Very Good Slim Gaming Keyboard10/19/2019 6:20:12 PM

Pros: There is a lot to like about this keyboard. Right out of the box you notice the slim profile. Its a nice build quality, not too heavy. The cable/wireless system is one you've probably seen before and works well. USB cable for charging that has a wireless adapter you can either plug directly into your computer or on to the end of the cable. Having bluetooth is nice as well if you want to use it with another device like your phone. The tactile feel was very nice and was a positive surprise to me. I had my doubts given the slim profile. When it comes to tactile feel I did not feel there was any sacrifice using this compared to my normal size gaming keyboard. However, travel distance is still a personal preference thing so the shorter travel distance may not be ideal for all. The battery life is superb. They advertise 30hrs with back lighting at max brightness which is really bright. I had the brightness set to a medium level whether it was on wireless or wired. With the brightness turned down or off the battery life quickly increases to a matter of days as opposed to hours. It also is good about turning off the back lighting to conserve power. Lastly, setting up the back lighting was very easy in Logitech's software. I assigned different colors to different groups of keys, but you can customize each key individually.

Cons: There are some cons to this keyboard. First it is expensive. Second, while it is very thin making it more mobile than other gaming keyboards, it's a 10-key. Normally I prefer to have a 10-key, but if Logitech is going for mobility here, I think they should have gone 10-key-less. Moving on, the side edges are sharp which can be annoying. I would have liked rounded edges all the way around. Lastly, there is only and indicator light for Caps Lock. There are none for Num Lock nor Scroll Lock. At first I though "maybe with the individual key backlighting, I can setup some logic to have the Num Lock and Scroll Lock keys change color depending on if they are on or off." Sadly, such logic isn't possible in Logitech's software.

Overall Review: Great gaming keyboard that doesn't sacrifice performance to achieve a slim profile. Battery life is exceptional for a rechargeable battery. Customizing the back lighting is very straightforward.

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Perfectly Fine Fan but a Little outdated2/19/2019 12:42:25 PM

Pros: I am reviewing the TWO Pack of WHITE LED in case the reviews are combined with other colors. -Decent amount of air flow -Quiet operation, you can hear them if you listen but doubt you'll really notice with them inside your case -The LED is just in the center but the white, semi-transparent blades help diffuse it. Pictures in description are an accurate representation of real world lighting -The cables are a good length, unlikely you will have problems with them reaching

Cons: -Not sure I see myself buying anything but an RGB or a no-led fan these days. -They aren't PWM fans. Sure you can do VM but then you're lights dim or get brighter. I would be more ok with this if they did not have any LEDs

Overall Review: They aren't expensive but I would have liked to see them priced lower to award five starts considering they are not rgb nor pwm I know this is to be a fan that goes on a case rather than be used for cooling but these days, it's common for case fans to be pwm as well and it's always a benefit because all fans make noise and if you can decrease the noise while not doing intensive tasks then that's a plus.

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Amazing Case9/15/2018 7:50:55 AM

Pros: -Solid construction -Very flexible and loads if accessories included -Easy to build in -Looks classy. my girlfriend does not mind this behemoth being in our living room -The multiple chambers with PSU being is the hidden back chamber is my preferred configuration these days -You can do dual systems if you want

Cons: -Expensive. The flight case is nice but I'm sure the price could have been a lot lower if they didn't ship it in that -Heavy. I ended up getting those furniture sliding pads to put under its feet

Overall Review: I love building and wanted a case that would let me show off my build, be flexible enough that it would support any build I want to do in the future, and be easy to build in. While I have way more water cooling capacity then my components demand, I wanted to fill out the case. I have what I'll call a dual/mixed loop (2 loops with shared reservoir). Pump : In the bottom I have a 480mm rad. 1080 Ti. Pump 2: On the front is a 360mm rad and on top is a 280mm rad. Threadripper 2950x and the VRM. Both of these loops end in a large reservoir which I have mounted to the sliding panel to the right of the MB.

