well built, quiet, fast9/26/2021 5:46:30 PM

Pros: upgrading old laptops with these drives is nice. They use less energy so the battery last longer, ligher weight, no noise. Things boot about 10x's faster

Cons: none

Overall Review: new life in old devices is nice

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Nice while it lasted9/26/2021 5:44:18 PM

Pros: able to hook up old drives to read them especially when you're out fixing someones PC at their home of office

Cons: i thought the drives were broken until i realized the device somehow stopped working. Plugging a drive directly into a pc did the trick. Wasn't the USB port or cord. Cord from working drive was used and port was tested with other thumb drives. This is now the second one that has died like this.

Overall Review: I had an older version of this device from same company that did something similar. The IDE ports stopped working but the SATA ports still worked. Wondering if the power supplies that ship with these are faulty. Doing a test on the power supplies that came with them I see they don't quite read what's on the plug. Also if you have an older drive that requires the 12 and 5 volt you only get the 12 volt working

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probably best fps mouse in general9/26/2021 5:38:41 PM

Pros: tried many mice and keep coming back to this style logitech mouse. the layout and ability to click on and off the scroll wheel just works best for my usages. more than enough buttons all which you can customize except the "click on / off" mouse wheel function which is understandable

Cons: none

Overall Review: when usb-c becomes more popular i'd like to see it in a C model

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Multi core love9/26/2021 5:32:55 PM

Pros: Not much to say here other than it's super easy to install and way fast for home and office use. Developing, rendering 3d and gaming are superb on this CPU. OC to 4.6 with no issues using Corsair water block H1110i

Cons: none

Overall Review: exactly what was needed... runs cool and can throttle down when not in use

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FAST and stable9/26/2021 5:30:01 PM

Pros: Had no issues with this drive. So small and fast. Used for apps such as Visual Studio and Photoshop which can take a while to load on a standard drive. This is basically instant now.

Cons: wasn't free

Overall Review: these keep your electric cost down a bit when compared to other drives.

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FAst and beautiful9/26/2021 5:28:05 PM

Pros: Not much to say, had now about a year. Working great and fast on OC AMD 9600x

Cons: none

Overall Review: Like that i can turn the RGB off in a central location for all RGB

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Quality Fan2/27/2019 10:19:01 AM

Pros: Exact fit, sturdy construction. White color looks good and cool. matches other white fans by them in various sizes. Sometimes this is a pain when you get a warm white and a cool white and they don't match. This is a natural white look. speed adjustable with controller fairly quiet until I OC it all the way up to 110%

Cons: nothing for the price

Overall Review: should last a long time.

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Excellent Case for Media System or Budget Gaming9/8/2018 3:10:09 PM

Pros: First off this case is the MB511 ATX Mid-Tower with Mesh Front Panel, Red Accent Intake and Edged to Edge Transparent Side Panel Case. It also has 2 front fans, 1 rear fan. Upper mesh for mounting a water cooler or extra fans and bottom mount UPS with additional mesh filter. I don't find the case to be that heavy like others say. I prefer the the weight because it helps keep vibrations to a minimum. I find the aluminum cases to be a bit noiser. I suppose if you were carrying it around from place to place that would be something to note though. I was able to install a Carsair H110i Hydo Series (280mm) water cooler on the top without any issues. I recommend anyone building a gaming rig to install the largest water cooler to keep it cool and quiet. In my dry dusty climate we are constantly cleaning filters and the top filter comes off easily using magnetic connections. I doubt this will be an issue for any electronics, just don't sit an old floppy disk on top. I like how the drives are accessible via the back panel rather than the glass panel for easy access and plenty of room for cable management. Using ties and clips I'm able to keep the cables clean. This may seem silly but the angle of the usb on the front is nicely place and easy to access for inserting drives when needed.

Cons: Some people say not having front 5 1/4 bays is deal breaker but you should know this before buying this case. I didn't want to have these bays. I'm using this as a home arcade / media machine see below.

Overall Review: So having the actual reset, usb, and power buttons on top allows for this to make for a really nice home arcade machine if anyone is interested in building one. Some people call these desktop arcades and use Raspberry Pi's etc. The problem with using the Pi is they don't have the power to play all the emulators, and if you want to also play Steam games or other big titles you're out of luck. I'm constantly inventing and used this case to build a 4 player home arcade machine for a home entertainment room.

