Upgrade from original xornet abd spawn6/6/2016 6:37:06 AM

Pros: This mouse was bought for my wife who owned xornet and befkre my spawn. The switches have more of a tactile and defined feel and side buttons feel better place for the better feeling. I really enjoy the fit and finish of this mouse, and since i have a hybrid grip between claw and fingertip it is ideal even for my larger hands. My wife was estatic when I found it because due to her other mouse after all this time the fight mouse switch was getting unresponsive. I highly recommend this as an affordable mouse for r claw grip users and even if you have more to spend this lightweight, comfortable, and accurate mouse is on level with my g502

Cons: Not meant for Palm grip users

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Best I've owned4/8/2015 1:19:43 PM

Pros: This card, when I first switched out my aging 660s in sli didn't seem like a big difference.....at first. I feel as I would go up with higher resolutions than your more typical 1080 to 2560x1080, 2560x1440, 2560x1600, to then 4k res itself this card shows it's capability more and more. I play on a single 2560x1440 with one card and could play every game I own on ultra, including games like Assassin Creed Unity, which is awful with optimization. Hell I was play on the other 4k monitor I own in AC: Unity at high setting to very high with no lag with one card. It is a beast with anything above your 1920x1080 resolution you will most definitely notice. I know some people complained about pricing, and all that but honestly I do not really see it in comparison to other cards when they first came out. 780 cost my buddy more for sure and the 780ti was close to 1000$ at one point so getting this dead quiet, well cooled, beast of a card for 520$ (20$ off) Seems to be a straight deal in comparison... let us face it, us gamers have it bad from these companies anyways because they know we will pay for that eye candy, lol. But at least EVGA gives you the option to upgrade and trade it and has some great customer care and support. So hands down you want to game on higher resolutions and depending on the games you play then the EVGA acx2.0 980 and 970 are your best bet.

Cons: Having to pay more than your cpu and motherboard for a gpu sucks in general doesn't matter that the gpu is boss. Well to be fair my cpu is the same price, but that is just because of getting into video creation and editing.

Overall Review: If you need something for ultra HD then get one of these bad boys, if you do not need everything maxed out this card alone will be enough for 4k right now. Then you can always upgrade to SLI. Sytem: i7 5930k @ 4.2 at 1.15v 16gb of Crucial ddr4 @2666 2x 980 in sli@ 1500mhz A couple samsung ssd's couple seagate and w.d. HDD Cool in a Phantek Case and with a corsair GTX h100i

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Really satisfied so far3/22/2015 1:30:17 PM

Pros: So far for the price that I bought this motherboard, it was really a good bargain when I purchased this to replace a gigabyte x99 board that was just fail. I will be honest and say I usually go with Asus for my motherboards in my builds, due to the feature set and reliability of them so far. But with the x99 motherboards everything is priced higher so I had to make due. I have not been disappointed with the Gaming 7, not at all, it does not seem cheap with materials and was a great price in comparison for the features it had included. OC genie is nice and does not heighten voltage to ludoucris numbers like some other motherboards out there. and it reached 4ghz with stock voltages just fine. The installation of everything was simple and easy. I am happy with my purchase and would recommend to another customer. Plenty of sata ports decently spaced pci-e 3.0 x16 slots for sli, many of the other x99 boards seemed to be not lacking lanes but space to sli. I am currently running an i7 5930k clocked at 4.3 ghz @1.175v and have two 980s in sli with any hiccups, thank well apparently I cannot say that word, goodness for the lack of the word used.

Cons: only cons I con I can really think of perhaps is the pcie x1 slots can be covered if sli or crossfire is your thing, but to be fair to this motherboard many more expensive boards have the same issue. Other than that, it really is a good board with great features.

Overall Review: I will keep this review updated given that i have only had this motherboard installed for a few days, but it was a breeze to work with and did not fail me like the gigabyte udh5(which turned of the radiator fans without my knowledge while setting up bios and caused some over heating that could of ruined my chip... so solid option if one cannot afford Asus, I think this board and the ASrock extreme 6 are you best bets.

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Fantastic excluding the latest software4/14/2014 7:41:59 AM

Pros: Okay so first off this bought at a low price that is just awesome, and was bought to replace the Platronics Gamecon 780 that is just far too uncomfortable for having great sound. I will say this headset has fantastic sound quality for the price 30 usd. Now, the fit is definitely snug when first wearing this headset, but it loosens up relatively quickly and becomes quite comfortable for someone with even a larger head. Both stereo and surround sound are great quality, also this thing can blast music very well with those 50mm drivers. I overall very happy with this headset and other than the few hiccups I had with the sound card driver it has been great and hasssle free.

Cons: Software that is downloaded from the steelseries site is not going to work well with the surround sound of this headset being that you cannot turn the frequency from 48hz to 44.1, and that you cannot turn off the S/PDIF out causing this unbearable beeping in the background. Only way to get away from this problem is either to use this headset in stereo and or find the 1.2 version of the driver and download it over the 1.0.4 version that is out right now. I was having a very hard time finding it until I recalled my siberia v2 headset that this was replacing had the software and found it after some prodding around in the room. It is working great now.

