The dream crushed.11/12/2014 9:34:03 PM

Pros: It was a huge step on cross-breeding tablet and pc gaming theoretically. When it was in one piece, even without Android L it's a beautifully performing system that I knew would become even better with L and maturity.

Cons: After three months and finally putting some time playing "K1 Optimized titles" the heat generated weakened the cheap plastic used on the casing and it became brittle and the corners fell off of my tablet.. Yes, you heard that right. Once while charging it, I brushed up against it and noticed it was insanely hot, so much so it was painful to pick up. I had to put it in the sink to assure I wouldn't burn the counter top while it cooled off. The USB chord was deformed after and I had to go out and buy a new one, hoping it was the cords fault and that wouldn't happen again. Sadly others have been reporting more sever heat issues such as this though. I also couldn't use an adapter to usb and charge it without really sharp/loud coil whining. Which was literally one of the only reasons I got this. Hook up a USBhub, charger, leave it next to our big screen.. BUT NOPE. : / At the time I assumed it was the cable but it works perfectly fine on anything else... And I have lots of devices.. (Other people confirming coil whine issues lately) I also couldn't use headphones while charging I later realized, as it would create white noise in the background constantly. Still no PC games that are notable.. No words from dev's other than "War Thunder". We have source running on it? Wheres the two most played games in modern history? Dota, Counter-strike... I don't get it. Apparently the Serious Sam engine works near flawlessly. But instead of giving us Serious Sam.. They are making something along the lines of a flappybird game. SPLENDID. Apple is getting more PC titles than shields are.. : /

Overall Review: It still could of earned 4/5 stars from me if NVIDIA had not lied about the new batches being resolved of these issues and had they not sent me an RMA'd replacement that took me literally a second of booting up to find out why it got RMA'd. Terrible screen distortion with light touching.. Other members of the NVIDIA forum have gone through 4+ and still receiving the first batch ones that suffer from a ton of issues. Very much not cool. I highly suggest if you've had it for less than a month and see any of this issues on your tablet get your money back ASAP. Because after a year, even nvidia isn't going to do anything for you. And if you're just so lucky.. They will run you through the loop of sending you broken RMA's as replacements for that year long warranty. Theres no chance these can hold up for 1-2 years. If gamestream is what you want, I sadly had to learn the hard war. Limelight works better and works on ANY ANDROID DEVICE. Buy something with a respectable build quality in 2014. Basic cheap plastic body with a beer bottle glass screen. Really bummed.. Both nvidia and newegg have sadly left me in the dark. I don't have the time or money to continuing to RMA broken devices. It's now a paperweight that cost me 400/500 bucks in the end of the day... One egg, on my face.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Faux 120hz11/12/2014 2:00:21 PM

Pros: It's a big shiny new TV and it should make you really happy if that's what you're into.

Cons: None as long as you actually understand this is NOT 120hz.

Overall Review: I have tested many screens to learn about different technologies. This "120hz" is NOT real. 120hz means you get 120 unique frames a second. What "Tru 120hz" or whatever they call is does is.. Simply double each frame, blurring and intelligently shifting it towards the next frame so SIMULATE smoothness. Yes for TV, movies, sports and such it might make it easier to watch. But it will not make the image more crisp like a TRUE 120hz MONITOR can do. Also with most content being locked to 25-30fps even if it were a true 120 screen you wouldn't reap any benifits. Also, the entire faux 120hz process, well.. It takes processing. Which equals time required to do so, which equals INPUT LAG. You can NOT use this faux 120hz in video games properly. You will notice lag, and if you don't you'll simply be very confused why you're sucking worse than you usually do. You MUST disable all on-monitor processing to enjoy lag free gaming. AKA "Game mode". Also remember that often theres a single higher quality HDMI port than the others you should be using for any video game device or as a PC monitor (still impossible to get 120hz through PC on this screen, sorry) So if you're buying this for it's 120hz. STOP NOT. And buy a PROPER, true 120hz PC MONITOR. They have 27' products available these days. And I believe even a 32' 120hz PC MONITOR.. I think.. Make sure your GPU has the proper DUAL-LINK DVI support, or displayport. Make sure the cable you're using to plug in your screen is DUAL-LINK DVI as well. As normal DVI cables can't carry enough data. : ) So yes, just trying to save some people the hassle of buying this when it's not what they want. This is a great screen for basic movies and tv and that's that.

