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Upgrade your computing with Gigabyte™ motherboards and other hardware solutions. Search through a wide selection that includes graphic cards and notebooks. Gigabyte motherboards come with built-in Wi-Fi® and LAN ports for wired and wireless network connectivity. They also feature smart power stages that protect the CPUs from excessive voltages. Most Gigabyte graphic cards feature smart circuit designs with top-grade materials for stability. Their intuitive interfaces allow you to tune fan speeds. The latest Gigabyte notebooks come with anti-slip aluminum chassis for portability and extra safety. They also come with multi-core processors and graphics for multitasking.

Gigabyte Motherboards Support High-Speed Data Transfer

Gigabyte motherboards use pure digital CPU designs with smart power stages that deliver power with incredible precision and stability. Modern designs feature digital PWM controllers that deliver appropriate voltage to the CPUs. Their small frames make them portable and easy to fit into computer case accessories. They feature copper PCB designs, providing sufficient power trace paths between components. Some feature smart fans, ensuring that they maintain high performances while staying cool. They come with Direct-Touch Heatpipes that transfer heat to the MOSFETs. Most come with Fin Arrays that improve thermal efficiency. Their enlarged double-sided M.2 heatsinks protect high-speed, large capacity PCIe SSDs from throttling. Some offer Intel® LANs that provide up to 2.5 GbE network connectivity, allowing fast transfer speeds and a smooth online experience. Most come with Intel® Wi-Fi 6 for wireless network connectivity. Their smart antennas come with multiple tilt angles and magnetic bases for signal strength direction and location. Some feature Bluetooth® 5 for wireless data transmission. Their HDMI® and USB ports connect with Gigabyte monitors. They provide Hi-Fi audio systems that elevate your sound experience. Their EasyTune™ interfaces allow customization, enabling you to fine-tune system settings in a Windows environment, and the @Bios apps support system updates. Most come with RGB fusion 2.0 apps that give you control over peripheral LEDs.

Gigabyte Graphic Cards Come With Multiple Connection Ports

Gigabyte graphic cards come with customizable color options and lighting effects, allowing you to synchronize with other Gigabyte devices. Their circuit designs with top-grade materials maximize GPU performance and maintain stable long-life operation. Most desktop graphic cards have multiple video outputs and HDMI ports for flexible connection to peripherals. Some come with intuitive interfaces that monitor and tune fan performances and clock speeds.

Gigabyte Notebooks Are Portable

Most Gigabyte notebooks come equipped with the latest 10th gen Intel Core™ processors for high performance. Their large storage capacities and graphics support multitasking. They come with multiple blade fans and cooling pipes for smooth operation. Their elegant aluminum chassis makes them ergonomic and aesthetic. An anti-slip design allows you to lift them with two fingers, enhancing overall safety. Most come with 4K UHD panels that yield ultra-high resolutions. The RGB Fusion 2.0 keyboards produce multi-colored backlights, allowing you to customize the keyboards. The notebooks have long battery lives for continuous use while on the go, and come with HDMI and DisplayPort® that connect with audio/video accessories.