Just right9/3/2016 3:36:59 AM

Pros: They do a good job of sealing out most ambient noise. The detachable cord is great if you're prone to snagging. It'll disconnect from either the device or the headphone (or both) if you get it caught on something, saving the cord from damage. The iOS controls work as prescribed and call quality is exemplary. Ear cups swivel so it'll lay flat, which is great for packing them away.

Cons: They could be a little bigger. I have them pulled all the way out and I wish they went another click or two.

Overall Review: I had $300 noise-cancelling headphones that went belly up and I vowed I wouldn't spend that much on headphones again. I tried a few others, but wound up giving them away because they fell short in one way or another. I picked these up on a shell-shocker and they turned out to be the best sounding, best looking, best featured headphones in the sub-$100 category. I wound up getting two more for the wife and daughter. One of my dogs chewed the cord on mine. I contacted JBL/Harmon and they said "sorry, you're on your own". Wow, okay. I found a 2.5mm/3.5mm cord with iOS controls for another brand. It worked just fine. Oh, hey... Everyone complaining that they're not loud enough... They're $30 headphones. That's like complaining that your Kia isn't as fast as a Corvette. Buy Bose, Beats or something else if you need to deafen yourself.

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HTPC keyboard solution4/9/2013 9:45:33 AM

Pros: Plays nicely with Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit versions), no quirkiness or failures.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: In my house, the HTPC is just out of range of my wireless keyboard/mouse when comfortably sitting on my sofa. By using this extension and routing the cable around the perimeter of the room, the receiver is now next to the sofa. No more problems when trying to navigate Windows Media Center or searching Netflix or Hulu.

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Provides power and annoying fan noise3/8/2013 3:01:09 PM

Pros: Powers the modest requirements of my HTPC.

Cons: After about a week, the fan became noisy (like a bad bearing). Give it a whack, it quiets down for a while. Since I'm not fond of hitting my PC, I'm not pleased with this condition.

Overall Review: Silence is golden, so no gold for this power supply. I had really hoped it was a case fan or the CPU fan making the noise, but those weren't the culprits. Nuts.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We at Thermaltake apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. We can replace it through warranty service. Please contact our customer service team for warranty instructions. Thermaltake USA Customer Service email: ttsupport@thermaltakeusa.com Toll free: 1-800-988-1088 M-F 9:00AM ~ 5:30PM (P.S.T)
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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Nice, inexpensive upgrade3/7/2013 2:03:10 PM

Pros: Much quieter than the stock fan included with my socket 1155 CPU. Temperature dropped by three degrees Celsius, too!

Cons: none

Overall Review: I was rather dismayed by how noisy my two week old stock Intel fan had become. There was another issue of height clearance with a replacement unit since the power supply in my Silverstone Micro ATX case is right above the CPU. This cooler fit with no problem.

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Amazing adapter3/7/2013 1:43:20 PM

Pros: Does the same job with the same results as the adapter I recently purchased for twice the price (another manufacturer with a similar sounding name). I'm getting a reliable 300 Mbps connection on both 2.4 and 5.0 GHz bands 50' away from my router, through three walls and a refrigerator. My other Home Group networked Windows 7 boxes are connecting to this adapter's PC with no loss of signal.

Cons: Not really a con, but you need to use the resource disc to install the drivers. I installed the adapter and let Windows try to find applicable drivers on the 'net, but it couldn't.

Overall Review: I manually installed the drivers rather than installing the software on the resource disc. It's just the way I like doing things.

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Perfect for HTPC use2/25/2013 2:05:17 PM

Pros: With no fan, it runs silent and surprisingly cool. Works great for getting a 1080 signal to my television.

Cons: I couldn't get audio support over HDMI because of the age/architecture of the motherboard. The GPU worked flawlessly in another computer.

Overall Review: I tried turning an old PC into an HTPC, but with no audio over HDMI, I wound up repurposing the computer and putting this GPU in another build. It's a great budget card for light to moderate demand. I wouldn't expect it to handle high framerate games, but it's great for watching SD and HD video.

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New life for an old machine2/25/2013 1:40:33 PM

Pros: G.Skill rocks. I've never had a problem with any of their modules.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I salvaged an old PC and gave it a second life. It was an old office desktop, now it's a computer for the neighbor's kids.

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Great HTPC board2/20/2013 6:05:26 PM

Pros: I love Visual BIOS! I'm happy with all of the features on the board except...

Cons: ...LAN is moody/slow and I just don't understand why. I updated drivers and changed settings, but it just wouldn't play nice. Oh well, doesn't matter, I'm using a wireless adapter which connects at 300 Mbps. I'd love to figure out why the LAN was buggy, but it's just an unused port now.

