Great camera, just a few shortcomings12/19/2020 10:21:18 AM

Pros: Excellent picture quality, day and night Fairly easy to set up (initially) Dual band Wi-FI plus Ethernet connection Wide compatibility (ONVIF, NVR, cloud, app, etc.) - very flexible Comes with mounting bracket

Cons: Amcrest Pro View app could be a bit better Can't change/delete "admin" user name Not easy to move to a new network (without reset or login via web browser) No PoE so it has to be powered from local AC power adapter Amcrest lists this model as "discontinued" on their web site You have to download/update the latest firmware to get it working 100%

Overall Review: Overall, this is a great camera, particularly for the price. I'd have given it 5 eggs except for the cons mentioned above. I'm willing to forgive a lot of issues like this when the final result is so positive. I had some glitches during initial setup via the app (like it didn't connect to the camera at first), but was able to get them resolved without having to call support. I would strongly recommend updating the firmware. I discovered that after a while, and it might have made things go more smoothly. I do like that it can be part of a security system that can grow over time. Not many cameras can operate stand-alone or as part of a system. I haven't evaluated some of the features, like motion detection and privacy masks. Remote pan-tilt-zoom via the app is a bit laggy, so it's easy to overshoot the changes you want to make. You have to be a bit patient and move it a little bit at a time. For the admin account, you can address security concerns by just giving the account a long/random password and never using it. Ideally, you'll set up 2 additional accounts: an admin-level that you only use for changing setups, and a user-level that you use routinely. for remote viewing. Since I plan to install a larger system eventually, I'll probably look for PoE models for at least some of the locations. It's much easier to provide a centralized battery backup to the PoE switch and NVR instead of dealing with that for each camera. Newegg is rocking this one as usual! Great price and customer service!

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Fast, big enough for most laptops11/27/2019 4:31:58 PM

Pros: It's fast. Has a longer write endurance spec than similar priced SSDs. 5 year warranty. Works great in a Dell E5530 laptop. You can stop wasting time defragging your drive.

Cons: Samsung Magician software does not show the drive status properly on the Dell laptop. This seems to be a problem with Dell, but I may try installing a later version of the driver software.

Overall Review: The first one is working well. I bought more on the Black Friday promo. I have more devices to upgrade. Notes to those complaining about not being able to register the product on Samsung's website: I contacted Samsung tech support. They said the serial number needed for registering is found on the label on the disk. The serial number on the box is not complete (it's missing a letter at the end). The registration site also needs the "Model Number" but it's not the "Model Number" listed on the drive or box (for mine, MZ-76E500). The "Model Code" is what they actually need, and it is found ONLY on the box (not on the drive). Again, for mine, this was MZ-76E500B/AM. I got an Invalid Model Number error until I tried the Model Code instead. Once I got the right combination, mine was registered. Maybe a bit confusing, and they could be clearer about this. I would not dock an egg or two just because of this.

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Great quality cable, but large diameter might limit your ability to use it11/18/2019 1:50:35 PM

Pros: Excellent signal quality Solid construction Ferrite cores

Cons: It doesn't fit very well into the cable path in a Vivo monitor arm

Overall Review: If you are not running this through a confined space, the cable is really nice. There are no ghosts or other problems in the image. However, the cable is fairly stiff and the diameter is about 3/8 inch, which is much larger than most of the standard cables that come with monitors/computers. The cable diameter is not specified in the product listing. It might not fit into the space you have available. I might have picked a different one if I had known this (but I also didn't know that I had such a limited space for the cable, so a bit of it is my fault).

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Much better than I expected!11/23/2018 8:20:34 PM

Pros: 75 feet long Great image quality

Cons: None

Overall Review: I did not expect much, particularly for the price, but this cable was amazingly good. No perceptible signal degradation, even on text with sharp transitions. OK, there was a *small* amount of fuzziness, but no shadows or echos on text, even at SVGA resolution from an iPad. I can't believe this was only $11 (after 50% off coupon).

