Horrible2/9/2017 10:09:43 PM

Pros: When it worked, it was great.

Cons: TLDR: Unstable. Spent a full day just trying to get the OS installed. Wound up changing the PC name and everything started working. Worked fine for about a month. Then would not run certain games for any length of time. Mostly MMO's. It will not run an MMO for 5 minutes. It locks up completely when trying. And after locking up, will not restart for an hour after, it will not even post during that time. Everything except the motherboard has been changed, and the issue continues, and continues to get more frequent. And has gotten worse and worse. It will not run minecraft without locking up after 5 minutes. The only thing worse than this, is the completely missing support. 0 response EVER.

Overall Review: I have built a few dozen computers, all with ASUS boards. This is the first issue I have ever experienced with an ASUS product. This is the last ASUS board I will own. I have never had this terrible level of support for any company ever including dealing with DMV's.

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quite nice1/29/2009 10:19:45 PM

Pros: Very fast, runs COLD

Cons: The stock heat sink. There was soder all over the bottom, and was very rough. I had to sand it with 360 grit sand paper. -1 egg.

Overall Review: The heat sink is the same thing you get with all the phenoms, and this was the first I've had a problem with. On a side note, my sanding provided a rather nice finish, much better than how these come stock.

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Beautifull11/23/2008 3:38:23 AM

Pros: VERY NOICE The cooler on this card will bring a tear to your eye. It's simply a great looking card. Then you put in your PC and get amazed again. Runs fast, and as you'd expect, quite cool.

Cons: Size. I had to move 2 hard drives to get it into position. Power, this thing is one hungry card. Heavy, make sure you secure it well.

Overall Review: The power thing is fine, it's what you should expect from a card of this caliber, and even if you don't feed it properly, it will still work. I installed it with a 420 wat PSU and I got low power warnings, but it would still run with out an issue for me. After I finished upgrading another system of mine, and put this card in it's final home, it was happy as could be. Ran Crysis on max settings with an average FPS of 40 (didn't play long, I don't expect it to run max settings with a full on fire fight.) I also love how it has a steel brace to support it's own weight. Something that has been bothering me about newer cards was that they were getting bigger, but they were only supported in two places. This brings a great deal of relief to me. The ASUS smart doctor is having a few compatibility issues with some games, however, I blame the game makers for this. If you have Fallout 3, DO NOT install the extra software till your done playing it.

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I guess they fixed it11/23/2008 3:25:51 AM

Pros: Very nice board. Great options. I bought this board fearing the CPU INT error with my 9850, but it never happened. The first boot up scared me as I had the ram in the wrong slots but after I figured it all out, all is well. Didn't have to upgrade the bios to run my proc. The on board raid controllers work better than most IMO. Programing the poster to say different things is quite nice as well.

Cons: Takes longer than I'm used to to boot up. I guess it runs a full system check before coming online. It takes about 5 seconds to turn the screen on (after full shutdown or restart) where you can enter the bios. The SATA ports are in a bad spot, turning them forward means you are most likely not going to be able to see them, and they will be ether right behind your hard drives, or fighting them for space. Be prepaired for that

Overall Review: Overall I'm blown away by the performance. And the SATA ports are still manageable. I would recommend connecting your SATA cords prior to installing the board to save a hassle. Also, I would have liked to have the LCD poster scroll, but now I'm just nit picking.

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Well built11/23/2008 3:11:02 AM

Pros: Many great things about it. Looks, sturdiness and function come to mind. The quick slot thing that everyone calls flimsy for example, is removable. If you don't trust it (I didn't) loosen one screw and it comes out, then you attach your vid card like in any other case (there are screw holes and they are threaded for this reason.) I went from a heavily modified case with fans everywhere to this and am running great temps. My biggest problem has always been this raptor that likes to run at 160-170f. I had to put a high speed fan in other cases to keep it cool, but the fan on the front keeps it at 133 max.

Cons: The cons are completely negated from my perspective. The quick connect slots are flimsy, and don't hold well, but you can remove it very quickly and use the old screw method. The fans don't seam to move much air. They also are not balanced on my case, however they don't spin fast enough to fly apart, so I still give it a 5.

Overall Review: Overall good, the fans put the air where it's needed. My temps are well with in tolerance, even when compared to cases that I put together with louder fans. Low noise and a great case to work with. Would by again.

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a rather nice tower5/26/2006 9:52:47 AM

Pros: WHere to start, I like how open it is, and when I go it, loved the temp sensor that you could put almost anywhere in the case. The screen on the front makes a great intake, and will blow air right on your hd's if you need it.

Cons: When I got it, it worked great, but in the first month, the temp gauge stoped reading, and the light behind it is dead. I also wish there was more support for the psu.

Overall Review: I bought this tower cause it could pull air from the front, and the screen gets build up that is easy to clean, and I feel safer knowing that that dirt ain't getting in my PC, but the side is way to open for my liking. I have used a peice of plexie glass to close it up, and moved the fan to the front.

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