Solid Mouse, Lightweight, Excellent click responsiveness and accuracy10/20/2021 12:47:15 PM

Pros: Coming in at roughly ~75 (74.9) grams, excellent lightweight mouse. Corsair touts a 'paracord' cable, but its really just a braided cable, but it feels better than most other braided cabled mouse I've used. I have smaller to medium sized hands with a palm grip, the mouse fits and feels perfect in my palm. Best part about this mouse is probably the click responsiveness. Compared to a Razer DeathAdder Elite, this mouse has a much shorter throw distance. Click spamming feels less tiresome over longer periods. Corsair claims a 8000hz polling rate, I don't game at high intensity that would require such a fast polling rate, but I imagine this would be important for FPS genre of gaming. From my use, it was incredibly smooth and responsive, that at least for my level of casual gaming, there were zero issues. CPI LED indicator is fitted on the left side of the mouse which is a good spot and subtlety lit. Logitech has theirs on the left side/visible at the top, which is probably ideal, but this is way better than having no CPI indicator at all.

Cons: Lightweight mice always suffer from feeling cheaply built. The Sabre Pro is no exception. Most of the mouse is a matte black, but it has a more polished reflective plastic accented around it, which is an oil and fingerprint magnet. It looks and feels tacky. If you like customization, the mouse does have separate RGB zones, but requires the Corsair software. I am not a fan of extra software installs just for RGB lighting. The mouse is marketed as a MOBA and FPS mouse, but the mouse wheel has no dedicated left and right clicks, just center click. Would be nice to have additional mouse options to skill bind for specific games. This is probably personal opinion, but I really dislike the scroll wheel texture. Can be prone to slippage with a finger over long use or if your hands are dirty/oily/wet. Not that I would ever use the mouse with dirty hands, but not everyone washes their hands before using the computer.

Overall Review: Still an excellent mouse in all the areas that matter the most. Using an optical PixArt PMW3392 sensor. Max DPI is 18,000 with a 8000hz polling rate. This is still an extremely performant mouse.

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Solid power supply by Corsair again with 2019 refresh?7/22/2019 10:20:39 PM

Pros: Corsair's been selling quality power supplies for a while now. - Reliable 750 watt at 80 PLUS GOLD rating. - Can handle multiple GPU within means. - Fully modular. - Super long 10 year warranty. - Fan is off at low temps idle workload. Super low noise even at higher usage. - The big thing they brought to this new version is 'Modern Staby Compatible'

Cons: - I really can't think of any. The Mondern Standby is nice, but you still need a compatible motherboard to use it. - I wish they provided sleeved and combed cables, additional cable options but that is a premium. - It is a little heavy, but that's not really a con.

Overall Review: - You can't go wrong with Corsair power supplies in my opinion. This isn't a super fancy AXi line or anything like that, but it will deliver stable power if its within the wattage consumption. I always like to leave a little extra room just in case. All the essential features you could want from a PSU are there without all the fancy bells and whistles. Low noise, effective, low heat PSU. Modular cables so you aren't left with additional cable mess.

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High quality 140mm Fan for a decent price. Excellent build quality and well illuminated diffused LED3/18/2019 11:26:46 PM

Pros: - Solid high airflow static air pressure fan. For the rated 62 CFM, this fan is pretty quiet all around. - Works perfectly with CORSAIR H series Liquid CPU coolers. Currently using this fan on my Corsair H115i Pro. - Will most likely work on 140mm radiator to be honest. - Bright diffused LEDs and solid build quality. Feels incredibly well made, really kinda over kill for a fan.

Cons: - Lack of PWM. - Didn't come with any dampeners. - Not Magnetic Levitation bearings.

Overall Review: - The 2-Year Limited-warranty is okay, would've been nice to see 3-5 years, especially considering these are only $20 a pop. - Quality fan, probably one of the best I've ever known, but for a hefty price tag of $20 per fan, I am not sure how premium I need my case fans to be. If I was going to splurg, I'd probably go for RGB, instead of single color.

