB/s Sequential Write (Q= 32,T= 1) : 2311.186 MB/s Random Read 4KiB (Q= 32,T= 1) : 325.407 MB/s [ 79445.1 IOPS] Random Write 4KiB (Q= 32,T= 1) : 260.283 MB/s [ 63545.7 IOPS] Sequential Read (T= 1) : 2426.329 MB/s Sequential Write (T= 1) : 2252.816 MB/s Random Read 4KiB (Q= 1,T= 1) : 60.635 MB/s [ 14803.5 IOPS] Random Write 4KiB (Q= 1,T= 1) : 164.688 MB/s [ 40207.0 IOPS] Test : 1024 MiB [C: 28.6% (136.3/476.5 GiB)] (x5) [Interval=5 sec] Date : 2018/07/09 15:21:35 OS : Windows 10 Professional [10.0 Build 17134] (x64) I have only had it 1.5 months at this point, but I am liking it, a lot.

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For the money11/1/2017 7:44:23 AM

Pros: Power supply shroud helps keep things clean looking, also the two fans you can mount on that pull more air in from the bottom. Cable management was not an issue, it was easy to work with. It looks pretty good.

Cons: It could use eight more fan bolts to install the fans on the PSU shroud, but at this price point not a deal breaker.

Overall Review: You can have up to seven 120mm fans in this thing, I have 6. I left the top without. I used eight bolts that were for mounting fans to XSPC radiators to mount two fans on the PSU shroud. All the fans are low noise but not great for air flow, but with five as intake it adds up to good air flow in the case. Standard ATX I think is as large as you can go, but at this price, LOL I would not want to deal with a really large modular PSU, I installed a none modular 650 watt and it was easy to work with, but I can see how a long PSU (but who buys a case at this price point for a monster PSU?) could be a real pain. Overall, I was pleased with the case and would recommend it to anyone needing a case at this price point. It's not built heavy with durability in mind, but who beats up on their PC case? A little thought and care and this case should serve well.

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I think Claptrap approves :)11/1/2017 1:08:51 AM

Pros: 144 Hz No dead pixels 1ms

Cons: The speakers are awful. No 144 Hz on anything BUT dual link DVI, not a deal breaker for me as my 1080 has dual link DVI out.

Overall Review: I really like this display a lot. The speakers, I would prefer they not even be there, I had to set my sound back to my speakers when I tried HDMI and DP, but not a hard thing to do. You only get 144 Hz on the dual link DVI, so I would not be able to do multi monitor at 144Hz, I can live with that. I am very pleased with this display, the picture is great, I can feel (see?) the difference from my old 60Hz 2ms display that I bought in 2009. I would highly recommend this display.

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Plain ol workhorse.11/1/2017 12:54:55 AM

Pros: Cheap. They last a good while

Cons: Not a Ferrari ?

Overall Review: These things are not fancy, not mechanical with all the great things those have. BUT, they are cheap and hold up relatively well. I got this for couple of my grandkids PC, if (when?) they spill something or have some other incident then no great lose, just get another. I have bought this keyboard separately a few times, they always do well for the money they cost. If you need a reasonably good keyboard on the cheap, I recommend this, if your keyboard must be disposable (as in if it gets destroyed no big deal) the this is a good choice.

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It's a cable, it works.11/1/2017 12:47:50 AM

Pros: It looks and feels like it is made very well.

Cons: Won't cook my dinner for me.

Overall Review: It's a cable, it does what it should and looks like it will do so for a long time. What more can we ask of it? The thickness of the cable, to me feels perfect, not flimsy and not so thick it's a task to work with. I am happy with it.

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Eh, for the money, it's pretty good.11/1/2017 12:39:50 AM

Pros: It sounds, feels and acts like a mechanical keyboard should. My wife likes it, she is happy. It's got LED backlights, they look nice and have several things they can do, that we don't care about, but nice.

Cons: The LED color is what it is, there is no solid color option, just that multi color thing it shows in the picture. So far, three of the LEDs have stopped working. The keys are not so easy to see when the lights are out.

