Top notch stix!4/11/2018 12:28:09 AM

Pros: I've been running them for over two months and they run great with the 8700k CPU. They play very well with XMP and I haven't had any bios resets due to startup glitches. This set has run solid and they look great doing it!

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: I have these running on a Gigabyte Z370N ITX mobo and I couldn't be any happier with the performance of this set...Well Done G.Skill!

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Awesome while it lasted8/27/2015 10:06:21 AM

Pros: Perfect for any orange/black build, remote works well and controlled fans and read temps/fan speeds first.

Cons: After a few months the fan speeds would randomly set itself below speed of waning beeps and I would have to scramble to find remote to reset speed/s both at startup and during gaming. Little over a year and two of the four lamps burned out, once one of the numbers fail it takes the rest out soon after, very soon after!

Overall Review: I got mine at F-CPU for same price before they crashed and burned. If it were much cheaper I would replace it... but at this price it's not worth the risk.

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Still running strong (240GB version)6/23/2015 8:21:13 AM

Pros: Rock solid and fast since 2012!

Cons: None at all.

Overall Review: Drive has been in 3 different systems as a boot/program files drive since i bought it in Feb 2012 and hasn't stuttered once. This thing is a workhorse!

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for choosing Mushkin. We appreciate your feedback and support.
Good thing I had four...4/7/2013 9:17:27 AM

Pros: It's Corsair...enough said.

Cons: A little over 4 months in, one stick flat lined. System crashed while preforming a virus scan and wouldn't reboot, had some system glitches that led me to do the scan and it ended up being one of the sticks in the set that was causing the problems. System is still cranking strong only two sticks, I just have to lighten the load on it a bit.

Overall Review: I've run Corsair memory in most of my builds over the years and this is my first and only problem and won't keep me from going Corsair again, the odds finally caught up with me...hopefully the RMA process will be painless.

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Clean, Quiet Power.1/26/2013 8:38:15 PM

Pros: Very quiet... Gaming with an i7-8320 and two HD-7950's full tilt settings and I have to check the fan to make sure it's spinning. Connectors all fit snug, none loose...a big+!

Cons: Cables are very stiff (not really a con). Take your time routing and shaping them BEFORE you connect them, you'll avoid breaking mobo and GPU connectors... they WILL hold their shape when done.

Overall Review: Running : i7-3820 2/ HD7950'5 2/ D5 vario pumps mem, fans, lighting, drives etc... ...All, no problemo!

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Great for QuadFire7/21/2012 10:39:10 AM

Pros: Price, Price, Price. Cards arrived in great shape and both run like champs.

Cons: Had to tighten a few screw on the back plate of one of the two cards i got...not a big deal, but worthy of an egg.

Overall Review: I replaced a HD 7950 to QuadFire in another machine with these and noticed my CPU usage dropped dramatically on my i5 2500k on my older title games at full settings. While your not going to run full tilt settings on the latest and greatest games, two of these will run older games incredibly. For the price you can't beat them. Not to mention that many games run DirectX 9 and these come with was a no brainer when I saw them.

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Open box? Or refurbished?6/7/2012 7:45:31 PM

Pros: Well laid out, plenty of USB headers, solder job is top notch, and it's very sharp don't do it justice!

Cons: Nothing against the board itself, just the way it was repackaged and sold.

Overall Review: Mine came in a generic MSI Mainboard box inside an open anti-static bag that never had a closure sticker on it at any point with an I/O shield tossed on top, that's it, nothing else whatsoever. If this thing works it'll be a miracle considering the gentle way packages are shipped...this after the price dropped considerably the next business day after I ordered it. Even though I got hosed on this deal, I still feel Newegg is better than the rest and my other MSI board rocks so it lessens the pain of this experience a bit, just a bit. I'll just have to weigh my options on this one then act accordingly I guess.

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Massively Awesome!4/8/2012 4:42:01 PM

Pros: Solid mounting system, keeps everything above your GPU very cool, clears Corsair Vengeance Ram comfortably, and can install up to 3/140 mm fans!