Overall Review: I put this in an HTPC build with an i3 3225 CPU. I'm using the integrated video (HD 4000) and 8GB of DDR3 1600 memory with 1GB dedicated to video, a 1TB WD Blue HDD and Windows 7 64 bit. As someone else noted, my 1600 memory only clocks out at 1333 on this board. No big deal, not worth losing an egg. WEI scores of 7.2/7.5/6.5/6.5/5.9 with the above listed configuration. I'm super pleased with this setup. Two of my neighbors want me to build the same for them.

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Camera card2/19/2013 4:43:41 AM

Pros: No grief, reliable storage.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I bought this for a neighbor. She purchased a display model camera locally that had no card included. She's happy, I'm happy.

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Not a paperclip2/19/2013 4:36:11 AM

Pros: It's not a paperclip or pushpin, so it fits the hole correctly. Replaces the missing tool so an old phone can be reboxed and sold or given away.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Yes, my knowledge of SIM card tray ejector tools is "high". Pretty impressive, huh?

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"When I was your age..."2/18/2013 3:30:47 PM

Pros: Etch-A-Sketch flashbacks... still trying to master curves.

Cons: mini-sized, not like the one I had 40 years ago.

Overall Review: I gave it to my kid and told her "When I was your age, THIS is what we played with. There were no iPads, computers or game systems." She played with it for less than an hour, then went back to her iPhone to play Super Monsters Ate My Condo.

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G.Skill rocks!2/18/2013 3:22:32 PM

Pros: Reliable, no issues.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I've used modules from several manufacturers over the years. G.Skill is the only one that has never given me problems.

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Simple2/18/2013 3:07:13 PM

Pros: Simple design, good looks (especially next to my Lian Li case).

Cons: none

Overall Review: Drive fits snugly inside the enclosure. I was concerned about heat dissipation, but it hasn't been an issue.

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I'm pleased with it2/18/2013 3:02:43 PM

Pros: Hasn't caused me any grief, it plays everything I've thrown at it.

Cons: A little noisy when it spins up to full speed, but it quiets down nicely. I understand that speed is favored when burning, but I'd like a quieter, slower drive for the HTPC.

Overall Review: I put this in an HTPC build. It spends most of it's life reading DVD's and an occasional Blu-ray disc. I rarely burn discs with this PC, so no comments on the drive's writing capabilities. I'm using ArcSoft TMT6 for disc playback (integrated into Windows Media Center).

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Great HTPC CPU2/13/2013 6:10:41 PM

Pros: 55W, HD 4000 video processor, Price fit right into my budget HTPC build.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I'm not a gamer. This is installed in an HTPC build that I was trying to keep under $600 (so far, so good). I'm using the HD 4000 graphics rather than a separate GPU because I just don't need to spend the money to play back movies and music. Just because it's an i3 doesn't mean this CPU is a slouch. I'm running it at 3.5 GHz and it's scoring a 7.2 on the WEI. Sure, WEI isn't the be all/end all benchmark, but it's a good indicator of this processor's capabilities. My old Q6600 only gets a 7.1

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Okay, I like Blue.2/13/2013 5:29:59 PM

Pros: Good $$$/GB ratio. I've never had bad luck with Western Digital drives. Lighter weight due to the single platter design. Theoretically a faster drive (7200rpm, SATA 6.0), however...

Cons: ...it's noticeably slower than the Black (no kidding) and Green drives that I usually install. I attribute the lag to the single platter. Seek and read times are longer since there's more ground to cover with only one head scanning one platter as opposed to two heads and two platters. Only makes sense, right?

Overall Review: I moved this drive around over the month I've had it. It's been the primary drive in a new build, but that gave me the willies (a 1TB primary? Wrong, wrong wrong). Then, I slipped it into an external drive housing. It was well suited for that role. It's size makes it a great backup drive, especially for multiple PC's. I really didn't need another external drive, so I installed it in my HTPC and use it for movie storage. The lag in transfer time doesn't affect playback in XBMC, WMC or iTunes. I really only noticed how slow the drive could be when transferring the movies from my Black and Green drives to this Blue drive. Bottom line: I was wary of Blue drives in the past, but they do the job just fine and come in on budget.

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I'm not ready for Windows 8 yet2/13/2013 2:55:36 PM

Pros: Familiar functionality. No wacky "tiles". Windows Media Center is INCLUDED and DOES NOT COST EXTRA like Windows 8.

Cons: Sidebar gadgets are no longer supported by Microsoft, but you can still find some on the 'net.

Overall Review: So, call me old, but I don't like too many changes. The transition from XP to Vista pushed my comfort level. Vista to 7 was easy, but 7 to 8 has no appeal to me. I don't want my PC to have a display and functionality of a phone, especially a phone that got its but kicked by iOS and Android.

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Made a great gift2/13/2013 2:38:52 PM

Pros: Lightweight and comfortable. Cord is on one side only (left) and is long enough to put your iPod/iPhone/etc in your pants pocket. Nice bass response.

