It's a RTX 308010/26/2021 7:07:51 AM

Pros: It works, it runs my games great paired with a Ryzen 9 5900X. Fans turn off when idle and when they do spin up during a game, I can't hear them over my case fans. Includes an anti-sag bracket - which I suggest you install if you don't mount this vertically. It is huge and kinda heavy. My temps are between 70-75C during gaming.

Cons: No dual BIOS feature. Huge, may be too big for some cases. Power and feature limited compared to "more expensive" variants like the MSI Gaming X - "more expensive" in quotes because pricing is all over the map for video cards right now. Using the anti-sag bracket means that this thing occupies 4 expansion slots. Power hungry like all high end video cards these days.

Overall Review: If you are looking for a RTX 3080 and don't need to OC it to high heavens, this is as good a choice as any. Just be aware there is NO RGB or LED lighting of ANY kind anywhere on this card so if that's important to you, keep looking. I did not list this fact as a PRO or a CON because it could be either depending on how you feel about RGB.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Jeff, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI RTX 3080 Ventus 3X OC 10G LHR. Your rating and review is greatly appreciated and we sincerely hope you enjoy your new graphics card! If you ever have any technical questions in regards to the card, please feel free to contact us directly at 1 (626) 271-1004 Monday - Friday 9AM - 6PM Pacific Standard Time. Thank you for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team |
Works well enough, was a bit cheaper than the Ryzen 5600X when I purchased it.9/8/2021 8:43:01 AM

Pros: Runs my games great, almost as well as my other system running a Ryzen 7 5800X. No real difference in day-to-day usage responsiveness despite fewer cores. The difference in gaming can probably be attributed to the AMD system having a better GPU. (6900 XT vs RTX 3070) I needed an upgrade for my secondary system and chose this over the 5600X because it was less expensive when factoring in the motherboard also. My 10 year old CM Hyper 212 works on it, (with a newer fan - original fan for it died years ago) and keeps it cool enough at stock settings. One thing I like about Intel is that I rarely have any issues out of the box with their platforms, unlike AMD - while I've never had any major issues with AMD either, they just seem to have little "teething issues" that take a while to get resolved, usually with BIOS/UEFI updates.

Cons: Runs hot and causes the fan on the heatsink to roar as soon as any load is applied (fixed by changing the fan curve in the UEFI) Terrible Intel cooler mounting system No stock cooler included (not really a con, you couldn't use that thing to cool this hot running beast anyway)

Overall Review: I'd recommend it if it were cheaper than the AMD alternatives - otherwise go with the AMD for the increased power efficiency. Despite this I'm happy with my choice. Runs very well on: ASRock H570M PRO4 motherboard 2x 16GB Crucial Ballistix DDR4-3000 ASUS RTX 3070 Dual + ASUS ROG 750w Strix PSU (came bundled with the video card) Reminder that since this is an "F" model you WILL need a video card of some kind as there are no integrated graphics!

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Works as expected8/27/2021 2:24:52 PM

Pros: Worked and recognized by my mobo on first boot, enabled XMP and was good to go Using it with a Ryzen 7 3700X on a ASRock AB350m board. Nice shiny silver heatsinks give it a minimalist understated look that goes well with the motherboard aesthetic.

Cons: No cons here unless you count lack of RGB lighting as a con (I don't)

Overall Review: Absolutely recommended if you want an inexpensive RAM kit that just works.

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Works great, W10 has drivers baked in so it works out of the box8/26/2021 9:36:30 PM

Pros: Went from roughly 400mbps on my old WiFi AC (a.k.a. "WiFi 5) adapter to between 800-900mbps on internet speed tests on my gigabit Internet with this. I do have a new Wi-Fi 6 AX capable router that I bought at the same time. There is a virtually imperceptible difference between this and my wired computers now, whether using the Internet, or moving files from my LAN which now often exceed 100 MB/second transfer rates. (from a network share on a Gigabit wired computer). I chose this particular card because it did include a low-profile bracket, which I needed. Installation of said bracket was extremely easy and only involved two screws. My previous adapter had small nuts and washers on the antennae ports that I had to fidget with to change the bracket - this one was much less of a PITA. Big heatsink should keep the underlying Intel AX200 Wi-Fi chip cool so it should never overheat and start throttling speeds. I believe it is a standard M.2 wifi module underneath the heatsink, so it theoretically could be replaced if it dies or you need something faster (WiFi 7..?) in a few years or whatever, but I didn't buy this with the intention of ever doing so. Bluetooth 5 capable, which was another plus as I use a bluetooth headset with the computer. It paired up easily. Detachable antenna has a nice heavy base with long cables and it is magnetized and sticks firmly to a metal surface.

