Died After 2 Years12/19/2010 12:37:10 PM

Pros: Large capacity for storing HD movies and HD audio. With firmware update worked fine in a RAID 0 array with another 1.5 TB drive for the past 6 months. My 1st one lasted 2 years with considerable use.

Cons: Suddenly died with no warning, just started clicking and then a horrendous screech (presumably the bearings) while my imaging program was writing to the array. I was also downloading some very large movie files to it at the same time. Another reviewer noticed stuttering when playing videos. I too noticed this, however only infrequently and only when playing videos, not movies. Probably more of a fragmentation issue as I noticed this after downloading videos and before defragging them.

Overall Review: Was in the process of reviewing external enclosures and HDDs for backing up this array. Unfortunately, it died before I could add it. In the process of reviewing HDDs I noticed that almost all 1.5 and 2TB drives from all manufacturers have serious quality issues. So quit thinking that your going to get something better from another maker in general. Overall most drives receive 22%-30% of one and two eggs. Most of those reviews concern failures. NewEgg does not allow comparisons, but I did notice one standout in the area of durability. However it had past? serious issues with firmware. BTW, I read that the earlier drives not only had issues with firmware, but also with bearings. Both problems have been supposedly corrected in the later drives.

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Great Drives11/23/2010 1:58:27 PM

Pros: Very large capacity. No recognition problems. Pretty fast in RAID 0

Cons: none

Overall Review: Bought one of these 2 years ago when I built my PC for OS image backups, documents, HD movies, and HD audio and have had no problems. I have updated the firmware and now have a second one in a RAID 0 array with the first and 6 mo. later still no probs.

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Great Drive4/26/2010 8:01:37 AM

Pros: Very large capacity for saving lots of HD movies and videos, music and image backup files. Also you can't beat the price either. I have used one drive for 18 months with no problems.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I recently added another and set up a RAID 0 array on a Adaptec 5405, after updating the firmware of the first one. This update was recommended by some reviewers who had problems running these drives in RAID, and after several weeks I have had no problems with the drives or the RAID array. BTW, XP X64 will only recognize a dynamic partition of 2 Tb, but you can create a GPT that will recognize the full 2.72 Tb partition. However, you cannot install an OS on a GPT partition.

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Some big pluses compared to G113/12/2010 4:32:53 PM

Pros: I trashed a G11 by spilling a huge cup of coffee on it, and after attempting to clean it I was unsuccessful in getting it to work. The point is I replaced it with with this G110, which just arrived yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised at a number of improvements over the G11. 1st this G110 is a lot smaller in size, which will allow it & my mouse to share the slide out keyboard tray on my computer desk. This was accomplished by making the keys slightly smaller and removing an entire column of programmable gaming keys. Not to worry though, the G110 now incorporates the entire row of F keys as programmable gaming keys giving you a total of 24 gaming keys X3 modes. Next is the lit keys, there are now 4 standard colors you can choose from (you can also create your own within the spectrum of red & blue), which will allow you to set a different color for each mode for easy identification. Another big plus is the rubber feet that keep the keyboard from sliding around.

Cons: Most disappointing to me is the lack of a dimmer for the back-light, although this can be accomplished somewhat by choosing or creating darker colors. Also another reviewer pointed out that the G11 was a lot sturdier, and I agree that the G110 is a lot lighter and a little flimsier. Another item is that the volume control is a rolling drum 1/2 inch thick by 1 1/4 long which has no friction resistance to prevent it from changing from an accidental bump. Finally one of the bigger changes is the letters & numbers are considerably smaller than the G11.

Overall Review: Despite the cons I am definitely pleased with the smaller more efficient size and have no regrets having purchased the G110.

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Really a Great Graphics Card2/6/2009 12:15:57 PM

Pros: Cannot say enough, I had it OC'd to 770/1150 with no problems and it outputs games and Blue Ray movies to a 30" CRT HDTV without a sweat. Also love the Catalyst Control Center.

Cons: Huge fan covers a PCI connector on my MSI K9A2

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