Overall Review: Great headset overall after fixing up the software.

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Great sound quality and nice aesthetics4/13/2014 10:55:14 PM

Pros: So far the sound quality of this headset has been fantastic, and the price that I got it for has been even better. I have to say both the stereo and the virtual surround sound in of this headset sounds great from lowest volume to highest, to lows through highs. I am not an audio hardware expert, but have started to take the time now that my rig is fully customized to the point I am happy with as far as main components to focus on things like nice quality headsets for gaming, music, and movies. Which this headset sounds great for all 3 so far. I also ordered a sound card and have recently installed a two set 2.0 T20's and this headset has been a great edition to the group.

Cons: Main problem with this headset stemmed from the sound card software, being the 1.0.4 driver which has no options to change frequency and in not being able to do this when you use the 7.1 card with the headset and mic you get a constant beeping in the back round. The other problem is that no where on the internet including steelseries do they have the 1.2 driver for download. I went through hell to get it and was able to find my old siberia v2 software and install it over the newer version. It was then able to turn of the spf/out and change frequency to 44.1 instead of the normal 48hz. This will make the beeping in the surround sound go away, and make one realize what an awesome headset this is.

Overall Review: After the driver version fix this headset is just fantastic for a gaming headset that can be used for music and not fail at it. lol. So, if you can find one for 80 and or under it makes it that much sweeter. I was able to pick up a refurbished one for 30 $ on sale. It looks new and works great so far(knock on wood)

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Fantastic sound4/13/2014 10:36:09 PM

Pros: Okay first off this is the first time I have gone with this brand, and I will say as far as sound quality on both stereo and dolby surround sound goes it is fantastic. As soon as I plugged it in and started listening to it on stereo I knew that it was good headset for the money, especially the sale that I got it for. Now, after downloading the sound card driver and hitting the faint blue button on the left speaker turns on dolby digital and the surround sound is fantastic on this headset. I have had other virtual 7.1 headsets and this one as far as sound quality and volume definitely wins in my experience. I would take in to account there was not all pros that I have experienced with this particular headset

Cons: One of the biggest and most immediate cons for me and which basically broke the deal with these for myself was the comfort level of this headset. Now, I have a larger sized skull so I know that perhaps other people may be fine with this headset, and am not in any way trying to persuade someone from trying this great sound quality head set. Just know both myself and my wife is definitely average head size had a hard time wearing this headset. I also feel that the plastic feel cheaper than many other head sets I have fooled with at this price range. Now it does not feel overly cheap and the sound quality alone would have me buy this a second time if only the comfort was there. I wore it for a few days, and honestly it does get better but not enough to the point of not feeling a sharp pain in the ears and or jaw. I am sure that the longer worn the more well fitted it becomes. I say if you are average head size and smaller you should be alright after the initial first couple days. I say give it a chance because if the comfort is not an issue then chances are you will really love this headset.

Overall Review: Great sound quality, affordable, comfort may be an issue, and finally wish they would of done more with the software options and giving maybe more options to the headset.

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Solid4/3/2014 9:39:32 AM

Pros: Okay so first off I have read some reviews to say these are too tight for people that have a larger head size... I disagree this headset if anything is comfortable. I have to say for a "gaming" headset it has some decent highs and lows and moderately good bass. It is not the best headset I have ever used but one of the better ones especially because the other one I used was 150$ and this one i got for 60$ (not bought on this site). I would pay the full price for them I think they are honestly worth it, and I recommend them to anyone who is looking for good sound quality and decently solid build quality.

Cons: Only con I have had with this is that the usb connection of the cable was faulty and gave out on me down the road about 3 months into use....and I am stuck using the audio cables which is fine, but the cables get very twisted and tangled because of the length..where as the usb cable was a thicker and shorter cable from better material that does not tangle.

Overall Review: This is a solid buy for anyone that wants a good quality in both sound and build for a headset to use for gaming and or music. I recently just got a good 2.0 speaker set from Creative T20's and they go well with this headset

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Good if noise is not an issue3/23/2014 8:26:54 AM

Pros: These are good fans for the price when it comes to airflow and also comes to the color and brightness of the led. They are bright with a nice smokey blue look while on, and they do help keep the chassis cooler. I got two of these for around 13 dollars and that was a decent deal for them if I needed more fans that pushed decent airflow for a good price I would probably recommend these depending what your preferences were.

Cons: Noise level is high, especially when max rpm( I used a fan controller with these fans) and the noise is fine at 5v and is manageable at 7v...but 12v is the loudest noise coming from my case and it disturbs the hell out of me when I am only listening to that.

Overall Review: Good fans just makes sure you do no care about noise levels beofe putting this in your build or if you do that you have this hooked up toa fan controller to help keep it at a lower rpm.

