Great APU4/25/2021 3:20:55 PM

Pros: Works well for regular PC use

Cons: Struggles in modern games if used as GPU as well The seller sent me a Chinese version of the CPU, the box, instructions and everything else was in Chinese

Overall Review: Seller is not upfront about the fact they are selling products meant for Chinese markets to people in the USA.

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Great beginners drone8/27/2020 2:44:30 PM

Pros: Fairly easy to finish assembling (landing legs, rotor guards, install battery) Comes with two batteries Pretty durable construction 4x extra blades in case one breaks Lots of cool features in the phone app including live video feed from the drone First time flying it I crashed it 3 times, twice it ended up in a field upside down and once the rotor blades hit a chair leg, each time the motors immediately shutoff, the drone was not damaged and it flew again after restarting it Camera quality is pretty darn good for a drone of this price and the camera can even rotate and move separate from the drones movements Drone includes automatic stabilizers allow it to hover and adapt to movement and wind interference while remaining upright

Cons: As far as I can tell you MUST use an app to accompany the setup and use of the drone The batteries don't last long, approximately ~20min sustained flight time from full charge When battery would dip down to around 15%-20% the drone would sometimes not be able to maintain full flight and would descend to the ground. The drone and it's wifi connection rely on 5.8ghz WiFi signals, meaning any other signals from home or office wifi may cause interference (AKA use it away from your home or other sources of WiFi signals) Due to the light weight of the drone it is susceptible to wind pushing it around Every time the drone is turned on you must manually re-calibrate the drones internal compass by rotating it 3x horizontally and 3x vertically (not a true con, just annoying)

Overall Review: This is my first drone so I can't really compare it to any other drones. I am however having a blast with it, took some cool pictures of my home and my backyard garden from above. The drone does not come with a MicroSD card, however pictures can be taken using the phone app which are directly stored on the phone itself. The addition of the MicroSD card may be for taking videos. Overall great beginner drone, good fun.

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Ice, Ice baby!2/10/2020 6:27:47 PM

Pros: Simple design LCD on the pump Came with both intel and amd mounts All needed hardware included My Ryzen 3900X at 4.35ghz across all cores peaks at ~60c with this cooler

Cons: The fans and radiator have quite a bit of depth and I had to reconfigure my fan setup in my case and even then it barely fit. Make sure you've got adequate room for the fans and radiator.

Overall Review: Works great to keep my CPU cool while gaming and working. Highly recommend it.

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Amazing motherboard2/10/2020 6:24:14 PM

Pros: A gazillion features in the UEFI(BIOS) Worked right off the bat with my new Ryzen 9 3900X Supports PCIE 4.0 which will help the next time I upgrade my GPU Supports PCIE 3.0 for current generation cards Multiple PCIE slots for SLI/Crossfire of video cards Allowed my 3200mhz GSkill TridentZ ram to not only to reach 3200mhz, but go beyond it. (currently stable at 3266mhz) Board runs cool, temps never going above 55c WiFi works amazing and gives me 800+mbps up/down connection to my AP which is across my house

Cons: I had some issue gaming right out of the box. I would get massive stuttering and 25% or greater frame loss. I discovered a setting in the BIOS called Precision Boost Overdrive that pushes about 5 different areas of the motherboard including CPU past their intended voltage limits. After disabling this feature everything ran like a dream. I didn't deduct an egg in my review because this is a feature I overlooked during install and was easily disabled.

Overall Review: I bought this along with a Ryzen 9 3900X and a Corsair H75 AIO cooler. CPU peaks around ~60c under full load, motherboard peaking around ~55c. I have it paired with GSkill TridentZ 3200mhz RAM which I run at 3266mhz without issue and a GTX 1080ti Hybrid. All around its an amazing board when paired with the right components. Highly recommend this to anyone that doesn't want to spend a small fortune on Intel products.

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Great case2/10/2020 6:14:09 PM

Pros: Low cost compared to other cases of similar quality Case is well built Comes with tons of extra screws, mounts, zip ties, etc. Transparent panel is neat The top and front screens are magnetic, can be rearranged to taste or removed even

Cons: Not sure this is really a con, but the power supply is for some reasoned reccessed inside the case, meaning there is a 2in deep area where the power cord connects with the psu. Might not work with L-shaped plugs.