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Decent case. A little on the heavy side. Transparent edge to edge glass is very classy.9/25/2018 2:37:07 AM

Pros: - The front mesh allows for way better air flow vs its counter part MasterCase H500P. - Edge to edge transparent side looks real good. It is actually glass/acrylic, not some cheap plastic. - Fairly easy to build into. Plenty of places to tuck cables and or clip them to a side. All the edges within the case are dulled and cruved-ish. - Has a lot of support for different radiators and configurations. I could have my choice of putting my 240mm rad at the top or the front. Front can take up to a 360mm rad. - Nice power button and front panel design. - Removable fan filters for top and bottom vents. Top is magnetic. Bottom is clip based. - Bottom mounted PSU with a shroud.

Cons: - A bit on the heavy side. Construction is mostly steel/plastic as with most cases. Would've been nice to see some aluminum for a lighter weight, but I guess for the price, it is okay. - While the mesh design does allow for way better airflow and thermals, it will produce more visible dust collection on the outside mesh. - One bundled fan? Cooler Master cheaping out in this department. :\ - Limited 3.5" HDD space. Only 2 slots.

Overall Review: Overall a decent case. Currently using it as a Ryzen 7 build. MSI X370 Gaming Pro. Corsair RM750 and a Corsair CPU water loop. Everything fits very well.

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Decent Read speeds, but Writes have something left to be desired.7/23/2018 1:28:40 AM

Pros: - Very nice sequential read speeds. I get around 1400MB/s+ - Decent design. Corsair has included a sticker that seems to act like a mini-heatsink. - Easy to install, drop in an M.2 slot, screw it in and you're set. - Compared to an ADATA NVMe SSD that I use, the thermals on this are definiately better. Corsair has made some effort to make this thermally optimized. - Does have quick boot times due to decent read speeds, still blows conventional SATA3 SSDs out of the water in terms of reads.

Cons: - Sequential Writes are not what I would expect from an NVMe PCIE SSD. Averaging roughly 400MB/s+. A quality SATA3 SSD can/does do better. :( - The controller on this chip only pushes information through at PCIE X2 speeds, unlike other SSDs of its class that use X4.

Overall Review: - Placed inside an Intel Skull Canyon NUC for good measure. Not using as an OS drive, but for game installations. Games do boot up promptly. - I would still recommend this drive if you're looking for something that is cheap and can handle reads real well. Corsair does produce some quality RAM and their foray into the SSD business means they are confident in their engineering to do it well.

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Another great closed-loop all-in-one water cooling solution.6/10/2018 4:55:40 AM

Pros: - Swagger LEDs for the pump AND the fan, wired separate ARGB controller. to control all the LED colors, modes and speeds. - Solid construction. - Tubing is nicely sleeved. - Cooler Master has claimed to use PPS and glass fiber for their pump chamber to be impervious to oxidation and corrosion. Overall, this should result in a longer lasting pump. - Fairly quiet. I have the pump assembled with the case closed and I can't even hear it. - Push/pull fan configuration, allowing more air to pass over the radiator fins.

Cons: - I am not a huge fan of a single rad setup especially if you put this on an overclocked CPU. - Like others have stated the copper finish is a little rough. It is definiately 'good enough' and performs as such, but it isn't a mirror finish as you might expect. It is still way better than any HDT implementation. - I found the double tubing to be a big harder to work with and bend to my liking. - While this ML120R is marketed to work with ASUS Aura Sync, ASRock Polychrome Sync and even MSI's Mystic Light Sync, it doesn't work on ALL motherboards. Please be cautious in which mobo you plan to use this with and plan accordingly.

Overall Review: Like always, Cooler Master knows how to make em. The watercooler does what its suppose to do admirably. Slightly comparable to my old H110i, with all the new improvements and definiatly a LOT smaller and 'cooler' looking. The ARGB controller does not have instructions in the included manual. I found the best way is to just visit the Cooler Master site for this product and it has a video showcasing the RGB controller. That should suffice. I always prefer function over looks, and with all the fancy RGB LEDs, one might think this looks a little tacky, but Cooler Master has done a decent job of not skipping out on details for other parts of the cooler. It functions well, built very solid, was a breeze to install and looks sexy with the spinning lights.

