Great for phone calls, okay for music but connection issues4/26/2021 10:04:28 PM

Pros: Range - Paired instantly, with no issues. Connection was perfect up to 25 feet away from the phone, and dropped off completely at 27 feet. Sound had no breaks and was strong up to the 25 feet. Design and Feel - Metal weighted feel and look, making for a solid product. Design is simple, modern and understated. Buttons are tiny. Great effort put to making a 'cool' looking device and charging case. Sound - Very good sound clarity for phone calls and listening to messages. Mic worked flawlessly, with over 100 phone calls. For music, you should look to a better device, as the sound is tinny and bland. Fit - Size and shape fit my ear perfectly. Felt comfortable wearing them all day, and most of the time I forgot they were in. Case Charging - Worked flawlessly and very fast, but the buds wouldn't charge while the case was plugged in. Battery Life - Was able to get 4 to almost 5 hrs of talk time, or listening to music. Volume had a large impact on the amount of life.

Cons: Charge Time - The time to recharge the earbuds varied a lot, and not for the better. At 8% power, it took 6.25 hrs to get to 100% charge on both buds. The next time it took 4hrs to do the same. Connection - On week two of testing, the left earbud started having connection issues. While the right bud would connect fast, the left would not connect at all. It would then have no issues later in the day. Buttons - They are very touchy! If your finger is even close to the button, they will activate. Do not try to take them out of the case and answer a call, as you will hit one of the buttons and hang up on the person.

Overall Review: Excellent value Airbuds alternative if you are just using them for phone calls. There are better options, that will cost you more, that play music far better.

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Smaller # of blocks shipped. Stay way from this product and maker.7/30/2020 9:13:34 PM

Pros: No pros

Cons: Garbage. Item was to be an 8x8x8 cube of blocks, for a total of 512 blocks. They shipped two 6x6x6 cubes, for a total of 432 blocks. Bait and switch. Quality is terrible.

Overall Review: Stay away from this manufacturer.

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Power, efficiency and stability, with even more power to spare.10/11/2018 2:28:12 PM

Pros: Power - 1200 watts! It is why you buy it. Even with seven hard drives running, benchmarking and six programs running, I couldn't max out this PSU. Even pushed as far as my system could push it, I never got higher than 80% PSU use. Price Point - Very competitive to other PSUs in the same watt range. Quiet fan and operation - Even at 80%, the fan and coil were silent. Overall operation of the PSU, with just Windows and a couple programs running, were silent as even the coil had no annoying buzzing. Fan is design for silent running, and it didn't disappoint. Made my other 750Watt PSU sound like a loud fan, which I always considered it to be near silent at 80% load. Fan didn't even come on until the unit reached 46% power. 10 Year Warranty - Becoming come place now days on 750W and above models. Never have needed the 10 year warranty on a PSU, but it is nice to have. Since the PSU will be very difficult to push past 50%, this PSU should last well beyond 15 years. Rail Mode - You have the option of not just using the single 12V rail, and spread your power needs around. The switch is on the inside of your case, so you will need to open your system to change it back. Idle Power Use - Almost no power was being drawn, which is great to see as it can produce heat in the case, even though you are doing nothing. Highly Efficient - When in normal, non-idle and not maxed out, the unit is operating at 91% efficiency.

Cons: Size - This is a beast of a PSU, as it is over 2 inches longer than my current 750Watt PSU. Had an issue with the air holes outlet on my ATX case, even though it is full size. Had to drill holes to expand the area to allow for better air flow. Filed and painted the new holes. No air flow issues. Cables - Cables are usually the mid-range level cables, but on an upper-end model. For a full size ATX case, the cable lengths leave a lot to be desired. This helps on air flow, but it does make for possible strain on the connections, as the CPU and other connectors have no slack at all. Better to buy other thin braided cables. Had not issue on connecting the SLI for the GPU's, but it was tight.

Overall Review: Love the unit. Nvidia 1080 GTX 1080Ti used in SLI.

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Good Mouse with mid-size, lightweight and customizable7/23/2018 3:37:59 PM

Pros: Optics - No laser here, more accurate optics is used. Adjustable weight system - There are four 5 gram weights in the bottom back of the mouse, which allows for adjusting the weight and feel of the mouse. Was great when it came to gaming to add responsiveness. Wireless - Goes without saying, but for gaming wireless is just better. Who wants to deal with a wire for a mouse anymore? HERA Software - Very easy to install and use. It works. Adjustable DPI Optics - Allows for fine tuning the mouse to work in almost any environment and to be as responsive as you can get. Gold plated USB Cord - They didn't need to have it gold plated, but they did. Nice touch for the price point of the product. Buttons and Wheel - Both make or break a mouse. This mouse didn't disappoint, as the buttons are soft and responsive, and the wheel is the smoothest I have ever found. Programmable Keys - 7 keys, so you can have different setups for games, media and Windows. Movement in use - Easy moving on most mouse pads and even wood, and still very accurate. Interchangeable magnetic side panels - Two sets, allowing for changing the feel and size of the mouse.

