Decent Powerline Kit11/10/2013 8:48:49 AM

Pros: I have tried several brands of Powerline Adapters over the years and found that it was hit and miss on the brands. With that said I received these last week and just had to give them a try. The packaging was excellent by both the manufacture and by Newegg. After opening the package I found two adapters that were rather small and 2 Cat5 cables. This seemed odd to me that they would send Cat5 cables and not Cat6 to exploit the noise reduction ability. I tested each adapter in the four corners of my condo and found that joining the internal network was simple and only required a push of the button on the adapter. Other adapters I have tested didn't connect as easily or as reliably. As for speed the results I found were consistent in all areas of my condo. That's to be expected since it is one story and has limited "Zones" so there is no issue with wiring attempting to find and compensate from different wire zones. On average I noticed approx for a 10mb file: 70mb for downloading and 23mb for uploading. For a 100mb file: 60mb for downloading and 25 for uploading. These results were consistent in all corners of the condo. I also tested these using a Cat6 cable and found only a 1mb difference so using the enclosed Cat5 will give results close enough that it doesn't matter.

Cons: For the price and what performance this gives I would recommend a better/Higher rated adapter kit. I have recently used a TP kit that was rated at 500mbps and easily getting 230mb download speeds for just a few dollars more. I have yet to find a kit that actually performs even close to what it is rated as, however the cost for a higher rated kit is minor to what results are achieved. That extra $5 is more then made up with the better performance.

Overall Review: This is a decent adapter kit with better then average results for a 200mbps kit. However for $5 more you can almost triple your speeds and is just as reliable. Another thing to consider is both the age of the wiring in the home and the different zones. A home that is 30 years old and multiple floors will not perform as well as a newer 10 year old single floor home. Another item that rarely gets talked about is the speed of the ISP. For instance, if your ISP is 20mbs coming into the home then no matter the kit you purchase you will not get better results when steaming online. Old saying apply s here: The system is only as fast as its slowest point. So unless you are transferring data between two local computers this speed difference may not matter. The kit will out perform "Most" ISP speeds so online streaming should not be affected. I give this kit a solid 3 eggs with 2 eggs being deducted for both the supplied Cat5 cable and not Cat6 and for the cost.

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Great SSD for budget systems.11/10/2013 7:43:13 AM

Pros: First I have to say i usually review the packaging of all the items sent for review, however this drive came in a Press Review Kit which included a hard cardboard display box with massive amounts of foam to prevent damage. It also included all spec sheets and presentation literature for the drive. This kit also included a tiny 4gb USB flash drive with secure software and literature on it. The problem with this is that a normal customer will NOT be getting this packaging. From past experience (I have 3 different Sandisk drives) the packaging will be minimal with the drive and spacer in a plastic frame in a simple thin box. This packaging is adequate for shipping so I can only assume this drive would be shipped in the same fashion. As for the drive itself it is kinda flimsy when you handle it (Not very solid) but in real usage it should not matter at all since ether it will be installed in a laptop or in a case via bracket or on a case platform. Performance was on par with most SSD's in this price/size range. Read was around 515 and write was around 306 using ATTO, but in real time this drive was very snappy. On my Windows 8 Pro system boot time was approx 13 seconds from after post to desktop. That's zippy and on par with my HyperX drive. Benchmarks aside this may not be the fastest drive on the market, however most users (99%) would never notice the difference between this drive and a Samsung 840 Pro for instance.

Cons: The only con I can mention on the drive itself is that it would have been nice if they included a small Sata cable and maybe even a SSD converter Bracket for those of us who use these in a desktop. We are talking about maybe $2 in extras but would make this a complete kit. However this is being sold as a bare drive so this is to be expected.

Overall Review: Sandisk makes their own Nand chips so they have an advantage over many brands on how to push these chips with the greatest results. Sandisk has decided to use the Marvel controller for their SSD drives and with the option to configure these controllers they have found a sweet point that gives speed and more importantly, reliability to the drives. Their Extreme series is a prime example of this and is made for those who ether want the best benchmark results or need an SSD that can handle huge file transfer with low times. This drive drive is made more for the person who want to gain speed for normal usage (Games, Office Suite etc.) and for boot and application launch improvement. Overall this drive is priced perfectly in an already crowded market and performs as well or better then drives costing considerably more. I have owned several Sandisk products over the years and have always found them to be reliable and when the time comes for warranty help, the customer service has always been first rate. I have to give this drive a solid 4 eggs.

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Solid Short Cable10/30/2013 5:50:08 AM

Pros: What can someone say about a cable? I have used this cable with both an iPod and with a iPad with perfect results. The cable is made solid, which I have started to expect from Rosewill cables. The connectors are well made and if someone didn't tell me this was a Rosewill cable I would swear it was an Apple product, Except that Apple like to plaster it's emblem on it. Oh and I love the multicolored light, simple and to the point.