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Pretty standard surround stereo headset4/21/2018 9:41:25 PM

Pros: - Good comfort, ears fit inside the cup pretty well, but I do have smaller ears. - I am a fan of the plush memory foam, though may not allow your ears to breath too well. - Overall for construction, more metal is used than plastic, so it seems more durable. - Decent acoustics, standard 50mm neodymium drivers. Nice highs and mids, may suffer a bit on the bass at higher volumes. - Detachable mic. I really like this feature. People can hear me no problem across Discord. The mic is fairly adjustable. Reminds me of the V-moda detachable mic, similar material? - Multi-platform compatibility. Obviously works on PC, but it does work on PS4, Switch and mobile devices, though to be expected. - The controls are really easy to access and use, behind the left ear. The volume is a wheel, which I personnly prefer over a rocker or anything digital.

Cons: - The all black carbon color makes it look really generic. - The headset itself is not detachable with its main cable. Only the mic is detachable. - The faux leather that covers the memory foam does prevent breathability for the ears around the headset.

Overall Review: Nothing terribly new here in terms of the gaming headset space. The HS60 doesn't tout any fancy RGB bells and whistles but really just boils down to the true function of what a headset should do, which is to provide comfortable sound and communication at a decent price. Which I feel this pair does accomplish. The more metal than plastic construction is a testament that Corsair is trying to increase their build quality for headsets, and the detachable mic just gives users the chance to customize the usage how they want. Not a bad pair of cans by any means, but nothing incredibly new. If you're looking to save and don't care for fancy lights and need quality functionality, look no further.

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Basically an improvement on the already amazing Hyper 212 series.2/26/2018 12:18:42 AM

Pros: - CDC 2.0 Tech. It makes a big difference vs air cooled heatsinks that don't have em. I really don't think you can call it a proper air cooled heatsink without having Continuous Direct Contact nowadays. - RGB LED Wired RGB Controller C10L: the fact that you can tune the color, intensity and mode of the RGB LED on the fan WITHOUT SOFTWARE. This is a huge plus imho. There is a brightness button, color switch, mode switch on a wired RGB controller. Having to install some proprietary bloatware software just to control RGB colors is insane. The only thing that would make this better is to have the controller detachable. Oh yeah, its also compatible with certain RGB motherboards if you don't wanna use the wired controller. At least you don't have to install additional proprietary software. - The fan design seems improved as the edges of the fan push OVER the sides of the aluminum part of the heatsink, meaning more direct airflow passes OVER the heatpipes that merge with the aluminum fins. - Super flexible design with the fan bracket, easy to remove, re-attach or re-position vertically. - Mounting method is with a bracket, same as old Hyper 212s. It fits all sorts of different sockets, but I do wish some improvements were made here.

Cons: I really can't think of any at the moment. The price is right, the features are good and it performs exactly as needed. However, because it is only 4 pipes of CDC, its cooling performance can only go so far. If you need more cooling, the MasterAir MA610P might be a better choice. Only has a 2 year warranty, which is meh. The only part that would break would be the fan. And the MTTF is clocked at 160,000 hours. Which is roughly 16 years? Not sure about that one.

Overall Review: Can't mow my lawn. Doesn't scramble my eggs.

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Yet another excellent closed-loop all-in-one CPU water cooling solution.2/3/2018 12:32:49 PM

Pros: - Magnetic levitation PWM fans. These guys are pretty dang quiet even at full speed. When they are running at normal speed, it is almost as if they are silent. - Magnetic levitation also means the fans will probably last a little longer as there is less metal-on-metal to be worn down for the bearing. - Support for Zero RPM mode, but CORSAIR LINK is a requirement. - Fancy RGB lighting is nice. - Super easy to mount, as easy as my H110i. Supports all different types of sockets. - Copper heatsink base and aluminum fans. Copper is better at heat transfer and aluminum is better at heat dissipation.

