Smooth Installation2/26/2014 4:32:58 AM

Pros: This is a high quality board with enough extras to make anyone happy. I bought this primarily for processor speed and the SATA III support. I checked the QVL for memory options and bought accordingly. This is the smoothest upgrade I have ever had, and I am perfectly content that things went so well.

Cons: The motherboard defaults to AHCI, which I know someone might not catch right off the bat. If you are upgrading (as I was) then just change it to IDE and you will be fine. AHCI is probably only needed for SSDs, but if you are configuring a fresh install of Windows then make sure you start off with AHCI active.

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Easy SATA 312/8/2010 11:44:39 PM

Pros: This card allows for easily adding up to two SATA 3 hard drives and two USB 3 ports. It is just as easy as pushing the card into the slot and installing the driver. It sure is cheaper than upgrading to a new motherboard!

Cons: The card does need an x16 PCIe slot and if you don't look into the specifics of the card you may not notice that. The two SATA cables are installed to the card at 90 degrees to one another, which doesn't make cable management magical or anything.

Overall Review: This is really the only way to go compared with upgrading to a new motherboard, cpu, memory and so on.

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non-functional7/2/2010 9:40:12 PM

Pros: Nothing to add as a Pro.

Cons: Installing into an existing Vista 64 system the device was recognized by the BIOS, but Windows refused to accept the card IF the card was attached to a hard drive. The card installed just fine, but with a hard drive attached Windows could not reconcile itself.

Overall Review: Windows device manager sees the card as a second IDE 0 and IDE 1, which seems to be the core of the problem.

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Big return for few dollars!2/19/2010 3:01:25 AM

Pros: This product really adds nothing more than bling to a system, but it's bling that sets a system apart from so-so systems after all. I don't go for transparent windows, but this and the Zalman fan controller are a must have for me. I had no trouble installing the LCD-Pro and going through the setup was easy also. This item actually gives a lot for such a small price! I have seen alarm programs that cost half of what this product does, and it comes with an alarm program! How many devices do you have that can check four email accounts and tell you when you have mail? Not obvious at first are the hot-key shortcuts to switch between display modes (right click the system tray icon) which is one great feature!

Cons: There are two things that were (slightly) irritating. One, since I use the CoolerMaster ATCS 840 the USB wire had to reach a great distance and since I also have both front USB headers in use it meant (Two) using a USB controller card that also has a USB header. No problem for me, since I was aware of it before I ever ordered the product, but someone might just miss that detail. Since, I want the LCD-Pro in the topmost position (any lower with the case on the floor and the angle is too severe to allow reading of the display) I had to purchase a USB extension wire. A USB extension it turns out is a specialty item when you're talking about a 4-pin connector (male). Since, I want to also use a 3-1/2 Bytecc all-in-one card reader I will need both a 2x5 (actually 9 pin) USB header and a USB (A-type) to 4pin adapter wire. Regrettably, Newegg has neither of the adapter wires I needed. They do have all the devices though. It's missing an IR blaster and I would love that! No real cons actually.

Overall Review: Absolutely, you must download SpeedFan when you buy this product. It's not required, but you will love what the two can do together!

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High Class PSU2/2/2010 3:32:29 PM

Pros: Of course, the efficiencies and quality of this brand set it apart from all others. I had read about the packaging (velvet bag for the PSU and nylon bag for the wires) but until you see it for yourself you can't appreciate the extra lengths SeaSonic has gone to. I have one of the largest (if not THE largest case - Cooler Master ATCS 840) and opted to mount the PSU on the bottom, but still had no difficulty with cables being too short or too few in number. SeaSonic really put some thought behind this product!

Cons: none

Overall Review: I did read some of the other newegg reviews on this item before purchasing, but fortunately I also read technical reviews and so I realized that there isn't a better PSU available. If I really had to I could use two of these PSUs in the ATCS 840 case and once the Nvidia GF100s are out I may have to, but even taking into consideration that I have an SLI system (8800 GTs) with six HDs and seven cooling fans (3x230mm and 4x120mm) this PSU delivers all the power I need.

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The best of all Sound Cards8/26/2009 6:40:14 PM

Pros: This card is easy to setup even in Vista. The negative reviews are unwarranted. Sound is crisp and clear and even the microphone levels are spot on. The tuning application allows for equalizer type settings and 'magic voice' for disguising your voice in online games and chat rooms. All audio comes through crystal clear and does not slow down the system i n the least.

Cons: You might consider the price to be a little high, but it really is worth it compared to bloatware cards and audio that loads processing onto the CPU like the popular one does.

Overall Review: This card is worth every penny!

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Fast Mouse1/31/2009 4:39:00 PM

Pros: The tracking is fast and positive and the mouse body glides easily on every surface I tried.

Cons: The firing rate of the primary (left click) button is uncontrollable after a few weeks use. At first the firing rate was functional and configurable, but today it fires three or even four clicks at a single click. This makes it a pain to use.

Overall Review: The mouse is comfortable to use and a perfect fit to my hand, but the firing disorder is too much trouble to overcome with the Windows control panel applet.

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Sweet Card9/5/2008 11:41:12 PM

Pros: Single power plug, narrow width and DirectX 10 all for not a lot of money.

Cons: The card is long and may make things tight for some cases. Make sure you use the EVGA drivers and not the generic Nvidia drivers, or you could have some troubles (as I did with Vista 64).