Cons: No cons with this product. It is extremely well made and worth every cent if you want Wi-Fi 6 capability in your desktop computer.

Overall Review: Waiting for 2.5 Gbps (or faster) networking gear to become more affordable and mainstream so I can overhaul my home network. I'm sure this baby could keep up.

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Blistering Fast6/20/2021 7:25:56 AM

Pros: Works well and is quiet even under load Fans stop under low load RADEON logo on the side lights up red by default but you can download a RGB utility on AMD's website to change the colors or turn it off Shorter than any of the AIB designs by quite a bit so it actually fits in my case No problems running it with an ASUS Strix 750 Watt PSU Games run smooth as butter

Cons: Expensive and hard to get Has that typical "reference card" look and feel (because that's what it is!) that makes it seem cheap compared to more expensive AIB cards. Runs a little hotter than I'd like out of the box, can hit over 90C with the default fan curve.

Overall Review: may have to sell a kidney to pay for this thing

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Good, I guess5/1/2021 4:15:30 PM

Pros: Powers my Ryzen 7 5800X and RTX 3070 setup easily It's more or less a Seasonic FOCUS Gold with an ASUS branding 10 year warranty

Cons: Poor value compared to other, similarly spec'd PSUs of comparable quality, you're essentially paying more for the ROG STRIX name - for this I have to deduct an egg. You might think that a PSU marketed to gamers would have some RGB or something, but it doesn't.

Overall Review: This came bundled with my ASUS RTX 3070 - it certainly wouldn't have been a PSU I'd have bought on its own - I'd have probably went with a Seasonic or EVGA unit - my existing PSU was a EVGA SuperNOVA G2 550 watt which I didn't plan on upgrading - but since I had to get stuck with this to buy the GPU, I figured I might as well use it. It works fine and I have no complaints about how it performs, but it wouldn't have been on my shortlist if I were shopping for a PSU.

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Good card, but I expected better1/21/2021 2:52:19 AM

Pros: - It's a RTX 3070 - runs my games fabulously at 1080p 144Hz with all the eye candy cranked - Fans stop in low-load situations - Uses two 8-pin PCI-E connectors instead of that weird 12-pin thing found on Nvidia Founders Edition Cards - No coil whine like I've seen on a couple other reviews

Cons: - Fans can get a bit loud under load - Build quality seems to be dramatically less than that of my previous MSI Gaming X 2070 SUPER - it's definitely louder - but at least it doesn't run any hotter. usually between 60-70c under load. - Not the big performance jump I was thinking it would be - I really only bought this because I had an opportunity to sell my previous year-old 2070 SUPER for almost what I paid for it, and needed a replacement. The RX 5600 XT I have been using in the interim wasn't quite cutting it. - Packaging and included accessories was very cheap, especially for a card that costs this much - I've heard mixed things about ASUS support - but I've had decent luck with their products in the past so I'm not worried too much about this

Overall Review: There is no RGB - just a small stripe that lights up and is a fixed color of bluish-purple gradient I didn't list this as a pro or a con because it's completely subjective - some people love RGB, others hate it - but it would be nice to have the option to change the colors or turn it off. Bottom line - if you have a 2070 or better card already, it's probably not worth the upgrade unless you can sell your older card at a good price and can actually buy one of these. I sold my 2070 early on and had to wait two months to get this because of supply issues.

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Works well in my ASRock AB350M board7/16/2020 5:49:26 AM

Pros: Runs very well, haven't had much time to put it through its paces yet but it runs Overwatch better than my R5 1600x, keeping frames over 250 FPS at nearly all times.

