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Perform computing tasks efficiently with ASUS® computer components, laptops, gaming desktops and smartphones. Router solutions for seamless web connectivity are available, fitting for students and busy employees who need access to email and web browsing. Smartphones with crisp displays offer a way to send an email or browse directions remotely. With heavy-duty housings, these products last for a long time without breaking. Gamers can browse peripherals such as gaming mice, lit keyboards and other gadgets for ASUS gaming computers.

ASUS Laptops and Components Offer Reliable Use and High-Speed Computing Performance

Laptops from ASUS include memory options that range between 4GB and 32GB, depending on the model. Fast-computing motherboards make these laptops suitable for office tasks, such as creating spreadsheets or corresponding with online contacts. Laptop screen sizes range from 11.5-inch to 17.3-inch models. USB ports make it easy to upload high-volume folders of data to laptops in minutes. Sleek laptop designs offer practicality for travelers who need access to digital files while on the go. Look for ROG ASUS gaming laptops that let gamers enjoy playing at home or at LAN parties.

Full HD Monitors Deliver Crisp Video Display

Take advantage of computer desktop monitors with LED technology, which extends the original screen virtually. Backlights spread out dominant colors on the screen to enhance the viewing experience. With a refresh rate of up to 155Hz, ASUS monitors can display various video files and games seamlessly. Low blue-light emissions minimize eye strain experienced while working on a computer for extended periods. Built-in monitor speakers in some models eliminate the need for cables, which helps employees create an orderly workspace. Height-adjustable monitors are easy to use so that everyone can enjoy an optimal view without glare. Use HDMI and DisplayPort interfaces to connect a computer desktop monitor to other electronic devices. Look for computer desktop monitors in a range of sizes that make setting up workstations simple.

Desktop Computers From ASUS Are Suitable for Busy Working Environments

Desktops in the ASUS collection feature different processors, including AMD Ryzen™, Intel Core i5, i7 and i9 processors. ASUS desktop computers include a Windows 10 operating system, which is a standard in most offices. Included Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity make it easy to access web services and share files. NVDIA GeForce graphics cards and powerful computer motherboards support playing demanding video games with HD configuration.

ASUS Computer Components Simplify Using a Desktop or Laptop Device

Consider a wireless computer mouse with high sensitivity to perform different computing tasks efficiently. Use computer mice with a 12-button design to create shortcuts for your most-used applications or commands. Audio headsets with soft padding allow comfortable use throughout extended sessions at a computer. High-speed computer motherboards help users run complex programs and games seamlessly. Keyboards with special lighting enable gaming in darkened conditions. Practical volume wheels on keyboards make it easy to increase or decrease sound. Take advantage of spacious hard drives, which are useful for storing large amounts of Microsoft Word documents, music and video files. Heavy-duty power supplies are convenient for frequent computer users so that they can keep devices running at all times.