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Sold Construction but Flawed6/13/2018 6:35:52 AM

Pros: -The chair's frame is very solid -It goes up very high which I like because I'm on the taller side at 6'2" -The bottom cushion is very firm and a good shape to me -The two pillows that come with it are also very firm and supportive. I am not worried about them losing their shape any time soon. -Arm rests are very adjustable

Cons: -Other than the bottom of the seat, their is now actually cushioning in the chair. It is simply a metal frame, with some foam sleeves around the metal an then the fabric. For example, the side bolsters, they aren't a solid cushion. If you grab one and squeeze it, your fingers will touch your thumb with only fabric in between. -The lowest high is probably about the highest height of most chairs. I usually use chairs near their top, but this one I have at the lowest it can go -The casters do not have brakes. At this price point, I think it's expected to have breaks

Overall Review: The RGB lighting is simply a joke. I considered not even mentioning it but it's in the product title. I have plenty of lighting in my computer, but don't see the point of this, especially when you consider you have to be tethered to you computer via the usb cord to use them.

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Good As Mouse Pad but the Rest Is Pointless3/21/2018 8:27:33 AM

Pros: As a mousepad, it does a good job. Mice glide smoothly on across the surface and with good precision/control and its a good size. For wireless charging, it comes with an adapter so that you can charge devices that don't have Qi built in. Not only is there a Qi to micro-usb adapter, it was micro-usb to usb c and lightning adapters so you can charge almost any phone. However, I would have preferred usb-c or lightning be the built in connector because those are going to be the two most common in phones going forward.

Cons: When I look at this, it simply does not solve any problems. Using it to charge other devices: For $110 this is an expensive charger and it's not even a fast charger. Why not just buy a wireless charger for a fraction of the price? Also, if you do have your phone charging on it, you are losing mouse pad area. Using it with a compatible wireless mouse: A common problem people using a wireless mouse is the battery dies while they are using it. This does not solve that problem. Effectively, it is no different than having one of the numerous wireless mice that come with a charging station. When you need to charge your mouse, you have to stop using it and place it in the dock. With this mouse pad, you have to stop using it and place it over the charging spot. In addition, if you were using it in this manner, you are using an extra USB port compared to the traditional wireless mouse with charging dock. With those the dock is the receiver and charger and uses one usb port. With this mouse pad, you have to use two usb port. One to power the charging spot, and another to plug your receiver in via the pass through. Also, if you have a Qi compatible mouse, you can charge that on any Qi charger which as said previously, will cost a fraction of what this mouse pad costs. Other: The green blinking LED is annoying. Would have preferred a dimmer light and one that was constantly on when charging rather than blinking. The cords are nicely done but big and stiff.

Overall Review: You can get a fine mouse pad and a faster Qi charger for less.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Robert, We at CORSAIR aim to provide the best quality tech support and customer service in the industry and we are sorry that you are having a bad experience with a Corsair product. I recommend that you submit a ticket at so that we can troubleshoot the issue. You can also call us at 888-222-4346 to speak to a Technical Support Specialist. Tech Support is open from 8:30 to 5:30 Pacific time Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Thank you, Corsair Customer Support Corsair Support Email: Corsair Support Phone Number: 888-222-4346
Fast Drive, Well Built, Little Expensive2/2/2018 6:09:01 PM

Pros: -Good heatsink for an SSD -Fast and benchmarks consistent with 1GB file size to 10GB -Well built, this feels really solid. No bending when handling it and pressing into the slot -5yr warranty -Packaging is good, consistent with other corsair product I've bought recently AS SSD results in MB/s: Read Write Seq: 2338.6 1307.6 4k: 31.3 86.8 4k-64thrd 867.0 781.7 Acc.time: 0.042ms 0.478ms Score 1132 999 2662

Cons: -The price per gig is a little high but has come down a lot since its release

