Awesome power supply awesome price6/18/2020 11:28:51 AM

Overall Review: I have had no trouble with this thing, my case has got a little cubby for the power supply so i can hide the extra cables, so no big deal that it wasn't modular, plenty of connections for all my sata drives, and accessories. Really happy with this

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More than enough6/18/2020 11:26:57 AM

Overall Review: I'm having a blast using this thing! More than enough power paired with my ryzen5 3600x, I play all the games I want as fast as I want to, plus this came with "deliver us the moon" when i bought it which is worth it in itself because that game is an absolute blast. However it didn't come with a sticker, which is a bummer because i wanted to put it on my case with the stickers from the cpu and motherboard and ram, that's okay though i found one on the internet it'll be here later this month and the build will be complete.

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Plugged- and played-6/18/2020 11:23:39 AM

Overall Review: I bought this because I was under the impression that faster ram works better with Ryzen cpu's, which i'm sure is still the case but I neglected to get a motherboard that supports 3600mhz, bummer. Still runs though real easy, runs at the max mhz the board supports so that's cool. maybe someday i'll get a board that can support this ram it'll work better... until then.

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Looks Awesome6/18/2020 11:21:20 AM

Overall Review: So glad it came with two fans, I love the blue! Everything went right in easy-peasy, i didn't get a modular power supply so luckily theres an enclosure at the bottom to hide all the extra power cables in. The front panel can be hard to get off, actually i havn't managed to get it off yet but no biggie the computer is plenty cool enough with the included fans.

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10/106/18/2020 11:18:34 AM

Overall Review: This is the first PC I built and this board worked right off the bat with my r5 3600x, super happy with it, can't figure out how to change the color of the rgb on the board though i'll have to do more research on that.

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