Excellent product!12/25/2020 6:46:29 AM

Pros: I got this motherboard as part of a build for a school/work/entertainment home build and it is the perfect foundation! I was easily able to update my BIOS, set up a RAID array and get myself up and running. Overall great starter motherboard for someone new to building computers.

Cons: None: Important to read all the specs and visit manufacturers website to ensure it will fit your needs: EX: only has one fan header so I knew I had to get a fan hub for the 4 case fans.

Overall Review: Usual high quality from MSI that keeps me coming back to them whenever possible! Highly recommend for a starter build. I am NOT overclocking or playing AAA games on this so I cannot attest to high use functionality.

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Powerful cooling7/20/2017 1:27:05 PM

Pros: I LOVE THIS FAN. Air cooling is not dead yet! Ran Prime95 on the Ryzen 5 6800X for two hours, highest my temp got was 57. NOTE: the X series Ryzen's will add 20 degrees to temp monitoring software as a 'safety precaution' - downloading the AMD Ryzen Master Utility from AMD's website will show correct temperatures!!

Cons: Directions read like a child scribbling on a paper with crayons.

Overall Review: AM4 install is a little tricky - it requires the stock cooling clip things that come with the case. Also, the fan will only sit facing the top or bottom of the case. I have a case with an outtake fan on the top so not a huge deal but something to factor in for sure. Just be patient with the install.

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Solid product7/20/2017 1:07:39 PM

Pros: Very easy set up. If you're a first time builder, the manual has IKEA like picture guides followed by very detailed explanations. Very cool looking board with lots of lights. I appreciated the reinforced RAM and PCI reinforcement. I would recommend updating the bios absolutely first time you turn it on - as in before even thinking about puting an OS on. It's very easy to do right off MSI's website (again, very good instructional video if you've never updated an MSI bios before). I haven't played with the MSI software simply because it seems a little clunky and there are like 8 different programs. I just kept the monitoring software, that's it. I control the RBG's on the mobile app - really intuitive and looks great! I'm not really into overclocking so I cannot attest to this. This is the second MSI board I've owned and I can happily say I will be continuing to use and recommend them.

Cons: I wish it came with one of those header pin things that you attach the cables to first, then put on the motherboard (forgot what these are called). Trying to read the microscopic labeling (when it's labeled - this board is not) to see what goes where is a little annoying. But that's just me being picky and lazy :) not enough to reduce an egg for.

Overall Review: Good price. Easy to work with. Looks good. I'd absolutely recommend.

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