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Nice looking and light6/24/2018 9:46:53 AM

Pros: Looks great buttons feel responsive Gaps in mouse help keep hands dry (but this a double edge sword, see below) adjustable back for hand size quick dpi switching feels smooth for gaming on aluminum gaming pad by Corsair and traditional mat Very accurate for FPS like Battle Field series, COD, CSGO style games. (obviously if it plays well here then it's going to play everywhere else since FPS is more demanding)

Cons: Scroll wheel is my biggest issue with this mouse. The way it feels and moves is annoying to me. Wish it had the ability to turn off the clicking and let it roll for scrolling. Lack of tilt is also annoying. Although it feel like it tilts only to the left with activated the middle mouse click. pressing middle mouse click is tricky without a roll of the mouse wheel. At time of this review, no software came with mouse and the MadCatz site had a but or missing download section so you cannot get their driver software to customize. (check their site before buying) The rest of these complaints are minor and shouldn't stop you from buying this mouse: Not a fan of stiffness of the cord. Takes some doing to get the kinks out of it since it's really a hard vinyl underneath the cloth weave. Feels a bit like cheap plastic edge of all these gaps causes issues with my hand. It may just be my type of hand but the edges become annoying as they cut into the skin over time. Nice to have a thumb rest but my pink just drags on the mat below. A very small bit of support on the pinky side would really help. the hand size adjustments are clunky and the steps between sizing is weird. Would be nicer if it was variable and you could lock it into place

Overall Review: DPI out of the box is horrible.

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Versitile cooler for many CPUs and color freaks5/23/2018 3:41:48 PM

Pros: Range of Mounting and RGB accessories common RGB 4 connector you find on many other devices (but you need to have enough connectors because the more you daisy chain these together the dimmer it gets or if you don't have a good connection) Does not require RGB motherboard but can be used with one Copper connector transfers heat better than aluminum. This seems to be helpful when using a single smaller fan when you don't have the room for a huge dual fan. does keep my i7 down a couple degrees over an aluminum block from another company so I'm guessing it's all due to the copper. Looks good and the sleeves helps with insulating both from heat and electricity (shorts)

Cons: For what this is made for i cannot think of any cons

Overall Review: colors are not all at once like the image would make one believe. Mounting the controller can be a challenge though. Personally i decided to keep mine inside the flip out door if that makes sense

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Overall good headset4/17/2018 4:24:23 PM

Pros: removable and replaceable mic (just so happen to have another mic that fits and works but didn't sound as good as the supplied mic) cushions are extra large to fit over bigger ears like mine. like the push button mute next to the volume Bass and Treble is very good on games such as Quake, BF so you can hear your enemy coming before you see them. Watched some Youtube and movies using this and very impressed on how long I can keep them on without them becoming annoying. More and more I like the usb adapters. It's helped on devices that have USB in front with no head set or bluetooth jacks.

Cons: only wish the cord was replaceable or adjustable in length some how. Some times gets caught up on my chair arms and yanks itself out.

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Best Cooler - Cool Gaming1/27/2018 11:49:33 AM

Pros: Easy to install for a liquid cooler. (I've built my own liquid coolers with reservoirs, cooling blocks etc and by far easier) Obviously the more surface area you can get on the radiator the better for cooling especially her in Phoenix, AZ where we keep our homes around 80 degrees F. Really quiet. Having computer under desk, I cannot hear anything. RGB is cool but personally I like to keep the lights off to conserve as much energy as possible. Solid copper core on CPU perfect to conduct the most heat away from unit. Thermal paste perfectly applied to connector no need for additional paste. Just Tighten and go.

Cons: Tubing is a bit tricky to install on some cases since you cannot replace or disconnect them to fit through any holes or slots. (Note: I think all the Corsair cases work with these units, each carbide and military style case I've tried fits perfectly)

Overall Review: The spacers for the various motherboards and CPU's can be a bit tricky for some users. Just make sure the cooling block is touching the CPU properly before tightening the unit down. You may have to take the motherboard out of the case to attach the backing plate. Don't be lazy and make sure you add all the correct spacers. Also make sure the backing plate is not touching any metal electronic components when tightening down. I've used a piece of non-conductive plastic to ensure no shorts occurred later on one build using an MSI motherboard. I'm not entirely sure why, but whenever using a water cooler, gaming seems smoother. Might be because electronics work more efficiently when cooler, but I haven't done any scientific studies on the phenomenon.

