High Quality and Silent9/9/2020 4:27:42 PM

Pros: - Seasonic is one of the most reputable PSU manufacturers out there. - The fact there's a 10 year warranty tells me they're built to last. - The included PSU tester is a nice touch and a really easy way to confirm it works. - Being fully modular it was much easier to install and cable manage. - It's completely silent. Absolutely no coil noise. The fan is also silent when hybrid mode is disabled. - Enough PCIe cables for those power hungry 3x8 pin GPUs. - It's fairly short, so it should be great in smaller cases too.

Cons: - The advertised cloth PSU and cable bags weren't included with mine, but they did add an extra slip which explains why. (Pictured) - The MOBO cable is fairly thick and somewhat difficult to flex. - I'd prefer if each of the included PCIe cables only had a single 6/8 pin connector instead of 2.

Overall Review: Just a month ago an 850W PSU used to seem rather insane to the average builder, I mean this thing is way overkill for my system, as it stands now at least. My old 650W was definitely more than enough for my RTX 2060 and i5-9600K that I only sometimes run at a 4.9GHz OC. But of course, I'm not stupid and didn't get this PSU for no reason. *cough*RTX 3080*cough* This thing should be more than enough for even the monstrous RTX 3090 Founders Edition, likely even the more power hungry AIB cards that should also come out.

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Likely the Ideal Mid-tower Airflow Case9/9/2020 4:23:36 PM

Pros: - Great looking - Built in RGB controller - Lots of room, easy to build in - Lots of cable management room - Lots of velcro cable straps - Tons of airflow - Stock intake fans are fairly powerful - Comes with a bunch of accessories

Cons: - Mine doesn't sit flat (fixed by sitting it partly on my mount pad) - Limited mounting options for 140mm fans in front intake - Cable sliders aren't exactly ideal - Stock fans feel cheap, are 3 pin 12v instead of PWM and make a noticeable drone past 710rpm

Overall Review: I was tired of having almost no airflow with my old NZXT H500, but I also wanted to add some RGB. All the reviews I saw told me this was the case I wanted. I waited a month for this case to become available here in Canuckistan and ordered mine without hesitation the moment I saw it available on Newegg. I feel I can say I made the right choice, even if it was kinda expensive. Yes it's not perfect, but I'm rating it 5/5 anyway cause I like it that much. All of my case fans at the time of review are Noctua NF-A14 Chromax, each fitted with a Phanteks Halos Digital (non-Lux).

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