Overall Review: -comes with both high and low-profile brackets -It is very slim so this should work for most but since it is a PCIe drive, you'll have to think about where it will go relative to your GPU and if it may block your GPU air flow, or could intersect depending on your orientation

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X300 6TB: Cheaper Than Competitors but Short Warranty11/19/2017 2:06:11 PM

Pros: -Good Performance, nice to have a 128MB cache -Value at $0.032/GB -Packaging is very secure. Shaped bubble wrap keeps it safe and easy to reuse -Quiet. I haven't heard any of that normal hdd churning sound Crystal Disk 6.0 Benchmark (read / write MB/s) 100MB Seq Q32T1 215 / 205 4K Q8T8 55 / 2.5 4K Q32T1 56 / 2.5 4K Q1T1 54 / 2.3 500MB Seq Q32T1 219 / 218 4K Q8T8 1.9 / 2.1 4K Q32T1 2.0 / 2.0 4K Q1T1 0.9 / 2.0 1GB Seq Q32T1 220 / 219 4K Q8T8 2.1 / 2.1 4K Q32T1 2.0 / 2.0 4K Q1T1 0.8 / 2.1

Cons: -Short warranty. For a little more money, you could get a 5yr warranty from a competitor

Overall Review: Others reported this drive running hot but I did not have that experience. I'm using an open air chassis.

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Great Monitor, Very Happy with It7/4/2017 9:13:17 AM

Pros: -The build quality is exceptional. When you move it around and adjust it, it has a very solid feel and none of that plastic squeak -The menu buttons are also much better quality than other monitors. Very satisfying click and responsive menus. Also, with 5 buttons, it is very easy to navigate the menus -Ok now to Picture Quality, this is a TN Panel so its not going to be the best, deepest colors but for a tn panel, I am happy with the it after tweaking the settings -The high refresh rate and low response time are valuable when playing fast paced games. This is the main reason you buy a monitor like this and this one delivers. I have a 1080 Ti and with that I could really get everything out of this monitor maxing out graphically intense games at 1440P 144Hz -1440p may not sound like a lot more pixels than 1080p but on a 27in screen it is very noticeable and given the current performance of graphics cards, it's a resolution to go with -The included displayport cable is a big plus -USB 3.0 ports on the side is a nice bonus, and the headset hold it a good touch as well -Lastly the packaging was fantastic. Really easy to unpack and get everything set up in minutes -This is the first BenQ monitor I've owned and now I get why it has a good brand reputation. Personally, I like the more matte, serious, less flashy aesthetic. I tire of the shiny plastic and annoying colors other brands use on their monitors

Cons: -Out of the box, the colors and brightness were off so it needed some tinkering. Brightness was extremely high -The side panel/shields are a total joke. Your nose would have to be touching the screen for them to actually block your peripheral vision -I know BenQ claims to have it's own tech to help with screen tearing but FreeSync or G-Sync would help justify the price

Overall Review: -When I received it, the price was definitely high at $700 but now it is more reasonable. When you consider all the little things like the USB ports, and displayport cable and high build quality, it helps justify the still premium price. The rest of the price is for the BenQ brand. -It comes with a cover in case you want to keep it from getting dusty

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Very good, easy to use LED strips7/4/2017 8:36:46 AM

Pros: There are lots of things I liked about this product: -I will address software first which is in both pros and cons. These strips were very easy to set up with the current version of Link v4.7.0.77. Even when you run a bunch in series, it was very easy to set them all independently and they actually were the colors I set. -Four strips is a good number to come is a set. It was very easy to light up my case completely -The inclusion of a bunch of extensions is great. Even if you have a huge case, you'll easily be able to run them all the way around -Many ways to stick them to the case. They have an adhesive side once you know where you are going to put them for the long term. If you plan on moving them around, it also had magnet. I found it easy to use wire management devices too to hold them in place -Really like that the module is very small