Cons: - No other mounting options. You can't fit 120mm fans. - This also means if you have a case with only 2x120mm fan slot, you can't mount these either. - In addition you can't change fan position. For example if you only wanted one fan in the middle or if you wanted to shift the fans slightly down or up on the radiator.

Overall Review: I've never had a problem with these single cpu water cooling solutions for Corsair. I've used an H110i for a few years now without any hiccups. The design is great and the cooling is superb. Installation is easier than Intel's stock fan. The pre-applied thermal paste is honestly 'good-enough', but if you really want to use your own, you can wipe off the pre-applied thermal paste and use your own.

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Corsair continues tradition of a great headset but only with a few improvements.12/4/2017 4:33:12 AM

Pros: I own 2 pairs of the original Corsair Void gaming headset (the non-Pro versions) and the most immediate improvement over those and the new Void Pro is the microphone. The Void Pro does an even better job at noise-cancelling surrounding sounds when you're gaming in a noisy environment. This makes this headset a little better in terms of gaming communication if you got a lot of other sounds around you. Your friends on Discord won't hate you for as much background noise and you'll come across a little clearer. I mainly use mine for work, so this is overkill and definiately performs well in the office and over Skype or Webex calls. Aside from the microphone, the look and feel of the Void Pro is exactly the same as the other Voids, which can be a good thing or a bad thing. It still has the standard 50mm audio drivers as well as a nice mesh and memory foam earpads. Not much has changed for the Void Pro, the mute button is still in the exact same place. It is pretty conveninently placed and I never had too much trouble finding it. The volume rocker wheel is the same. This version specifically can handle and support mobile and consoles due to its USB adapter, so you can use this with your PS4 or PC via the 3.5mm headphone jack or even mobile if you'd like, but if you want to take advantage of the Dolby 7.1, you'll need to use the USB adapter. Which is basically a USB sound card. I haven't tried it with my mobile device yet, don't really have a need, but it seems to work just fine for PS4. These headphones are pretty competitively priced imho for what they offer.

Cons: The headsets still sit a little lose on my head and it still has a very plasticky construction. These headsets are not open, but sound bleeds through the mesh pretty easily if you listen to music on high volume and it doesn't do a great job of isolating sound either. If there is loud music going on next to you, you're going to hear it. Maybe it is due to the fact that sound bleeds out easily, but these headsets and the Voids before it, lack a bit of a punch when it comes to Bass. Highs and trebles come through very nicely though.

Overall Review: Very nice headset, I am not sure what the actual reason to upgrade would be from the original Corsair Voids. If you must have the enhanced noise-cancelled microphone, then this would be good for you. But other wise, fit, form, comfort, features seem to be on par with the old Voids. But if you don't have an older pair, these would be a solid choice.

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Great power supply backed by Corsair Quality10/10/2017 5:38:56 AM

Pros: - Not too large for a 720W. Will fit in most cases. Though not tiny ITX cases. - Semi modular is nice. - Rock solid stable and seems to deliver power no problem. - Length of cables is just perfect for a mid-sized tower. - Comes with plenty of extra power cables. - Easy to use and install.

Cons: - This is more of an inherent problem with the modular SATA cables. The SATA cables that have 2-3 connectors are often upside-down in such a way that doesn't allow for easy daisy-chaining. I had two SSDs right next to each other and because of the orientation of the SATA cable, I could not use one cable to power both drives. - Not full modular. The Motherboard and CPU power cables are not modular.

Overall Review: Build a brand new Skylake computer with this power supply, powering a GTX 1080 with zero problems. Really can't get much better than Corsair quality.

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6TB WD My Book - Forced hardware encryption but can be shucked.8/27/2017 11:48:01 PM

Pros: - Sleek looking external hard drive. - Power brick isn't too large, points downwards. Standard 12V - 1.5A. - Despite what people say this hard drive enclosure CAN be shucked. Meaning you can remove the bare internal hard drive from the enclosure and put the hard drive into your PC for use (no encryption). Unless you are a ninja, this will VOID your warranty.** - There IS software & hardware encryption IF you purposefully want it. - This is Western Digital quality, so the drive should be reliable.

