Great Processor, awesome Price...4/17/2020 4:36:18 PM

Pros: ITS A 1600AF!

Cons: It doesn't have a BJ Button

Overall Review: Yes! This is the now famous 1600AF, a totally underrated CPU that is a Rockstar.

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Nice board, Easy Setup1/12/2009 11:22:33 AM

Pros: The Crossfire with a 3450 works very well, Easy setup, lots of programs included to tweak with. No issues with memory, CPU, USB's or Network connectivity. Very nice Board Layout, Sound is crisp.

Cons: Too many Tweaking apps, (not really a bad thing because it allows you to overclock easy) may be confusing to beginners (Which one to use) having a problem with getting it to wake up after being idle for long periods, may be a config problem I just havent had time to fix.

Overall Review: This Board is a great incremental build board because of the on-board graphics (played Crysis on min settings) Expect very good Microsoft ratings on it except graphics. The Board will allow you to build one piece at a time by ramping up the build piece by piece. (started with a dual core, changing to quad etc) It will allow you to also put the box together in just about any config you want (HTPC, Gaming rig, Office etc. Would highly recommend this as a first build because of the ease of assembly and configuration.

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