Cons: -The software for these is Link, but this isn't the only software for controlling your Corsair RGB devices. Depending on the device, corsair will make you download different software. At a minimum, it's very annoying -Bit expensive

Overall Review: -It uses an internal USB header. I don't mind this as I am more likely to use up all my external ports than my headers. I'm not sure if I should put this as a pro or a con as I'm sure some people use up the headers depending on the MB spec so I'm putting it here in Other Thoughts

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Performs to specs. Lighting can be a source of frustration.5/5/2017 1:18:27 PM

Pros: PERFORMANCE: After using these for a few weeks I have experienced no problems running these using the XMP profile. Looks, From the pics I though the lights would be blocked by the top grill but they actually shine through well and provide plenty of light. My two modules have consistent color across their bar and between modules.

Cons: PRICE: There is a decent premium being charged here for the lighting and the poor execution of the lighting effects leaves much to be desired. LIGHTING: The preview color shown in the app was usually an accurate depiction of the actual color of the lights except for Orange which tended to be darker in the app than actual. The Pulse and Shift effects do not work at all. Often only one module lights and the delay between each is module is does not match what is set. Even if no delay between modules is set there will often be delays and lack of sync especially when displaying red. They also sometime will mess up the color on one module while pulsing. The static lighting usually worked although occasionally a module would be emitting a different color than selected but restarting Corsair Link usually fixed that problem.

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FireCuda Gaming SSHD 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB Catch 8GB NAND1/2/2017 2:40:07 PM

Pros: To try this out I saved all of my games to this drive but did not use this as my boot drive. As you frequently open the same game or application again and again I can say that I did notice faster load times. I did not test this but if you were to install you're OS installed on this, you'll certainly see improvement as you continue to reboot as other reviewers have mentioned. I'm giving it 4 stars because it does what it says and isn't a bad value but as you'll see in the cons, I don't think this would be my choice.

Cons: The main problem I have with this SSHD proposition is you are paying about a $30 premium for 8GB of NAND and you get the maximum benefit if you are only playing one game for an extended period. If you put your OS on this, then your boot times will be faster but also eat up some of the 8GB. If this is your situtation, another option would be to buy a 120GB SATA SSD for $40 to $50 and put both your OS and most frequently played game or two on that and then have an HDD for your infrequently used apps. I would rather do the 120GB SSD + 1TB HDD than the 1TB SSHD.

Overall Review: How much of a benefit there is depends on the game and how many games you tend to play at a given time. If you typically will mostly play one game for a while then move on to another game you will see greater benefits than constantly rotating between many games. Personally, I use a 1TB M.2 SSD.

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Linksys CM3024 DOCSIS 3.0 (24 x 8) Cable Modem12/15/2016 8:38:19 AM

Pros: I haven't had any connection issues with this so that's the main reason I gave it 5 eggs. Should future proof most people with 24 downstreams and 8 upstreams channels. Approved by the major ISPs $100 is a reasonable price and it won't take long to recoup that with the money saved since you are no longer leasing from your ISP. Simple and well built. I much prefer modems and routers that stand vertically. The LED's are not super annoying. Ease or difficulty of setup depends more on your ISP than this product. Sometimes when I swap out modems all I have to do is click through of screens on the TWC website, other times they choose to be difficult and I have to call them.

Cons: Personally, I stand my routers and modems up vertically on a desk but I would like the option to wall mount which this is missing. This is only a modem so if you don't already have a router, that cost will also have to be factored in. Most ISP modems are now also routers. It's not big and certainly doesn't have a large footprint but it could be smaller.