Cons: Price - There are a lot of mouse options at the $50 to $70 price point that perform the same. Windows 10 - Program didn't like it at first, but got better after updating the drivers twice. Maybe a Windows issue, as Windows 10 is just one big issue still. Right-handed only - Not a con for us right-handers, but for 7% of the population is can be. RGB - Should have allowed for more colors and options at this price point.

Overall Review: Mice functions and performance are very personal, and that makes them also high subjective. For my size hand, the mouse fit perfectly. Weight was heavier than my standard stripped down mouse, and slightly heavier than my wired gaming mouse. This is now the mouse I use everyday. Gamdias has made a great little mouse.

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Very stable and dependable PSU5/8/2018 7:48:27 AM

Pros: Fully Modular - This really helps on air flow and work space. No reason to buy non-modular PSU anymore, when the price points have fallen so much. Stable - Even at max power output, the PSU had not issues with support or heat. Temps never went above 50C. 12V rail remained stable with only 6% in fluctuations in voltage regulation, along with all other minor rails coming in at 5%. Very Quiet - Even at full output, the unit was far quieter than the rest of the computer. Warranty - 10 years, which is what a good quality PSU should have no days. Zero RPM Mode - A must have on PSU. Fan only engaged when peak needs hits about 60%. Fan didn't need to kick on for most of the day. Capacitors - Japanese!!! No lower-end capacitors from Taiwan or China, only the best on this model. Compact Build Size - Size allows it to fit in min-ATX and up to full without an issue. 80 Plus Gold Certified - Should be for the price point. POWER - Running a Kaby Lake CPU at 4.7Ghz, two GPU's, six drives, liquid cooling and 8 fans without an issue!!! Plenty of Cable - Corsair was kind enough to include more cables than most anyone would ever need.

Cons: Single 12V rail - Most PSU above $100 now have two rails to use to spread the load demands. Price - Unit is higher than similar models that have more than one 12V rail. Cables - Very stiff and have trouble flexing. Can cause air flow issues.

Overall Review: The PSU is a decently priced unit that has an excellent design and build quality. Are there other units out there that do the same for cheaper? Yes, but not ones with a 10 year warranty. Unit had no issues in two weeks of use and benchmark testing. Buy this unit if you want a PSU that will last the next 10 years+, keeping power stable and reducing the risk of damage your computer.

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Poor performance vs competitors, and at a higher price10/30/2017 9:16:41 PM

Pros: Memory size: 4TB is perfect for a gaming and storage drive. Build: Solidly built product. Weights more than my other 64GB and 128GB cache drives, which usually means a better construction. Temp: Runs very cool for a 4TB drive. Never saw the temps rise above 37C, even under high load use. In Game Performance: Flawless performance with no lag or buffering, even at max settings for 12 different games.

Cons: Price: Priced higher than better speced and performing drives like Western Digital Red and Purple, or even my Seagate 4TB drive. Comparable specs from other drives can be had for $99. Warranty: 2 Years. That leaves a lot to be desired, as most now are offering 3-5 years on their HDD's. Have a hard time paying $150 for a drive with a 2 year warranty. Performance: Drive performed only a little better than my WD Red drive with only 64GB cache. Drive performed 16% slower than my Seagate drive with the same specs. Drive Issues: Computer had issues formatting the drive. Drive had issues when transferring file package of 1.2TB, as the drive froze twice. No issues with the other four drives being used in the testing.

Overall Review: System: Windows 7 64bit, Intel 4.2Gz Kaby Lake, 32GB RAM, 2 HDD's and 2 SSD's. Gaming HDD? No reason to go with a HDD for gaming, as SSD will far outperform a HDD. The cost of the SSD will be higher, but you don't need 4TB for gaming. Testing Results: Write: 169.22MB/sec Read: 173.41MB/sec Game Performance: Ran 12 different games on max settings and had no issues with lag or buffering. 2K LG " monitor had no issues. So, while the drive didn't perform as good as I would have hoped on reading and writing in testing, I am very pleased how it performed when used with what it was intended for. Read and write test numbers are just that. The true measure of a drive is how it performs in real world applications. Biggest drawback of the drive is still the price compared with the competition, that has the same specs.

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Perfect SSD for portable use9/12/2017 7:38:48 PM

Pros: Size - About as small as you can get for a 500Gig drive. Measures 7/16" thick, 3.5" length and 2.25" wide. Great for use with a surveillance system, as you can hide the drive easily. Construction: Aluminum case, instead of the former model and most SSD's, which use plastic. Product had no issue with an accidental 3 foot drop on to a hardwood floor. Speed: It would be very hard to find a faster portable SSD. CrystalDisk Mark 5.1.2 Performance on Windows 7 x64: Seq(Q32t1) - Read - 541.6, Write 507.2 4K(Q32t1) - Read - 197.4, Write 181.9 Seq Read - 491.1, Write 474.2 4K Read - 23.92, Write 67.91 USB 3.1 Gen 2- Light years faster than USB 2.0, as you would expect. Saving of a 18.6gig video surveillance file, from my desktop to the SSD took 12min with USB 2.0, while USB 3.1 took 1min and 22sec. Errors: No errors or issues after two weeks of three cameras recording and writing over data. Plug-and-Play - Came formatted, but wanted to format it Windows 7. Formatted FAT32 for Windows and then reformatted by my surveillance system with no issues. 465GB of useable area. No power cord - No need for an extra power cord due to USB 3.1. Anyone that has to deal with the older portable drives with power cords knows it is not a good situation. Add-on for encryption - 256bit. Can be added if you need it. You are able to lock out the drive from anyone else getting in without your password. No temp - Unlike the other portable SSD's drive, this drive is still ice cold after constant use for two weeks. Warranty - 3 years. As with most SSD's, you will have an issue in the first 30 days, or never.

