Elegant Minimalism4/25/2017 11:22:09 AM

Pros: - Perfect amount of space for a mini-ITX build, sans any expansion cards - Smart airflow design making it unnecessary (at least in my scenario) to install any case fans - Installing a PSU and removing the 2.5" drive bay couldn't be simpler - Excellent value for the cost Using this chassis as it came, meaning with the included Integra SFX power supply and no additional case fans, resulted in very quiet operation and perfectly acceptable temperatures for me. For what it's worth, the CPU is an i3-7100 with the stock cooler.

Cons: - Bottom panel too difficult to remove - Power supply cables perhaps not as space-conscious as they should be for mini-ITX Said power supply is whisper quiet and has been performing its intended function as well any any power supply can in the limited amount of time that I've had it. However, the cables are perhaps a bit too long for this case. The SATA power cable, for example, extends well beyond the drive bay, and the lack of modularity made it a bit more difficult than it needed to be for me to cram the excess cable lengths into voids; removing the cable for PCIe power would have made matters much easier since I didn't install any sort of expansion card requiring it. Instead, that cable is now chilling in the empty expansion bay and the area around the power supply itself is rather cramped. The bottom panel of the case was incredibly difficult to remove, as it uses little retention tabs on each side of the case. One side has a single tab and the other sides each have two tabs. Problem is, as you're unhooking the tabs on one side it's pretty hard not to push the tabs on the other sides back into place if you've already gotten them unhooked. I also had trouble getting it back on without damaging the front panel USB and audio connectors. Fortunately, that didn't happen, but it took me almost 10 minutes to do it and I was a bit nervous the whole time.

Overall Review: I'd recommend this case and power supply to anyone who has the patience and confidence to wrestle with the PSU cables and bottom panel of the case, but I really don't think these factors should be a deal breaker. It's not that bad. You might not even need to take said panel off except for occasional cleaning. Should I ever need to do a mini-ITX build in the future that doesn't need to be any smaller than this, I'd certainly choose this case/PSU combo again. Should be easier to do another build with it since I now know what to expect.

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