Very nice case with minor flaws1/7/2019 12:34:00 PM

Pros: Plenty of space for what I needed. Felt bad paying $30 for this.

Cons: Optical drives mounted on the bottom bay require a straight SATA data and Power Cable.

Overall Review: Gutted and replaced my old Smilodon Mid Tower with this guy. Needed to rebuild and upgrade a few parts on an old pc and turn it into a 4k Streaming rig. Old tower had top mounted PSU bay and cable management/airflow was horrible! This baby has great cable management and airflow. (The sides bulge) Fits my old ASUS m4a79 deluxe with a Phenom II x4 940 while being cooled by a giant Zalman CNPS 9900. Hides SSDs above and below the optical bays and hdd cages.

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Works better then my old Redmere Cables1/7/2019 12:20:46 PM

Pros: 6ft cable long enough for my needs. Replaced my old redmere hdmi cable as watching 4k kept cutting in and out. Cable works perfect for me!

Cons: -Kinda thick? Nothing to worry about.

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3 pack of good ol SATA cables12/4/2018 12:07:20 PM

Pros: -It comes in a bag -They are individually tied with a tie wrap -There are 3 for 3 times the SATA action for your PC -It plugs into many things, including but not limited to: CD/DVD/BLUE RAY drives HDDs SSDs Motherboards Other SATA female cables!

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: ok for real though. Great cables that do what I needed them to do. My mobo originally came with 90 degree ones (which are fantastic) but the case I have could only take straight connectors for my Blu Ray drive.

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9 Years later.12/3/2018 7:46:10 AM

Pros: and it's still kicking! Was an old boot drive from a brand new build in 2009, now it's a storage unit since the days of SSD taking over.

Cons: -only con I can think of is knowing 1 day, it will eventually die.

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Very suprised.12/3/2018 7:28:22 AM

Pros: -Rebuilding my old Phenom II PC using a still-alive-and-kicking ASUS M4A79 Deluxe mobo and used this to add Wi-Fi to it. Upgraded to Windows 10 Pro and DLed the drivers from Rosewill's site and installed them before the card. Turned off system and plugged in the card and rebooted. No issues at all recognizing it. -I use 200mb/s internet from my ISP and I get ~150 @ 2.4 and ~205-210 using 5.0.

Cons: -The bracket is HORRIBLE! It doesn't fit any mobo/case without applying a TON of pressure to bend it into place. Only reason I knocked off an Egg.

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Superb cable11/23/2018 7:34:44 AM

Pros: Works beautifully. Plugged into my 2080 to my MSI 2k monitor and Win 10 auto detected everything correctly. 144Hz @ 2k resolution and everything is sooo smooth. I did not use the included cable the monitor came with.

Cons: None so far

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4 Years Later....11/20/2018 9:53:22 AM

Pros: and it's still keeping my OCed 5930k cool. Full loads never peak past ~51c. No Leaks.

Cons: -not really a con, but included fans are meh. Replaced and used 4x Corsair 140mm SP Blue LEDs on the radiator.

Overall Review: If it ever fails, I will definitely purchase the newer version of this.

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Cools a 2700X just fine11/15/2018 7:49:59 PM

Pros: -Removed the 120mm fan on my case and replaced it with this to cool down a new build using a Ryzen 2700X -Temps idle around 40-50 under load. Impressed so far. -Did NOT use the PWM fan that was included. Instead paired it with the Thermaltake Riing 120mm SP fan (green led).

Cons: -None so far as it's been about 2 weeks

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Great Adapter!11/15/2018 7:47:01 PM

Pros: -Super low profile -Black PCB -Has a heatsink, but I don't use it -Paired with my 970 EVO NVMe 1TB M.2 to replace a Raid 0 array. Used Samsung Magician to clone the Raid to the M.2 and used it as my boot drive and EVERYTHING worked 100%. -Old speed was ~940 Read with CrystalDisk, now its 3600.

Cons: -None?

Overall Review: I had a test experimental build that used 2 aging Intel 240gb in Raid 0 as the boot drive. After being impressed 4+ years ago about it, I decided to replace the boot drive with an M.2 1TB as space was becoming an issue. The MB is an EVGA x99 Classified and was NOT compatible with the M.2. Luckily this little nifty device used my PCIe Slot 4 16x and Windows 10 recognized the drive immediately. No drivers needed. Just a "Computer Management" and formatting to get it to show under My PC. Cloned the old Raid onto the M.2 and now is my new boot drive.

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Very good and solid board11/9/2018 7:53:08 AM

Pros: Recognized my 2700X with 0 issues Black PCB Put a M.2 WD Black NVMe 1tb and made that my boot drive. 13-15 sec from a cold start. Premounted I/O shield is really nice

Cons: The only light is the logo on the top left - RGB

Overall Review: Haven't done any OC work at the moment as running everything stock is pretty dang fast already for what I want. Only had this board for a solid week so far running at least 8-12 hours a day. Everything is still 100% and stable so far.

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1st Corsair PSU I ever bought11/9/2018 7:17:59 AM

Pros: -1000w to power everything in my build -100% Full Modular -This is is quiet, and I mean deadly silent

Cons: -Cables are kinda stiff?

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Great radiator fan!11/8/2018 7:09:43 AM

Pros: Paired it with a Corsair Hydro H60 and works nice! Green LED matches system perfectly.

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: Wish it was a PWM fan since SP fans are really meant for water cooling

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It's a surge protector4/30/2009 2:34:21 PM

Pros: You can plug lots of things into it very snuggly.

Cons: 1st time use on this is REALLY hard. Had to force some plugs in (guess it's because it's new). Also the On/Off switch is really sensitive.

Overall Review: Works really well with my computer system and my alarm clock.

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NZXT does it again.10/29/2004 12:43:36 PM

Comments: This case is sweet. Worthy successor to the Guardian. I swapped the psu for a XG Vigor 500W PSU (super-sweet chrome psu). This case is not for beginners. The only complaint I have is the same as the Guardian, no removable MB tray. Other than that, other pc gamings envy this awsome case. Got it in 2 days. Newegg owns when it comes to customer service.

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10/17/2004 9:58:38 PM

Comments: This is the 2nd Guardian case that I purchased. Nzxt is known for making futuristic and awsome looking cases. My only complaint about the case is the absense of a removable MB tray. Other than that, this case is perfect. My next purchase is going to be the NZXT Nemesis case.

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