Cons: Performance over T3 - Saw only a 6% improvement over my Samsung T3 drive. Price - At $200, it costs a lot more than the T3 for very little performance increase.

Overall Review: Samsung just makes rock solid portable SSD's. Have four previous Samsung SSD's and never have had an issue.

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Excellent multi-camera HDD for streaming feed8/27/2017 7:12:26 PM

Pros: Setup: Windows 7 64bit, Kaby Lake i7-7700, Cameras: 4 D-Link DCS-2530L cameras - able to record in 1080p. All four cameras are setup to record continually. Prior setup had the cameras recording to 4TB WD Red drives. Those drives had issues with being able to view video files, and especially while the system was recording. Lots of shuttering of the images. Pros: Size of the drive - Hard to find drives that are 10TB with such a large cache. Drive is very much designed for use with a large number of cameras. Setup - Fast and easy to install and Windows had no issues formatting it. BIOS found the drive immediately after formatting. No shuttering - Was able to watch 1080p video from any of the four cameras, while the system was recording. This was not possible with the Red series due to the smaller cache. Warranty - 3 Years, which is standard for a high-end drive. No errors or bad files - 24/7 recording for 2 weeks and not one file had and issue. Power - 6.2 watts at sequential read. Performance: CrystalDiskMark Sequential Read : 211.114 MB/s Sequential Write : 210.925 MB/s Random Read 512KB : 75.221 MB/s Random Write 512KB : 118.997 MB/s This is the perfect drive for a surveillance setup for your home or office. Price will be a concern, but the ability to view files without lag or shutter is impressive. No loss of data or issues with opening and viewing files is a huge plus. Bit the bullet and get this drive if you have 4 or more cameras running at 1080.

Cons: Price - At $400, it is a very expensive drive. Everyone has the drive for the same price around the internet. That is a normal trend when a new drive comes out that is high-end. Is it ethical? Runs Hot - Compared to my Red drives, this HDD runs very hot and placement at the bottom of my drive bay was not idea due to a need for direct air flow. Able to drop the temp of the drive by 4C when the drive was placed directly in the middle of a fan. Would be concerned if my CPU was not on liquid. Very Thick - Had to move a HDD to another slot to give it proper room, as it does run hot.

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Perfect budget storage drive to compliment an SSD5/8/2017 5:49:17 PM

Pros: Cache: 256MB - making for write speeds peaking 72mb/s and read speeds of 191mb/s, while average speeds of 59mb/s and 155mb/s. Random read access time came in at 25.9ms, and the random write access was 9.01ms. Install: The system recognized the drive without issues. Partitioning went easy, with no issues. Almost no noise: A big plus for spinning drives, but not always found. Could barely hear anything from the drive at anytime, even with the case open, but does have some noise when spinning up, and spinning down. Heat: No real heat coming from the drive.

Cons: Warranty: Only 3 years, not the 5 that has become more standard.

Overall Review: Utilized the drive for storage of video files from four surveillance cameras. Install was as simple an plugging in the drive and formatting the drive. Beyond easy, as can be found when using Seagate drives. Drive fits a price point play for a large and dependable drive that will not break the bank. Was able to view DVR video files, while the drive was recording video feeds from the four cameras. This is not a high performance drive, and its speed suffers compared to slightly higher priced models. If you are look for above average performance, at a low cost per TB, then this is a great choice. Build Setup: EVGA 750W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz Quad-Core Processor Corsair H100i V2 Liquid Cooler G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2800 Memory Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 8GB AMP Edition Video Card Seagate Barracuda 3TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive Samsung 850 EVO 250GB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive

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Another great wifi extender from TP-Link3/20/2017 3:54:52 PM

Pros: Design - As with all TP-Link wifi extenders, the design is outstanding and just looks cool with the curved design and white color. Very small size, not like a powerline adapter. Setup - Easy as pushing two buttons! Plug into the wall outlet, push the WSP button and then do the same on your wifi router. Takes about 30 seconds at most to get the hand off. Strength lights - Easy to see how strong the signal is and where in the house your coverage is weak. Add more extenders - You can add other extenders to the network, and they work seamlessly. Stability - Product didn't drop the wifi signal for the 10 days it has been tested. Reset button - It is easy to find and use on the bottom. Performance - Ethernet port on Router is at 109Mbps according to speedcheck. 15 feet away, the unit is able to deliver 53Mbps. At 30 feet away from the router, the performance is at 12Mbps. One unit was able to give me the same coverage of two older TP-Link extenders. Streaming - Product had no issues with streaming a movie on my TV and on my laptop at the same time. When moved 30 feet away from the router, unit did have issues with buffering.

