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Kingston 4GB  Compact Flash Memory Card (CF/4GB)
Kingston 4GB Compact Flash Memory Card (CF/4GB)

Pros: Works Great. Lots of Memory for the Casual User. Great Price and free shipping.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I always chuckle at the so-called, self-proclaimed professionals who get on sites like this and try to show off by throwing photo jargon around. They then proceed to complain how the item doesn't meet their standards, not fast enough for their needs, etc. It's like the professional race car driver that buys a VW Bug and then complains that it's not fast enough to win the race. It's a FREAKIN' $15 card, people. What do you expect for $15? If you are a casual shooter like myself, which means you like to snap shots of the kids in just about any setting, maybe take a hundred or so shots in any given month, don't need to take shots less than a second or so apart at the fastest, then this card will do the trick. I researched on the standard popular shopping sites and general shopping sites like pricegrabber and yahoo shopping and this is by far the best deal. If you live and breathe photography and have the highest expectations for performance, then this one might not do it for you.