Solid and very good value5/22/2016 2:01:46 PM

Pros: From what I can tell, seems to be a great value; balance between features and price tag. Very easy to get everything set up (though haven't tried overclocking yet, so I can't speak to that). Really love the design. The black and gold looks great, and I enjoy the subtle lighting.

Cons: Some of the mount points didn't line up with the standard ATX points on the case, but didn't seem to cause any serious problem other than needing to use additional care when plugging in the main power and other items along the SATA side of the board.

Overall Review: Very happy with the board so far. Running cool and stable with solid benchmark results with an Intel i5 6500 CPU and CM Evo 212 cooler. No dedicated GPU yet, but even with Intel integrated graphics performance has been great. 10 hours of Prime95 and temps never got over 45 C.

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