Incredible value and surprising speed10/4/2017 12:38:27 AM

Pros: - Is an UNLOCKED processor, meaning overclocking is possible, and even encouraged as it has a bit of headroom past 3.5Ghz(caps at 3.9-4.0Ghz) - Definitely a multitasking CPU - Is strong enough to be bottlenecked by an RX 560 GPU(CPU would reach 40-60% in games where GPU maxed at 100%, even CPU heavy games) - Comes with amazing stock cooler - Can do everything the Ryzen 5 can, but a wee bit slower on multithreaded tasks - Sufficient for gaming as Twitch streamer or YouTube content creator - Low power consumption and therefore not very hot, meaning computer stays quiet

Cons: - As with all of the Ryzen CPUs, cannot be overclocked reliably past 4.0-4.1Ghz, even with liquid cooling solution. - SMT(multi-threading cores to synthetically double them) is not enabled on this CPU.

Overall Review: This is one of the value CPU kings on the market right now, and if this were released 3-4 years ago, Intel would be struggling very, very hard to catch up. Despite AMD's reputation, this proves to be one of the best components they've ever sold. I'm very happy with my purchase. Please, get this over the 1200 because it provides a more reliable overclock(which can sit at 3.9 with air cooling) as well as a noticeable increase in overall performance. If you're afraid to overclock and don't really want to, DO IT ANYWAYS! Don't trust Auto-OC software and stuff like that... I suggest learning that stuff on this CPU, as you can get a lot more out of it making tweaks to voltage and clocks yourself. Why settle for 80% of what a thing has to offer if you can have 95%?

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