Excellent Board1/27/2020 10:20:38 AM

Overall Review: Have experienced no problems with this board at all. Paired it with the 3960X and 32GB of Patriot 4400 ram. Installation was a breeze, and the included Titan Ridge card is working flawlessly with my PreSonus Quantum. I didn't try the included Gen 4 AIC adapter yet, but I would caution builders attempting to use other, somewhat similar cards (i.e. "Hyper" cards) that are designed to work on a different chipset and not this board. I haven't had the time to tweak anything yet, but between the BIOS options and Ryzen Master a ton of fun awaits!

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Great product...but...2/6/2014 9:55:13 AM

Pros: Perfoms great.

Cons: Don't even think about the rebate.

Overall Review: ...if the rebate enters into your buying decision...well...forget about it. NEVER had a problem with any rebates before from other companies. Bought 2 of these SSDs...excellent performers...but my $60 in rebates is nowhere to be seen. Believe me when I tell you...I'm overly diligent about filling out rebate forms. I video record every aspect from cutting out UPC's, etc...filling out the form, sealing it in an envelope, affixing the addresses...even handing it to the post office and getting it postmarked and placed by the postal worker in the slot behind them. Looks like I will be pursuing this with PNY. In the meantime...they aren't the only company making good SSD products. :)

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