Overall Review: Highly recommend this case for any budget build

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Works great2/10/2020 6:11:21 PM

Pros: Powered multiple networking devices Testing show cleans, stable power supply Doesnt get hot like other units

Overall Review: I installed this device to provide a battery backup to a 2-disk NAS, cable internet modem, phone/cable modem, gigabit router and a gigabit switch. All around it worked exactly as I needed it to.

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Amazing CPU2/10/2020 5:56:44 PM

Pros: Fast as heck Stable under full load 12 cores, 24 threads means smooth, fast perfomance even with a ton of software running My cpu peaks around 4.35ghz across all cores Under heavy load for extended duration the cpu's maximum temp is ~60c While I didnt use the fan included with the CPU, it is itself an amazing cooling unit

Cons: Absolutely none

Overall Review: I paired my 3900x with an Asus TUF X570 motherboard, GSkill Trident Z 3200mhz 2x 8gb, and a Corsair H75 AIO liquid cooler. I upgraded from a Asus B350F motherboard, Ryzen 7 1700 and Corsair H60 AIO liquid cooler. The performance gain was insane. Coupled with my 1080ti and 4k monitor, I can now play all modern games at 3840x2160, Ultra settings at a solid 60fps without frame loss or dips. Absolutely a recommended CPU for anyone looking for high performance without paying Intel's outrageous costs.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great Home/Small Office NAS11/3/2019 2:15:19 PM

Pros: -Easy to setup and install -Fantastic management GUI -Easy to setup network drive in windows -Solid manufacturing and construction, well built -Aesthetic design

Cons: -Requires at least basic understanding of network technologies and web based gui's

Overall Review: Would recommend for any home or small office need.

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Extremely Satisfied4/6/2019 7:33:40 PM

Pros: More than enough CPU power GPU plays even modern games well, get 50fps in BF V on 1920x1080, medium-high settings GPU runs Squad at 1920x1080 high settings full 60fps SSD is super fast IPS screen is great quality Fantastic price Age of Empires Definitive Edition, Gears of War 4 and Fortnite bundle included

Cons: 256gb SSD limits how much can be added, need to be selective with games/software Only 3 USB ports

Overall Review: I absolutely love this laptop. I bought it for the purposes of school and gaming and it works amazing for my purposes. It also gets very good hashrates when mining WEB coins. Wish it had more USB ports though.

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Fantastic PoE switch1/10/2019 5:55:05 PM

Pros: Solid metal case Solid construction 4x 48v PoE ports

Cons: None

Overall Review: Used this switch to remotely power 4x IP security cameras. Did the job perfectly, allowed me to add 4x new cameras to my existing setup.

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Great monitor1/10/2019 5:53:15 PM

Pros: Looks sleek Small bezel VGA, DVI, HDMI ports In-monitor speakers Lots of configuration options in the monitor settings menu Great image quality @ 2560x1440

Cons: None

Overall Review: Replaced a family members old 22in 1600x900 monitor with this monitor and they are amazed at the quality improvement.

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Fantastic 2-in-17/12/2018 2:24:17 AM

Pros: Quad core cpu with 2gb ram means the tablet runs smooth even when running a handful of programs. Touch screen with stylus Includes keyboard/mouse/USB 2.0 port dock Memory slot to expand on the already fantastic 500gb storage space Easy to setup and install USB C charging port Supports virtually all modern windows based software that isn't GPU intensive Solid design and construction, doesnt feel plasticy or weak 60hz refresh rate

Cons: limited GPU ability with intel graphics There is a minor amount of system lag when multitasking or downloading Low maximum screen resolution

Overall Review: Bought this for my son, he mostly uses it for youtube and roblox, but we both already love it. For a low-end windows tablet, I couldn't ask for more. Honestly feels like I should have paid $300 plus for this, but at time of purchase it was only $139 (July 2018). Quite the deal.

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Fantastic Case!4/16/2018 5:18:47 PM

Pros: Amazing air flow Mounts for like 10 fans reconfigurable sides and top Mobo config for either horizontal or vertical installation Includes 1x 200m fan Thermaltake quality design and parts Works perfect with my Asus Micro ATX board and Gigabyte 1070ti

Cons: Minimal noise reduction, fans can get a bit loud with their hum

Overall Review: Execellent case, came from a standard mid tower to this and have notice temp drops around 10c on average.

