Software can't find the fans7/29/2019 8:23:18 AM

Overall Review: I downloaded the RGB software and got an error code that it can not find any fans. The fans are working and all lit up with the horrible rainbow puke, but I can't change them. I'm checking the internets, and apparently this is a problem, but I'm not finding solutions. I'll update if I can fix it.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Died after 2 yrs3/17/2019 6:11:41 AM

Pros: Was nice while it lasted

Cons: If I spend 1,200 + on a TV, I expect it to last more than 2 yrs. It ended up with a horizontal line going across and terrible jumpy ghosting images. I hardly even got to use it. Really mad

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Writing this review from my desktop7/10/2016 12:19:53 PM

Pros: Preformed nicely while it worked

Cons: I had this computer for less than 7 months. I didn't use it a lot because I was primarily using my desktop. I have been using it more for the last month, and I have been having trouble with the graphics card. It was saying that the card recovered from a serious error. I updated my driver but the problem was just getting worse. I would need to restart the computer a couple of times before the screen kicked in. Now I have nothing - not even a blue screen of death. Just a small light by the power button. To add insult to injury, I see the computer is now selling for half what I paid for it. :-/

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Renee, We apologize for the issues that you are having with this product. Please feel free to contact us directly to set up a RMA service with the following information provided to 1. Full name (first, and last) 2. Telephone # 3. Physical address 4. Email address 5. Serial number (located in the battery compartment and begins with S/N) 6. Proof of purchase (screenshot/photo, or PDF is fine) 7. Symptoms you are having (as detailed as possible) Once your information and warranty are verified by the system then you will get a RMA# immediately. You will receive a RMA email which indicates the turn-around time as well as ship-to address. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the product or special requests, received the unit back from RMA but are still having issues, please do not hesitate to call us or email us directly and we will be more than happy to assist you, thank you. Tech Support Line: 888-447-6564 (M to F, 5am to 7pm Pacific Time) Tech Support Email: Best Regards, MSI Review Team | JT072916009
Love it.11/24/2014 2:36:55 PM

Pros: Side doors swing open, roomy yet sleek, nice compartments for ssd drives.

Cons: Can't have the top plate on there because it blocks the fans, but I love the case so much I won't dock an egg.

Overall Review: Great looking case. I was easily able to modify the base to add wheels. Not much bigger than my old Cooler Master Mid tower, but I was able to fit my components in much more efficiently. I was able to get a 240 radiator in there with a push pull.

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Not a Fan10/20/2014 11:35:45 AM

Pros: Does what a mouse should

Cons: Probably better if you use it for your desktop rather than your lap top. It's pretty heavy and whenever I move in anyway, it promptly falls on the floor. I know it's my fault for being clumsy, but I never had a mouse drop on the floor as much as this one. The little weights on the bottom promptly broke off after a few drops, then pieces of the plastic. Now the right mouse button doesn't work. I didn't find it particularly comfortable either, my less expensive Logitec feels much more ergonomic.

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Cheapo12/30/2013 12:01:12 PM

Pros: Cheap, lets me charge my phone/ipad on the old style sound dock & car charger.

Cons: Can't listen to music through this cord, is flimsy.

Overall Review: I bought this when I couldn't find the adapter I bought from Apple. I didn't feel like plunking out another $40, so I figured I would give this one a shot. I won't allow you to listen to music through your devices,but you can still charge. After this came in, it inspired me to look a little harder for the missing adapter & I was able to find it. Back to listening to music on the Bose.

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