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So far, it is great3/21/2014 1:22:52 PM

Pros: Okay, so I took my time coming a decision about picking an alternative fan controller other than the one that I have stock with the Define R4 chassis that I recently got for a steal and install my components from my old 922 case. I absolutely love this chassis and this chassis has a front panel door and I did not really want a touch screen fan controller as preference I prefer the control nobs...but those protrude far too much. I found a happy medium in this fan controller, and it matches the front panel grill behind the chassis door pretty perfectly. Also you have a very simple installation which is always a nice plus, and if you take the time can use their molex connectors for the fan controller to manage your fan cables in the back of the mother panel which they are plenty long to do so with. Also by having a splitter connector you could plug multiple fans into each channel with the 30watts of power you will have plenty of fan options for this controller. For myself I plugged my 2 front intake 140mm fans to the first switch, the top exhaust and the bottom intake to the second, the rear exhaust to the 3, etc. I think this is a great buy and the led's are not overbearing and they are classy looking great with the blue led theme I have in my chassis.

Cons: Only cons I can come with, which I had to thnk about, is the fact the sliders to control the volts of the channel and in fact the speeds of the fans installed, are cheap looking and glossy. Which is not a huge griper because the overall finish to this controller is a nice look with nothing too flashy....I would say that is my only gripe it would of been nice to have some better sliders that were either metal and or matte plastic.

Overall Review: This is my second fan controller that I have bought, and it has been a long time. The initial fan controller I had wanted, which matches the fractal chassis nicely, is discontinued. I will say though that this controller was a great buy for me and looks great with the led and matte plastic panel to match the front panel where it has been installed. I highly suggest this to anyone is on the fence with getting a touchcreen controller or this one...this one has my vote and I suggest you try the same.

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Solid bring lighting good ariflow3/16/2014 9:35:34 AM

Pros: I bought these for my girls MSI blitz case and I will say that I was not able to place them where I wanted because of the screws to removing the top panel are either too hard for me to get to and I cannot find them, but I replace the exhaust fan and front intake with these fans and it runs great as long as you do not mind a little noise, because they are not the quietest fans I have used, but then again my case is the Define R4 with silent fans. I think the lighting on these fans are great solid and bright.. I do recommend using these fans if you are looking for decent airflow and good lighting.

Cons: A bit loud but I do not think they are advertised as such

Overall Review: Good blue led lit fans with a pretty powerful airflow

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Good quiet fans3/15/2014 8:12:36 AM

Pros: Okay firstly I had these installed in the Define R4 case I had and also had a couple extra bought and shipped for an excellent price. I would say that pc is just as cool in this case as the 922 haf(high air flow case) that I owned. Which is impressive because this case is way more enclosed because of the design. Yet, here I am running load tests and sensor tests getting the same and some instances better results in cooling yet at a much quieter noise lvl.

Cons: None so far as I know

Overall Review: This is a great fan and I highly recommend them for what that is worth to you guys looking at this fan. I do think they work great....And my wife went to use my computer and thought she had to turn it on at first because of how quiet it was,... but then again she is a little deaf at time, lol. I would agree that it is very quiet even in game.

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Solid ram on sale.1/14/2014 5:29:20 PM

Pros: Okay first of this memory had a ton of positive reviews with decent timings for 1600 ram. So, given those two and the price of ram going up in the past few months from when I bought my Crucial Ballistix low profile. I decided this memory for 69 was a solid deal compare to other less impressive ram at higher prices, higher voltages, higher timings, and lesser ratings. Seeing that have 16 gigs of solid low voltage and solid timings on the ram I own this was for my wife's dismal gaming pc. It is outdated and out classed by most of the 500-600 entry level gaming pc's on newegg. Now, I am in the process to upgrade just enough for her to use this pc in game until I have the amount needed to give her some of good caliber for the next couple years. Which with what she has at the moment will cost about , excluding the ram just bought, around 600$, and being that she is going to have a 760 and or 270x I wanted to make sure she has some nice ram to go along with this. This ram so far has be stable in her older rig, and honestly has helped with some of the lagging in game and out of. Now it has been limited by her garbage Biostar motherboard and is only able to run at 1333 frequency, but considering that she now has twice of what she did, being I can feel more comfortable with buying her a more heavy hitting gpu with at least 2gb of vram. Ram is just plan vital to run a pc especially having enough to run a decent to higher end gpu, and if you do not want to bottle neck a ton then do yourself a favor and buy quality parts. It may cost more at times, but given that you will see the price in the performance, take it from me who has owned both garbage and quality, it is very much worth it. This ram is quality and is for a decent price compared with many other competitors. Now it is a bit tall because of the heat spreaders and or sinks. So, if you are looking into buying a new rig with a after market cooler I would check dimensions of the cooler and the spacing of the ram slots on the board. I would also recommend Crucial Ballistix tactical ram the low profile version, because of the height of the ram you will have a little bit less to worry about, and not too mention it has good timings, low voltage, and good quality.

Cons: Ram in general has started going back up in price and the price of solid states drives and hard drives has gone down decently.

Overall Review: Good ram if you do not need low profile ram such as I did, and it stops being a problem once you switch to liquid cooling unit if that is the direction you are heading in, also heard this ram is pretty overclockable(not a word? should be) if your cpu and mobo a ram friendly, and if you have haswell, like I do, then you should pick one or the other when it comes to overclocking ram and or cpu because of the make of the haswell chips and motherboards.