Cons: - This thing DOES have mandatory hardware encryption on the enclosure PCB. - If the enclosure dies, it is unlikely you will be able to recover your data because it was encrypted. Or get someone to decrypt for you. - There are no indicator LED lights to inform the user if the drive is in use or on. - This doesn't seem to have any indicator LED. No light for power on or activity.

Overall Review: - Only time will tell how reliable this little external enclosure and the drive inside is. Used CrystalDiskInfo: - WD60EZRZ model - 8 power cycle counts - 0 power on hours - Drive came back with no bad sectors after a full drive scan using WD's Disk Diagnostic tool. ** So I am giving this hard drive 5-stars still simply because, while it does have mandatory hardware encryption, you CAN remove the internal drive without damaging the enclosure (but will void warranty), and you can use the internal WD Blue (WD60EZRZ) in another computer. ** In addition, you can even re-use the enclosure (with hardware encryption) to accept a different hard drive; you just have to mod the enclosure PCB. Google to figure it out.

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Great Entry-level Cherry MX Red TLK Mechanical from Corsair4/19/2017 6:06:15 PM

Pros: - Solid compact design and build quality by Corsair - Per Key LED red backlight - The number row and the symbols are fairly visible in the dark. Many keyboards do a poor job of lighting up the symbols. This one does an acceptable job. - 100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover - Corsair CUE program support - Real Cherry MX Red switches that feel great. Enough resistance that you won't press the key by accident, but with a very linear resistance. Great for gaming.

Cons: - No detachable USB cable. - Unlike a lot of other Corsair keyboards, the switches are surrounded by a plastic plate so they aren't flush with the base. Overtime this can get pretty dirty and in my opinion is more annoying to clean. - Non-standard bottom row for keys, meaning you can't buy generic keycaps and replace them with something else. You'll need to find ones that fit and mimic the exact dimensions of the Corsair layout.

Overall Review: - This honestly feels like a budget entry-level Cherry MX Red mechanical keyboard. It is a solid design, but I feel for the price, they could've have added RGB LEDs. Since this keyboard has support for the Corsair CUE software, it just seems since there is only one color, the software is not being taken fully advantage of.

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Fantastic Gaming Headset, Swanky Lights and improved mic3/13/2017 2:47:04 AM

Pros: - Decently sturdy gaming headset, but I haven't really put it through a lot of abuse. Has some good weight to it, but doesn't feel too heavy on the head. - Comfortable to wear for average to long periods of time. I am not sure how they would feel for 6-8+ hours. - Microphone can swing up to get out of your way. - Really convenient Mute button on the side. Has a great feel to it and does the job well to quickly mute. - Microphone also seems to do a good job of cancelling out surrounding noise so the person(s) on the other end don't hear too much background noise. - The changing colors or the ability to full customize the LED lights on this thing are pretty nice. I leave it on default and it cycles through some colors. Good enough for me. - Nice volume rocker on the backside, holding the rocker up does trigger it continuously and vice versa for down. - Great volume and decent acoustics for a gaming headset.

Cons: - While comfortable to wear, the pads do try to keep sound out (doesn't do a super good job vs soft leather) and ends up just making things hot for your ear. There is sound bleed at higher volumes. While listening to music at a very moderate volume, co-workers could hear everything in a quiet room. - The part where the headphones connect to the flex-adjustment part seem a little thin. I do not think it is not strong, but compared to the rest of the headset it seems to be a weaker point. - Microphone is not super flexible in where it is in front of your mouth. The rubber part of the microphone seems pretty stiff, but it isn't in the way.

Overall Review: I heard there was an initial early version of this headset with a bad mic design, these are definitely better. - Wish the microphone would auto-mute when it swung up. - Wish the cable was detachable, so if it fails, I can always just get a new one or something. - I use these headsets every day and I have several pairs already. None have failed... yet. - I use them for audio conferencing and for work. Works just fine for basic office use. If this headset had a more flexible mic, auto-mute when mic is swung up, swappable ear cushions (between more breathable material or leather for sound bleed), detachable cable, I would give it a full 5/5, but it rates at about a 4 to 4.5 for me.