Cons: No Ethernet Port - This is a must on these devices so you can plug your laptop or TV in. Better to have a stable port used, than wifi that changes quality all the time. Cost - It is a little high compared to other TP-Link models, but it is the latest. No 5hz support.

Overall Review: Intel Desktop computer Netgear 4500v2 wifi router Linksys cable modem Lenovo Laptop This is another great TP-Link extender and just adds to the family. No issues came up. Plug-and-play as always with these.

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Excellent Mid-Range Motherboard2/18/2017 4:22:02 PM

Pros: Bios and Update: Ran a Bios update before installing Windows. Update was done very quickly. Bios was laid out easily and was seamless. Fans and Sensors: Plenty of support for fans. Able to interchange fan headers to reflect different thermal sensors for different locations on the board, allowing for optimal case heat management. This is a must for Kaby Lake processors due to their higher heat and possible overclocking. Thunderbolt 3 Support: Flawless hook up to my LG UltraWide 34UM95 Display with Thunderbolt support. Picture was clear and clean with no shuttering or input lag running websites like, or playing from the DVD drive. M.2 SSD Support: Load up speed was amazing. You don't want to blink, or you will miss the Windows loading. Don't get a MB without M.2 support. DDR4 support: Expensive RAM, but worth the money when playing frame intensive games. No lags or shuttering when playing any games. If the cost wasn't so high, I would have bought more. Slots were easy to get the RAM into and are stable, even as you overclock the CPU. CPU support: Newest Kaby Lake, which was stable at 4.9Ghz. Perfect for programs that run on one core for better performance. Future Protected: Intel Octane is supported, and Intel has just started releasing Kaby Lake CPUs. PCI Slots: Plenty of slots for installing two video cards and even a PCI hard drive, if needed. Power needs: No issues running a 750W power supply. GPU was drawing most of the power supply. Layout: Plenty of space between slots and inputs to allow for cables and airflow. RAID Support: RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10 support. SATA Support: 6 SATA 6Gb/s connectors, allowing for a lot of SSD storage. USB 3.1 Gen 2 port: Downloads from the new ports are noticeably faster than USB 3.0, at about 15% faster.

Cons: Cooler: Space is a little tight for installing a water cooler. Was able to get it installed, but was nervous about bending connector pins. #of Cores Supported: Only 4 Cores for the Kaby Lake. Haswell and Broadwell give you the options of more cores. RAM: Only can install 64GB, while Haswell and Broadwell allows 128GB. No other cons, as the chipset and board are perfect for a high performance under $1200 build.

Overall Review: Build Setup: EVGA 750W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz Quad-Core Processor Corsair H100i V2 Liquid Cooler G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2800 Memory Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 8GB AMP Edition Video Card Seagate Barracuda 3TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive Samsung 850 EVO 250GB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive Fastest build I have ever done due to the excellent layout and no issues with the BIOS or drivers.

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Decent value PSU for low load system12/24/2016 10:17:33 AM

Pros: Corsair: They have always made dependable power supply units, and they stand behind their products. Have had the same Corsair PSU in one of my computers for 7 years with no issues. Price Point: $30 for 600 Watts. It is impossible to get that much power for so little. Heat Venting: Good size openings on the top and back for venting of heat. Product didn't have an heat issues, even at constant full load. Connections: 1 x ATX Connector, 1 x EPS Connector, 2 x Four Pin Peripheral Connector, 2 x PCIe Connector, 7 x SATA, Connector, 1 x Floppy Connector. Efficiency: 80%, which is to be expected on current PSU's. Testing came in at 79% efficiency, which is close. Fan Noise: Quieter than my 950W unit by far. Little noise. Overload: Able to overload the unit to 650W, but efficiency dropped below 72%. Voltage Consistency: 12V - varied by 1.7%. 5V rail varied by 1.8% and 3.3V rail varied by only 1.1%. Acceptable numbers for a stable system. Warranty: 3 years, which is standard. If a PSU unit fails, it will do it in the first year.

Cons: Rails: Only one +12V rail. I prefer to install units that have two +12V rails due to power safety issues of having just one rail. Spread the load! Cable clutter: The cables do tend to take up a lot of space in the tower case, reducing airflow. Prefer modular PSU's, but they also cost more.

Overall Review: Compatible with the latest ATX12V v2.31 and EPS 2.92 standards and is backward compatible with ATX12V 2.2 and older systems. Decent power supply for a low load system. Wouldn't recommend pushing the limits with a one rail system. If price point and watts/dollar are what you are most focused on, then this is your product.

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Great Desktop Secondary Drive12/14/2016 5:58:19 PM

Pros: Design - nice to see that HHD can be thinner, as airflow is always an issue in the tight spaces of any case. Setup - Just plug-and-play. Windows 7 had no issues seeing the drive and setting it up. Speed - For an HHD, it is a very fast drive. Don't expect SSD speeds, but you should never expect that out of a HHD. More on actual speeds later. 6Gig transfer speeds - Standard now days. Warranty - 2 years. A drive usually fails within the first 6 months, or it works for up to 10 years. Sound - There really is none to speak of. Easily the quietest drive I have ever used.