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Does what I need and affordable1/9/2014 6:28:56 PM

Pros: Honestly there is not too much one can write about this product other than the pros being that is works with both my tablet and my samsung s3 phone. I use both mechanical keyboard and a hybrid called topre switch and was a little worried about the compatibility, and this adapter was flawless as soon as I connected my keyboard to the s3 it recognized the keyboard instantly with no problems or errors. I would recommend, and there are cheaper adapters but you pay more with shipping included and on top of that you get to of these adapters making it a much nicer deal.

Cons: None that I can see at the moment I mean if they die out on me relatively soon in the future I will of course update to warn future buyers.

Overall Review: Simply a package with two adapters, nothing more nothing less, but they work great so far and now i do not have reply to threads with the stupid touch screen keyboard. I can type with quality switches even on my cell phone which is really nice for when I am home in bed.

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Best wireless mouse I have used to date1/8/2014 9:59:51 AM

Pros: This mouse is large, comfortable beyond most mice I have used and kept, with decent glide and highly accurate. It feels like high quality when using this, between the texture of the sides the quality of the switches and the overall feel of the mouse. I believe if wireless mice were always made like this I would not used wired mice anymore. The fact that the wireless connection and battery life has been superb since I received it, and I am very happy that worry has been laid to rest. When it comes to gaming this mouse can be used for any type of game, and used well. I prefer this mouse over my Death Adder2013(which I love, one thing razer has done well other than their pads) when it comes to rpg's, mmo's, games like LOL, WOW, Neverwinter, but I do like my DA with most fps just because I am still breaking in the G602. Now the the side buttons on the side may seem meh if you do not need them, well it very easy to find the two main side buttons that most basic mice have now a days, and I can say I have used this mouse with fps with relative ease. This mouse is top notch from everything from the build, switches, tracking, sensor, layout, software, battery life, and wireless stability.

Cons: Now there a very few cons and they are preference related, but I think that I should state them none the less. First and the main one is the fact that it does take batteries, granted they are AA and have a ridiculous long life, but eventually they will die. DO not worry they will warn you when it gets low, and you can even use this mouse with only 1 battery available which also makes the mouse lighter which leads me to the next issue. The fact that batteries add a lot of weight, and it is an issue if you are playing fast pace games for hours one end and you are not used to weighted mice. Honestly though these are the only issues I can think of when concerning this mouse, and as far as wireless it has great range and connectivity(around 3 meters) and it also comes with a extension usb cable so that if you have your pc further than ten ft. you can use the cable to plug in the receiver and get some extra length with your usb receiver. That way you can have closer to 5 meters compared to the 3 the normal reception is between the pc and wireless mouse.

Overall Review: This is one of the best mice I have used in a while since using the Cooler Master Spawn and the Death Adder 2013, and quite possibly this mouse is better and or equal that both depending on your preference. You already have a decent connection distance between pc and mouse, and with the receiver extension cable you add another 6 feet roughly of connection distance. The fact that I do not even think about this mouse being wireless in terms of lag and shady reception who be testament to it's quality both build and performance. On top of that I am comparing this mouse to two of possibly the best optical gaming mice out there and the fact that wireless is keeping up in terms of responsiveness and lack of lag is pretty awesome. One thing to add and that is Well Done Logitech, seriously they did something great here.

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Okay so after the first day to bat1/7/2014 5:44:08 PM

Pros: This mouse pad is more like a surface due to its thin structure, and this is a con and a pro, now it is a con only if you are planning on bringing this pad with for lan and what not but if it is staying stationary at your pc desk it is an ideal mouse pad. It had a slightly rough texture which is a very nice surface for fast glide and could be used for either high and or low dpi well depending on the control of the mouse user. Preferably I use low and I think this mouse is perfect for such because at lower dpi the QcK feels a little sluggish at times, and I do not understand why they say pads like are more suited for high dpi settings because if anything I believe it is the opposite. This pad is thin and a bit frail if you were to try and bring it places with out some sort of case I wouldn't try it. Though it is one of the nicer surfaces I have used and gamed on in a long time. I believe in comparison with the QcK I would prefer this surface for the mouse settings I use, and if I was a higher dpi setting guy then I would like the qck's sense of control more. Every one has their preference though so it really does depend on those circumstances. Now it is affordable for a quality gaming surface, and with that I would highly recommend it for those not able to purchase the more pricey hard mats from logitech, Steelseries, Corsair, and razer(just some examples). This is a good alternative if you want better glide than your typical cloth pad, and I do not think you would regret it. Do not let the slimness of this pad scare you off, it is an ideal gaming surface where multiple games I have played I said "this is what I have been missing". Games like League of Legends, Skyrim, Bioshock, Neverwinter, and now about to try it out in Farcry3 with testing out whether or not I prefer this or my cloth QcK. Give it a shot if you need more speed and do not want to spend the extra money on a hard pad. Also the less distance from you keyboard tray the better imo, and this feel great on wrist strain. I have tried three mice on this pad, first was my main the Death Adder 2013, second the Cooler Master Spawn, and finally(which I receive today from another store) is the Logitech wireless optical G602 which in my opinion they all feel great on this surface. Currently though I cannot seem to put the G602 down, best wireless mouse I have used with this pad.

