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No memory to remember settings4/21/2013 12:46:51 PM

Pros: There are 6 settings for this device. I cannot see any difference when using setting 1 (default). One problem is that if you use any other settings, when you turn the power off and on, the default setting is used. It means you will not be able to see any difference if you do not change settings every time you turn the device on.

Cons: Settings cannot be saved. Every time you turn the device on, you have to change the settings. You cannot see any difference using the default setting.

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Fake Rebate9/30/2011 12:18:22 PM

Pros: Bought it in August with $20 rebate (offer code H142276). But, never received the $20 rebate. Contacted rebate center. I was told this offer # was not found. DO NOT BUY IT !!!

Cons: Fake rebate. Never got teh $20 rebate. Rebate center deny the existance of the rebate.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We're sorry to hear that you had some issues with your rebate. Please don't hesitate to contact and we'll be glad to look into the matter for you. Best Regards, Patriot Memory
Worst SSD3/30/2011 7:26:32 PM

Pros: I had Kingston SSD before. It worked fine. After I bought this SSD, I thought I would get better performance. But, I did not. When I sue Kingston SSD, the boot time is 30 second (I have a softwware which reports boot time) After I switch to this SSD, the boot time becomes 28 sec. 2 seconds faster. But, it is much more expensive comparing with Kingston 64GB V series SSD. So, what is pros? NONE!

Cons: What is the probelm for this SSD? More than 50% of time, it does not boot! Why? The screen shows that no bootable file was found. I have to shut down the computer and shake the case a few seconds or wait a few minutes and try again. It really makes the SSD to be the slowest drive in the world. I thought it was my MB problem. I upgrade to the latest BIOS and still have the problem. I search web site and found I am not the only person who has the problem. It is very common. I tried to upgrade the firmware. But, I cannot. (1) the firmware upgrade does not compatible with Intel driver. (2)SO, I boot from linus and no network connection is available. (3)I took it out and use it as USB drive. But, Firmwre tool box doe snot recognize it. I called OCZ, I was told that I have to buy another HD and install a new OS to upgrade. I did. but, the problem still exists.

Overall Review: If you want to pay much more to buy this SSD, you only get 2 seconds faster than other slow SSD. Not worth it. If you want to use this SSD, be prepare that you will have more than 50% of chance that it takes a few minutes to boot and wait for day till the time you are lucky to boot. I asked OCZ to send me a newone and was refsued. I was told all OCZ Vertex SSD has this problem.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, we aplogize for the difficulties. As far as boot speed, you are comparing an SSD to an SSD, and a 2 second speed increase is nearly 7 percent. Boot speed is influenced by other factors as well. We are happy to work with our customers to resolve their issues on our support forums at the link below. We do have a new v1.32 firmware release that has resolved the booting issue in nearly all systems. Please pay us a visit. Thank you
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OCZ Support Forums
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SLOW SLOW SLOW7/30/2008 12:40:58 PM

Pros: 16GB space

Cons: Slow. Slower than I imaged. I had Kingston 8GB (attache). The write speed is 10MB/S. I know Kingston is usually slower than others. So, I thought this one should be at least faster. I was wrong. I copied 50 files each file is about 150MB. I copied them from my hard drive to this USB drive. The speed is only 6.85MB/S. about 30% slower than teh attache 8GB USB drive.

Overall Review: Never buy it again for such a low performance.

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Wrong transfer rate3/28/2007 5:49:36 AM

Pros: No problem is found.

Cons: The transfer rate is 300MB/s (from WD web site specification)not 3Gb/s as claimed. I know 1MB=8Mb. But, 300MB=2.4Gb/s not 3G/s

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