Cons: None that have come up at this time.

Overall Review: No bad sectors or errors when it was fresh out of the box. Performance: Sequential read test - 201.1mb/sec Sequential write test - 199.8mb/sec Power Usage: At idle: 4.7 Watts At Read: 7.0 Watts At Write: 6.8 Watts Windows 7 system Intel i7 processor 16 gigs ram 256 ssd for boot drive For $50 you cannot get a better performing drive. Setup was easy, as it always is with Seagate. Drive had no hidden issues and performed flawlessly on testing.

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Best Modem for the money10/13/2016 3:11:25 PM

Pros: Speed: Speedtest testing shows 129Mbps download and 12Mbps upload. According to Comcast customer service, the max download speed for my plan and Comcast equipment is 130Mbps and 13Mbps upload. Cannot get any better performance. Setup: For Comcast, just plugged it in and went online and Comcast did the rest. Was setup in under four minutes. Plug-and-play! Had no issues with my wifi router. Lights: The added monitoring lights are a great addition, as I can better see when there is an issue and figure it out without Windows doing their analysis. Windows always coming back with 'reset your modem'. No help. DOCSIS 3.0 cable Internet standard: You will need the new standard to maximize Comcast Blast Plus plans. Gigabit Ethernet Port: Standard on good routers now days. Operating Temp: Runs almost cool to the touch. The former modem, Motorola Arris SURFboard SB6141, ran very hot and it was not wise to let it tip over onto the carpet or it would overheat and become unstable. Design: Able to stay upright without an issue.

Cons: Design: The size is very large, so plan on trying to hide it. Cannot be wall mounted. No other cons.

Overall Review: The modem replaced my Motorola Arris SURFboard SB6141, which had downloads speeds of 125Mbps, and upload at 11.2Mbps. Not a huge improvement, but I have noticed less buffering needed for Dishnetwork steaming. Seems to handle multiple devices much better than the SB6141. Best modem I have ever used.

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Excellent Adaptor for internet anywhere10/2/2016 11:05:16 AM

Pros: Note: Have used and tested Powerline adaptors before, and came away less than impressed with performance and dropped signals. That is not the case with these!!! Setup: Never seen such an easy setup, and I have TP-Link non-Powerline adaptors, and this was just as easy and fast. Simply plug in one unit to the wall, and then plug the included Ethernet cable to the modem. Then plug in the second unit and link them up. Didn't even need to press the button to link them, as the units linked right after being plugged in. Instructions were easy to follow and laid out perfectly to understand. Performance: Comcast ISP speeds directly from the wifi modem are 125Mbps download and 6Mbps upload. Unit connected to the modem was at 78Mbps and upload was at 5Mbps. Unit at the other end of the house had download speeds at 54Mbps. The old TP-Link non-powerline was at 22Mbps, and now I have no dropped connections. Design: Simple but is a little long, not allowing for plugging into the top outlet, if you want to use the lower one. Placement of the Ethernet ports are on the bottom. Would be better if it was on the side, allowing for better electric plug use. Ethernet Ports: There are two! Able to plugging in multiple devices, and even be able to plug into the unit closest to the router. Just smart design.

Cons: Design: Small would be better. No other cons, as the devise works perfectly and is a huge upgrade over previous versions.

Overall Review: Will be replacing my three year old TP-Link adaptors with the new Powerline models. Product is keeping my mother-in-law from having to treat me like tech support. I use TP-Link due to fact their products just work. As with any adaptor on a electric connection, avoid using it on surge protectors, your performance will suffer.

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Great Value Modem With Good Performance8/28/2016 10:19:24 AM

Pros: Design - Lightweight and slim, making hiding it very easy. Install - Very easy. Took about three minutes to get everything up and running. Directions and Quickguide made the process painless. A one minute with Comcast Download Speed: Marketed as 343Mbps. Testing showed an average of 299Mbps. For video streaming on two devices at the same time, there was no buffering or any other issues. Gigabit Ethernet Port - To be expected in modem nowdays. Docsis 3.0 - Vast difference in speed over Docsis 2.0, it is up to 8X faster.

Cons: No Phone Input - If you have Comcast Triple Play, you will not be able to use it with the modem. Most will NOT see this as an issue, as phone lines has become near useless in homes. Too light weight - cannot get it to stand up. Add in the wires pulling in every direction and you have a device that needs to be propped up at all times. TP is trying to keep costs down, so I understand the need to not add weight and drive up costs. My current modem has the same issue, as it is top heavy. Runs a little hot - Couldn't have it tip over on the carpet, as it overheated a had connection issues. Current modem has the same issue. Ended up put it on the piece of glass I have for support and insulation from the carpet. Web Interface - Always on. Not a supporter of a device that is defaulted to be always open to view online.

Overall Review: Everything I threw at the modem, it handled, and just as good as my more expensive modem. The lights are very bright, so they ended up being hidden behind a desk.