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Great drive from Seagate so far, time will tell how reliable.2/12/2017 11:37:37 PM

Pros: - Designed for NVR and continuous writing, but seems to hold up just fine in normal desktop workloads and in a Synology NAS. - Pairing this with a standard 4channel 1080p NVR from MP, drive had no problems recording and working in the NVR. Only have 1 camera recording 24/7, so I am able to get quite a few weeks of footage on this HDD. - Seagate claims a 180TB/year workload rating, I am not sure if this applies to the 2TB version however. - 3 year limited warranty. - Claims 1 million hours of MTBF - Fairly quiet during operation, far quieter than some of my other NAS drives. - The claim to Tarnish-resistant components is a nice plus. Depending on your environment, an environment where you can't control the humidity and elements can really mess with your gear.

Cons: - I really can't find a con with this drive. It works and it hasn't performed poorly. It does get a little warm under load, but nothing scorching or even noticeably hotter than some of my WD Purple or Red drives. - If it fails in less than 3 years, that would be a con. Though Seagate's overall reliability has improved a lot over the years.

Overall Review: - Currently running this in a seedbox with a lot of continuous reading and some writing. It seems to hold up just fine, even though it is performing a work load it was not designed for. - Firmware seems optimized for writes rather than reads.

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Crazy customizable mouse, maybe completely overkill1/23/2017 2:04:58 AM

Pros: - I didn't know I wanted this many options for customization on my mouse until I got the Corsair Scimitar Pro. - Feels great in the hand, plenty of weight to it. - LED lights on this thing are beautiful. - There are about 4 different areas of LED lighting on the mouse that you can customize. - Scroll wheel has a nice notch feel and has plenty of grip. - 16k dpi optical sensor, if you swear by optical vs laser, than this is definitely for you. Software allows you to fine tune up to +/- 1 dpi. - 12 button macro is great for MMO and any other game that benefits from many macros. Could even macro simple office/work related macros like cut/copy/paste. - Software allows incredible customization. There is onboard memory, so once you save your settings, you can take the mouse with you and all your settings stay on the mouse. - Macro buttons are on a slider, that allow for roughly ~8mm of travel. This is a nice customization feature, but I duno how much of a difference 8mm really makes. - Macro buttons are mechanical as well. - Braided cable. - Right side of mouse has a nice grip area.

Cons: - No infinity scroll wheel like many Logitech mice. - As a standard browser day-to-day mouse, this can actually be pretty annoying to use. Programming 2 of the 12 macro buttons to be 'Back' and 'Forward' buttons for web browsing can be irritating, cause you might end up pressing a different macro button. - No weight customization. Can't add or remove weights to adjust mouse weight. - Braided cable comes out of the left-front side of the mouse. This was a little awkward, as any resistance from the cable will be felt off-center.

Overall Review: This mouse really shines on a gaming rig or anyone playing lots of MMOs. If you use a lot of macros commonly, even for work, this mouse could work as well. Wouldn't recommend this mouse as a daily use mouse for standard computing. Still a fantastic mouse none-the-less.

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Decent pair of monitor arms, handles ultrawides and heavy TNs pretty well.12/4/2016 10:02:19 PM

Pros: - Seems pretty sturdy. - Fairly easy to put together (not counting the monitors) - Handles my LG 29" IPS 1080p Ultrawide and an ASUS 24" TN 1080p with no problems so far. The TN panel is pretty heavy but the arm is handling it. Time will tell if it droops. - The two top holes for 100x100 VESA mount on the monitor arm is cut in such a way that you can hook your monitor onto it if you've only partially put the screws in. This allows you get the rest of the screws in place easily without having to pre-mount the monitor. - Has cable management compartments, it didn't use them, but the plastic shells didn't seem very friendly to use. - It is black, doesn't look too bad.