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Mistitled.9/2/2014 8:49:41 AM

Pros: Two worked fine, were quiet.

Cons: Were not modular and that made two easy builds take two frustrating days.

Overall Review: I ordered two, both seem to work fine however.. They were not modular as advertised... Pretty lame since I had to build two mini-ITX rigs quickly. It took so pretty insane cable management, thankfully I'm intense. So yea, that sucked. Glad they seemed to work fine anyways. Nice and quiet. Just wish I would of had the time to send them back to do these builds right, it was an important job.

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Solid.5/10/2012 4:54:22 PM

Pros: Just wanted to say that I bought this PSU for my very first custom build computer about 4-5 years ago now and that computer (Be it owned by another) is still working flawlessly. This was a computer I left on 24/7 for like 3 years at least, dunno' bout now but I do know it still works fine.

Cons: None to comment from what I recall!

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Still no fire!!5/10/2012 4:50:56 PM

Pros: Bought originally for a budget gaming rig. Cables are wrapped in black to be low profile, very nice. The stickers on it came off easily (I hate stickers unless they are badges) Had all the required adapters I needed. It's yet to start spitting out fire and singing Kiss songs. Will meet most low and some mid range GPU power requirements but don't get too crazy now. A computer needs headroom. Oh and the great price for what feels to be a very high quality product.

Cons: It's not modular but I knew this buying it, ha. Sooo.. I'll just shut my mouth now.

Overall Review: Really theres not much else to say. It's been living strong and doing it's job like a champ. Well done Diablotek. I will hesitate not in the future when trusting your company. I realize their will always be duds with PSU's but this one, WAS NOT ONE. Yay. : P

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Can't complain!5/10/2012 4:45:21 PM

Pros: This is a great little chip. I purchased it while building a budget gaming rig for my girlfriend. Oh course the amount of games that truly require much more than dual-core are very rare. With a complimentary 120 dollar GPU, 8gb of average ram and so forth.. This computer easily plays every game I've tried on it at respectable frame rates anywhere from mig-high-ultra settings depending on the game. So yea, for the purpose of this computer this CPU has performed marvelously. With that being said of course this chip rockets through most tasks with it's respectable stock clock speed of 3.3ghz. Of course this won't eccel at multitasking as much, but if you are lucky (Which seems most are) you can unlock this chip to tri or quad. I did so briefly just to test it out and it worked fine. However I seen no real reason to even do so since well.. Her computer honestly feels as smooth as butter to me.. Who needs to spend more than 100 bucks on a CPU? Okay well I do. But if you don't, buy thi

Cons: Cons.. Well, everyone knows the stock coolers are pretty cheap. The noise levels are tolerable once it's inside a desk, but then you get worse cooling. (Another reason I decided to just keep it at dual-core) Though TBH, I prefer they gave a cheap one than none, or forcing me to pay more cause' it comes with a nicer one. Which in theory may or not get used anyways. But really, EVERYONE KNOWS THIS. Cool N' Quiet of course does improve things but I usually find the fans "Sweet spot" of rpm and just let it be as it usually results in lower highs I find. Other than that, which I'm totally not docking an egg for.. Got nothing.

Overall Review: You can't knock eggs if the chip didn't unlock for you, seriously. You are here purchasing a DUAL-CORE CHIP. Get real guys, come on. No need to tarnish a great product because. "My dual-core isn't quad-core!! Whaa!" Haha. Protip, if you want a quad-core guys. BUY ONE. They are like 20 bucks more, lol. Sidenote, it should be common sense but. This CPU can easily be overclocked to some impressive speeds. I put this baby up to 3.8ghz just for a test and all seemed fine for the hour of Bad Company 2 I played, which is a very CPU extensive game. A likely 0-15fps boost I likely received just from that. But yea, it already ran fine before so I just put it back down to stock. Just don't think this chip is limited for overclocking because it's "low end". IN THEORY, you could be paying for a Quadcore @ 3-4ghz. So yea' roll those dice. : P Just don't cry when you don't win the game. Peace guys!

