Not really useful1/31/2018 12:18:44 AM

Pros: -None really

Cons: - Tried to use this on Cherry MX Brown keys on a K70 Corsair Keyboard but it didn't really do anything. Actually maybe made my typing and gaming worse.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We greatly appreciate your purchase and strive to provide the best quality and service to you. Rest assured that your feedback will receive the attention it deserves. We will continue improving our products in the future. Thank you. Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 Email: Email2: Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
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Perfect Keyboard for someone who wan'ts the feeling of Cherry Blue with the quietness of membrane1/31/2018 12:17:11 AM

Pros: - Build Quality is superb, feels really premium compared to K70 Keyboards - Key responsiveness is fantastic - Coloured LEDs are really nice (except white) - Typing speed went up due to the keys

Cons: - The white LEDs are actually more like light blue, it's disappointing next to a K70 keyboard by Corsair - No wrist rest - It's nearly a $200 keyboard when not on sale. How does it not come with a wrist rest? - No USB passthrough (would really be nice since I have a wireless headset, I could plug the adapter in there

Overall Review: I've had in my possession in the few weeks MANY keyboards, I was trying to find the perfect one. I used to have a cheap Cherry MX Blue keyboard, I loved the feeling of tactileness but I really hated the noise on it. So I was trying to find something similar but quiet. I tried the Corsair K70: Rapidfire, Red, Browns, Silents and the HyperX Reds. None of them were perfect. What bothered me the most was the spacebar. For all the Cherry MX keys, the spacebar feels loose and wobbles. None of the keyboards I tried were quite what I was looking for. Until I got this G810. This one is nearly perfect. The feeling I get from typing is satisfactory for the feeling, it feels like a Cherry MX Blue, but it's VERY quiet in comparison. It has a perfect level of tactileness or feedback and the spacebar is just GREAT. It's not loose like Cherry Keys. Honestly just a fantastic keyboard. After all my trials with all the keyboards I had, it came down to the Corsair K70 Cherry MX Brown vs this G810. The K70 had USB passthrough, nicer LEDs, and Wrist Rest. But I just couldn't get over how great this keyboard felt. So I decided this was the one for me.

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This is an amazing chair1/30/2018 11:56:53 PM

Pros: - BUILD QUALITY - 10/10, honestly this is not like other chairs I've seen, this is WAY WAY WAY better. The only one I would say is slightly better are the Noble chairs. But none of those have a footrest. This one is easily better than the DXracers, and other brands. - COMFORT- 10/10, I'm a big guy and I really like how it fits, my wife is small and it even works for her. By far the most comfortable chair I've ever sat in. - EASE OF PUTTING TOGETHER - 10/10, took me maybe 15 minutes total. Very easy to put together. - FEATURES - 10/10 Having a footrest is such an amazing thing. I never knew how much I needed a footrest till I had one. I use it a lot. The tilt feature is awesome and the included pillows are nice but I don't use the lumbar one. - STYLE - 10/10 oh man... just beautiful, everyone that sees it tells me how epic it looks. Honestly I just wanna sit in it all day - LED - 0/0 Absolutely useless. But its there so meh RGB FTW Overall = extremely happy with this purchase. This is some seriously premium chair with. EXTREMELY happy. 10/10 everything

Cons: -Absolutely nothing

Overall Review: - The build quality on this is superior to the M1/E1s as far as I can tell. Those ones feel a bit hollow and this is SOLID. -Something to keep in mind. The box that it comes in is HUGE so make sure if you're picking it up, you have a vehicle that can fit it. -The footrest, make sure you install it the correct way. I originally installed it flipped over and the footrest wouldn't stay out. But after figuring it out, it's awesome and stays in place.

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