Cons: - A little confusing to get all the tension right. It is difficult to tell how much tension you've applied to the vertical gas spring for the arm. All the other ones are fine. Up-down swivel is easy to control but using the included tool kinda sucks. Wish there was a small dial instead so I could twist to adjust it. - Comes with all the tools you'll need, but honestly you'll probably want to get a nice Philips-head screw driver, the one included is good but not great. - 75x75 VESA mount holes are just holes and you can't hook monitors on it, so you essentially have to pre-mount your monitor, or get someone to help you hold it while you screw it in.

Overall Review: - My table is kinda thin, about a 3/4 of an inch? I went to my local hardware shop and picked up some blocks of wood that you use for simple crafts. Added about an extra inch and a half of thickness and more surface area with the table for the clamp. Table seems fine. But I do kinda wish maybe the base was a little wider so less stress is put on a focused point. - Otherwise, this is a pretty decent dual monitor arm. I am surprised it can hold my 29" ultrawide and my 24" TN, but I guess the math does check out: 27+27=54>53=29+24.

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Good Reads, Bad Write Speeds11/13/2016 1:49:49 PM

Pros: - Compact size, good color and form factor. - Red LED activity indicator is well placed. Not too bright to be distracting, yet visible to know there is activity. - Decent Read Speeds: 98-100+MB/s (detailed speedtest results below) - Locking mechanism works well when drive is extended for use. Drive won't push back in if met with resistance from the port, like many other USB sticks. - Retractable - Was able to format to exFAT no problem. Works on both Windows 7 and macOS.

Cons: - Pretty bad write speeds for USB 3.0, but this is a flash drive. I think these speeds are par for the course for USB sticks nowadays. I expected it to cap at 25MB/s instead of 15-17MB/s I saw on speed tests. - Hook keychain part is honestly really hard to use. I don't have anything that can fit through that well except for maybe some string.

Overall Review: - Comes with 'SP Service' folder already on it. Inside is an 'Activate Warranty.exe', and a webpage that leads to the product registration page. - Windows reads 28.8GB usable free space (29.5535GB actual). - Benchmark results: Starting large file benchmark. With 100MB file. 16384k:6 Average Read Speed:99.07MB/s 8192k:12 Average Read Speed:105.49MB/s 4096k:25 Average Read Speed:100.30MB/s 2048k:50 Average Read Speed:99.95MB/s 1024k:100 Average Read Speed:102.52MB/s 512k:200 Average Read Speed:98.51MB/s 16384k:6 Average Write Speed:15.16MB/s 8192k:12 Average Write Speed:15.83MB/s 4096k:25 Average Write Speed:17.36MB/s 2048k:50 Average Write Speed:13.24MB/s 1024k:100 Average Write Speed:14.13MB/s 512k:200 Average Write Speed:11.45MB/s Deleting file. Starting small file benchmark. With 10MB file. 256k:40 Average Read Speed:80.26MB/s 128k:80 Average Read Speed:79.99MB/s 64k:160 Average Read Speed:78.74MB/s 32k:320 Average Read Speed:63.61MB/s 256k:40 Average Write Speed:13.74MB/s 128k:80 Average Write Speed:15.47MB/s 64k:160 Average Write Speed:10.12MB/s 32k:320 Average Write Speed:5.61MB/s Deleting file. Starting tiny file benchmark. With 1MB file. 16k:320 Average Read Speed:41.25MB/s 8k:640 Average Read Speed:34.15MB/s 4k:1280 Average Read Speed:25.41MB/s 2k:2560 Average Read Speed:15.99MB/s 1k:5120 Average Read Speed:11.76MB/s 16k:320 Average Write Speed:3.21MB/s 8k:640 Average Write Speed:1.56MB/s 4k:1280 Average Write Speed:0.77MB/s 2k:2560 Average Write Speed:0.39MB/s 1k:5120 Average Write Speed:0.19MB/s Deleting file. Benchmark done.

