This thing is a MONSTER!6/30/2016 9:20:37 AM

Pros: -Absolutely silent. -Ran 3d mark 3 times in a row, wouldn't go over 62 degree Celsius! -Runs every single game on the market right now on ultra no problem! -Amazing design and cool led effects

Cons: -Its a bit heavy, it just every so slightly sags, but it almost unnoticeable. -Nothing else comes to mind.

Overall Review: -I cant seem to get the APP to change the led color of the logo, it comes default white which is what I wanted it on regardless. -The red led bit on the bottom of the card is nice touch, if you don't like that I believe you can turn it off completely using the APP but as I said, the APP doesn't work for me on Windows 10 Pro, could just need a hotfix in the future.

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