8/7/2012 9:40:44 AM

Pros: It helps keep my wallet empty

Cons: I connected this and it failed to go over 720p. I tried using a 6ft Cat6 9store bought, not home made) and the result was with 1080p picture would come in an out. While it was in, it looked severely digitized. Go back to 720p...no problems

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Manufacturer Response:
There are several things that can cause the type of issue you described, one of which is that the Equalization setting on the Remote Receiver unit may need to be adjusted. To ensure that the proper troubleshooting is done to determine the source of the issue, please contact Tripp Lite’s Chicago-based Technical Support team at 773-869-1234. Thank you.
fails at 500 gigs8/9/2008 1:39:48 PM

Pros: it does have SAMBA and FTP capabilities controlled by a web interface.

Cons: 1. The samba permissions are either all permission or none. The setup is simple. set folder as share. password that share...any access to that share have full read/write/modify privilidges so if you want to use it to share data acress a network, anyone who has access to it can delete files. Its partition method for FAT32 seems to have issues with partitions over 200 gigs

Overall Review: Another huge one. it says can handle up to 750 gig IDE or 1TB SATA.. Yet when this 750 gig hard drive I put in reaches 200 gigs of data on it, it tells me its out of space. I connect it via usb, it tells me same thing (obviously it would). I partition my drive as NTS works fine over USB, but not using the enclosures samba and FTP capabilities. I figure since it uses SAMBA, perhaps it can read an ext2 partition...NOPE it does not. its samba and ftp features only handle fat32 and its FAT32 paritioning tool built into its web interface is appearing to not handle partitions over 200 gis.

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