Cons: Thin and frail if moved from desk to desk, this could be a bad pad for lan and tournament gaming. I still recommend it because it is affordable and great experience with using my mice.

Overall Review: Great pad so far one of the best surfaces that I have used for an optical mouse at least and from what I have read should have no problems with the laser sensor

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PC build for my mother's xmas gift12/15/2013 10:30:07 AM

Pros: Okay firstly this chassis price for what it offers makes this case a great budget case. I mean it offers four 120mm fans for the sale price of 30$, and it comes with 3 actual 5 and a quarter drive bays for your dvd and blue ray burners and readers. it is pretty much based toolless design which I can say the thumb screws to this case are very easy to remove, easier than my 922 haf case, it is the little details I tend to notice after the initial look behind the side panel. It is made of mostly metal except the front panel plate is a glossier plastic, not a fan of the gloss but it still looks nice and not too flashy even with the front led light which happens to be blue. SO far I really think for the price point of which the case was bought for is an exceptional value.

Cons: A few small ones this cases hdd trays are very cheap in appearance and feel, which isn't so bad because the ones you keep in there will be covered by your mechanical drive. There isn't a ton of room for expansion other than let us say your more entry level to daily gamer build. This isn't saying you couldn't have a decent sized card with an after market cpu cooler, now personally I would go with something that is low profile unless you want to take out the two side fans that are set on intake, which is actually convenient for the gpu and cpu and finally ram that you might have in the case, now you might want to replace the two side fans with something that is more heavy duty if you are planning on having a more performance gpu.

Overall Review: Now what I will say is that if I was building a rig with a single higher end gpu, let us say I had a 3570/4670 cpu with perhaps a 120mm liquid cooling solution with 7970 OR 770 I would say this case would be fine in carrying these components. I think if you are going to have multiple gpu's with a 240mm radiator and several different hard drives...that you may want to put your money into a slightly more higher end case, though this case might be fine for the rig, but that is all preference and what each individual needs.

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So far... solid hard drive12/4/2013 10:18:32 AM

Pros: Okay, so for the price on sale of getting 2 tb of mechanical hard drive space(used mostly for games library, bluerays, and larger entertainment folders and or files). I looked around for a while for another drive, I own a samsung pro for a boot drive(fast), a western digitial 1 tb oem drive for steam and vuze, and another 500 gb for a back up drive. I needed more space for some of the larger files and also was wanting to add my back up drive to my girlfriend's computer. The seagate drive was a retail kit for 90 dollars, and considering the reliability of seagate products you cannot really beat that. I purchased and it was easy enough after installing, came with it's own sata cable, which is always nice to have another. I did have to go into windows and make a drive space and partition the drive for my own personal use. It has been solid with decent performance for a mechanical hard drive, and I would recommend any who already have a ssd and need a hard drive to store large amounts of files and information.

Cons: Only down fall has nothing do with the actual drive but more of my circumstances and situation. About 2 days after purchasing this drive another seagate solid state drive(which for their first attempt is actually another solid product from seagate) went on a 45% sale at the awesome price of 140 for 250 gb, and if you know solid state drives with prices..you know that is really good deal.

Overall Review: You looking for more memory that is reliable and affordable then look no further. Seagate Barracuda mechanical drive is arguably one of the best hard drives in their price range and class. It is solid performance and space for the price and I would recommend it to any looking for hard drives for their pc. I would of bought a 3 tb one as not to worry about room on my rig for a verrrryy long time, but I was on a tight budget. I believe I just saw 3tb of this beauty for 100usd, on sale on newegg.com. Go a get one if so, you will not be needing any more hard drives for a long while.

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Just got this in about 3 hours ago11/26/2013 12:52:15 PM

Pros: Okay, so I just got this board in about 3 hours ago, which unfortunately I was at working when I got the email saying you package has been delivered, my girl received it from the UPS like usual. Those 2 and half hours at work felt like forever, lol. I just hyper focused on my daily tasks to help my mind cool down from anticipation, and thankfully I was able to pull through and when I arrived at my home swiftly opened up the box and was very satisfied by what I saw. I was fearful it would be in grey or be and earlier batch with the ton of logos and branding, but nay it was neither basically this little guy is just the shortened version of my Cooler Master XT with cherry mx browns(highly recommended if you are in search of a full size with quality and class) because this model is exactly what I was hoping for compact and sleek, matte and simple, but yet strangely attractive design in it's simplicity. So far typing on the blue switches is definitely different which I disagree when so users say the blues are just the browns with a click at actuation point. They must not of been paying attention or have less awareness with the feeling of the switches because i can feel the meager 5g resistance increase, but it is noticeable. I do like the difference though it is a positive increase and click to me. I will say that the newer rapids design is a definite improvement and the bit a heft you may feel when lifting the board is a steel plate for reinforcement(another positive) I just don't like the idea of bottoming out a pcb board. I mean I know other higher end keyboards that do, but it just feels like an ill omen to me. The key font isn't that bad to me and the profile and texture to the key is nice then a lot of other keyboards but they are not the best. Key caps, for some reason, are a thing a lot of keyboard companies skimp out of unless you buy your board with pbt caps. So typing on this was a breeze took me a couple mins to realize the slight differences from the XT and then I was off. Love this board quality so far, and Cooler Master has been doing so wonderful things with these matte, sleek, minimalistic, and well priced boards they been coming out with and imagine almost every cherry switch offered with most of their keyboards. (hopefully the white and clear switch are next!) Anyways, I will keep using this keyboard and get back to you with updates of any kind sorry for this long tirade but it gives me a reason to type...lol and cherry switches really do that to you(make you want to type more often).

