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Where is it?1/11/2021 2:44:44 PM

Overall Review: I didn't receive it

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4 Stars accidently hit 5 and won't let me change1/11/2021 2:41:40 PM

Pros: Runs games at high fps, beautiful screen and quality. Light up keyboard is nice after having 2 previous laptops with out it. Controllable fans to cool the system.

Cons: Speakers need to be louder, most videos I watch are a little louder on my previous Acer but still both lackluster. I usually have to resort to using a Bluetooth speaker. I honestly feel like my phone is louder sometimes. Battery life is not what i was expecting. It has est of 4-5 hours at full. Was hoping for more since my last acer had about 8-10.

Overall Review: I would recommend it highly. However the major downside for me isn't huge but I do wish the speakers would be a lot louder, they are honestly quite pitiful and sad.

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Cheap for a reason7/30/2018 6:46:46 PM

Pros: I eventually got it to work for my computer

Cons: I’m order for this charger to work I had to use part of my old charger. Thankfully the part I needed from my old charger was the part that wasn’t broken. Also it took several days longer than I was quoted. I ended up buying a better charger at Best Buy because it didn’t arrive I’m time.

Overall Review: Wouldn’t reccomend but it still works. Just had to switch a part from the original

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