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Perfect Companion12/26/2017 1:46:20 PM

Pros: Versatile and compact which means it works on a variety of different devices. I imagine this device could be used for more than a garage since its just a magnetic sensor and a wifi switch in one. Installed on a 1998 LiftMaster with no issues. Notifications via Phone app are nice. Able to open or close app for neighbors is nice so they can help feed your dog was a plus. Works with IFTTT with a little work

Cons: Alexa support works but the name of the device is set and to try and say NEXX GARAGE confuses her all the time.

Overall Review: I'm going to use this device as a security mechanism for other door on my farm which I'm sure will work great. Even though of using this as a trip wire type alarm when the magnet switch is tripped.

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Comfortable Gaming Well worth the cost.11/22/2017 9:18:45 PM

Pros: Gaming surround experience is really nice. Able to hear the low bass and high trebles very easily. Played using Quake Champions and I'm able to hear the foot steps and enemy weapon hums like using a sub woofer. Anyone playing a super fast 1st person shooter like Quake knows that ever second counts and hearing the hum or footsteps of your enemy really count. The surround response is really good. It sounds like someone is walking from the back left or front right, just like I'm needing. The foam pop filter cover for the mic was a bonus. It helps with the accidental his while using Discord. Friends say the mic sounds about as good as my buddy's BLU while online. Volume control nice and tight with a smooth turn. No crackling or popping noises. Music playing is really nice also. All I can say is that you'd be hard pressed to notice a real difference in a set of high-end Turtle Beach or Logitec headsets which I have both of. Using Rocksmith I'm able to hear better than my other pairs. Personally using this over the other due to a few factors. I love the cloth over the vinyl, the stiffer mic boom is less annoying than the flex mics, the ear openings over my entire ear with out any pinching or discomfort. In fact, I have plenty of room in these headphones. (have a big head and they adjust nicely) Mice goes off when it goes up. Lighter than wireless. nice smooth cord. Those braided covered cords always get caught on things and don't do any real protection. Comes with a dongle which is plug in play, no software needed to install for me. on Windows 10.

Cons: Nothing I can think of here. Might be nice if cord detached from headphones though.

Overall Review: I've used many types of head phones and I really like the closed style for quiet gaming.

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Great Builder's PSU9/29/2017 11:54:43 AM

Pros: First off there are a lot of reviews with power consumption and such at a technical level. From my experience the specs are pretty close. I live in a hot climate and keep my house warm (80+ degrees) so high quality parts are a must. Aesthetically the all black parts compliment most modern case designs and components. Connectors fit snuggyly and very well manufactured. For example, the MOLEX connectors are molded very well and you don't have to worry about realigning pins like on some PSU's. The MOLEX also have an easy off feature so you don't have to wiggle them out potentially damaging pins. SATA connectors are also snugger than some I've found which I like. Modular design is the only way to go in hot climates. Keeping out unneeded clutter for better air flow is a must. Quality wise. Corsair is great. I cannot hear the fans running in this unit.

Cons: Does get warm and heats up the house when running full speed. Nothing can be done with about that unless I decided to perform some sort of ground loop cooling from the outside, which I've considered. The 6 to 8 pin slide on connectors can be tricky to insert fully but not hard.

Overall Review: When installing the PSU I suggest you route the static cable first and secure it before attempting to add components in the PC. Make sure you keep the cabling away from the heat sinks of the CPU and such because this can cause the plastic shielding to melt. I can tell you that it's not melt proof from experience.

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Amazing monitor for the price9/19/2017 10:48:59 AM

Pros: Resolution looks great Matches my 27" monitors. I don't see a difference really 3 monitors really makes the games look immersive Refresh rate is not an issue playing games like BF 4 and 1, just looks awesome If you are not really close to your monitor and trying to use the 4k resolution you may notice what I notice is that the text is just so small and tiny that I have difficulty reading it without adjusting the DPI of Win10.