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Great GPU4/14/2018 7:01:54 PM

Pros: Low power consumption vs other similar GPUs Runs 1440p games over 100fps on max settings Works amazing with my 1440p/144hz monitor Not as loud as some of the other reviewers said theirs was Far less expensive than other 1070ti's

Cons: Its physical dimensions are pretty long, make sure your case has room The card with only a driver disk, no cords/cables or connectors of any kind

Overall Review: Haven't owned it very long but I already love it. I replaced my XFX R9 390 with this card and it's a huge performance increase. FYI: make sure you already have all the cables and/or adapters you need. This is literally the only GPU I've ever bought that didn't include cables and adapters. Maybe that's why it costs so much less than other 1070ti.

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Fantastic Monitor4/14/2018 6:37:13 PM

Pros: Super crisp 3840x2160@60hz Supports 2560x1440@75hz as alternate resolution/refresh HDMI, DP, and DVI ports Solid frame, super sturdy stand, VESA mounting available as well Games, movies and pictures look gorgeous Aesthetically pleasing At the time of purchase, the monitor was $450USD, similar monitors cost $600+

Cons: 4ms is a little slower GTG response than I prefer Cant seem to get Windows 10 to recognize that the monitor supports HDR10 (probably windows fault, not the monitor) Stand has a large span, make sure you have plenty of desk space

Overall Review: I have been using an Acer 27in 1440p/144hz/1ms for a few years. I got a GTX 1080ti last summer so I decided to upgrade. I was concerned that moving from 144hz to 60hz would be hard to adapt to. I can assure it is not, 60hz is good gaming baseline FPS. With this monitor and my GTX 1080ti I am able to play all my games at 2160p/max settings and I got a solid 60fps with rare fps drops. The improvement from 1440p to 2160p is better than I anticipated. Highly recommend this monitor for gamers that want a gorgeous view and aren't as concerned with refresh rate.

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It's a mat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!3/4/2018 3:50:50 PM

Pros: I't s extremely well constructed with high quality components

Cons: none

Overall Review: It's HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE. Make sure you have at least 36in width of room for this thing. I didn't realize how big it is until it's flopping over the side of my tiny desk.

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Best mouse I've ever owned3/4/2018 3:48:55 PM

Pros: Comfortable grip Mouse wheel uses rubber to add extra grip Solid construction Multiple DPI settings make for a mouse that can adapt to multiple situations Amazingly accurate in FPS games

Cons: None

Overall Review: Bit lighter than I am used to in terms of mice. I feel like I am throwing the mouse around sometimes.

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Wow3/3/2018 12:39:47 AM

Pros: Insane quality even at night great dvr box

Cons: none

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Switch is good3/3/2018 12:38:59 AM

Pros: It's move data around like you would not believe

Cons: none

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Great mic, ripoff package3/3/2018 12:38:04 AM

Pros: Blue Yeti mic itself is absolutely amazing super high quality sound solid construction, very well built base is very solid

Cons: Knox boom arm is absolute garbage, ours broke on the first day, very cheap USB cable for yeti came with mini-usb end bent back at a 90 degree angle, cord was DOA

Overall Review: Just buy the yeti mic and high quality boom arm, this kit is a waste of money.

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Excellent headset3/3/2018 12:34:45 AM

Pros: Amazing speaker sound quality 7.1 surround emulation Mic is top notch 3.5mm with USB converter Fantastic for gaming Great with steam, discord, etc.

Cons: Could be made to fit a slightly smaller size head. I have a medium size head and the smallest settings fits me perfectly.

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Great3/3/2018 12:32:39 AM

Pros: Replaced an old array of smaller 2.5in 500gb drivers and the performance increase is fantastic.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Amazing drive, highly recommended for gaming.

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Great Mobo3/3/2018 12:31:18 AM

Pros: Works very well with my sons Ryzen 5 1600. Worked perfectly first time I booted it up with 2x 6gb ram and r5 1600. ASUS quality support, with frequest BIOS updates. Solid build mobo Cool design

Cons: You get what you pay for: not too many slots and no super flashy fancy features.

Overall Review: Works very well and would recommend for home or gaming setup.

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Great CPU3/3/2018 12:29:13 AM

Pros: Fast, responsive 6 cores, 12 threads 3.5ghz turbo is more than enough for most software Runs modern games very well

Cons: None

Overall Review: This cpu was installed to replace an intel i7 4770k and the performance increase is amazing.

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Great RAM3/3/2018 12:27:49 AM

Pros: Has worked perfectly since we bought it. Paired with an Asus TUF board and an r5 1600. Works prefectly with DOCP @ 2400. RGB is rad pulsing of colors and look nice against the rest of the white memory shielding.

Cons: Absolutely wont run at 2666, dont recommend for OCers

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