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Great product, better on sale11/22/2018 7:41:45 PM

Pros: Very clean condition, exterior looks almost perfect Can upgrade to Win10Pro 64-bit (recommend clean install with DVD/USB media, then use Win7Pro product key to activate) Four memory slots, only two are filled

Cons: Minimalist configuration (4GB RAM, 250 GB HDD) so docking it one egg, but you can add your own memory HDD looks like original drive, one had >40 remapped sectors, so you might want to upgrade with an SSD/SSHD There seems to be only one internal HDD mounting slot, although there are four SATA ports on the mobo. Video outputs are VGA and DisplayPort, so you'll need a DP to HDMI/DVI cable or a DP-capable display if you want digital output

Overall Review: I bought two of these, because for $60 you can do a lot. I'm using one to replace an even older machine. Packaging was great, shipping was fast, they worked out of the box, peripherals were ok and weren't broken. I upgraded one using a Core i3-3225 that I had laying around in a dead mobo, and after a couple of reboot cycles it ran perfectly at 2x the speed of the original Pentium G640. The case is built like a tank, with a very solid cover latch mechanism. If you're into business-level remote management, this system does support it. It says it supports eSATA, but I don't see an eSATA port on the back. Seller is good. Newegg is great!

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(Update) Analog performance better than OBi200, BUT... it does not work with PhonePower out of the box!11/1/2018 8:13:39 PM

Pros: This is a really nice ATA. There is no analog noise on the line, unlike the OBi200. It has two phone lines. It can be used behind another router, or it has a router built in (only 10/100, so not that good). It can work with many older wired phones, but some older phones need too much line current and may not work properly.

Cons: FW update in May 2018 and following ones ( is the most recent) broke PhonePower (and perhaps other VoIP providers, but I don't know) - hence, I am subtracting one egg for this. The problem is that the device loses registration, so it will drop a call without warning and you will not be able to redial, even though you have a dial tone! FW is updated automatically and cannot be rolled back to a prior version, without a lot of manual work (however, it is possible). There is a version that will work with PhonePower ( and automatic updates can be blocked in the Expert Configuration section so the configuration will remain stable. OBi support seems to have gone downhill since Polycom acquired Obihai. Manual configuration is not the easiest process, and if you have any technical issues, be prepared to spend a lot of time hacking it until you get it working.

Overall Review: Prompt shipping and easy ordering from Newegg, as usual! Check with your desired VoIP provider (not just their web site, but forums too, and maybe call customer service) to make sure you won't have issues with this device. Also look at the Obihai support forums. Try it out as soon as you get it to make sure it will work, and return it if it doesn't. After a lot of work with PhonePower and Obihai/Polycom, I now have something that is working reliably. It does work with wired phones and internal house phone wiring, but you have to be *absolutely* certain that you are not still connected to the phone company's incoming wires or else you will blow out the device. This will not be covered under warranty! (I used completely separate pairs and rewired my phone jacks, but simply disconnecting the phone company wiring at the outside box will also work.) There are not a lot of good ATA boxes left on the market.

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Overall great, a few small points to consider4/5/2018 1:51:45 PM

Pros: Good design, stable, doesn't wobble when typing Smooth up and down motion, infinite height adjustment Height for standing seems good

Cons: Keyboard tray is not detachable (without tools) or separately adjustable Keyboard tray is a bit narrow (25") for a keyboard plus mouse plus pad, could be a bit deeper for a wrist pad Full lowering is not possible unless the keyboard tray hangs off the front of the desk Minimum height is rather high (about 4-5" too high) for the keyboard (on a 29" height desk) It's not possible to put the keyboard on a lower tray when sitting, since the keyboard tray overhangs the front and covers up the keyboard tray on your desk

Overall Review: I'm pretty pleased so far, although I got this installed and set up only today. The height at full raise seems good, although you will probably want a display with a height-adjustable stand (most cheap displays have a fixed-height stand that will be too low). There's a slot thing with a plastic insert on the front of the top shelf that I haven't figured out yet. It is probably for cables, if you put the keyboard on the same shelf as the display. A keyboard tray that is easily detached would solve several problems. I'd say that, overall, this is much better at standing height than at sitting height. If you plan to stand most of the time, it would probably be fine. If my desk was 4-5" shorter to accommodate the height of this stand, it would really work well. I am not sure if another stand would drop to much lower than this at minimum height.