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An intimidating mod!5/10/2012 4:31:05 PM

Pros: This cooling system brought my GPU down anywhere from 10-25c. It has yet to malfunction and all the fans are still quiet and good. I think my GPU is now the largest GPU I've seen in my life! HA. That can be seen as good. Either way, this product did exactly as it promised it would. And despite being nerve wrecked while trying to peel my GPU apart to get this on it was a really interesting and fun experience. Oh how I love dirty hands!

Cons: Depending on which GPU you intend to install this on it can be a VERY daunting and intimidating project. Not to mentioned you are now tearing about a very expensive piece of hardware and voiding warranties to do so. It also takes up A LOT of space. And I mean A LOT. De measurements before buying this, seriously. I have a very large Thermaltake Armor case and STILL had to shave some of the driveway off, no big deal.

Overall Review: If you are comfortable with pulling apart expensive hardware and want to see anywhere from 10-20c (Sometimes more) drop in your temps. And DO NOT plan on water cooling.

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It was a gamble!5/7/2012 12:59:44 PM

Pros: So this is my first day review, I've spent a few hours testing it now. This was a gamble since there was hardly ANY information out there about this. It is infact a 60hz 32' inch monitor with a native resolution of 1366x768, which is what you'll want it set to for using as a basic computer monitor. However it does allow you to select higher resolutions up to 1080, but I will talk more about that later. Right out of the box it was very easy to setup. Simply attach the stand, plug it in. Good to go. With a few basic tweaks in settings first on the TV, then in my graphics card application this monitor looked beautiful. Easily compatible to me personally to the likes of the Quatron pro and blacks that are capable of matching a plasma nearly. Dare I say that? (I have tried out a lot of HDTV's this year and brought back all of them). I've learned a powerful lesson. Budget HDTV's are usually the best ones. Oh, and it has a semi-matte screen/slightly glossy. Also all controls accessible on TV

Cons: Hmm.. Well I'm currently struggling to actually think of one as of yet. So I'll have no choice but to nitpick. The base does not swivel. And the TV I received is -slightly- different than the one in the photo. It has all the same inputs however, but the lower front bar is grey. Not a big issue clearly. I do prefer all black but it honestly looks fine.

Overall Review: I originally had LOW expectations of this TV, which is wonderful. Because when I received it I was in for treat. Originally it was only going to be used to TV n' stuff for my lady. But after seeing how nice it looks I've sat it on my main desk, lol. The refresh-rate is however a bit lacking, but that's to be expected. For anyone playing casual/RTS/Racing/Fighting games, it's fine though. In FPS there is obvious ghosting, and for some may be tolerable, but not me. However, RTS games I've finding especially enjoyable so far on this monitor. Also photo's and HD video look brilliant of course. Oh, and the power lights on it are not blinding like some company's love doing. It's actually really faint, but visible. Nice touch.. About the 1080, it's not the screens native resolution so text will look horrible in normal computer use. But just know, you CAN use it in games and for dvd. I've configured the monitor on it's native resolution to obtain a crisper text. It looks quite nice

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Working great still!2/5/2012 5:19:27 AM

Pros: I've been using this drive as a -games- drive as I have a massive library, it's been working to all advertized specifications without issue for going on a year now with no unexpected complications. At the time I paid maybe 80 bucks but we all know why prices have jumped, so I can't remove an egg for that.

Cons: Sometimes it will take two seconds to kick in when browsing the folders after not for a while, but.. Big deal..

Overall Review: If you have an issue with Windows finding the drive, you can go into windows hard-drive manager and force a format at which point it should all be smooth sailing.

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Totally worth it.2/5/2012 5:15:54 AM

Pros: I bought two of these so I could do casual games with my girlfriend but found it more enjoyable to use than keyboard/mouse for all kinds of games. Just not first person shooters clearly. The quality is top notch and both are still working as new. The cord length is long enough to reach across mostly any room and the safety feature which separates the wire if pulled on is a great touch so you don't accidentally damage USB ports if tugged on. Don't need to worry about batteries and they are a lot smaller than I remember the original controllers being.. But I'm not too sure.. It's super comfortable in my medium-sized hands still.

Cons: The annoying lights around the xbox logo button don't really need to be always on.. Would be nice if it came from some customizable software for macros and the likes I supppose. But nothing worth losing an egg over.