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Excellent SD card for watching recorded video.8/1/2016 5:24:45 PM

Pros: Read Speed: 82MB/s!! As close to advertised as possible. Range was 77-83MB/s, with 82MB/s coming up the most. Read Speed with Camera: Lightning fast pull up of pictures that had been taken. No lag at all, making taking pictures much easier and fun. Shockproof, waterproof and x-rayproof: Dropped in a glass of water for 5 min. No issues. Four foot drop had no impact. Standard testing for a phone drop. 1080 Content: Testing was done with 1080 content, and it had no issues with the amount of data. Devices: Worked on phone, tablet, DSLR Camera and HD camcorder. Speed In Use: Phone Camera - Next picture ability was a noticeable upgrade over other SD cards while in use on my phone, keeping me from missing shots. Excellent speed while recording videos on my HD Camcorder. Warranty: Lifetime.

Cons: Write Speed: 10-13MB/s.

Overall Review: Have loaded and reloaded the card 12 times and have not encountered any error issues or loss of performance. Formatted actual capacity is 58GB, not 64GB. That is normal for SD cards. No buffering issues while reading 1080 video files.

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Very good combo router and modem7/31/2016 3:26:09 PM

Pros: 2-1: There are fare fewer wires laying on the floor, and it is easier to know what wires are going where. For someone concerned about space, this is the perfect combo to have, as you don't have two devices. Size: It is no bigger than my current Netgear router, yet still has the modem. Speed: 300Mps, like you would expect and as advertised by Netgear. Use of multiple devices at one time didn't effect speed or cause any drop issues. Had a laptop running a movie from YouTube, iPad also streaming a show and the other laptop streaming music. Excellent performance. Dual Band: As with most routers today, it has 2.4 and 5Ghz bands to select. 5Ghz range was half that of the 2.4, as expected. Range: Router performed the same as my current Netgear router, with good, not great coverage, with walls having a decent amount of impact. 3500sqft house, and was able to get 2 bars at the far edge, which is 40 feet away. Netgear Genie: The program is a huge help. Saves you many times, as it will find the issues.

Cons: Update: Firmware update froze and had to be rebooted. Dropped signals: At the edges of range, the modem would drop very easy. Had issues with smart TV's and dropping signals that my other Netgear router doesn't have. Setup: Combo unit had issues with trying to get on Comcast broadband. Took five times of resetting the system. UBS: Only 2.0, not 3.0, which it should be for the money.

Overall Review: Setup: Desktop iCore system. Comcast broadband. It was great to be able to have fewer wires hanging around the floor due to having a 2-1. The performance was comparable to my current Netgear and Moto 3.0 setup, with no noticed difference. Was hoping for better range, but it was the same, with more dropped signals. If I didn't have the current same setup, which I feel is the best value for the performance, then I would buy this combo. Netgear makes great value products.

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A budget router that is priced like it should perform. Better for a small condo.7/2/2016 12:59:12 PM

Pros: Size - Small size that makes hiding it very easy. Lightweight design that is surprisingly still stable on a desk with all the cables attached. Setup - Maybe the easiest router I have ever setup, as it is ready to go right out of the box with the use of the 'guest mode'. Firewall setup was very easy and fast. Media streaming - The USB port can be used to stream your media directly to the network. Worked extremely well with my connected TV. This is my favorite feature on the router. Could have been a little easier to setup, but not that big of an issue. Wish my current router did streaming as well.

Cons: Performance - Range was about 15 feet before there was a 50% drop off in the 2.4 signal. At 25 feet there was no stable signal. 5.0hz band was even worse at a 50% drop off at 11 feet, with no stable signal at 21 feet. Speed Performance - 2.4hz at 12feet is transmitting at only 233Mbps, which was the best results I was able to get on my laptop, which normally receives at 300Mbps from my current router. Do NOT overload the router with more than two devices going, as speeds dropped to 90Mbps when running a desktop, laptop and iPad at the same time with normal surfing. Cable included - No label what cat the cable is. Have not seen that in a long time. Cat5e is what I have always received with other routers, and it is always labeled. Features - 10/100 not gigabit ports? Why? At this price point, all others have gigabit ports. Price - I have reviewed routers that cost $30-$40 that have better performance.

Overall Review: The unit would be a perfect first wireless router for someone with limited tech experience, that is not concerned with range or high-end performance. It is a near plug-n-play router, which is very hard to find. For an older person looking for a easy to use router, it is perfect. Run the firmware upon setup to get the best performance. Yes, it has 'ac' but as you cannot get the performance, it doesn't really matter. I don't want to be too hard on the router, since it was so easy to setup and use, but it is hard to support a router with such a limited range and throughput.