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Full featured Gigabyte mobo, solid so far3/25/2018 10:40:33 AM

Pros: Supports 6th and 7th gen Core processors Easy build Lots of video outputs if you don't put in a GPU board

Cons: Slightly too narrow to use all of the mounting screws on the case Optane support with 7th gen CPUs only It could use another USB 2.0 header

Overall Review: Build was pretty quick. I reused an old case and power supply from a Z77 machine that died, rather than spending more money unnecessarily. I had no problems with the CPU socket. The i3-6100 I used fits great and the system booted up the first time. I did have a few small issues with getting the SATA mode set to what I wanted. If you change from AHCI to Intel RST Premium, you may have to reinstall the OS or otherwise hack around to resolve the issue (startup fix in the recovery environment did not do the trick). Most cases don't have enough USB 3.0 connectors yet, and I don't like running out of USB 2.0 headers. I was not wild about the mobo being about 1/2 inch too narrow and not providing all of the mounting screw locations to attach it firmly to the case. I think this is due to cost reductions by saving a little bit of board material, but come on... a full ATX board should have all of the mounting holes. (It's not the only board I have seen like this.) I did try a Win 8.1 installation first, but then realized how much I would sacrifice compared to Win 10, so did a fresh install before starting to install programs. I could have gone for Win 7 if I wanted, which may be a plus for some people. Intel RST was not supporting performance enhancements using an internal SSD for acceleration (Smart Response Technology) as near as I could tell, but I didn't spend a lot more time hacking on it. Instead, you can use up to 32GB of the SSD with ReadyBoost in Windows 10, so that's close to the same functionality. This is not a limitation of this particular mobo, so no eggs were deducted. (I have a Z170 mobo in another computer which does support SRT, but the 100 series mobos are mostly gone from the market.) I also like the range of video outputs that are provided. Not everyone can use a digital display interface, and I like to be able to connect a different display on my test bench if necessary.

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Pretty good overall, but I may also be having problems with wake from sleep8/29/2017 10:16:26 AM

Pros: Inexpensive, reasonably nice IPS panel

Cons: Uncertain whether this display wakes from sleep properly, still needs more testing Not sure how to decide what egg rating it deserves

Overall Review: I have this installed in an office configuration with a Dell E5570 laptop and E-port dock (with DVI output). There are times that the system does not seem to be operating, and the display is in standby/sleep mode. Opening the lid and closing it can sometimes get the display to come back on. I have spent a lot of time going through the laptop settings, software, drivers, and configurations, with no consistent improvement. I have recently changed the video cable so the display uses the HDMI connection instead of the DVI. I have not tried the VGA connection, as I don't really want to use analog. Unfortunately, the display is more than 3 years old, so it's out of warranty. I'm going to try a different display to see if that fixes the problem. Other than that, when it works, the display is pretty good, with decent performance. Regarding internal product changes since I bought the display: I suspect that newer models may have a different (cheaper) LCD panel, as the price is much lower than I paid. Commercial-grade panels don't stick around in the market for very long, and product refreshes happen regularly as a result. ASUS and other companies try to keep the same model number by saying the new one still meets the performance specs, but measurements usually won't tell you how the product actually performs. Bottom line - expect changes on any product more than about 2 years since introduction, even if the model number stays the same.

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Developed bad blocks after a year, now unusable8/24/2017 7:59:17 PM

Pros: Good performance (when it works) Rated for 24/7 operation

Cons: This one developed bad blocks (one out of two that I have) Hard to depend on backups if the drive fails so soon