Overall Review: I was hard pressed to spend this much on controllers but after the fact I have no buyers remorse. Can't go wrong, they are the BEST controllers to use on PC hands down and work with countless games right out of the box.

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Not bad!2/5/2012 5:11:16 AM

Pros: They quality of the fans are top notch, very silent and very beautiful with a nice UV light reaching them. They work fine with the fan controller I have and come with TONS of accessories. Most of which I didn't require but are GREAT to have around. The screws are nice quality.

Cons: The lights on them can very quite arrogant and in your face if places on a side window, they don't really do the best job at lighting up the UV green blades.. So I ended up cutting the lights off the side fan and putting a UV light behind it. (Which made it look AMAZING..)

Overall Review: Great bang for your buck, I ordered six and all are still working flawlessly.

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Great deal.2/5/2012 5:05:56 AM

Pros: First of all, if you need ram for solely gaming, this is likely not the best bang for your buck, but it's a great medium for a work/gaming rig when needing lots of memory for media applications. I have managed to get these stable though with that being said at 849MHz with 10-9-9-23 timings and can likely get them a bit better even.. Though I do have a fan right on them. Doing so increased my FPS in some games quite noticeably. They look great and are all performing wonderfully at these settings for months now.

Cons: None that I can think of.

Overall Review: I do wish now I would of went for a 32GB to allocate 16gb of that to -ramdrive- which allows me to install apps or even Windows on it. Which yields speeds of which SSD cannot even touch.. /me snorts

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Does what it needs to do!2/5/2012 4:44:47 AM

Pros: Well, it does exactly what it needs to do with expected accuracy. It's reach is overly surprising, reaches across any room in my house. Well built, have yet to need to replace the batteries. Easy to read display.

Cons: I suppose the beam doesn't come directly straight out of the device but, that's really not a concern or a bother in the slightest since you can see the dot anyways..

Overall Review: If you need one, this is the one!

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My First SSD.11/26/2011 12:56:35 PM

Pros: This is seemingly the most reliable SSD solution out there. I spent a week looking at reviews and researching SSD before coming the this conclusion. I have not regretted it. Setting it up with a fresh installation was a walk in the park. I am pleased with the smoothness of my operating system and with being left with enough space for any games of focus I have been recently playing. (Protip, use "Steam Mover" to easily drag and drop games to the SSD without having the full steam folder on the SSD) Also it receives a a maxed score of 7.9 in Windows 7. Windows recconized that it was an SSD and made all the proper adjustments to assure longer life. It's not been crashing or having any issues since I purchased it. Great price, amazing quality. The heatsinks look better quality to me than the pictures displayed, I like them.

Cons: Would of been cool to include a bracket. However this is known before purchasing. My case luckily had a SSD mount on the bottom. You could also just drill four holes in any of a thousand places to do it yourself... : P Find a creative spot.

Overall Review: Crucial is amazing. We know these don't have the fastest speeds but go look a the reliability of other drives on the market.. And then ultimately come back here... : P Note, Crucial's larger GB SSD's are also great of course.

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False Advertisement10/1/2011 8:34:24 AM

Pros: Still works.

Cons: Wasn't what I needed.

Overall Review: At the time I didn't understand that You need x16/x16 or x16/x8 PCI 2.0 lane speeds in order to use Crossfire. WHICH THIS BOARD DOES NOT HAVE. It has x16/x4 which is useless and will only hinder performance or not work at all (In my case, even when trying to use a second card for a physX card). Please stop advertising x16/x4 mobos as supporting crossfire! Now I have to spent another 100-200 bucks.

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Owner For Three Years9/6/2011 5:39:19 PM

Pros: This is the nicest mouse I've ever owned in my life. I bought it locally for 140 bucks years ago and never once did I regret it. It's lasted the test of time, the braided cord works great for not getting it tangled in stuff. The DPU buttons are handy and can be used for about anything.. The left and right scroll I bind to [ and ] so I can map them to functions in game, very useful when you need a few more functions on the fly. The weights are a bonus but don't effect me much.. The mouse works wonderful on my cloth pad. The free-spinning wheel is amazing when doing code work of any kind (Also setting the DPI keys to copy and paste is epic). The mouse comes with two cases you can swap.. Both work fine for me but I prefer the smooth one. I found it comfortable with my medium sized male hands. Heh. ANNND yea, no regrets at all..