Cons: none for the price level

Overall Review: My daughter was always taking my Bose QC2's, so I decided to get her headphones of her own. She doesn't need noise cancellation or a crazy long cord like my big dollar 'phones, so I found these on a daily deal for $45 and gave them a shot. She loves them, so does my wife. Now the two of them are fighting over the Sennheisers and leaving mine alone. I should've bought two.

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Every bit as good2/13/2013 2:27:16 PM

Pros: No discernible loss in signal quality. Inexpensive.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I'm using this to connect my HTPC to a Samsung television. No loss in audio or video quality. Why pay more for a cable?

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Did I get the same router as everyone else?12/17/2012 4:54:42 PM

Pros: Sleek and stylish. The gloss black finish matches all of the other hardware on my desktop. The antennas are removeable/replaceable if so needed. Easy setup. Great range on the 2.4 GHz band. I was still getting a useable signal from my neighbor's driveway around 250' away from the router. My AppleTV connected to the 5.0 GHz band with 4 out of 5 bars through three interior walls and my refrigerator.

Cons: I had NO issues with this router.

Overall Review: My review title, "Did I get the same router as everyone else", is because I read what others had experienced with this product. All of my wireless devices connected with no problems (iPhones, PC's, AppleTV, Roku, blu-ray players, TV's), there was no unwanted movement with the antennas, I never lost connection in over three weeks of use, I had better range on the 2.4 GHz band than my previous favorite dual band router (similarly named company to TP-Link). The 5.0 GHz band signal strength was completely acceptable to me. My printer is network connected (RJ-45), so I didn't try using the USB ports on the router for print sharing. I did use the USB ports to access external HDD's with no difficulties. Why was my experience so much different? This is my new favorite router.

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No Brainer10/15/2012 6:35:10 PM

Pros: Fast, small form factor, large capacity, uses only one USB port, no power adapter needed, quiet, matte finish plastic case with little rubber feet to keep it from moving around. Oh yeah, the activity LED is NOT obnoxiously bright.

Cons: The cable is a little short. It's optimal for laptop use, but the drive had to go on the floor when used with my tower. Not enough to mark it down an egg.

Overall Review: I used this drive pretty rigorously for several days and it never got hot. I'm impressed with this product. I'll be back for another when this one's filled up, I've already recommended it to my friends. If you're looking for a longer cable than the one supplied (this one's only about 15"), get a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 A to Micro B cable.

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Pleasant Experience8/7/2012 4:43:32 PM

Pros: This drive was thinner than the HDD it replaced. It also runs cooler by a couple of degrees Celsius, which is greatly appreciated in a notebook computer. It scored better transfer rates than a competitor’s product, and achieved a higher WEI score. This HDD runs so silent that you need to strain to hear it spinning.

Cons: Access time rated slower than my 2.5” drive from another manufacturer (same capacity, RPM). The performance difference wasn’t noticeable with normal use, but it was evident during benchmark testing. Not enough to lose an egg, just worth mentioning.

Overall Review: I installed this into a three year old Acer notebook running Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit. I initially cloned the old HDD and ran tests, then wiped the drive, reformatted and ran tests again. The numbers were consistent. I was quite happy with the lower operating temperature and higher data transfer rates, but a little concerned that the access time was slower than the previous drive. These factors turned out to be irrelevant since the performance didn’t suffer. I previously was loyal to another brand, but find myself impressed with this product. I’ll definitely use these drives in future projects.

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As expected4/30/2012 8:29:41 AM

Pros: Allows mounting of a 3.5" card reader in a 5.25" drive bay. Black plastic matches/compliments most cases.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I've purchased several of these over the last few years. No complaints here.

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solution for southpaws3/13/2012 11:58:00 AM

Pros: Lightweight, doesn't slide around.

Cons: Zero and triple zero keys where traditional keyboards only have a zero key. Reflex causes me to hit the triple zero key when I think I'm hitting the zero. It's going to take some time to become accustomed to this layout.

Overall Review: Bonus: there's a backspace key, but in order to keep the keypad modest in size, it's where the minus key belongs. The minus key is down one position and the plus key is smaller than normal. Again, nothing major. I just need time to learn this layout. I bought it primarily for my daughter to use. She's a lefty and the traditional keyboard number pad is counterintuitive to her.

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Well...2/11/2012 12:13:54 PM

Pros: I love the heatsink design. Nice big copper plate with copper tubes and aluminum fins.

Cons: That fan. WOW, a little on the loud side. I tried living with it for a few days and was losing my sanity. This was for my HTPC and it was distractingly loud even inside my entertainment center.

Overall Review: The MB this is attached to won't control the CPU fan speed, so it runs at max RPM's (hence max dB's) all of the time. I took a good look at the fan holder and found out that I could remove the Rosewill fan from the heatsink and snap in whatever 80mm fan I chose. I'll use the Rosewill fan as a blowhole fan on a rig that doesn't need to run silently.

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