Great Headset9/22/2016 2:24:21 PM

Pros: Got them for 20 dollars due to shell shocker sale and was a bit skeptical but, I googled them and found no deal breaking reviews.

Cons: Non so far.

Overall Review: I received them today and tried them on right away they feel very comfortable on my head and around my ears. I have nothing negative to say about the build quality of the headset. They feel sturdy and well made, the sound that they produce is also great. I would not have bought them for their original price tag of 49.99, because there are other head sets I was considering but for 19.99?! YES! Now I am not saying they are not worth 50 bucks but they do seem to be of that quality price range. I only gave it 4 stars because I just got them if they continue to provide the immersive sound experience they do now without quickly deteriorating, I will surely bump it up to 5 stars.

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Great product!7/8/2016 5:03:29 PM

Pros: Installation was easy Updating the bios was easy Everything worked properly out of the box

Cons: Zero

Overall Review: As a first time builder, I wasn't sure what to expect out of the building experience. I ordered this motherboard over my original pick (Asus z170-A) both were originally priced the same but, the Gigabyte Z170 UD3 was discounted to 103.00 dollars!(From 160.00 or so) It was an offer I could not refuse. The whole installation, OS install and updating was a breeze, I encountered zero problems and everything worked as it should. I will definitely continue to purchase Gigabyte products after the positive experience I had with this board.

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