Cons: Learning how to set profiles for it is slightly confusing and the Logitech set-point software I think could of been done a bit better.

Overall Review: The software isn't the best but still beats competitors equivalents if you ask me. Ultimately all I can say is this mice can do everything you'll ever need it to and keep on ticking. And it's cheap as dirt now.. You can't go wrong. : )

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YEAR LATER5/28/2011 5:21:33 PM

Pros: Okay so, this board is really great for the average person and will all you need it to for basic operation. It looks nice enough with a black board and blue accents. It's a decent board for unlocking cores and light overclocking. And finally, it's still working after all my abuse. Sideways SATA ports allow for large graphics cards to fit properly without blocking them.

Cons: I used this board as my first "high end" computer build and at that time it was actually being marketed for some reason as supporting crossfire, which I later learned is usually because the 2nd PCIe2.0 drops to 4x which only hinders preformance. Also it took me an entire year before I could even get both to work at the same time at any speed. This board doesn't like to set RAM properly so you need to make sure RAM is operating at proper timings. The back plate could of looked a lot nicer, I'm not sure why companies print out such ugly ones. The OC dial thing is probably really unnecessary, I've never used it anyways.. Boot issues, freezing a the boot screen from a cold start always.. It would take a good few tries before it'd go.. Having to replug in USB devices before they'd work after a restart.. (But see in other thoughts)

Overall Review: Go to the website and download their update tool and allow it to get the newest bios. It fixed a ton of issues I have having so far. Such as the boot freezing and the USB issue. Now also both of PCIe2.0 work but I was also doing some tweaking in bios and that could of helped.. I heard that dropping the speed of the x16 to x8 allows for dual operation of the second in x4, which as I stated is usueless for crossfire but may be acceptable for a dedicated pyshx card. (Apparently x4 is acceptable for that) or just, whatever you might need that slot for really.. Hmm, other thoughts.. I think this board is still future proof but with some of the issues this has and for it's price, I think theres got to be better choices out there right now. I'd even consider just getting the next best up from this board, be it twenty dollars more or something.. I'd of done that if I known then what I do now anyways.. I really needed that crossfire support and now I'll need a new mobo as well.

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And this is why AMD is awesome.3/30/2011 7:44:41 PM

Pros: This card is super duper awesome, I upgraded from a still worthy 5750 and wasn't sure what to expect.. The price (for me) was the most I've spent on a graphics card to date and I was scared it wouldn't "feel" worth it's price.. Well I was wrong, this card blows away anything like nothing.. Crysis maxed out with natural mod and settings tweaks yields a 30-50 FPS, and with the fan set to a modest 40-50% heat isn't an issue, I find mine during gaming sessions peaking and idling around 65-70c, which is amazing since this product is rated to handle 90+ temps. On idle and basic computer operation I set the fan speed to 33% (The sweet spot for mine / my rig). Doing so for me makes the fan un-noticable beside the rest of my 120mm fans, which are whisper quiet really.. It's actually so quiet durring basic operation my HDD was the loudest thing in my case, so I installed some foam and suspended the hard-drive using string.. My case is now quieter then most peoples netbooks... Bios switch..

Cons: Cons.. Hmm, a lot of people put "size' here but the dimensions are included so it shouldn't be a con.. You know what you are getting into if you have half a brain.. Ha. Honestly though, the cheapo CGI chicks are dated, by a decade.. It's not cool, or cutting edge anymore, they are also not exactly attractive at all.. Could you start putting real art / game art / designs/patterns or just keep them basic? CGI chicks are tacky.. CAN'T USE EYEFINITY OUT OF THE BOX AS IN... WHY NOT? Okay I understand for my 5750, low end.. Okay. But I just bought of the best AMD GPU's on the market. Cool you gave my HDMI, you gave me a Xfire cable, as you SHOULD. (Thanks for that much) But the useless Display Port thing you included does NOTHING for 99% of the people who are buying this. Just include the proper adapter that your customers need to use this product for what's it mostly advertised for being able to do.. How about that? Totally unrealistic request I know.. -1 egg.