Cons: There are so many keyboards to decide from( now I know variety is a good thing but still it is hard when there so many decent to great kb's) I originally wanted the rapid stealth in greens, but alas on newegg they do not sell them in greens, and on amezon(really newegg? you wouldn't let me submit the word amezon with the correct spelling kind of a noob move) they are sold out(actually the tenkeyless boards in greens are sold out like everywhere for now)

Overall Review: Great quality and overall feel, relatively good price and goes on sale a lot, and customizable with pbt, abs, or pom key caps as long as made with Costar stabaliziers(which many are)

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Update after a cpl months of ownership11/22/2013 12:26:55 PM

Pros: Okay so I wrote a review a couple months back during my first week of ownership, and let me say with honesty that this keyboard has not disappointed me in the least. Granted I originally wanted a Cherry mx Green switch or at least the blue for more feedback and resistance, but those two were currently unavailable because it just came out to newegg when I purchased this mechanical kb. The brown switch version went on sale for around 70usd and I had to purchase it, and though it still isn't my first choice for a switch I actually have come to love this switch especially while typing on this keyboard( custom keycaps from WASDKeyboards made the board my own with originality but still keeping it minimalistically elegant). This keyboard still at times gives me the satisfied smile whenever I write a blog or review while typing on this keyboard I have made huuge progression with my ability to type without looking at the keys the whole time. It also helped me along with the typing tests increase my wpm by about 17 percent while improving my accuracy. I truly highly recommend this board even at full price, pick your mechanical switch flavor and don't look back. I am currently on the market for a tenkeyless of this version with cherry mx greens, probably the Rapid or Stealth only because I want to have a new switch with my tenkeyless that I need for going back forth between my home and families a state away. Love this keyboard.

Cons: I suppose if you like led's which on some boards I do, because of how dark the room I am in can be sometimes, but there is no false advertisement so as long as you read description you will get what it offers. So, none that I can really think of honestly

Overall Review: Great high quality board with minimalistic and sleek design, if you want macro keys or led's you should look at something like the trigger(not for me) if you want a solid and beautiful board with no bells and whistles then buy without doubt.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
1st impressions10/24/2013 3:10:42 PM

Pros: Okay so, I ordered a Cooler Master Spawn for my gf and she hated it because she does not use claw grip at all but i do, so it is an awesome mouse real comfortable, but I needed something I could rest my hand and I went with the Deathadder 2013 because of multiple reasons that so far have been as precise as this mouse. Let us begin with the fact that it has an incredible feeling when holding this mouse, I instantly liked the texture not too different from the Spawn actually just a little rougher or perhaps grainier but not in a bad way. Second is the switches used for the the left and right click are very nice light tactile feel again similar to Spawn. 3rd is the ability to fluxuate your dpi settings from 100 to 6400, which I would never go that high, but this is something you can not do with the Spawn you only have 3 set settings. So this was a deciding factor when I ordered the mouse after already enjoying the spawn, but also was the fact that claw grip is easy to me up until my hand starts cramping from a missing knuckle and nerve damage from a few years ago so the deathadder is a nice relief from that pain. While I am satisfied with both mice I definitely can feel the deathadder is quality built even being 8 grams lighter than its predecessor but to do that without making it feel fragile and or cheap is remarkable. I definitely do regret buying a mouse like this after already loving the spawn for grip style exclusively the DA will be an awesome mouse to use for certain games where my palm grip feels more accurate or comfortable. So the fact that this mouse can win me over when I already have fallen in love with another mouse a week before shows the comfort and quality of this mouse. I just got done a with a match of LOL and it was very quick to react when I was in a bind to when I was just strolling back and forth to test the reaction responsiveness of this mouse. If you need a larger mouse with a impeccable sensor and you use palm grip then this mouse is for you. If you use claw grip and need an amazing claw gripping mouse then the CM storm Spawn is for you. I am keeping both might be weird to use both mice at different junctures, but I'll be honest I like things about both so much and to return the spawn would be at least ten bucks when I purchased it for 30 on sale. I will update when I have had the deathadder for more than a day and let you know which one I end up using the most. I got a lot of DA owners who gave me the positive feedback when purchasing this mouse so that is a great sign.

Cons: Now I wouldn't consider these real cons just gripes and concerns. With the software is there no way to set dpi for quick switch in mid game? so far I have no seen any. With the spawn your'e limited to what you can set each number to for dpi but you still can switch in mid game to three reasonably enjoyable settings. Also no on board memory have to have internet connection to load profiles.