Overall Review: I moved up from a XFX Geforce 7950 GT with the heat sinks instead of fans, so this card offers me more room in the case, overall. It is a longer card, but I knew that in advance by reading the reviews here at Newegg and checking the specs. Although the 7950 was a great card the ability to use DirectX 10 really helps in games like Crysis. With the 7950 I was getting graphic anomalies near the water in Crysis, but now the game looks fantastic. Also, FSX runs now with all settings maxed (of course Im using an E8400, 8 Gigs of RAM, and Vista 64). Facing a tough decision now as to buying another 8800 or a widescreen HD monitor next.

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Excellent Audio8/26/2008 11:29:44 PM

Pros: Sound quality is top notch in Vista 64. Low CPU usage means no lag in sound upon 'trigger' events in games. True 24-bit audio on top of it all! I have to say the playback of audio is clean and clear.

Cons: Installing to Vista 64 was tough. Even though I had the card in the OS did not find it and the drivers would not install. I had to remove the device and reinsert it before Vista reported the device as found. The 64-bit drivers on bgears website caused crashes mere minutes into a game. After removing the drivers and a reboot Vista found drivers that work well. Installing any of the packages from bgears website caused loss of sound and system lockups, but the drivers that Vista finds on its own work fine.

Overall Review: One of the key features I was looking for was 'Magic Voice' and that functionality does not exist in Vista 64. Glad to finally find a great audio card without having to spend $500 or more.

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Fantastic PSU!7/19/2008 11:35:42 PM

Pros: More than enough power and configurable cables allow for even the most demanding system. Use only the cables you need and the other leads are protected by nice silicon dust covers. The connectors on each lead are of the highest quality and the standard four pins are the best design I've seen.

Cons: It's not cheap, and in the Antec P180 case I have the solder/heatshrink portions of the cable interfere with the lower 120mm fan. A nice addition would be 90 degree elbows for this situation, but I dealt with it by warming the heatshrink and easing the cable back carefully. 1mm clearance now but I was afraid to put any effort on those cables. I only wish the 4-pin 12V MB lead had another 2" on it.

Overall Review: I bought this to replace another PSU that I thought was having issues, but it turned out I had a bad USB mouse with an abraided cable. Still, I had always heard Kingwin was the best and stepping up a little didn't hurt too much in the wallet.

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Excellent MB!7/16/2008 8:45:15 PM

Pros: Certified for Windows Vista! It can address 8 Gigs of RAM! Offers SLI (although at x8 it's all most people ever reach anyway). This MB supports a wide range of configurations!

Cons: The S/PDIF connector is not included, although most people go with an additional soundcard. The floppy port is in a bad spot (yes I still use a floppy for BIOS at least).

Overall Review: I carefully examined the layout of many, many motherboards before selecting this one. I use the XFX GeForce 7950 GTs with heatsinks that extend to the backside of the cards, so that side of the card could not have a peripheral card. This board allows me to use these XFX cards and the adjacent slots don't conflict. It's perfect for my current setup, although it would be nice to have a few more SATA ports.

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Excellent CPU!7/16/2008 8:34:01 PM

Pros: It's an Intel and it shows! Unlike the AMDs I'm used to the pins are not on the processor? I like! The kind of innovation Intel comes up with so often is wondrous! I've been waiting too long to get another Intel and I'm glad I did!

Cons: I didn't make the change to Intel soon enough!

Overall Review: I read around and found what all the bigtime heavy system users like (overclocking components they use) and this CPU is well regarded. I don't feel the need to overclock, but I figure if this CPU can take that kind of ABUSE, then in a system where it is left at stock, recommended settings it should last forever!

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Awesome performance!7/16/2008 8:17:04 PM

Pros: 8 Gigs total RAM cost me less than $150? Well the rebates aren't back yet, but even still... I did my homework before buying the MB, CPU, or this RAM, so I knew what to expect for setting things up. With stock settings this ram doesn't even get warm, but man is it fast! I'm using 8Gigs at 667Mhz and I'm still very happy!

Cons: You're kidding, right?

Overall Review: I'm running the RAM at 667Mhz but not due to a problem on Corsairs' part. This RAM is good stuff! I visited Corsair's forums long before I ordered the RAM and learned all about it. I wanted the most stable system I could buy and I got what I was looking for. Money well spent!

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Good Stuff7/16/2008 8:09:01 PM

Pros: 4GB size with encryption technology included AND the rubber housing are all nice features. The neck strap is a bit much, but will keep the key more visible than without it. The extension lead is a big plus given the width of the flash drive with rubber housing.

Cons: It's not really fast enough for Vista ReadyBoost, which is the one reason a lot of people would be looking at this. I am loyal to Corsair, so I bought this to get me by for a little while until I get the RAM I want. The LED is REALLY bright and if your system is in your bedroom it will illuminate a lot of area and maybe keep you awake. My neighbors asked me what the new security system was.

Overall Review: Even though the initial test by Vista 64 indicated this Flash Drive would not work for ReadyBoost I set it up anyway and it does boost system performance when RAM is low. Maybe I should have gotten the 32 Gig version...

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Vista Rules!2/29/2008 6:13:01 AM

Pros: Ease of setup, functionality, extras, image quality and Vista compatibility.

Cons: IR Blaster is not quite ready for prime time and does require extensive manual configuration and a reboot before channels can be tuned or recognized. Media Center will not recognize the IR Blaster.

Overall Review: I was amazed at how easy the initial setup was. It was obvious to me that the entire setup process needed to be accomplished before WMC was started. However, the IR Blaster setup was a little more difficult and the exact process is not outlined in the manual. The IR Configure program worked fine for me, but not the menu system for entering IR Blaster channels. To do it right you should get a complete list of channels from your cable provider and enter all channels you want to see into the source window before finally rebooting. I can only hope that Microsoft or Hauppauge comes up with a driver for the IR Blaster that is recognized by Vista.

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