Cons: HDMI a bit blurry compared to other connection OCD a bit cumbersome to use and a bit confusing

Overall Review: Not as bright as my Asus 27" dual bright 3D monitor but it's not bad. No DVI port on here so be sure you have a vid card with the right ports Must use the DVB to get the true power HDMI is a bit moving windows from 4k to 1080p across screens is a bit annoying on Win10. The windows get hung up on the invisible border. You'd just have to experience this issue to appreciate how frustrating it is. I'm hoping for a patch soon to fix this.

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Perfect portable drive9/7/2017 5:34:52 PM

Pros: The size is quite smaller than expected but that's what I love about it. I've always loved the reliability of WD mechanical drives but this is an entirely new league. No noise, no worry about moving it while it's on, no static shock worries. This thing is fast for an external drive. Worked without installing a driver on Win7, Win8.1, and Win 10 no issues. Has built-in backup software, but I prefer to use Window's backup solution. Love the WD long warranties and if you've ever had to deal with them it's always nice. 3 year warranty seems pretty decent. unidirectional usb-c is great. No need to worry about what way you plug the drive in. An old school adapter is included but anyone using this is not getting the full benefits of the drive, but it is backwards compatible. For a real world example I decided to move some games off Steam and Orin onto the drive since the drive was much faster than the internal HD. I received considerable increase in loading times for the games I play most often. For example, Battlefield 1 was easily 3x's faster loading over standard internal drive. I suspect there is more going on with the gaming engines than just a straight load into memory so don't expect it to be 10x's faster even though the drive seems to have 10x's the performance.

Cons: These are nit picking designs here but: Get's a little warm so I wouldn't keep this around other devices. No power indicator is a bit odd and I wish it had one, but it's not really needed. Perhaps I'm just so used to having an LED indicator. I'm assuming it's missing to consume power. Not a fan of the cord. The connectors are bulky and the cord is stiff (although does feel like a quality cord).

Overall Review: Not all female USB-C connectors are the same. On my current motherboard I have 1 slot that the cord fits in snuggly and actually clicks into place where as on my gaming monitor it feels insecure and like it's barely in the slot.

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Very Sturdy rack shelf6/15/2017 1:21:56 PM

Pros: Very thick metal Non conductive thick Powder Coated (don't see this rubbing off like painted shelves) Lots of ventilation

Cons: Not taking off an egg but the packaging may not have been the best because the lower left mounting corner was bent inwards on delivery. Used pliers to fix no problem.

Overall Review: built my own server wall mounted rack system. These shelves can be used to house routers and many other items. The vent holes make it easy to attach your hardware for a more secure fit.

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Switched from wireless5/27/2017 9:43:50 PM

Pros: I'm noticing using the wired VOID from Corsair wireless Lighter weight nicer foam pads, the cloth foam seems to breath better so you don't get sweaty ears which then turn into ear aches. At least for me. Always working, no interference or having to plug in a charger. Finding the wireless ones plugged in most of the time, so I'm just putting these on. In a good stereo you can adjust the bass and treble to sound pretty dang good. Nice Low bass. Playing some FPS games the bass helps determine when an enemy is close by. The mic is really good on discord and other team speaking apps works well with rosettastone app as well, no issues

Cons: the ear holes not round and I have big ears that need to be fitted inside little tight on the head at times Cannot keep the phones on while you take a break ;) and leave the room

Overall Review: Had to tweak the mixer a bit to have audio playing on both headphones and external speakers, but well worth the extra effort. Turn on the semi-hidden "Stereo Mixer", set: Properties/Listen/Playback through this device (your headset), and listen to this device must be on.

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Highend power5/27/2017 9:19:33 PM

Pros: More power than I need Supports 2 GPUs no problem up to 8 SATA drives. Currently only using 5 of them 4 pin MOLEX is nice to use for a card reader (which I'm using) or other front panel device. Very solid construction - very impressed with Corsair products 7 year warranty (never had to RA a PSU from corsair)

Cons: If I'm nit picking: cables are very hard to bend (but in a way it was useful because they didn't easily fall onto area's I was keeping open. heat shrinking on cables needed a bit more heat (hair dryer fixed that up) molex connector, like all of them, is hard to line up on a flimsy card reader board

Overall Review: Haven't needed to do this yet on this PSU but the fan looks very easy to get to if it needed to be replaced.

