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Was good (Past Tense).10/19/2020 1:27:04 PM

Pros: Still sounds good (most of the time) and feels good.

Cons: Cord is pretty short and typical extenders don’t work because it’s composite audio and mic. ADDITION FROM PREVIOUS REVIEW---- After about only 4 months of use the detachable microphone occasionally has problems and I have to remove and plug it back in. The dongle attached to the cord for controlling volume has a loose wire now and sometimes causes one side of the headphones to not output sound. Not only that, but maxing the volume on the dongle is slightly quieter unless I back off on the volume a little.

Overall Review: Seems to be on par with my experience in the past with headsets that have a dongle on the cord and/or a detachable mic. They tend to fail often and VERY easily in those areas. Look for something else that is built to be more robust. Get regular headphones and a standalone mic if you can, otherwise, avoid headsets that may have extra points of failure like a detachable mic and dongles built into the cord.

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