Cons: Only has clips for two fans but easy enough to get more.

Overall Review: I went with XIGMATEK XAF-F1452 / x3 fans. I've found this cooler to be a much better solution than the contained water systems by Antek and Corsair, (I own both), for overclocking because it keeps the WHOLE top of the mobo cool and the fans are whisper quiet! 3 white 140's and UV lighting.....NICE!

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OUCH!11/21/2011 9:27:14 PM

Pros: The top of it's class! Solid, quiet, super fast, reliable HDD.

Cons: None when i got a couple last March for $90 each...but now?

Overall Review: I now have to part out other builds for drives just to finish two others, I won't pay these prices. I'll have to find another hobby till things get back to normal...bummer :p

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Great PSU!10/23/2011 4:59:41 PM

Pros: Awesome all around design, powers everything without breaking a sweat, nice sleaving, *plenty of cables, and built like a brick S-house!

Cons: *I don't have a problem with non modular cables on modular PSUs, but this thing has 8, 4+4, and 4 pin along with 20+4 and 2 GPU non modular cables...makes for interesting cable management in a mid tower.

Overall Review: This is 700w and has 4 +12v rails, 2@20A and 2@24A, so you won't be able to SLI or X-Fire anything other than low to mid range GPUs or run a single upper mid to below top shelf high end cards comfortably with the rest of your components...unless your a big fan of the RMA process.

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Solid unit10/2/2011 11:31:56 AM

Pros: Fast, reliable, price, and does what it's made to do.

Cons: If it was a BR the noise would be a no cons.

Overall Review: I put one in a build back in march and have been torturing it ever since then with no problems at all. I just received two more and will keep putting them in builds as long as they are made.

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Close to awesome10/2/2011 11:15:50 AM

Pros: Quick easy setup with many great features and solid wireless *performance. Connected g/n adapters flawlessly with no drops so far. Dual band 2.4/5 concurrent. One primary and three guest wireless accounts 2.4/5 for greater control of the network. Great security.

Cons: *Slight drop in range from the DGN2000 it replaced. Everything else I knew going in.

Overall Review: With everything this unit does, printer compatibility would have given the DGND3700 a full 5 on the egg count even with the slight drop in wireless range.

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Awesome little card!10/2/2011 10:26:41 AM

Pros: Did what the on board mobo raid controller couldn't in xp pro. It's compact and well laid out witch makes it a great solution for raid or extra SATA/IDE/eSATA on older/smaller machines. SATA/IDE cable and lo-pro bracket are included...and it has a great price for what it can do!

Cons: Small and not worth stepping on an egg for, but as pointed out by others only two of the four SATA at a time are operational. If you really need more your going to pay more though.

Overall Review: I recommend a clean install with xp, it's worth dusting off an old floppy drive for a rock solid and hassle free install. The included software on the CD was great for realigning the drives after all the xp and office updates. The card picked up on it at boot and ran the software at start, it was a one click fix.

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Works Great3/23/2011 8:26:41 PM

Pros: Small and does the job. Installed it, in a win 7 x64 pro system, fired up the system and was on line in no time. No install disk needed, works like a champ 1 floor up on opposite side of house from router.

Cons: None

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All Around Awesome!3/9/2011 8:30:38 PM

Pros: Very user and viewer friendly. Setup was a breeze and the picture, sound quality, and overall appearance is top notch. The box it came in was also sturdy and made to be shipped where ever this TV needs to go, and get it there safely!

Cons: The remote could be a bit more involved, but for what it does, it works well.

Overall Review: Makes an incredible PC monitor!

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Look no further!2/27/2011 2:13:46 PM

Pros: Solid, nice finish, and drives fit well. Does what it's intended to do with style.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Down the road it could use 2 neoprene washers included with the hardware for tool-free HDD caddy install. For now get them at the hardware store, the 14 cents was well worth it.

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