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Really great MMO "ONLY" mouse2/11/2017 9:55:40 AM

Pros: If you're purely using it for MMO and never tried another MMO mouse then I think it's really nice. Construction and looks are awesome I'm pairing this with my Logitech Prometheus for FPS Storing profiles on the mouse actually worked. Took it to another computer without having to modify anything. Coloring on this thing when it's on really catches everyone's eye super smooth gliding because I have a smaller thumb I found the sliding pad to be very helpful in positioning the buttons. In fact I like leaving them loose so I can move them. User interface software is very extensive braided cord very nice and usb is stamped at the end so it's easy to spot what mouse it is behind your rig.

Cons: Not a tilt mouse, but does click if you push it to the right (not sure if this is normal) something about the top texture does attract oil off of hands very easily

Overall Review: I like the Vengence M95 quite a bit more. At least with it doubles as a normal everyday mouse and can use it as an FPS mouse.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Best lights for the money1/21/2017 2:03:13 PM

Pros: very bright and easy to use glad these came with a charging cable, lights up when it's charging has bluish white and neutral white LED's that you can turn on separately or simultaneously neutral light is easier on the eyes to see than the blue in my opinion.

Cons: wish you could dim or focus the beams

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Gaming Rig Running Great12/19/2016 9:45:22 AM

Pros: Not a lot to say about this except that it gets the job done very well. 650W is plenty for a mid to upper mid-level gaming machine. Running i7, 16GB, nVida 970, 2 SSD's, 2 HDs, 1 external drive, 5 fans, 1 Corsair cpu water cooler, and no issues with power. What I find on PSU's if you don't have to split off any of the power cables then it should be enough to power your rig. It's when you start splitting off power is where you'll have issues. Like the modular cables for building the unit. Makes running the cables much easier. Flattened modular cables make it easy to hide and route cables Well vented back allows for easy cleaning. In my area this fine desert dust gets into everything so a twice or more a year cleaning is always needed.

Cons: None

Overall Review: The main power cable is fairly long and I could see situations where it would get in the way but a few zip ties cleans it up quickly.

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Simple Niche Powerline Extender11/2/2016 2:18:29 PM

Pros: I've tried many of these types of powerline adapters and by far this is the best one yet. Ethernet on both the source and destination are great ideas. Using the ethernet cable definitely has a more reliable and faster speed if your device can connect this way. 2.4 Ghz and 5Ghz speeds on par with typical antenna-less routers. The lack of external antennas really affects the penetrating power of the signal. Easily usable in a 50' x 50' area. As you go past this area the signal drops drastically. Like the green indicator lights. Not overly bright but useful. Comes with a couple ethernet cables which is nice. The pass through plug is nice so you don't lose a plug like most powerline devices. WiFi cloning is nice but not necessary. Makes like a barrier to your other network if you just leave it alone. This way you can let guest access it, and stay off your main network.

Cons: Not removing an egg due to signal strength. I find these devices are a niche market and the lack of antennas drastically changes the penetrating power of the signal. It is a bit bulky but still looks nice.

Overall Review: Was able to get the signal through a junction box but the connection speed varies. I find going through a GFI is where you'll lose a lot of signal but not sure why.

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Quality Speeds at a Good Price11/2/2016 1:53:25 PM

Pros: High transfer speeds. Much more than my previous PCI-x adapter in the same box at 5Ghz. Similar to another poster. I have this PC in a wooden desk on the opposite side of the house and this device has really helped. More networks show up in the WiFi list, so obviously the the antennas on this device work pretty good. Worked just fine with Windows 10. Like the solid build of this device. Has both standard and short ATX connectors. So it fits inside a small form factor Dell box. Easily get 80 mB up and down. Streaming HD video and 4k video with no issues. Tried Battlefield 1 with no issues. Seemed like i was connected via wire.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Like the status light on the back as well. Nothing bad to say about this device. More and more happy with these TPLink devices.

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