Cons: Windows Task Manager always reports the speed at "3.79GHz" instead of fluctuating up and down with load - install Ryzen Master software to see accurate readings. The very first boot up gave me a black screen (and nearly a heart attack) for some reason - fortunately the next attempt booted up and after a CMOS reset just for reassurance I was in business.

Overall Review: Runs great with ASRock AB350M Promontory 2x 16GB Crucial Ballistix DDR4-3000 Sapphire PULSE RX 5600XT. It's really something that I was able to upgrade my current PC with a new chip that is also faster and less expensive than buying a used i7 6700K to drop into my secondary PC.

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Great PSU2/7/2020 2:38:09 AM

Pros: Everything about this PSU feels quality. From the packaging, the flat ribbon cables, the construction of the unit, the way it performs. It has enough modular cables for nearly any setup you could have and can even support a video card that has two 8-pin connectors. It's very quiet, I can't hear it EVER. No fan noise, no coil whine, nothing. The air exhausting from the rear grille is never warm either. The fan does not stop under low loads like some other PSUs (mainly ones rated 80 Plus GOLD or better) but since it's dead silent that doesn't matter to me. It is FULLY modular, there are NO hardwired cables. I see some reviews mentioning that the CPU/Mobo 24-pins are hardwired, but on the one I got, they're not. It looks just like the picture. Such reviews must be from a bygone time when an older revision of this PSU with hardwired cables must have been shipping.

Cons: No cons that aren't already known before purchase (not 80 Plus Titanium, not 1,500 watts, no fancy RGB lighting, etc.)

Overall Review: Would definitely buy this again, it supports my Ryzen 5 1600x + GTX 1070 combo without breaking a sweat. Once it goes on a great sale I plan to pick up another one.

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Works with Ryzen 3 2200G and Ryzen 5 16001/15/2020 6:14:18 AM

Pros: It works just great with a Ryzen 3 2200G and 16GB of DDR4-3000 RAM Works even better with the Ryzen 5 1600, 16GB of DDR4-3000 RAM and an AMD RX 480 (picked up this CPU and GPU at a second-hand store for a nice upgrade on the cheap $$$) Supports the latest Ryzen 3rd gen CPUs with latest BIOS - I personally wouldn't pair a 3rd gen Ryzen with the A320 chipset due to the limitations it has compared to the beefier chipsets like the B350/B450/X470/X570, but you can do so if you want to - be advised that it may not work out of the box if it is old stock that doesn't have a newer BIOS revision that supports 3rd gen. Has front USB 3.0 headers, M.2 slot that supports SATA and nvme drives.

Cons: I now have a spare Ryzen 3 2200G lying around that I don't know what to do with

Overall Review: It really burns me when a good product gets a bad review because of user error. Like ALL AM4 BOARDS, you will need a VIDEO CARD unless you are using a CPU with integrated video (such as a Ryzen 3 2200G). If your RYZEN CPU name doesn't end in a "G" (as in "G" for Graphics) you WILL need a video card. There is NO AM4 BOARD in existence that will allow you to use your Ryzen 5 2600 without a video card. That's not how it works. That CPU, like the others that do not have a "G" suffix, has NO INTEGRATED VIDEO. Do some homework before leaving a 1-egg review trashing a product, please.

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What a beast11/26/2019 5:23:17 AM

Pros: WOW, the build quality on this thing is crazy. It's by far the biggest video card I've ever owned (also the most expensive) RGB lights are unobtrusive, which is nice Fits inside my ThermalTake Core v21 cube case with room to spare. It includes a support bracket but since it's mounted vertically with the fans facing the side window of the case I don't need it The fans only ever spin up when I'm playing a game and when they do, I cannot hear them as for performance - well it's ridiculous of course - just look at benchmarks. The only game I've really played so far on it is Overwatch which it absolutely destroys - 295-300 FPS most of the time on "Ultra" settings 1080p works just great with an EVGA 550w G2 modular 80 PLUS Gold PSU, no fancy three-figure-priced power supply needed as long as you have a GOOD one

Cons: It's almost too wide for my motherboard - it comes within a few millimeters of blocking my USB headers, power and case LED pins, etc. on the bottom of my Gigabyte B450M Micro ATX board it's expensive - but the average price of all GPUs has gone up with the last few generations so I can't fault this card in particular it's huge - much bigger than you'd think from looking at pictures.