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What you see is what you get.9/17/2016 9:01:47 AM

Pros: -Great amount of storage. Without this it was too easy to run out of space with just 500GB and had to . Now I have no concerns -I didn't notice any difference in load times between this and the internal drive -Set upt is easy. Plug and play -No power adapter needed. Just the USB into the xbone gives it all the power it needs -Price has been dropped from $200 to $150 where it should have been from the start

Cons: -I don't know why they made this drive green. Xbox is black and white now -While set up is simple, my I had to restart my Xbox twice before it properly recognized the drive

Overall Review: Just a rebranded hard drive but missing some features you would get form a normal seagate portable

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Big in Every Way9/3/2016 10:07:17 AM

Pros: I was very impressed with this router. It wasn't big specs that don't translate into real world performance. I could tell the difference between this and a circa $200 AC router. -Very solid construction. The casing feels strong and the antennas aren't flimsy -The lights aren't annoying -The 8 LAN gigabit ports. Even though everything today is wireless, I and others do like to use wired connections when possible (if my printer is next to the router, why not do wired?) or when it a hiccup or lag is unacceptable (online gaming) and sometimes 4 ports isn't enough. Having specs such a 8 gigabit ports validates the high price. -Very easy to set up -The range is unmatched is my experience (note this is the online router I've tested in this price range). I had many routers that were AC 1900-3200 and I can walk a significantly farther down the street before losing connection with this router than the others. -Certainly fast. With many devices streaming, downloading and benchmarking they speeds were good and consistent. -Have had it over a month and never needed to restart it

Cons: -This physical size can certainly limit the places you can place this. Personally, I like routers that can stand vertically to minimize real estate used without the hassle of wall mounting -The lights could provide more info

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Good Gaming Laptop8/8/2016 8:52:04 PM

Pros: 1) Solid build quality. Metal construction is a real plus. The keyboard never squeaks not matter how furious I might be. 2) cool light effects (see con 2 though) 3) The travel of the keys feels nice to me. Nice and consistent force. 4) The software is pretty easy to use and allows a fair amount of customization. I have an easy time making macros for my keyboards and mice with the corsair app 5) It is compatible with the lapdog 6) It shouldn't and I haven't noticed any ghosting even when trying to 7) The cable is nicely braided 8) I actually really like the volume rocker. It has enough friction to it that if you swipe it fast, it won't get carried away by its momentum sending your volume too high

Cons: 1) I don't care for the FPS and MOBA keycap sets. The are angled inward which annoys my finders and their finish is actually slicker than the standard keys. 2) The lighting has to have some effect on or be completely off. I have stared at the menu forever and see no way to just have constant backlighting on all keys. 3) Unfortunately this one is not RGB 4) I wish the menus weren't all grey on black. They could be easier to read.

Overall Review: 1) Having a USB pass though is always good but only 1? 2) It comes with a wrist rest but I can't speak to it because I find it too low so end up not using it

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Solid Simple WiFi camera8/8/2016 8:26:11 PM

Pros: 1) Simple set up 2) Good enough picture quality. I leave it on “HD”. The “standard” and “Basic” resolutions lose focus at too short a distance. 3) Easy to use app 4) There is about a half second delay watching it on WiFi 4) Pretty compact so you can fit it almost anywhere you want 5) Mic is acceptable. If people in the room are having a normal level conversation you can tell what they are saying. 6) The joint is stiff enough that you can mount it on the wall and it won’t slowly sag over time. 7) Motion alerts work and are useful. 8) In low light the “night vision” (see con 4)

Cons: 1) The app could be more intuitive 2) The quick start guide should provide more details on all the functionality. The directions take you as far as connecting it to WiFi. No instructions on actually using it and how to take advantage of all the features. 3) The plastic base was cracked on arrival. 4) When there is no light, the night vision is good in the center of the view but gets too dark at the peripheral 5) There is usually a 0.5 to 1sec lag. 6) Related to 5 I don't I think, like another reviewer said, that the video feed goes to their servers then to your phone. I'll have everything running on my home network but once I disconnect that network from the internet, the video feed drops out.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, Robert, Thank you for your review! We always appreciate when our customers take the time to leave feedback about our products. Best Regards, EZVIZ Tech Team
Great Mouse at a Good Price6/21/2016 10:30:28 AM