Overall Review: I was trying to use this on a local computer as a backup drive, and it worked well at first. I had another 3 TB Red and figured that buying another one would be helpful for this new build. It worked fine for a while and then it got cranky. I checked on the drive using SpeedFan and found there were many blocks that could not be written, and the drive fitness was at 0%. DLD reported a "test pass" but I figured that meant nothing, and once done, I noticed the G partition was only 246 GB with a drive capacity of 3 TB and one partition. So, I am probably going to have to send this one back to WD. Note that many people have had problems with WD's support website (somehow, user login information seems to be disappearing and accounts can't be reset easily). I will be calling them tomorrow.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi John M., We are sorry your WD Red developed bad blocks so soon after placing this drive in service; and our thanks for your time reviewing this product. Know the WD Red family of drives are designed and intended for use in 1-8 Bay NAS RAID enclosures. Based on the information posted in this review, it is possible your BIOS or RAID Controller may benefit with an update. It's best to contact your motherboard or controller manufacturer for available firmware updates. Using third-party diagnostics reporting utilities may report false bad block alerts. It's best to test the drive outside that environment with our Data Lifeguard Diagnostics to determine the health of the drive. We placed a couple links to useful articles below providing more information. "Issues regarding drives larger than 137 GB (128mGB binary)": "Testing a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows": "Benchmarking programs indicate that my hard drive is performing slower than expected": We would like the chance to work with you to learn what environment this drive is installed, run diagnostics, and help provide a good solution which addresses your concerns. You can contact us and mention the support case below for help. Support Case Number: 090617-12297780 Need Help? Please contact us at 1(855) 559-3733
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Nice case, a few (fatal) flaws - update (don't buy!)4/17/2017 8:03:38 PM

Pros: Nice build quality and finish Clean appearance, USB 3.0 connectors on front panel Good QA, no parts missing

Cons: HDD mounts are not intuitive (drive connectors go down vs. up) Special rails needed to mount the HDD (don't lose the extras!) Internal case structure interferes with SATA cable connectors 3.5" external drive slot cannot be converted to a 5.25"

Overall Review: The more I live with this case, the less I like it. I think it's not as good as it seems (despite other reviews that say it's a great budget case, I would respectfully disagree). I tried this case out, and it has a lot going for it, but I think there are a few fatal flaws: 1. The tool-less mounting for the 5.25" external drives are not intuitive (the clips hinge to the back vs. down, and you have to experiment with releasing them); 2. The drives mount using custom rails with the connectors facing down, so you have to plug in the cables before you drop the drive into the mounting or take off the back cover to plug in all of the cables, which rather negates the logic of having a tool-less design; 3. The worst problem: the SATA cable connections on the motherboard edge interfere with the internal structure of the case. Either the connectors are stressed (not good for reliability) or you have to try to bend/cut the internal metal structure to get the connectors out of the way of the case structure. I would not have bought this case if I had known about these issues. UPDATE: The USB 2.0 connectors on the front panel are becoming intermittent. Some devices are not recognized, and others depend on exactly how the connector is inserted or wiggled. I've downgraded the eggs from 3 to 1 due to this. I have contacted Zalman tech support, as it's within the warranty period, so we'll see if they have parts. Sending a full case back on an RMA is impractical unless I want to have no computer for several weeks plus pay shipping costs that are probably equal to what I paid for the case originally. And in the end I will still not like the case any better. Maybe it's time to throw in the towel and get a better case (or reuse one of my older ones that is STILL working fine!).

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Maximum throughput is only 1 Gb/s2/22/2017 6:40:54 PM

Pros: Good quality build. Inexpensive. Ports in the back, lights in the front. QoS features.

Cons: Ports in the back, lights in the front. 1 year limited warranty is pretty short. Maximum total throughput 1 Gb/s, so traffic will be slowed to accommodate this.

Overall Review: I checked with Linksys customer support after seeing the throughput limitation in the FAQs, and they confirmed that the total throughput on all ports is 1 Gb/s. If your network has a lot of simultaneous traffic, messages will be slowed down. It's probably good enough for most home networks, unless you are doing a lot of crazy fast stuff with servers, file transfers locally, streaming movies, etc. They could not tell me what the "non head of line blocking architecture" means, and it's not on the Linksys web site. I decided to send this back and get a different switch with a longer warranty and no throughput limitation.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi, Thank you for letting us know about what happened. Rest assured, we took note of your feedback and we’ll let the Engineering team know. We will also investigate the experience you’ve had with our Technical Support team to see where the process broke down so this won’t happen again. Please provide us your case number or phone number at with the link to this review for reference. Regards, Rechel Linksys Support
Love G.SKILL, this one did not work for me12/29/2014 3:36:53 PM

Pros: Great specifications. I have used a lot of G.SKILL on many builds, and the brand is mostly solid and reliable. Super price on Black Friday.