Overall Review: it doesn't have a USB-C port but the drivers still include the USB-C driver which you can skip I bought this to replace my RX5700 XT which sounds like a hair dryer when I play games and still runs at 80C or higher - I thought reference blower coolers had been improved over the years and can't be as bad as everyone says - boy was I wrong. Never again

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Jeff, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the RTX 2070 Super GAMING X! If you ever require technical assistance or warranty support, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
Does the job but it's horribly outdated in 2019 and you're constantly reminded of that during the build9/26/2019 4:22:26 AM

Pros: It's small and fairly unobtrusive. Enough airflow and ventilation for modest systems. Included fans are quiet enough. Power and reset buttons have that satisfying "click" that I like Front panel pops off easier than many other cases I've tried so replacing that front fan with a non-LED one was easy enough

Cons: Outdated and Cheaply made, I'd expect better quality given the (non-shell shocker) price There are sharp edges on the cutouts for the I/O shield and expansion slots Expansion slot covers are the non-replaceable "twist-out" type that I really hate and they leave sharp edges behind No USB 3.0 ports No 2.5" drive mounts for an SSD No cutout in motherboard tray to install CPU coolers requiring a backplate Side panel thumbscrews feel like they could strip easily if you overtighten them There is almost no room to install any kind of decent video card because the hard drive bays are in the way; not that you'd want to install a gaming card unless you enjoy watching it suffocate to death Standoff and motherboard screws are tricky to screw in properly; some of them don't seem to be threaded properly so they took much more force than necessary so when I screwd (unallowed word? are you kidding me?) in the motherboard, some of the screws tightened up into the standoff and now the standoff moves with the screw so if I ever want to take the motherboard out, I'll have to use some kind of pliers to keep the standoff from turning with the screwdriver. A N N O Y I N G.

Overall Review: I'd only buy this again for a very basic system that I would build with the intention of not tinkering with once it's built, and only if it's on sale. If you are the type to swap components often, this is not the case for you. You WILL strip some screws and you WILL get nicked by sharp edges. My build is a simple one that I cobbled together from spare parts: Core i5 6400 running integrated graphics. MSI H110 mATX motherboard 16GB RAM 256 GB SSD that is zip tie mounted Antec Earthwatts 380w PSU. I debated giving this a two or a three star rating, but after careful consideration, this case has many more irritating shortcomings than positives. Two stars because it does work for my intended purpose but just has too many flaws that I can't recommend buying it when better alternatives exist for the money.

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AMD is BACK8/19/2019 2:52:03 AM

Pros: Blazing Fast and has a max temp threshold of 95c according to AMD Ryzen Master software. Inexpensive compared to the equivalent performing CPU from Team Blue Includes fairly nice stock cooler with copper heatpipes and snazzy RGB LEDs that's controllable by downloadable software on AMD's site. The cooler plugs into a standard USB 2.0 header on your motherboard. Only 65 watts! Has pretty much doubled my framerate in Overwatch compared to the Ryzen 3 2200G. Works in every existing AM4 motherboard, as long as BIOS updates are available from the manufacturer.

Cons: Stock cooler had a tendency to loudly spin up and down every few seconds until I went into my UEFI settings and set a custom fan curve; this may be more of a con for my motherboard and not this CPU - but my previous CPU (Ryzen 3 2300G) in this motherboard didn't do this. Goes out of stock often. :( AMD still uses pins on the CPUs instead of LGA sockets so I'm always extra careful (and slightly worried) about bending the pins during installation.

Overall Review: works great with: Gigabyte B450M DS3H motherboard Crucial 2x16GB DDR4-3000 memory AMD RX 5700 XT Buy it NOW

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Great price to performance ratio7/13/2019 4:57:43 PM

Pros: Works great and drives my 144hz monitor with ease on high settings at 1080p in every game I've tried so far. Has a snazzy red RADEON logo that lights up.

