Excellent card10/25/2016 8:49:18 PM

Pros: I upgraded from a GTX 660 and this card blows it away. I'm able to play Forza Horizon 3 on Ultra settings at 1080p whereas with the GTX 660 I could only do low and even then I'd get low video memory errors. Easily does Epic settings on Overwatch as well. It's probably overkill for the resolution but it's good to know that if/when I upgrade my monitor the card will still be able to keep up with the increased resolution. I've heard of but never really gone with MSI products before. This particular card seemed to be generally well regarded on various websites so I decided to give it a shot. I know this seems kind of trivial but the box it came in had this nice glossy texture and felt like a premium product. I was equally impressed with the packaging inside. I mean it's essentially just cardboard and styrofoam but the presentation was very nice. I think the card itself looks great. Looks are obviously subjective but If you like the black/red theme it's quite aesthetically pleasing. It has a backplate which I liked since it keeps you from poking yourself with the back side of the card and also makes it look nicer. It also has outer LEDs if that's your thing (that is my thing). The MSI logo on the side lights up and the colors can be changed with their software. There are also lights surrounding the fans but the color of these stay red and cannot be changed. However, effects such as breathing, flashing, and synced to music can be applied to all LEDs including the fan ones and controlled separately. Overall great card all around, very pleased with my purchase.

Cons: -Limited LED functionality. The animations for flashing and music also seemed a bit choppy. -Card is quite big but that's probably to be expected for this class of card.

Overall Review: -Their Gaming App software also has a few other features like Dragon Eye which lets you watch Youtube/Twitch while playing... in case you wanted to do that for some reason. It also has a feature called Eye Rest which adjusts the color of your monitor which is supposed to help with eye strain (it's has similar functionality to f.lux). I thought that was a nice touch.

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