Cons: For some reason, my Gigabyte motherboard did not like this memory, even though it runs fine with the 2x2GB version of the same model (F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL). It would not run with two sticks or one stick in any of the slots. It would not run with standard timing or extended timing. After trying it for a while, I figured something was wrong and I would just RMA it. I'll probably get some more of the memory that works.

Overall Review: I love Newegg! It's my go-to computer (and other) parts supplier.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Dear Customer Thank you for your G.Skill purchase and review. Check that you have the latest BIOS for the motherboard. An update may be necessary to fully support this RAM. If you continue to have a problem, please contact the G.Skill techincal support team directly. It is unlikely both modules are completely defective, so it may be an issue with the DRAM frequency or capacity that is restricted by the motherboard or CPU. For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum:
Great looking cable7/29/2014 8:24:02 PM

Pros: Right angle connector fits nicely in the USB port on the top of my tall tower computer case. Cable is larger diameter than Apple's, so it should be more robust. It's white, like the Apple one. It costs less than the Apple one. It's built solidly overall.

Cons: The "left angle" version would have been more convenient, but it's hard to figure out which orientation you need, since it depends on your computer case. No latch pushbuttons on the side of the 30-pin end, but Apple dumped those too. The StarTech logo is printed slightly crooked, if you care about such things. The cable is a bit stiff, but hey, it's a larger diameter.

Overall Review: I figured it was worth a try. Apple's cables, like many brands, are priced way above their cost to manufacture and ship. At least this seems less badly overpriced, but you get what you pay for.

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Not compatible with HP ZE45002/8/2013 6:23:44 PM

Pros: It's a good price. It's made by Crucial, one of the top brands. Shipping is free. It has a lifetime guarantee (assuming it's compatible in the first place).

Cons: There's not enough information provided in the part description to know if it will work for you or not. If the description said "low density" or similar, it might help. PC2700 is not always PC2700. Compatibility depends on the specific configuration of your product, and maybe even the BIOS revision.

Overall Review: I don't know how to make a recommendation whether this will work for you or not. I tried two of them in my aging ZE4500 laptop and neither one worked. I decided to order from a site that has more information in the description.

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Walk, don't run11/24/2010 6:50:27 PM

Pros: Inexpensive case. Good amount of room inside. Easy to install the parts. Seems to have good airflow. Metal mesh front on unused drive openings. Compact profile. Takes ATX motherboards. Can mount drives with tool-less clips if you like that sort of thing. No side windows, lighted fans, or other flashy stuff; just a basic case to build a basic machine.

Cons: You have to remove both covers to mount the drives. You might just as well take off the tool-less clips and use screws to mount the drives. Sliding the hard drive into the mounting bracket scratched the paint on the side rails. Sheet metal is a bit wobbly, but not so bad you'd really care once the covers are closed, and not much worse than other cheap cases. Reset "button" needs something skinny to push it. Chassis markings for the standoff locations are not described in the manual; there are embossed letters and a legend to say which holes work with which size board. Only two front-panel USB connections, both USB 2.0.

Overall Review: Front panel 1394 connector is not supported in US models, according to Gigabyte customer service. "Sorry!" I have no idea where they want you to use the enclosed ferrite ring. It's clearly for reducing EMI, but there were no instructions where you should put it . Somehow, the overall experience is disappointing. "Elite" must be CM's lowest product level designation. Look for a cheap deal and this case may be worthwhile. I would not spend more than $30 for this, and would recommend something else. I almost bought a different case but did not think it was worth the hassle.

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7/21/2002 2:36:54 PM

Comments: Drive didn't work properly with a Mac running an Acard 6280M PCI to IDE controller. I could not get the drive to partition properly, even with third party drivers that worked fine with an IBM 75GXP. More information on drive compatibility with Macs is available at I sent the drive back to newegg for a refund. They were great about it, friendly and accommodating. I was really hoping this drive would work out ok but it was not to be. It seemed to run fine on the internal IDE controller, but that's not why I bought the drive.

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