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Buyer beware if you are replacing fans on a Cool Master case3/1/2019 10:55:41 PM

Pros: It is an excellent fan if your case is compatible.

Cons: I wanted a 4 pin 200mm fan that my mother board would control so I picked the best, Noctua. Cool Master does not make a 4 pin for this size. Don't buy if you are replacing the 200mm fans for the Cool Master H500P Mesh, i discovered that the holes will not align unless you do major alterations by drilling.

Overall Review: You have to go to the Noctua web site to see if the fans are compatible for a certain case. I did install the rear fan with a 4 pin Noctua 140mm in the case with no trouble.

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Good Price, Runs Cool2/20/2019 7:56:18 PM

Pros: -I like the price, I did not want a card that lights up or 3 fans and pay another $100+ for it. -Clear front housing but tough and light. I had not had one like this before, but I remember my old ones were difficult to see if the heat radiators were clogged with dust or not. Not so on this card. -Runs Cool-- The review below was right about Battlefield V. Play all night and it will not go above 60C. Only one 8 prong power plug needed.

Cons: No LED lights, I don't care

Overall Review: You can run the games on ultra DX12 with no trouble.

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The perfect case for Hydro cooling2/12/2019 2:18:08 PM

Pros: -The front lower panel hides your power supply and all cables. No one will ever know how messy it is. Nice -The top bracket panel of the case can actually be taken off to install your CPU cooling system or fans. (see Other) -The large front fans do work for cooling during intense gaming. -The led fans can be changed to different colors using the restart on your control panel while running. -If you want to upgrade the fans with 4 pin fans and that plug into the motherboard, the fans are very easy to access by removing the front panel. Other cases can be a nightmare by doing this.

Cons: No egg reduction on this one. -When connecting the factory installed LED fans, you need to read the instructions carefully. There are a few connections to be made. You can make the color selection inside the case or plug your restart controller (the one you would of plug on the motherboard) into the LED color control box inside the case. Since Windows can do restart, I never use the controller from the motherboard, so now I can change colors using that button outside the case. Very Easy

Overall Review: This was the first case I have ever used that installing the water cooling on the top was not time consuming and tight work area. I recently installed the Corsair Hydro 115i that has 3 fans and a long radiator. The case holding bracket can be removed from the case and the fans/radiator can be installed away from the case. This also gave me more room to install the motherboard, cables, ram, before ever placing the bracket back into the top of the case.

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Big and thick2/10/2019 5:26:38 PM

Pros: Massive heat sink, I guarantee it will not bend like the old sticks. Cool and Fast No problem fit when using Corsair Hydro 115i on your CPU

Cons: If you are going to use a CPU fan, it might get in the way.

Overall Review: The large size might give you a false impression it is seated all the way in the motherboard. Just be sure you hear the click when seating.

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Small Flash Drive2/10/2019 5:06:24 PM

Pros: No Problems installing with Flash Drive No DVD player ever needed now (more new computer cases do not have the port for them anyway) Windows located where to download Armoury Crate during setup to download all my drivers for Asus ROG Strike motherboard. No DVD needed, just an internet connection.

Cons: None

Overall Review: The window Flash Drive might look small that you might be use to, but it gets the job done.

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Troubleshoot LED saved the day2/10/2019 4:45:57 PM

Pros: - Lower M.2 holder keeps the SSD very cool compared to other motherboards (around 40C during intense gaming). There are two holders, but using the lower one has a very large heat sink and keeps the M.2 away from the graphics card heat. Nice -The 4 troubleshooting led is truly very helpful (see comments) -WiFi can actual pick up signals without the antenna. During the install of Windows 10, it asked me to connect to the internet to register. I had not connect the modem cable yet to the motherboard, but the board detected the WiFi coming from the other room. Windows automatically installed the WiFi connection and the information was sent flawlessly with no antenna. -A large cover to hide the cables in front, no one will ever know how bad they look. lol -ROG controls are nice

Cons: Very minor cons. After shutting down the computer, the ROG Strike LED stays lit. To make it shut off during shut down, you have to find the control in the Bios and set it to do this (you only have to set it once). For large thick ram sticks, make sure you fully seat them and hear the clicks. (see Other below)

Overall Review: After 2 days, my monitor stop receiving a signal. I tried the regular trouble shoot by re seat the graphics card/ram and checked all power cables. I was starting to think that the graphics card had gone bad. The next morning I tried one last time to start it up, I notice that the trouble shoot led on the motherboard was flashing at DRAM. I re seated the DRAM again pressing harder, after startup the picture appeared, and it was back to gaming. The LED saved me from returning the graphics card and more trouble shooting later on after I would of found that the card was not at fault. It saved me from a lot of grief and lost time.

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My M.2 is a lot cooler now8/18/2017 4:11:11 PM

Pros: - Plug and play, no problems on my Ryzen build using a MSI X370 Gamer Pro Carbon motherboard. - About 9 C cooler after intense gaming (BF1) compared to where I did have it on the motherboard. -My fans blow blow directly on the M.2 now. Before, the M.2 was located underneath the graphics card close to the heat sinks and all that heat that is generated during gaming.

Cons: none, no slow down after the move to the adapter.

Overall Review: I had already installed Windows 10 and a few games on my WD Black M.2 before the move. When I placed the M.2 on the adapter and plugged it in the 2nd graphics card plug, the computer booted up the first time. The computer acts like the M.2 was never moved and fast as before. So easy to set up on a new motherboard.

