Amazing value for a RGB lit 700W 80 Plus certified power supply6/26/2020 1:55:39 AM

Pros: I had an extra motherboard/CPU lying around that I was going to build as an extra gaming computer for guests to play on when they came over. I didn't need the highest end power supply, but I did want something in the 700+ watt range that was 80 plus certified. The power supply was going to run a FX-6300 CPU with a Vega 64 GPU. Searching by prime shipping and looking for the cheapest price, I came across this power supply. Luckily enough, this power supply was also semi modular (full modular is useless to me because you will always need a 8 pin CPU and 24 pin motherboard cable anyway) and had a RGB fan. The power supply is well packaged and comes with zip ties, 4 screws, and modular power wires (1x VGA with 2x 8 pin connectors on it, and 2x SATA power cables). Installation is simple as any other power supply. The RGB is very uniform and smooth as you can see in the video. The power supply fan also has two modes at the push of a button: ECO and non ECO. ECO mode will keep the fan at the lowest speed possible, even stopping if not needed. If you click off the ECO button, the fan will run full speed at all times. Gaming and benchmarking with the system had no issues. The 12V rail is a single rail so that is nice. I've had an EVGA previously die on me with this exact system. The system would shut off completely during intense gaming sessions and the power supply had to be RMA'd (faulty current protection sensing).

Overall Review: Overall, very happy with all the included features I got for such a value price in this power supply.

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Pretty RGN FANS6/20/2020 7:25:30 PM

Overall Review: Sent fast. 4 or 5 rotation speed mode, as many levels of illumination brightness. You can also completely turn off and backlight and completely stop the fans. The remote came with a battery. The controller lights synchronously with fans. At the minimum speed is not heard at all, at the maximum-it is not heard stronger than the more expensive firms of fans. The seller and I recommend it.

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Webcam obersations by newcomer6/16/2020 7:14:03 PM

Overall Review: This is not the first webcam I bought but the most valuable one. Buy it for a business conference. Even record some presentation. A real plug & play. Small and easy to set up. It's perfectly fit in my computer bag. Satisfied with both sound quality and picture definition. If U need to buy a webcam, then just consider it. I really like this webcam. It was easy to install and was truly plug and play. Perfect for those of us who are not particularly tech savvy. I particularly like the fact that it comes with speakers. I would definitely but it again.

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i would recommend this seller.6/11/2020 5:23:36 PM

Pros: Product is exactly as described and arrived in perfect condition.

Overall Review: The cord was delivered one day earlier than predicted. This was great as it was for work, and my current temporary situation (a cord that was far too short that we had to switch between l using for my work and using for the TV) was very unpleasant. The picture quality looks great and the length of 10 feet is perfect for me. The cable is very durable and yet flexible. I was very impressed with the Workmanship on the ends of the cable and they performed exactly how they should. I would recommend this cable to anyone for a great value in a great cable.

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Nice Gaming Keyboard6/10/2020 3:25:46 AM

Overall Review: If you like the feel of a mechanical keyboard, then this budget friendly version is worth a try. It has a very nice feel to it, and is comfortable for long gaming sessions. I had no issues connecting it to my PC. It was plug and play with no setup required.

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Great little hub at a reasonable price !6/8/2020 5:49:25 PM

Pros: This device works and does what it advertises. I was pleasantly surprised to see it working with my 2018 11” iPad Pro. Not only does the hdmi functionality work, but it charges while out putting on hdmi and having a thumb drive connected to the usb 3.0 port. The build quality and packaging are top notch as well. This device also had full functionality with my usb c Mac and windows laptops. I have no complaints and would recommend this for anyone looking for a usb c adapter for a reasonable price.

Overall Review: Highly recommended

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