Cons: There is a bit of stuttering in Overwatch as the framerate dips a bit at times; from what I'm reading online this is a problem with the new AMD 19.7.1 drivers affecting older cards too. I have another computer with an RX 480 and it has started doing the same stutters on these drivers whereas it never did it before. I'm confident that these issues will be ironed out with future driver releases as I've had cards from both team Red and team Green and cards from the latter have always been more troublesome for me when it comes to drivers and card quality. The card does run warm, and can get loud under load. However, I game with a headset on and I use it in an air conditioned room and have played for a few hours on end and the card is very stable. No ray tracing but by the time that becomes a "must have" feature for games the RTX cards won't be able to do it very well anyway.

Overall Review: Yes I'd recommend this card; but if I had to do it all over again I think I'd wait for the dual-fan partner cards to come out for a couple of reasons: Better cooling solution than the reference blower Drivers will have matured a bit and hopefully ironed out the "early adopter" issues. But that being said, I've no regrets with buying this card; I wanted something more powerful than my RX 480 at an attractive price point and this was the card. I have zero interest in ray tracing, and as mentioned above I'm impartial to AMD cards (and CPUs) so this was a no-brainer. If I could, I'd give this a 4.5 egg rating for it running a little louder and hotter than I like, and the stuttering issue (which will hopefully be fixed soon.)

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Works well6/13/2019 4:10:02 AM

Pros: Works without issues in my Gigabyte B450M motherboard, Ryzen 3 2200G, 16GB DDR4-3000. It's at least as fast in real-world use as any SATA drive I've used, probably faster. My main system with a Samsung 960 Pro is not noticeably faster than this drive. But maybe that's not a fair comparison since I'm comparing a system that hasn't had Windows reinstalled in over a year, apps installed, etc. to a fresh installation on a new drive.

Cons: Not a drastic improvement from a SATA drive for what I use it for; but the M.2 SATA equivalent of this drive is about the same price so I bit on this one instead. I'm sure it really is a faster drive if you push it to its' limits, but I'm hardly a power user, just an ordinary gamer.

Overall Review: Reviewers who dock it one egg because it doesn't come with a screw? .... Really? Good luck finding a drive worthy of a 5-star review, because none of them come with a screw. I've built a half dozen or more systems with M.2 drives, and the screw has ALWAYS come with the motherboard (or laptop). Not once have I bought a drive that came with one.

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works just great1/14/2019 6:20:59 AM

Pros: Doesn't have the irritating growl of the stock cooler that drove me crazy and got me to buy this one very easy to install, just snap the pins in. comes with thermal paste already applied. Lower profile than the stock cooler. Copper base plate. Fits all recent mainstream Intel sockets released after LGA775.

Cons: Nothing, this is perfect for what I wanted. an inexpensive, low profile QUIET alternative to the stock cooler, which has now been relegated to the dung heap.

Overall Review: using with a Core i3 4170 if you have a Core i9 9900k, keep shopping

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Very good 16-port switch11/4/2018 12:42:23 PM

Pros: All metal construction, rack-mountable (includes hardware) Port LEDs are very clearly visible without being "whole-room-illuminating" like many other electronic devices with LEDs. Since this switch is in my bedroom, that's a big plus for me at night. Power supply is built in, no outlet-blocking wall-wart here, just a typical power cable like you'd use for a PC power supply. It does seem to be a bit more rugged and stiff than necessary though but that's probably because this is a business oriented product. Lifetime warranty from HP!

Cons: No cons here, I love this switch. Maybe the fact that it's completely unmanaged might be a con to some people, but it should be clear from the description that it's not managed so if you need a managed switch, keep looking.

Overall Review: I upgraded to this after using another plastic 16-port switch from a different brand that started flaking out occasionally. Newegg Canada doesn't seem to sell this any more. It's a shame, because now it only seems to be offered by marketplace sellers at higher prices than Newegg sold it.