Overall Review: This card is heavy so do be sure to tighten the screws as much as possible and be careful when moving the case. I mean, don't worry too much just don't be an idiot. OH, it came with a nice case badge. /me tips hat After market cooling? I've seen a few solutions so far but I will decide this summer if it's even required.. I doubt it. Unlicking to a 6970 made BC2 unstable for me, started to get artifacts and then my PC would freeze.. But thankfully AMD is cool and included a failsafe bios switch so it's no big issue. I might just unlock the shaders later and see if it's better, just note I only do this part for fun.. There is no game that exists that this game can't max out with beautiful frame-rates, the most taxing games I've found so far would clearly be Crysis with mods.. As I said that was no issue.. So yea, any games made to date are a laugh.. Great for people who can't or don't want to crossfire since it's 2gb. Also 2gb is great in open world games.. Buy this

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Second Review (6+ Months)3/9/2011 10:40:00 AM

Pros: Hey, I wrote the first review on the item so I decided I should maybe add an update on it. Heh. As some of you pointed out there is a few issues with this case. The lack of holes to route cables through at the bottom is really quite bothersome.. But chances are if something like that bothers you, it won't be much to just drill a hole.. But yea' I always feel that getting a cheap PSU or one that comes with a case as hit or miss. It seems even though some have had issues or concerns with it I have been much luckier. It has preformed greatly for me and I never notice any heat or noise coming from it. It has run and will continue to run high end graphics cards. (Although anything beyond dual sli / xfire you WILL need more.) I have however ran into a single issue with the length of the cables.. Some of them are terribly short and I think it would of been nice to have some that are short, single molec connectors.

Cons: All in all this case is solid as a rock, let's a ton of air get through it and really was just what I was looking for.. A good deal. Thanks Thermaltake and Newegg.

Overall Review: PEACE.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Oh' Logitech, how I love thee.8/18/2010 11:52:40 AM

Pros: This sound system is the best sound system I have ever owned. Two months ago I sold my 2 year old set along with my old computer and regretted it since I did, they worked just ad good as new still. I figured they must be out-dated by now and I could find something within this price-range that would be better than them. After returning various systems (2.1 / 5.1) I decided to just order a new one of these, they got in today and boy am I happy. Very high quality, they go loud enough for me which is... Loud. The sub-woofer WILL surprise you. The first thing I did to break them in was drum and bass, I missed the crisp sound of these speakers and the leveled deep bass the sub-woofer provides. I should note I am an audiophile but not hardcore.. These will always put a smile on my face. I'm glad to of been reunited.

Cons: Hmm.. I'm stuggling to think of cons but any "con" I can think of can't easily be solved. Which I will now discuss in Other Thoughts.

Overall Review: The cord length, yes in some situations they might not be long enough but honestly I don't see that as a con, they sort of have to draw the line somewhere and need to consider what the average desirable length for the typical computer station, which I'm sure they did. I have an extremely large desk and the front ones fit with an inch or two to spare. Which to me is perfect because I have more cords packed behind and around my desk than I could count.. So having them just fit spares my the hassle of slack wire being tangled everywhere. IF YOU DO NEED MORE LENGTH, you can easily find extension cords to do just that without needing to cut wires.. Which is a better idea since cutting the wires to make them longer would void warranty. PLEASE READ THIS!! You cannot simply plug in these speakers and assume everything is going to be magically perfectly leveled and functional. You need a quality sound-card that includes sufficient control options for EQ and surround adjustments.. PEACE!

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
JUST TO CLEAR IT UP..8/4/2010 8:22:34 AM

Pros: In response to Scrap Warrior's review and anyone else who may be consitering this for CrossfireX.. The specs of this board read "PCI Express 2.0 x16 = 2 (x16/x4)" Meaning one is x16 and one is x4. When you want to crossfire you require TWO x16 slots to benifit at all. In benchmark tests crossfiring with a 16x and a 4x gives worse results than using a single card.. If you ever plan on using crossfireX make sure you got a board with two actual 16x slots.. I made this mistake and since I am a budget buying I was quite let down to realize this.. Learn from my lesson.

Cons: The only con, is that is says "Supports CorssFireX" in features. Sure, it supports it.. But it'll give you worse performance than using a single graphics card! I wish companies were a bit more honest about things like that, but hey.. Learned the hard way.. Or lame way.