Overall Review: For the money, I am not complaining. It's a shame that some of the LEDs have failed, but for the money I don't feel it is worth pitching a fit or doing an RMA. The keyboard still works well, my wife is still happy with it. I would say that if money is tight and you want a backlit mechanical keyboard, you could do worse. I think I would recommend this to those short on money. The LED thing, could happen to even the high end stuff.

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Solid, good looking, and well featured board.7/8/2017 3:20:39 PM

Pros: CPU power delivery that is maybe a bit overkill (can't get too good on that) RAM power delivery that is overkill (can't get too good) Debug display removes much guess work in finding an issue 2X front panel USB 3, a must for me as my case has 4 X USB 3 ports and no USB 2 Very easy to set up and get going

Cons: Does not have dual BIOS, I was figuratively sweating bullets when I flashed the BIOS after reading the "we are not responsible" on their site where I got the BIOS image to flash. I would like it if the USB3 front panel connectors and the 24 pin power were facing front like the SATA ports for better cable management but that is not really a huge thing.

Overall Review: Seen others do this, so I will too Serial number 75MOXB146697 I bought this board because: I have had great experience with ASRock main boards on Z77 platform, had (still have one) Z77 Extreme 6 and what a great board. So far this is even better. Mine came with BIOS 2.20, I set it up on the box it came with, hooked keyboard, mouse, RAM, CPU and PSU. Flashed the BIOS from USB drive because not trusting my ISP with internet flashing. Was nervous until the flash was complete but all was well. I have 2X4GB Patriot Viper DDR4 3200, I selected XMP profile 1 and bingo, 3200. Looks like things are far better for me than earlier adopters had it. I used the A-Tuning to clock my R5 1600X to 4GHz. Not normally a fan of software overclocking but tried it, if I messed up I would not need to clear CMOS to fix the issue. It worked well and easy to use. I like and think it is important that the m.2 is not under the graphics card like on so many other companies boards. Who wants to cool one device with the warm air off of another? I honestly can not think of anything to hate on this board, not having dual BIOS makes me nervous when flashing but that is the only thing I can think of and how many years did I make it without that? Would be a plus have though. I can honestly say I recommend this board to anyone who wants very solid power delivery and wants to do Crossfire or SLI. I am very happy so far.

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Easy AM4 Installation7/6/2017 12:11:51 PM

Pros: 4 direct contact heat pipes Nice looking blue LED fan Feels like good air flow (exiting fins) Easy to install on AM4

Cons: It won't make me a sammich

Overall Review: I read reviews saying it is hard to install on AM4. With the price I decided to risk it and guess what, it was EASY to install. I will not be using it in my build because another company sent me the AM4 hardware for my big dual tower dual 140mm fan cooler so I will use that. However, I see NO reason that this should not cool well. It is a lot like a famous cooler with 4 direct contact heap pipes and there is one of those in my wife's PC that does great. I think this is a really good performance for the money cooler, with a second fan (hardware to mount included) maybe a bit better even,

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Really nice mat6/5/2017 3:49:58 PM

Pros: It's large, I have my G13, 10 key-less keyboard and mouse on it with room to spare. The control of my mouse improved with this over my old standard cloth mat.

Cons: I didn't get it sooner, I really like it.

Overall Review: I have heard that some don't like the yellow stripe, not an issue for me. This thing has improved control for me and that is all I care about. It looks to me like it should last a good while, on that we will just have to wait and see but I do recommend this mat.

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Really nice mouse, unless you have small hands.6/5/2017 3:44:44 PM

Pros: 12000 DPI RGB lighting Feels like it is built well

Cons: It's huge. I am used to putting the heal of my hand on the mat to control the mouse, if I want to reach both buttons on the side I must have my hand up on the mouse.

Overall Review: I guess I could set some sort of rest for my wrist but not going to. For now I will use it as a four button mouse and look for something smaller.

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