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Amazing 2K monitor with a bright clean image.5/11/2016 5:06:57 PM

Pros: Image: Bright and very clear. The IPS panel, as expected has a clear view at extreme angles, which happens on this monitor due to it's width. Brightness needs to be turned down, but it is better than the cold images of most TN monitors. Color rendering - 99% color space sRGB, and it shows in the accurate colors displayed. No matter what images thrown at the screen, the colors were accurate, with no over saturation. No Backlight bleed - I didn't expect this, since all my other LCD monitors have edge bleed. USB 3.0 Quick Charge - Charging times are lightning fast. All monitors should have this feature for charging devices. 60Hz Refresh Rate - Excellent game play, with no shuddering or lag. Thunderbolt 2.0 - It allow you to connect compatible devices to move data between them with incredible speed. In transferring video files, the system was able to transfer at 16Gbs, much better than USB 3.0. Cables Included - HDMI-to-HDMI and DisplayPort-to-DisplayPort cables are INCLUDED!! That never happens any more. The Stand - Adjustable from 2.5" to 7", and can tilt. Screen - The 3440x1440 resolution looks and feels appropriate for the eyes, also allowing the wide view to feel natural and not stretched. You can easily view multiple windows. Screen Split 2.0 from LG Gaming - Playing Madden 15 Football on this monitor was the best experience I have had on 20 years of Madden, as the wide size really helps with the view of the game.

Cons: Stand Base - Monitor tends to wobble if there is any movement on or around the desk. Needs to be more substantive. GPU Mating - My older GPU had issues with drivers. Had to use a newer Nv 960 GPU. More of a GPU issue, not the monitor.

Overall Review: Could have had better documentation as it was not as plug-and-play as my other monitors. Minor issue. Worked perfectly with Window 7 based system, with an iCore7 processor. This is just an amazing monitor for playing games, with no refresh issues and great color.

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Decent BUDGET tablet for surfing. Dies quickly!!3/7/2016 10:00:49 AM

Pros: Budget: For what you get for features and performance, it is a great tablet. You will be hard pressed to find a better tablet for the price.<br><br>Internet Surfing: The two web pages that cause page loading issues on my two upper-end tablets, costing $500-$1000, caused no issues with this tablet! Processor and RAM worked perfectly together. and always cause my other tablets to have to reload due to so many ads running on the pages. Not with this tablet!<br><br>Streaming to the TV: The micro-HDMI to HDMI worked flawlessly for watching online content. My other three tablets don't even have a micro-HDMI and they cost 5 times as much.<br><br>HDMI Cable: One came with the unit!!!! <br><br>Videos online: Seamless and fast, no buffering.<br><br>Apps: Come preloaded with normal Google apps.

Cons: Update: Product wifi stopped working after a month. Product screen stopped working after two months!! Stay away from this device. Screen: The resolution is not very good and will cause eye strain.<br><br>Viewing Angles: They are poor to horrible. Do not move more than 2 degrees off center, the screen will wash out.<br><br>Colors: No accurate, all under saturated.<br><br>Camera: It is what it is, a 2 MP camera and it works as expected as is very slow. Online chat is not what I would use this for, it didn't perform well.<br><br>Battery Life: Unit came fully charged, but still charged it for 18 hours. Battery life was actually 4-5 hours, not the 8 that the unit promises.<br><br>Impact protection: There is obviously no impact protection using foam. Dropped from three feet and the display and unit came apart. Plastic parts that are clicked together. Gasketing is no where to be found inside. DON'T DROP THE UNIT. Functioned fine after reassembly. $2 in impact foam could have solved the impact and gasket issues.<br><br>Weight: Can get heavy in hand after about an hour of use.

Overall Review: Remember, you are buying a budget tablet for surfing with a decent screen. You are not paying for a retinal display here, you would pay a lot more.<br><br>This is a great tablet for a kid or a senior, who is on a budget. You will not be upset if it is dropped or lost.

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Excellent Complete Liquid Cooling System3/6/2016 4:18:58 PM

Pros: System Setup: Gigabyte X99-SLI Motherboard – LGA 2011-3 Intel Core i7-5820K Processor 16gb DDR4 RAM at XMP 2700mhz. Windows 7 Professional Performance – Got temperatures most of the time 26-27c when running gaming continually, with room temps of 20c. No air cooling system would come close. This is why you buy this system! Even at full torture testing, the unit was able to keep temps below 32c. Design – 240mm Fans for fast and effective cooling. SP120L PWM fan design – You are able to customize the speed of the high-static air. You can even set the LED color. Setup – First rate software that is an industry best, you are able to customize and monitor your temperatures, plus pump and fan speeds. You simply download the software from They were no issues. Physical Install – Fast and easy to say the least, with no issues with the Intel board. Always have to be careful with Gigabyte boards, they tend to bend. This is not a high-end system that is overly customizable, it is a better than average system that is ‘install and enjoy’. Everything Included – Even the thermal paste was included, but I removed it. I didn’t use the cheap paste, as I went with Arlon silicone product Secure, which allows much better thermal performance. Mounting kit, USB cable and mounting screws. No wasted time finding the right stuff. Noise – Very minimal in comparison to air cooling fan units for CPU’s. You will notice the sound, but it is not loud.

Cons: Case Size Needed- I planned for this with a larger than normal case. The unit takes up a lot of room, and should be mounted inside. Your old tight case will not work with the stiff hoses, as you will need room to mount it properly. Let gravity be your friend when it comes to liquid systems, you will get a longer life. Pre-applied Thermal Paste – Just made me do an extra step to remove it. It is cheap paste. Thermal Unit/Block – The actual cooling and transfer area are much smaller than the unit, which is a huge waste of space and area you must account for.

