OCZ is good, Newegg is not on this particular item11/17/2010 11:50:34 PM

Pros: Nice heat spreaders in terms of appearance and heat dissipation

Cons: Did not show up automatically as DDR3-16000 when I put in Asus Sabertooth 55i mobo Also, which I am bitter about...but towards newegg....one day I was going to purchase this item and newegg included a few 4 gig USB drive with it, and then I had some issue or something urgent to do and wasn't able to place the order until the next day, and the deal with the USB drive was gone...but this is Newegg's fault

Overall Review: I think Newegg does some kind of algorithm that checks to see how many people visit a site and then makes judgements/marketing deals from it. It's a good idea and necessary on their part to make money, but I feel bitter from it since I was exposed to it and then did not get it. It was one of the reasons why I chose this model instead of the others. But I still like OCZ...have used them for years.

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Like it11/17/2010 11:45:13 PM

Pros: Has breadboard testing capabilities with a reset and power button ON the mobo. Nice spacing and air cooling is enough for this board.

Cons: No printer port which is my own fault as well as only 1 ATA slot for max 2 IDE components SATA slots are mounted on the side of the board. If it were 1 slot per space, then I'd be fine. But it is 2 pairs of 2 slots on each. If i'm not careful enough, I may knock off the slots. They could have places the slots in place of the E-Sata slots...who really uses that many E-Sata slots? Finally...Ram didn't detech my DDR3-1600..only shows up as DDR3-1067 I don't OC so I don't have wish to up my multiplier etc.

Overall Review: Solid board, just small quirks

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Performed as expected11/17/2010 11:40:58 PM

Pros: Conventional web browsing, picture viewing, movie watching, and document editing and CPU meter within Windows 7 sidebar shows less than 15% load. This CPU is way above my usage needs. Intel doesn't fail to deliver. Pricing is great considering I don't need i5 and i7 features

Cons: Heatsink is smaller than Core 2 Duos but it's true, less heat is dissipated since it's a newer technology, but even still, I prefer larger HSF and if anything, maybe lower fan noise.

Overall Review: 1080P HD runs smoothly

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LOVE THIS DRIVE!11/17/2010 11:37:19 PM

Pros: I cannot express how fast this drive is! Windows 7 installed in about 25 mins. Boot time from button pressed to able to move mouse and do whatever = 19 seconds! I didn't do the windows password purposely to check how long it took...regular drives take a good 50 seconds Also, shutdown clocked in at about 3-4 seconds...from clicking shut down to power off No heat, no sound, spacious, and light!

Cons: Way too small...just installed apps and I'm down to about 15 gigs. Continued write speed is very slow...similar to that of USB2.0 but since it's so small, there's not much continued writing that can be done anyway Cost still hasn't come down but still made some progress SSDs have limited write cycles

Overall Review: Next time will go for the bigger drive of this version...Intel knocked it out of the water...the reviews of the seek time were amazing from anandtech site

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Cheap and good for only non-enthusiasts11/17/2010 11:30:04 PM

Pros: Very cheap, pretty cool and size is good for spacing Would recommend for the non-heavy user/non-tech savvy

Cons: Incompatible with the surveillance card I intended to use it for. Was building a surveillance system using the Avermedia NV6480 PCIE card and it's pretty strict on card requirements and this low profile didn't work.

Overall Review: Recommended for price

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Pretty loud compared to other drives11/17/2010 11:26:50 PM

Pros: Price was ok

Cons: Loud compared to other drives

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