Cons: The cons are minor. First I would have loved this cable being black, white just doesn't work for me. Second is length is a bit short. However 3 foot is fine for most. I just prefer a bit longer. Last issue I have is the writing on the cable. I realize this is just cosmetic, but do I really need to see the manufacturer and the specs on the cable? When I buy an exterior cable like this I want a clean look, no unnecessary writing is needed or desired.

Overall Review: Final thoughts: A really solid cable that for the price just blows away a similar cable from Apple that would cost 3 times the amount. The connectors are solid and secure fitting, which is rare on aftermarket cables like this. The cable came well packaged and was shipped quick which is normal for Newegg. A solid 4 1/2 eggs.

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NAS at an excellent price9/13/2013 10:37:21 AM

Pros: Possibly the simplest NAS sold today for the home user. All you have to do is plug in the power supply and hook up the LAN cable to an open port on the router and away you go. For a simple NAS storage solution it really doesn't get much simpler. If you desire more involved setup, such as changing device name, security settings etc. that can be accomplished through a web browser connection. As for speeds they are about what I would expect for a self contained NAS unit. Certainly not the fastest but they were speedy enough for its purpose and also seemed to maintain a constant transfer speed, which some NAS units have an issue with. Being a tech my first instinct was to check Seagates site for firmware updates. I was pleasantly surprised to find none. As for size, Newegg sent me the 2tb sized version of this product which I found to be a decent size for the average household need. The device does come with a USB port to hook up an additional drive to expand the overall size of the unit at a later stage. I myself added a 2tb drive to it and configured the drive to act as a separate folder, which worked as advertised.

Cons: My first con is a minor one, but this unit comes with a power brick to supply power to it. Personally I hate power bricks, I would have much preferred an internal power inverter and a cord. Makes for a much cleaner looking unit. Next issue I had was I attempted to use this unit as a backup image storage unit. Both Acronis True Image 2013 and Active Disk Image saw the device and allowed me to create images to it. The problems I had were that both programs lost connection to the unit at around the 30gb range and then timed out. To trouble shoot this I changed out the router and the lan cable and this still occurred. I then tried my other NAS and all went smoothly. I suspect the internal NIC of the device may have an issue with maintaining a heavy transfer rate for a period of time. Another issue I had is the web browser setup. It just seemed a bit convoluted at times. My suggestion is to add a USB port and a USB transfer cable. This way the device can be hooked up directly to a computer and with a simple setup program all the settings can be applied quick and easy. This became more prevalent when changing the device name and the device would drop connection after saving. The backup software they supply is clunky and slow and the features it has is minimal at best. I strongly suggest an aftermarket software. Even the add-on software that Microsoft has available is a vast improvement of this. It just appears the be a rush job to supply an option and wasn't given enough thought before issue.

Overall Review: Final thoughts are mixed on this device. On the one hand it is compact, sleek and very easy to plug and play. The storage space is plenty for it's designed usage for most homeowners. The plus is that a drive can be installed via USB port to expand the size. What is also a plus is that this device comes in 2tb, 3tb and 4tb models so size can vary. The price is excellent for the amount of storage and for the features. A decent external drive with enclosure will cost around $120 so for the extra $29 it is well worth it. A very smart addition to a home network.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear BSODCSI, We would like to thank you for taking the time to post a review of the Seagate Central Shared Storage network drive. We have made some recent improvements in our backup software performance. To update the software, open "Dashboard", click the "Settings" button, then open the "Updates" tab. We also wanted to provide a centralized link for help with setup, usage, installation, and troubleshooting of your Central Network drive. This provides our complete User Guide as well. Please reference the link below: Our backup software does provide a variety of options for scheduled and continuous backups. Please reference page 13 for the variety of backup options available. If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our support staff and we will be happy to assist further: Best Regards, Seagate Support
Zippy Drive Upgrade8/30/2013 12:53:11 PM

Pros: Install was clean and easy. Now that Sandisk/Condusiv has eliminated the need for a serial to activate it went very smooth. The included hardware kit included everything a person could need with the exception of a Philips head screwdriver to mount the drive on the tray. This was installed on a Media Center PC that is using a Sata II interface and for the price paid ($39.99) it was by far the cheapest solution to boost speed without a complete overhaul of the system. As for boot times, The times did get better after several uses and reboots (6 cycles seems to be the magic number). After the cache was created I noticed my boot times dropped from 54 seconds to approx 9 seconds. I also noticed that the caching seems to remember the volume services so they are now instant, unlike without it it would take ages for the service to come alive. That I blame on Realtek HD Audio Manger then I do the old drives.

Cons: A major annoyance is the Condusiv splash screen launching after each reboot. There should be a setting available to hide this. Another item many people may encounter is the formatting of this drive is propriety based, meaning the software downloaded changes the formatting for the caching to work correctly. If you attempt to delete and reformat the drive with Microsoft the drive will come up with lots of errors about the partition set by another process. So it is better to just delete the simple volume and let the software do its magic.