Pros: There is a lot to like about this mouse. -It has a good sensor and worked well on all services except my whit desk surface where it would think I'm making small movement when I was not -12000 DPI is great! -Cable is tangle resistant and a good length -Comfortable with good matte finish and the rubber on the right side ensures you never lose grip -Buttons provide good tactile feedback -Scroll wheel is easy to spin and doesn't keep spinning after you let go -Really like the ability to adjust the thumb buttons forward and back -Software is easy to use for the most part. I had no problems creating macros and profiles for different applications -And of course the light is fun to fool around with

Cons: There aren't many cons, more feature they chose to leave out. Missing features: - Size and weight adjustability - Wireless capability Cons -Would have like a little more of the rubber, maybe on the bottom left behind the thumb -Could have worked on more surfaces -I would prefer the thumb buttons had less resistance. I have to tighten my grip to keep the mouse from moving when I press them -The software interface is a dark grey background with light grey font. This makes some menus hard to read.

Overall Review: Q: Would you recommend this product? A: Yes Q: If there is something you would change, what would it be? A: Less resistance on the thumb buttons

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Affordable and Compact4/21/2016 11:06:32 AM

Pros: -High DPI for the price. -It's compact size makes it good for travel. I plan to hold on to it for this purpose. -The matte finish is good and rubber sides provide good grip. -Buttons have good feel for the most part.

Cons: -The small size is also a con when it comes to comfort. -The button below the scroll wheel is a single button so you can only cycles through different DPI settings. You can't choose to go up or down. This makes it pretty pointless unless you want only 2 settings to toggle between. -The mouse feet can be noisy on some surfaces. -The right mouse button is much easier to click than the left one. In fact, it is simply too easy to click in general. I had to get used to not resting my hand too much on the mouse or else I would accidentally depress the right button.

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At least it's not too expensive2/18/2016 8:26:39 AM

Pros: - The feet on this are very slick. There is very little friction and the mouse does not vibrate as you move it. This is almost a con as I couldn't detect if I made a small movement. - Decent shape and size for right hand - Programmable buttons - Adjustable lighting - Not expensive at $60 - Button clicks are quick and have a solid click feel - Software is rather nifty I have to admit. There are a bunch of things you can change including acceleration and deceleration. I personally like pointer acceleration when working but want a constant speed relative to my hand speed when gaming

Cons: - Mostly glossy plastic = BIG con in my book - Occasionally freezes and I have to unplug and replug it in but seems more stable after firmware update - Cord is rubber and doesn't always glide well. Make sure you have slack near your mouse pad. It also suffers from heavy coil memory out of the box.

Overall Review: - Scroll wheel is on the medium side of resistance and does not keep spinning after you release your finger - Asymmetric shape (could be a pro or a con depending on your preference)

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High Quality + Ease of Use2/18/2016 8:06:56 AM

Pros: - Looks much nicer than other routers. - The lights are well done in my opinion. - Well built and sturdy. If feels solid and no squeaks or rattles when you move it around. - Using the app to control it is very easy and is much easier than most routers for the average user - Never owned a router that as easy to set up and get all my devices connected to - Well packaged, simple instructions though see cons - I have not experienced any hiccups with this router in the few months I have been using it. Very impressive.

Cons: - Instructions don't clearly tell you to take of the outer cylinder much less how. Trying to take it off the first time was difficult do to packaging plastic on the inner cylinder and I was worried I was going to break it. - Limited features but that is clear when you buy it. No surprises. Some features are promised to come with updates. Would have been nice to have them at release rather than hope they actually come - Would still have appreciated more functionality with the USB port and a second port. - Only 1 Ethernet port - High price for the performance

Overall Review: - Almost gave 3 eggs but considering it was an easy setup (minus the cylinder) and have had not needed to touch it since, I gave it 4 eggs. - Range is good but range is not the reason to spend ~$200 on this router but you don't' have to worry about it being a flaw. I like that it automatically picks the best channel and in testing it usually picks the right one for my apt. - Lack of ports is necessary evil to get the clean look and keep everything simple but you could always plug this into another router or switch if you wanted.