Overall Review: This is mouse was built with a comfortable feel for many hand shapes and sizes the sensor is awesome for those that want an amazing palm grip mouse look no further this mouse was good enough to make me to buy it while owning a mouse I love. You wont regret this buy.-traveller

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A perfect fit.10/23/2013 10:40:04 AM

Pros: Okay so I just ordered the Quickfire xt Mechanical Keyboard a little while back, and I will be honest it is a great keybaord with few things it could use one of them being a palm/wrist rest. So I searched online the style, shape, size of this kb is like Filco so at first I looked at their leather wrist rest along with Ducky's leather ones. But paying 35-45 dollars right now is just too much that I can afford. So, I found an alternative this 3M gel full size keyboard wrist wrest. I order with 3 day shipping at night it came the next day, incredible. It is 19 inches in length and I believe just under 3 in width the perfect size for my keyboard. Look wise it is very simple but aesthetically it looks great with my board, and it also is neither too soft nor firm...that middle point in between is exactly what I needed. They have found a life long customer from my girlfriend and I. It has a nice leather look though for the price I believe it is pleather. It is also easy to clean for someone that is at their pc more than a few hours a day. It really is at this price point probably one of the best wrist rest out there, would I like the ducky or filco leather ones? Yes I would like eventually a leather and or wood wrist rest but who knows the longevity of this product I may not need one for a very long while because on top of size, comfort, and looks it does feel quite solid quality.

Cons: Honestly I don't really have any this wrist rest is exactly what it says it is, durable(at least in the feel so far, will update if that changes) comfortable, very comfortable.

Overall Review: Perfect fit for my mechanical keyboard if you have a filco or quickfire xt(which I have) this is a perfect height for both those boards. I purchased this along with my customized keycap set from WASD Keyboards to customize my keyboard and make it an comfortable experience when gaming or writing for long hours.

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Okay so first off this mouse wasn't even for me.10/22/2013 2:33:52 PM

Pros: To be quite honest this mouse wasn't even for myself, and the fact is I bought as a budget for performance gaming mouse for my girlfriend who has been using this miniscule 3 bottom optical mouse from dell. Now the first three things that I noticed when opening this mouse's packaging up was Wow, it's wide, it's short, it's not for her. When I was researching mice for myself I came across this, and owning a mechanical keyboard from cooler master I figured it was a possible buy. But, my girlfriend is my opposite when it comes to computers and peripherals cheap with two side buttons and a scroll wheel. lol, I am like but babe this was is suppose to be very precise she was like 32 $ buy it now. Anyways sorry for the story but though this mouse is not going to be for everyone especially those that strictly palm their mice or that have larger hands with exceptions since I have wide thick hands and use a both palm and claw grip and depending on the mouse a hybrid between the two. I happen to really like this mouse a lot. though it is shorter than my already too short mouse that I am replacing( Gila GX, expensive but nicely featured for lefty or righty) it feels way more comfortable to me, this is probably because of the width, finger rest, and the overall quality feel and texture of this mouse, and so I have been using it for now one quality about this mouse I love is the matte-like texture and the switches used for all the 7 buttons. the scroll wheel feels awesome, like quality components went into making this ultra precise gaming mouse. So far I love using the claw grip with this mouse it does feel light and comfortable for that style of mouse-wielding.. Granted now that I am still considering buying the deathadder 2013 for reasons really that are not because of this mouse, but I actually like it so much that I have decided to keep it to use and an alternate mouse in case of emergencies or just wanting to change style of play that is how much I enjoy use this mouse it just glides with accuracy and pressing those buttons takes no strain on my already mangled hand.

Cons: The only couple to few cons I can come up with are barely existant or this mouse is not at fault for. Let me start with the ones this mouse is directly at fault for...: Limited adjustability for dpi settings(I play from a range of 500 to 2000 usually depending) you have tthree settings that is it. So make sure there is one you already use or that you can adjust this didn't effect me too negatively because I use 1800 on my other mouse and 1000 so It just adjusted sensitivity in the downloadable software. My hand was damaged a few years back shattered my fist with now missing a knuckle and limited mobility and cramping this mouse is great even but I want to have a mouse I can rest my paws on for when I need it during game play. The lack of braided cable is a minor annoyance because of the price understandable. more of a minor fear of cord damage. Cable does feel flexible and decent for non braided. That is it for the negative really.

Overall Review: If you claw grip need a comfortable well built mouse but are limited too funds or just want a great claw grip mouse and dont mind the dpi settings then this mouse is a must buy, and I almost forgot it is a plug and play mouse, no software or firmware actually needed but I downloaded it anyways and seems simple enough, look for it on Coolermaster.com under global don't check under specific region your from. Real simple software. Just buy this if you think you'd like it, Just great product.