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Maybe I got lucky? Rock solid for almost 18 months now10/26/2018 2:46:27 AM

Pros: Works very well with my Ryzen 5 1600x, 2x 8GB Avexir DDR4-2400, Samsung 960 PRO 512GB SSD and EVGA GTX 1070. Has two M.2 SSD slots, one of which supports NVMe, the other only supports SATA. BIOS (UEFI) updates have been consistently released since I bought this almost a year and a half ago. I initially experienced a few random freezes and hiccups (read: BSODs) not long after I got this board, but BIOS updates have all but eradicated these issues. I guess it was just Ryzen teething issues. I've not had any issues for months now. Updating the BIOS is dead simple compared to some boards. Download the BIOS file, put it on a FAT32 formatted USB stick and reboot the PC and enter the BIOS and choose to update. It will automatically detect the BIOS file on the USB.

Cons: Access to the 2nd M.2 slot can be blocked by a large video card. It's not an issue if you put the drive in the slot before you place the video card, but expect to have to remove the video card if you need to remove the drive. BIOS seems to reset itself to defaults after every update, with no way to retain settings.

Overall Review: Based on personal experiences, yes I'd recommend this board to others. But based on all of the reviewers who have had freezing and boot issues, maybe I wouldn't. I'm not sure what revision my board is but I got it not long after it released. Perhaps there's been some production issues in later revisions. Frankly, the negative reviews are a little scary. Be sure to use a high quality power supply with your build to avoid power issues. Mine is an EVGA Supernova G2 500 watt 80 PLUS Gold.

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Rebranded Eneloops5/25/2018 6:29:05 AM

Pros: The best rechargeable AAs you can get, but cheaper than branded Eneloops Supposedly good for 2100 charges Better than higher capacity cells which don't retain their charge as long and are rated for fewer cycles Last for hours and hours in my Xbox controllers, blows the doors off of the first-party Xbox branded rechargeable battery packs

Cons: Ordered two packs, one battery had a minor dent in the bottom, perhaps dropped at the factory. Doesn't appear to affect the battery performance

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Great for the price, but power multitaskers look elsewhere8/10/2017 7:53:00 AM

Pros: This is a great little chip that can handle modest workloads, but know its limitations. Boots up very quickly and is plenty responsive when using an SSD. For the majority of PC users who simply browse social media and watch videos, this is adequate.

Cons: It's no i7. It struggles hard with multitasking. You WILL regret cheaping out and getting this if you like to do several things at once. However, I knew this before buying. This was a drop-in replacement for an i7 6700k machine which I've relegated to a secondary machine. The i7 is getting re-used in my new desktop.

Overall Review: I'd only really recommend this if you have a shoestring budget. An i3 is far superior and easily worth the cost even if it is double.

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Not a noticeable upgrade from my 850 EVO7/24/2017 5:05:05 AM

Pros: - Fast when booting OS and loading games, but then again what SSD isn't? - It's PCI-E not SATA, so it won't be held back by the 6.0Gb/s of the SATA spec, nor will it disable one of your SATA ports. M.2 SATA SSDs disable one or more SATA ports on some motherboards.

Cons: - Didn't include a screw - M.2 form factor is convoluted to understand. Some ports support NVMe (PCI-E) only, some support SATA only, and some support both. The trouble is, this information is not always made clear to consumers and it often requires extensive searching to determine what standard(s) your M.2 slot(s) support - This is not the "blow my head off" upgrade I thought it would be, coming from a 500GB Samsung 850 EVO. Boot times are marginally better, apps don't really load any faster, and overall system responsiveness is about the same.

Overall Review: Not sure it's worth it for the price. But then again maybe I'm not the type of hard power user who can benefit from an SSD like this. I just hate having an unresponsive computer and in that regard, it delivers and then some.

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Works great - Windows 10 64 bit6/21/2017 6:35:58 AM

Pros: Worked out of the box, in fact it's the first add-in USB card I've had that works at motherboard POST and within BIOS/UEFI. Also supports bootable drives, so I connected a bootable USB to this to install Windows and it worked just great. No additional driver installation necessary. I've owned a couple of other ones in the past (in different computers) that couldn't be used to boot USBs or navigate UEFI setup. Maybe it's because of this card, maybe it's because I'm using a newer motherboard (Gigabyte GA-Z170N-WiFi rev2.0), I don't know. Very good value.