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Setup was soooo easy with Windows 108/7/2017 7:24:49 PM

Pros: -Windows 10 installation to my WD Black was very easy. (MSI X370 Gamer Pro Carbon Motherboard) -Don't let the size shock you, it is powerful. -Nice price, under $200. You would never tell the difference with a more expensive M.2, they are just too fast to notice during gaming.

Cons: None, I have played many intense Battlefield games, the M.2 never got hot enough to throttle down. (Corsair Air 540 case)

Overall Review: Most of the new motherboard M.2 plug in are placed near the graphics card holder. If you have a new graphics card that the fans turn off during idle time (mine is a MSI Radeon RX 580), this actually will heat up your M.2. I have found by programming your graphics card to stay on at 20% during idle time, the air circulation will cool your M.2. On the WD Black I was able to make it 8 C cooler doing this. It stays around 37 C during idle time (summer time).

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Set up was very easy8/5/2017 1:14:58 PM

Pros: -The Ryzen was instantly recognized on my new MSI X370 gamer pro carbon motherboard even before updates, ready to play BF1 in minutes. -Getting 3.8 GHz using minimal tweaking it during the intense part of the game. (my MSI mb does it for me, "game boost button". -Price was $339, good value. -No longer need my old i7 4790 (not OC) computer, BF1 is quicker now on ultra. - Heat is not a factor now, when compared to the old AMD CPU's

Cons: -The CPU temperature appeared to be high on the motherboard readout and Corsair Link, but it is not. The CPU is actually 20 C cooler than what the readout says. AMD has corrected this recently on Ryzen Master Utility update to show the correct temperature. But Corsair Link and the MSI motherboard bios still shows the old temperature. You might want to take this in consideration (until it is fixed) when you are tweaking your fans and pump

Overall Review: You definitely need a good cooling system. I chose the Corsair H110i because it had all the parts for the Ryzen, you did not have to order an adapter part from Corsair like some of the other Corsair pump models.

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This is truly the one for a Ryzen Build8/4/2017 5:40:01 PM

Pros: - Extremely easy to connect the pump to the Ryzen CPU. There is no removal of the AMD bracket on the motherboard and the paste is already applied. The simple hardware in the box fits right in . - Corsair Link software has 3 pump/fan settings for adjusting gaming or regular work on the computer. (not noisy on the quite setting. -Corsair Link monitors other things on your motherboard (fan speeds, temperatures) and it does not even have to be Corsair hardware.

Cons: Not a thing as long as you pick the right case for water cooling.

Overall Review: This is probably only for the new Ryzen CPU builds, and AMD needs to fix it. The CPU temperature is definitely 20 C cooler than is shown on Corsair Link. The same thing occurs on my new MSI Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard bios readout and other MB using a Ryzen CPU. The CPU I use is a Ryzen 1700X. So don't panic when the liquid reads 28 C and the CPU says 57 C when you run your computer, lol. I wonder how many builders have took it apart and reapplied the thermo paste again thinking it was their fault for being hot. Then discover they are getting the same temperature. You can see this discrepancy right off by starting a cold computer up, and the CPU temperature is already reading in the 50's C.

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Easy to setup and lots of tweaking software if you desire it8/4/2017 2:16:47 PM

Pros: -The Ryzen build (X1700) was so easy to put together using this motherboard. -The first boot using a M.2 WD Black and the Ryzen CPU was flawless, no surprises. The motherboard recognized every thing using the old bios installed on the board. -Updating the bio was easy, especially if you have done it on other motherboards. - I liked the bios control panel, easy to understand. -The Live update 6 software that came with the motherboard (DVD) will take care of everything and replace your old drivers. -If you are into overclocking, there is a lot of MSI software installed after the updates for that purpose.

Cons: The M.2 slot is under my video card fan and heat exchanges like other motherboards. (there is a way to make the M.2 cooler) I realized that my MSI Radeon RX 580 graphics card is programmed with fans off when not under a big load. The card is still warm and heats your M.2. By configuring the card to run at 20% fan speed when not under load you can keep your M.2 ssd 9 degrees C cooler. This gives better airflow around your M.2 and keeps it a lot cooler.

Overall Review: Most builders now know by now that the CPU temperature readout (Corsair Link, the motherboard, etc) is not right using the Ryzen CPU. It is actually 20 C cooler than what it says on the readout (when you first startup you computer in the morning it is already reading 56 C, lol). If you use HWinfo60 , it actually shows the correct temperature. I will be glad when AMD fixes this and show the true temperature.

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Space Saver for my mouse to roam the desk5/2/2017 3:35:15 PM

Pros: I had a G910 and another brand keyboard that took up a lot of room on the desk, and my mouse kept bumping the key board during play. I noticed while playing Battlefield I never use the extra features that came with it such as the number pad and programmable buttons (lots of them). If you are a full time gamer, you really don't need all of those features that get in the way. The G410 solved my problem by cutting down the length of the keyboard by a third. The light setup is exactly like my G910 and performs just like the G910. I am very happy having more room on the desk now, and flying with a mouse (playing battlefield) is so much easier with a lot of mouse room now.

Cons: Very minor, the volume is controlled by holding the FN key and moving the sound high or low with F11 and F12. Maybe Logitech will add a volume roller on this one like the G910 some day.

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