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Research your keyboard then pick!10/17/2013 8:25:54 PM

Pros: Compact in size and overall feel of the board so far is wonderful. I did much research on picking a mechanical switch before choosing for I tend to be obsessive with information, lol. Brown is what I decided on for multiple factors didn't want oversensitivity. I really enjoy the tactile feel and a bit of feedback. Now there is plenty of boards and brands to choose for mechanical. I went with the quickfire for a list of reasons such as these: Compact, though it may be fragile it most definitely not! build quality and size for a full size kb was first reason, second being cooler master has solid affordable products i own a case and a cpu heatsink from them and they are great, third is simple but sleek beauty that this layout has to offer very very aesthetically pleasing, fourth price for quality ration because I believe that this could hold its own up to a filco, leopold, and ducky, I say these three because all three tend to be of a similar design) at half cost of these boards you really have no right to complain about side usb hub or led back lit keys. Believe I get it I like the features too but if thats what you want backlit go ultimate or quickfire tk. This board come with a steel plate where the keys would bottom out on so its SOLID. If you need extra features besides the basic go with corsair if you have to extra cash, but I decided against it because the only affordable switch was the red at the moment with corsair. I can say I am very satisfied so far, of course I'll update down the road. I will be buying the stealth in mx greens probably on black friday for a tenkeyless board its identical minus the phantom caps. I am done with my rant, I am a satisfied customer for 76 dollars on sale I feel like i will enjoy typing again and my gaming will improve with time.This board is a great option from a filco or ducky. If you want unique you could purchase key caps like I did. Then make the board your own.

Cons: Wrist rest would be nice a detachable one, but those are easily bought so I would never deduct an egg for the reason that the xt says what it has. I chose this board knowing it lacked certain features. Cant hold it against them.

Overall Review: This board feels great to type and game with, can't wait toi get a tenkeyless for travel with blues or green mx switches. I will never go back to rubber dome after feeling the quality of this keyboard. Give it a shot, you'll not regret

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Wasn't a fluke 1st time around...this card rocks!9/26/2013 10:31:46 AM

Pros: 1st off this card can handle a lot more than what some might expect from a mid level card even on the higher mid level scale. I have had this card for a 6 months now, and I played all my games( even more demanding ones like 2033, Tomb Raider, BioShock Infinite, Witcher 2, Hitman: Absolution, etc... at 1920x1080 resolution on high to ultra settings and get smooth game play. I recently built a new rig and then decided to upgrade with a new display, An ultra wide 21:9 ratio 2560x1080 IPS Monitor, and initially I figure I would need to upgrade a high end level card if I wanted 50-70 fps on high settings with these games listed. Well, I was surprised how well my card managed playing these games staying above 30 fps on almost all these games at max settings. And while I save money I research vigilantly for what card to purchased was leaning towards a 7970, because of the capabilities for dollar ratio, or possibly budget a 760 4 gb model or a 7950 overclocked model. Well after much research I am now running two 650 ti boost sc in sli at 1 ghz each, and play every game on max settings at native resolution of 2560x1080...it is that impressive, not to mention I would of like to have just a single card but I most definitely dont regret budgeting and getting a second one of this card. Not to mention the psu I have is only 630 watts and I was told that would be fine for now, and so far it has run lovingly... ;-). If your on the fence between this and maybe a 7950 you might just go for the 7950 or 760 but if that 20-50 dollars is absent then please rest assure you wont be disappointed.

Cons: Now a days you could get a 7950, or 7870 for only 20 to 40 more. Granted I enjoy NVidia better and think their drivers are also better, but both of those AMD cards are solid for value to performance cards. Also could just go with a 760 which I believe is best card for value currently from NVIDIA. Still this card is epic in sli for 330 you beat out a 670 and 680, and in most games you pass 7970 ghz edition for a cheaper price point.

Overall Review: My rig: i5 4670k Haswell cpu @ 4.2 Asus z-87 PRO motherboard 16 gb of crucial tactical gaming ram @1866 1.5 tb of western digital ram 256 gb of samsung 840 pro SSD(boot drive) Rosewill Green 630 watt psu Asus blueray drive, some unknown dvd drive CM hyper plus heatsink CM 922 half case

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I was wrong to assume9/4/2013 6:58:15 AM

Pros: Size, this display is wide as stated. Resolution, not as much real estate as 1440p but still a difference from your 1080 monitor. Color is crisp and vivid out of box, for different users of this monitor might tweak it a bit. Easy to put together literally a flip, push then click. Then there is prive for value ratio which I have to say I believe this monitor is definitely worth the 400$ paid. If you are a gamer and movie viewer like myself let me say that the 7 games I have played respond nicely with minimal blur, check to see if your overdrive is on medium as I believe medium has the least overshoot in fps games. I am loving this monitor so far, I have had no dead pixels that I have noticed and backlight bleeding seems non existent. If you arte on the fence with the monitor then Please Consider this a wise purchase. Games and movies look awesome.

Cons: I am going to say lack of display port cable was a little bit of a bummer, but did come with a hdmi that can handle this resolution fine. But if you want to plug in devices then buy a display cable. or a dvi-d. Even though I knew and was fine with no swivel or height adjustment some will be disappointed, so please check into monitor thoroughly like I did before buying.

Overall Review: Even with the height adjust or swivel this monitor owns. Very happy I didnt listen to my friend and still tn with higher refresh rate. The draw backs for 120hz is too much with color depth and crisp beauty of this monitor

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