Cons: Not a thing, I've used a few Orico products now and they've all been great, from USB hubs to hard drive docking stations.

Overall Review: I ordered this because it was an easier alternative to disassembling my computer and RMAing my motherboard when the front panel USB 3.0 headers started acting up. It works better than expected, and the motherboard can boot from a USB drive connected to it. Since I am using an ITX motherboard I had to put this in the PCI-E 16x slot so I can't use a video card now, but that's not the fault of this card.... just one of the drawbacks of having an ITX board.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valuable Customer Thank you so much for choosing ORICO as your preferred choice, this is Maite from ORICO customer care team. Your kind feedback is the best encourage that keeps us moving forward and constantly improving our goods and services. You are our best and regular client, my email is, please kindly let me know if you have any question. Hope you can purchase from ORICO again! Thanks a lot. Best Regards Maite
Great6/1/2017 8:39:28 AM

Pros: It works great for connecting multiple USB drives. Ports are spaced nicely to allow even the bulkiest flash drives to fit without blocking adjacent ports. It can even provide enough power for a portable hard drive or USB DVD burner.

Cons: Cable is fixed and kind of short but a longer cable would probably cut down the power available to your devices. Power delivery over USB 3.0 seems quite sensitive to cable length. There is no DC power port, so you can't power this from an external power supply even if you want to.

Overall Review: I bought two of these, one for home and one for work to give me a few extra USB ports available to my laptop.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valuable Customer Thank you so much for choosing ORICO as your preferred choice, this is Maite from ORICO customer care team. Your kind feedback is the best encourage that keeps us moving forward and constantly improving our goods and services. You are our best and regular client, my email is, please kindly let me know if you have any question. Hope you can purchase from ORICO again! Thanks a lot. Best Regards Maite
Works very well, but not very user friendly. Update the firmware if it ships with older than 1.912/6/2017 6:38:04 AM

Pros: - Smaller than I thought it would be. - 3x Gigabit Ethernet ports that can be configured however you like - Firmware 1.91 adds Wizards to easily set it up to work with your home Internet connection. - TONS of options compared to SOHO wireless routers.

Cons: - The out-of-box firmware was very confusing and lacked the setup wizards, so I could not figure out how to get it to work with my cable Internet modem. Firmware update kept failing until I did a factory reset.

Overall Review: It is imperative that you update the firmware if it arrives with an older version. The firmware that adds the Wizards and makes setup easier was only released in December 2016. Had I bought this router prior to that, I'd have probably returned it due to not having enough knowledge to manually configure everything. Oh and this is a Bring-your-own hardware router as well. You'll need a switch if you plan to use it with more than two wired devices, and a wireless access point (an old SOHO Wi-Fi router set up as an AP will do) if you plan to connect wireless clients.

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Good board with a couple minor quirks11/10/2016 2:39:30 AM

Pros: Has a very fast Wi-Fi card built in. I/O plate is padded and the back of it is black with ports clearly labeled. Two Gigabit Ethernet ports if you need that sort of thing. I'd have preferred a couple more USB ports in place of the 2nd port, but w/e

Cons: There is an M.2 slot that supports both SATA and NVMe SSDs, but it's located on the back of the board. I sincerely hope my SSD doesn't die because I really wouldn't want to have to disassemble the entire PC to replace it! Only ONE of each USB 2.0 and 3.0 headers on the board. I would have loved to see one more of each, since I have a 5.25 card reader/USB hub that uses these headers and I can't use it in conjunction with the USB ports built into my case since there's not enough headers for everything. One of my SATA ports seems to be dead, but I'm still working on that issue before chalking it up to a board defect

Overall Review: Hardware: i7 6700K + Corsair Hydro H55 This board 2x8GB Avexir Core Series DDR4-2400 EVGA 1070 GTX SC Sandisk X400 512GB M.2 SSD + Seagate 4TB HD EVGA Supernova 550 G2 80 PLUS GOLD PSU Corsair Obsidian 250D case.

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