Excellent drive2/23/2015 9:36:37 AM

Pros: Peace of mind with drop protection. Great transfer speed with encrypted luks/jfs.

Cons: Only the price (expensive)

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excellent batteries2/23/2015 9:34:14 AM

Pros: Good long term storage of charge. Good and constant charge capacity charge after charge.

Cons: could be less expensive but not that bad when you wait for specials.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Failed12/20/2014 10:20:57 AM

Pros: Charged up batteries fast till it failed before reaching 10 cycles.

Cons: Unless you have a lot of batteries you wont notice it failing before the 30days return time. The manufacturer is unreachable for warranty via email and i could not find their phone number.

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12/20/2014 10:13:58 AM

Pros: Handles a lot of wired and wireless clients flawlessly with great scalability for a home network. Below is an exemple of the jobs this router is still performing after 2 years. (got two 8ethernet ports hubs hooked to it that are almost full, and have up to 9-12 wireless devices running at the same time) Got a server running a NFS for media streaming which runs well. Also got a local linux mirror and binhost running on my fastest machine and the network keeps up with the speed of the samsung 850 ssd in that computer with no problems. The device fetching files for updates does not even have time to report the download speed from this pc since anything under 500mb shows 00:00 download time. I also run compile jobs with distcc on multiple machines that compile in ramdisks since i use a source based linux distro named gentoo and therefore compile all my programs from source.

Cons: Firmware needs to be reflashed/restored when the router is shutdown improperly (requiring a windows computer). Need to keep a dualboot laptop available for this purpose since all my other boxes are linux.

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