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ok for the price12/3/2015 4:24:08 PM

Pros: They are on the lighter side and comfortable for extended use. The ear cups fit are nice and don't cause any pressure points but are a little on the smaller side. The sound quality is average as expected for the price. Has enough bass and no range is bad. I'm no audiophile so not going to try to talk at length about sound quality. Friends I was chatting with online said my voice came through clearly. The mic boom also has a bunch of levels you can put it at and it didn't become loose over time.

Cons: The cord is 6ft which is shorter than I would like. The mute button is flush with the left ear cup and it's really annoying. It takes a couple seconds to locate it and I never got a good muscle memory of where it is. The volume wheel on the back left ear cup is loose so it's easy to move it too far in either direction. It has a loose smooth roll to it rather than notches. I'd much prefer notches so that I can quickly move it up a couple notches or two.

Overall Review: The single 4 pole plug could be a plus or minus. Some fancier stuff can be done on the USB version but with this you can easily use it on lots of devices like tablets that don't have a USB port.

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Good But Not Home Run11/10/2015 10:19:04 PM

Pros: These antennas definitely boosted the range of my router. While in the Other Thoughts I put a table of signal strength do not show much of a difference until far away, I can say that anecdotally there was a noticeable difference. In location 4 connection would be spotty and sometime webpages would take a while to load. In location 5, connection would be dropped occasionally. However with these antennas I had a solid connections and enough bandwidth to stream video smoothly. They are an easy setup compared to other methods of extending a network. Just unscrew the original antennas and screw these in.

Cons: First, these antennas are not cheap for a small boost. A range entender would do a better job and cost about the same. It can also me place more strategically.

Overall Review: Location 2.4GHz 5GHz HighGain Normal HighGain Normal 1 -25db -29db -24db -28db 2 -35db -36db -35db -35db 3 -40db -40db -52db -52db 4 -50db -47db -56db -58db 5 -58db -60db -60db no signal 1) Next to Router, 2) Across Room, 3) one room away with then wall 4) one room away around cordern with thick wall in between, 5) Past the thick wall, down a hallway

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Great Value8/27/2015 4:49:26 PM

Pros: -Easy setup -Small form factor -Good range (both 2.4 and 5GHz) -Very nice and clean interface. No lag when clicking through menus and changing settings. Applying changes is quick and painless. I can change settings and update firmware without a break in my netflix stream. ASUS is still my fave interface but TP Link is getting close. -Good speeds -2.4Ghz can be set to N Only and 5GHz can be set to AC only

Cons: -While others like the physical design I do not. While I normally stand routers vertically I like options to lay it flat or wall mount it. This rounter can't do either. Is always very unstable. A slight bump into the desk and this will fall on its face. The gray plastic trim piece makes it difficult to screw and unscrew the antennas. -The ac power adapter is huge and is part of the plug rather than a brick along the length of the power cord. It is heavy and long enough that gravity can rotate it and this unplug it over time which is quite a hassle. Will also easily block other outlets on your power strip.

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Good Build Quality6/14/2015 8:40:33 PM

Pros: -Very solid build. No flexing nor rattles even when I try to twist it. -Fan do blow enough air to make a difference -Sits well on lap or a table -Angle isn't adjustable but I think it's a good angle -3 USB out ports

Cons: -Airflow isn't the highest -Fans aren't loud but are audible -a little expensive -Corners are sharp

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Good for the Price5/30/2015 4:06:41 PM

Pros: -$29 at the time of review is a good price for a 64GB USB 3.0 drive -It's a compact drive and has a solid feel.

Cons: -Since it's a slider, the port is not fully covered when you aren't using it -For the price, I dont' think the speed is a big con, but it doesn't take full advantage of USB 3.0. -Write ~ 20MB/s -Read ~ 80MB/s

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