These PSUs have a good reputation for a reason.7/23/2017 9:49:13 AM

Pros: Solid GPU with plenty of power for most users. I don't think you'd need a larger one unless you plan for Crossfire/SLI. Has all the connectors you need. Black goes with everything, but can always buy custom cables if you want something different. See review on JonnyGuru for the in depth stuff.

Cons: Maybe price at MSRP? It does seem to go on sale frequently however...

Overall Review: I got this on a steal, but even around MSRP I'd say it's worth it. As of writing, it is on sale and has another MIR so that's something to consider (seems to go on sale frequently)

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Does the job.7/23/2017 9:43:11 AM

Pros: Works as it should, which is always a question for us consumers on these types of accessories/cables/adapters/dongles.

Cons: None yet.

Overall Review: Used in conjunction with an existing DVI-MiniDP to convert DP to DVI for a monitor which operates in Eyefinity/Surround. Desktop, games etc and the modes all work as they should :)

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Want a top-tier air cooler? Look no further.7/23/2017 9:39:54 AM

Pros: Improves upon its predecessor )which I also owned), the NH-D14. Fixes the two major gripes of many people: RAM and PCI-E clearance issues Cooling on par with the NH-D15

Cons: Big and heavy: case compatibilty issues. But really, for how well this thing performs (and others in its class) there is no way around the size and mass. I'm not going to knock it because of this, but more highlighting it as an FYI to hopefully save a headache or two :)

Overall Review: Sister to the NH-D15, the two main differences of this model (NH-D15S) are the lack of the second fan and the heatsink offset. I personally think this is a smarter choice than the standard D15 because the offset ensures no issues with any PCI-E (GPU or NIC or whatever may be there) and the second fan really doesn't add anything to cooling performance (and causes the clearance issues with RAM)

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Sleek card that performs7/23/2017 9:31:58 AM

Pros: Sleek looking and very nicely built and finished. The best 580 you can buy, hands down. Dual BIOS. Spare set of fans.

Cons: Price. It was pricey to begin with (but I wanted it anyway) and then the Etherium mining hit and, well, yeah. Not just this card but many GPUs are far over market value at time of this review.

Overall Review: Four stars because it was a bit too much compared to other 8GB 580s and for not much more one could buy a cheap 1070 (next tier up, ~30% performance increase I understand)

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What to say except it lives to the Corsair name7/23/2017 9:27:55 AM

Pros: Very good cooling performance and generally not noisy. Easy to install and pretty well maintenance free.

Cons: Software can be buggy, or was at least my experience. Setting custom fan curves never made sense and often worked in one direction but not the other, or at least well. Occasionally a reboot was required to reset the fans from full-tilt.

Overall Review: Both a pro and con: size. It is a 280mm AIO (2x140mm) which is an uncommon fit for many mainstream cases (they like 240mm) so be sure it fits. My case (500R) has holes for two 140mm fans in the top radiator spot but was only designed for the H100i/v2 (240mm) so it took a bit of work to get it to fit.

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Solid product that does what it should7/23/2017 9:22:18 AM

Pros: Plug in and go. Bought it for more USB for my laptop and it delivers.

Cons: None so far

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