Overall Review: Everything else about this board is amazing, it's great so far but sadly when I get the funds I'll have no choice but to buy another board now because well, this can't crossfireX properly. THE ONLY REASON I GIVE IT THREE STARS.. Because it says it supports CrossfireX. Do the research yourself about 16x and 4x crossfireX. Have a nice day.

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Price..7/17/2010 6:44:53 PM

Pros: I've owned Polka speakers before and I love them, great quality for the price.

Cons: I just really wanted to point out something that reall bothered me.. For what ever reason they cost an extra 150 bucks to buy if you are using the Canadian newegg compared to the American one.. Which is the only thing preventing me from buying these. I simply do not understand how the price could be so different.. In theory it's because they weigh so much and that'd increase the cost of shipping, but that's not it.. So, what is the reason for that? I don't get it..

Overall Review: If there wasn't a senseless 150 dollars added to the price-tag for Canadians, I'd totally be buying two sets of these babies.. One for my room and one for the family room.

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Great case.6/10/2010 12:27:28 PM

Pros: Well first of all let me say I'm amazing to so no reviews on this remake of this classic gaming case. It's airflow is great, the fans are quiet and push enough air. The triangle window on the side is larger than it seemed it'd be from looking at the pictures. It has a sturdy and heavy feel and is also LARGER than I thought it'd be. The (almost) tool-less design works well. Black inside/back panels. It's has good space to do some decent cable management. The power supply seems to be of great quality so far.

Cons: For being a gaming case, despite the low budget I think it couldn't hurt to have the power/reset/LED wires in a black and not a bunch of random bright lame colours so it matches the over-all theme of the case, but yea' I'll just mod them eventually anyways.. That's all for cons.. Not bad yea?

Overall Review: *Shakes fist at UPS* When it arrived at my house to my horror I noticed a large jagged hole in the side of the box.. AMAZING. Luckily for me it only left a tiny little scratch and dent on the right side of the case.. So it could of been worse, not worth sending back but simply disappointing and annoying. Nothing worth sending back though of course and clearly not neweggs fault. It's a good case if you don't have another 50 bucks to get the next up Thermaltake w/ PSU deal. Plus, not many people have this case it seems so.. Be a bit more original at the next LAN? Ha.

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Very happy!6/10/2010 12:18:44 PM

Pros: At first I was very worried that this would just be a "cheapo" attempt at a good 1GB video card.. Don't be fooled by the low price, this card has an amazing bang for it's buck! Set up with some good ram (4gb) and a good processer (I'm running the AMD X6 at 2.8mhz) I MAXED out Crysis on a 1580x1050 monitor with decent FPS, only dropped noticably while driving vehicles. I really wasn't expecting that out of this card.. With that being said, there is NO game that this can't currently handle beautifully. It runs cool enough that I don't feel I ever need to worry about it, quiet and it looks really nice. Also the short length of this is also something to note. I highly recommend this to any gamer on a budget who still wants to be able to brag about maxing out the newest games. Also regaurding the issues with driver problems... I AM RUNNING WINDOWS 7 64BIT, and it works fine. Simply DO NOT use the driver on the disc it comes with. Go to their website and download the latest one, easy.

Cons: DOES NOT COME WITH A FREAKIN' CROSSFIRE BRIDGE. Seriously companies.. Do you realize how annoying and difficult it is for people to find proper bridges? I'm no new comer to computer hardware and even then, scouring various forums and websites trying to figure out what will work with what and where I should get it and so on and so on.. It's not necessary. Never mind a newcomer trying to figure that all out himself.. I do firmly believe that EVERY Crossfire enabled card needs to come with a short and a long crossfire bridge... Still paying 150 bucks for your product, can't include a bridge that cost a buck to make? Amazingly silly. I don't understand.

Overall Review: Despite my rant about the bridges, it's nothing against this card as that seems to be a universal con with countless graphics card manufacturers.. Tisk. This card performs amazingly well for it's price tag, worth every dollar. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

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Good stuff.6/10/2010 12:05:01 PM

Pros: Worked perfectly out of the box, good speed, seem very reliable judging by the ratings here and I'm loving them.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I'll be getting another set of these when possible for a total of 8gb.

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