Overall Review: For the sale price I bought this drive at, with free shipping via shoprunner, My simple HTPC is supercharged to near SSD rates. The main reason I did not go straight SSD is the Live TV Buffer that Windows uses for the Media Center. That TV buffer will kill a standard SSD in no time. The caching drive on the other hand ignores the TV Buffering so it doesn't harm it at all. Another reason to consider this device it the Brand. Sandisk not only makes solid drives but unlike many manufactures of SSD's they also make their own NAND Based Flash Memory. That in my opinion gives them the edge on how to use it.

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Nice Wireless Adapter8/26/2013 6:12:47 AM

Pros: This adapter does several things that I appreciate, 1) Had great range for a portable device. 2) Speed was as expected and noticeably constant, which for some adapters is NOT the case. 3) Size is perfect for potable use, and I love detachable antennae, They just seem more accurate then the USB Dongles. 4) Worked and setup smoothly on my Windows XP Netbook. 5) Absolutely blew away my built in wireless on my Netbook by almost 2x the transfer rate.

Cons: There are several issues that I found on this adapter, 1) Base weight is perhaps a tad light so I have found that it tips over when the desk is giggled. 2) No Windows 8 Support. To me this is a huge negative. I was set to test this on my Acer Laptop but found that the drivers were not Windows 8 Capable. When I went to the site I found a "Coming Soon" notice. 3) Cable length is not as long as I would have liked, but that is personal choice. 4) Big drawback is it is NOT 5g, that would have given this a strong 4 stars maybe even a low 5 stars, but with this limitation I only give it a low 4 stars.

Overall Review: Being a network guy myself I have gone from the monster wireless devices all the way down to the tiny USB dongles and for me I prefer the size of this device. The big monster devices are clumsy and just not portable and the dongles are both easy to lose and also fairley easy to snap off, thus breaking both the dongle and the USB port. This device eliminates all those issues and as a USB wireless device the range and throughput is solid and stable and I would recommend this device to others.

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Interesting Device8/15/2013 7:57:32 AM

Pros: This is an interesting device that reminds me of a Seagate Satellite but smaller in size. The idea is sound and after several tests with both a phone and a netbook I find that the product does work ad advertised, within limits. After I downloaded the Android software the device seemed to spring to life. Transfers went smooth and I was impressed with the range, however I did encounter several issues that will be discussed in the Con section. as for the pros: Huge amount of storage in a small device. 32gb is more then enough for most uses and seems to be at a nice price point. The range was very surprising. I was able to connect to this device anywhere in my house with no problem. I also love that it is the size of a normal USB Flash Drive and when not being used remotely it can also be used for regular storage. I also LOVE that I can change out the MicroSD card. Very nice feature. Changing it out was NOT the easiest thing to do but after it was done the device worked well. Also I loved the Firmware update notice when I connected to it the first time, very nice feature. I wish more devices did this. Update went flawless also. Streaming was clean and I saw no slowdown after I connect two devices so this may work well for a group.

Cons: Now for the Cons: First I have to scratch my head as to why they thought USB2 was the correct interface to use. Hello this is 2013 and most logical would have been USB3. Since the connection interface has no relationship with the actual wireless capability this should have been a no brainer. Next is the durability of the device, it seems to me to be rather cheaply made and just has the cheap feel to it. Rubberized coating would have been a welcome surprise. Battery life is supposed to be 4hrs however I was lucky to get 3. With that in mind I can't see 8 connections getting anywhere near that battery life. Although I can use this device across the house with no problem, when I tried to connect to it with it in my pocket I noticed that my Phone nor my Netbook could locate the network. Just odd that simple cloth would create a barrier so strong that the WiFi Signal got blocked. Levi's are strong pants but this is just silly.

Overall Review: Final thoughts for this device are: It is an interesting device that has huge potential if some of the flaws are corrected. Overall I like the device and for the price you get a lot of bang for your buck. A normal 32gb USB Flash Drive should cost around $20 so you throw in Wireless streaming into it and a battery to power it and that makes a winning product. I would suggest a portable USB charger to be added to it. This would help greatly when the battery is almost dead. Sandisk products are always toward the top of my purchase list because of support and durability so I expect nothing less with this device. Only time will tell how long it will hold up but if history is considered I expect it to last way beyond the warranty period.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello BSODCSI, Thank you for the interest in the SanDisk Wireless Flash drive. We would like to address a few of your concerns regarding the product. The battery life is rated assuming single, direct connection (no simultaneous Internet connection). If the battery is fully charged you should get at least 4 hours battery life. A full charge will take around 2 hours. The Amber LED will turn off when the device is fully charged. You also commented that the WiFi network was not available when the device was in your pocket. The drive has been tested and should be easily accessible with nearly zero performance impact even when the drive is in a pocket. Is it possible the device was accidentally turned off when you placed it in your pocket? It may also help to note that the Wireless flash drive will auto power down after 10 mins of no activity. Best Regards, SanDisk Support