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend this product to someone who is looking for liquid cooling their rig and doesn't want to go the custom route that can fail and run out of water. Even with torture benchmarking and overclocking, they unit was able keep the heat down.

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Best Slim Backup Drive on the Market for the Price2/24/2016 4:31:54 PM

Pros: Design – No one makes a slimmer, better looking drive. Longevity – Though not related to the drive itself, I can say I have three of these drives and all three have always functioned perfectly. Transfer Speeds (Read) – This is where you really notice you have a Seagate drive. 12GB file transfer rate of 59.1Mbps, which is in line with my other Seagate drives, and much faster than my other USB 2.0 backup drives. The write speed was a little disappointing, compared to my other Seagate backup drives, but better than my other backup drives. It is covered in the con section. Seagate just makes great drives. Online Interface – It will work with YouTube and Facebook, seamlessly. USB 3.0 Interface – It is the reason the drive is so fast. Will not buy a drive without it. Software – Seagate Dashboard is excellent software and makes it easy to share file and pics and update. For this product, the software is slimmed down, all pun intended, as to have just the necessary features for local drive and cloud backup. As with any backup drive software, you just want it to be easy to use and if you don’t realize it is there, then it is doing its job perfectly. Direct Power – No need for an extra power cord, which is a deal killer for me as outlets are like gold.

Cons: Drop Test – Do not drop the drive on a hard surface from more than three feet. The drive case is made to take impact to a point, but since there is no foam impact protection inside, the case will break with a fall from over three feet. $1 in ultra-thin foam would fix the issue, but when Seagate is making 500K units, that cost adds up. Transfer speeds (Write) – Same 12GB file was used for writing. Results were slower than I expected, but still effective at 36.2Mbps. Not a deal breaker with all the other features of the drive.

Overall Review: Use this drive for what is was made for, a backup drive, and you will have no issues. This is not a drive for continual use 24 hours a day. You also need to remember that this is a very thin drive that can be damaged if handled carelessly. It is the perfect lightweight drive for backup of files. It is not the fastest, but those drives cost a lot more.

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Perfect gaming mouse and everyday use1/26/2016 3:37:59 PM

Pros: Right-Hand design - One mouse fits all here, as the mouse is perfectly designed for a right handed person. Anti-Sweat Coating - Worked great on more than one 12 hour gaming session. Had no slipping issues at all and is very comfortable. Size - The mouse fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and fits a smaller hand very well. Optical Sensor - Far more accurate than the laser sensors of the cheaper products out there. Optical is the only way to go for gaming. Adjustable DPI settings - Tried the highest setting of 6500, but couldn't even move the mouse without it flying all over the place. Reduced the setting by 20%, and I had the perfect feeling mouse for gaming. Textured rubber parts - They are in all the right places for grip. Color choice - You have 16.8 million colors to pick from for the logo. Maybe overkill, but it is still fun. SteelSeries 3 Engine - You are able to customize the mouse setting to each game you play, and not have to change them manually. Played four games, and had four different setting!! Feedback and responsiveness - Every click was very responsive and accurate. Feedback was as expected for a great gaming mouse.

Cons: Anti-Slip coating - It was a little soft for my liking, but should hold up to my chewed down nails and rough hands. No Left-hand model - As expected for gaming mice. Would be great if they had that option, but most left handed people have grown up using a right-handed mouse.

Overall Review: Amazing mouse for the price and will not be pulled from my system till it dies, in about three years. $60 is the perfect price point for the quality of the product, and then you add in the great software, that has only gotten better over the years. Like the plastic covered cable for the USB connection.

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Simple Router, but lacking in performance and input1/5/2016 11:48:34 AM

Pros: Wireless Performance - Up to 25 feet, the performance was 292Mbps. That is in line with other $200 routers. Dropped Signal - Even though the performance dropped off a lot over 25 feet away, I didn't get dropped signals all the time. Setup - Couldn't have been easier, and you cannot monitor the router remotely. Good for when you have kids you don't trust. Bluetooth and Zigbee antennas - Ready, but not enabled. Part of Google's push for the connected home. App - Excellent for monitoring the device and very easy to install.

Cons: USB - Is for router recovery only, not for input for the network from a hard drive. Case - Was very difficult to open to say the least. Parental Control - There are none. You cannot lock out sites! Guest Users Option - Cannot be done on the router. Wireless Performance - Beyond 25 feet, the router performance dropped off dramatically to 29Mbps. Rotating the router had very little effect. Wireless Band - You don't get to pick the band between 2.4 and 5.0, the router picks it for you. Cannot check which band is running better. Firewall - There is not one. Why?

Overall Review: For a $200 router, I expected a lot more. My current router cost less and had better performance and features. Yes, it looks cool and you will be excited to see it out in the open, but that is not worth the extra money. It is not often that I write as much that is both negative and positive, but I had high hopes due to the price point and Google name. Very let down by the performance and features. Most features, like Zigbee and Bluetooth, are not enabled and are for future use. Since most routers get replaced every 2-3 years, those features will not get used before it is replace.

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