My first laptop, very pleased with it!7/27/2021 3:06:02 AM

Pros: - Outstanding display and speakers. - Great backlit keyboard and trackpad. - Very light and luxurious build quality. - Pretty decent camera and microphone compared to other laptops I tried (I work in a computer shop so I got to try out a lot of laptops). - Runs quiet when in normal usage, mild fan noise when under full load but definitely quieter that most laptops I've tried. - I love the hinge that lifts the laptop by a few degrees when you open it. Great for ventilation and typing more comfortably. - The packaging really gives you a premium unboxing experience. - Great specs! - The battery life is really good. Can last you an entire work day without charging if you know how to save on battery life.

Cons: - The numpad button on the trackpad is not the most responsive and that's a little disappointing because that is one of the features I was most excited about. - Doesn't really bother me but I know a lot of people get pretty mad about it: there is no audio jack. There are 2 type C ports and the laptop does come with a dongle as well as an RJ-45 dongle. - I actually wanted a model with 16GB of RAM and A 512GB SSD with a Ryzen 5 5500U but the only configurations this laptop has are this one and a 5500U/8GB/512GB. The RAM was pretty important for me since I am going to study computer science and didn't want to be limited so I decided to go with more than what I needed rather than less.

Overall Review: Overall Great price for the product, I've done extensive research before buying the laptop and I am glad to see that it payed off. Recommended for anyone seeking a high quality laptop for studying, coding and media usage. Not really fit for gaming or rendering but that's expected from a laptop without a gaming GPU.

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