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Great concept, executed okay, performance left to be desired.11/7/2016 4:29:35 AM

Pros: - This kit is essentially a power line network adapter and an access point smashed together. - Very easy set up. Connect it to the wall, pair it with your network and its set. - Has Wi-Fi clone and auto-sync capabilities if you don't wanna manage the new SSID from the extender. Simplifies the process, but I like to configure my network devices. - Base has 2 ports, so it kind of acts as a mini switch. - Remote device can support up to 3 additional wired devices and all the Wi-Fi clients. - Wi-Fi range is decent. I am able to get a better solid connection to the duped wifi than with a normal range extender.

Cons: - Not the best connection through power line. I got around 100Mbps and file transfer was about 10-15MB/s. It fluctuated a lot. I was wired up as well. I am not sure how the electrical is wired up in my house, but I guess the two points where I placed the device are not close enough? - I would not depend on powerline for gaming for any network intensive where ping is an important factor. Normal web browsing works fine; even streaming doesn't seem to have much of an issue, but gaming suffers. - Actually disrupts my pool's remote control which also uses a powerline type-of-connection. Bummer. - These devices are huge and take up quite a bit of wall plug space. It might block the other power socket from being fully used by another full sized plug.

Overall Review: - I feel there are always better alternatives than using power line adapters. Last resort, this DOES work... but it is not going to be as great as just drawing cheap CAT6 across the house. Spend an extra $10 and get some nice cable mounting accessories to make it look seamless and organized. - TP-link, in general has some fantastic networking equipment. This kit is definitely a great idea and executed decently, but could use a little more work on the powerline part. Though, I don't think that is TP-links fault.

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Really can't go wrong with TP-Link networking switches10/23/2016 1:23:14 AM

Pros: - Solid build quality. Steel housing. - PoE standard is 802.3af (too bad not 802.3at PoE+) and delivers 55W across 4 ports. For a business solution, maybe you'd need more, but for an 8-port switch it is pretty good. PoE does have port priority and overload arrangement. - Managed switch, L2 switching features: Link Aggregation, Port Mirroring and VLANs. - Fanless design. - Seems to power my UniFi UAP-AC-PRO with no problems. - So far so good, excellent performance on my Gigabit network. Transfer speeds are saturating at ~1Gbps.

Cons: - The datasheet claims it is rack-mountable, but it doesn't come with any additional mounting hardware. - Port distance between 4 and 5 is a little tight. I am not sure why TP-Link didn't give more space between these two. If your cables have a thick ethernet boot, it might not fit against each other. :(

Overall Review: Decent 8-port Managed PoE Gigabit switch for the price. Though I am honestly not sure if this would be the best business solution. It would work better for a SOHO. I personally would go for a much larger switch if I really needed L2 switching features like VLAN and Link Aggregation. The PoE is nice, but again, I personally would prefer an unmanaged PoE solution for my PoE needs.

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Easy to use Wifi Camera but limited in functionality. Proprietary Phone App is required to use.9/3/2016 11:32:52 AM

Pros: - Fairly simple setup. - Low cost wifi camera. - Video quality was decent. Colors were a little saturated, but it was fine. - Wide angle. Even if only 115 or 130 degrees, it does get a decent wide angle view. - Nice cloud options to store your video and free 12-month subscription. - Does accept an SD card for local recordings. - Motion sensing was pretty accurate. - Surprisingly good WiFi connection range. Camera was placed at the farthest end of my house and it was still able to send a steady stream of uninterrupted video.

Cons: - Proprietary software app. You must download the EZVIZ app, create an account to use this or even view the video. This is not a real IP camera where you can just access it through the network. - App is pretty limited in what you can do and customize. - Unit gets pretty warm when in operation. - Unit only connects to 2.4Ghz signals. In a busy city with lots of other signals, it may not perform as well. - Does not double as a USB camera or webcam. The USB cable is simply to power the device.

Overall Review: - Has some options to turn off front lights. - The item description says 130 degree view, but the box says 115. I am not sure which one it is. - Did not experience any connection problems as a lot of others have stated. - Used an iPhone 6 to use the app. Honestly, this seems like a quick fix wifi camera. The use of the proprietary app is a big turn off for me. I am forced to create an account, and I am forced to use their app. Can't view the video stream from web browser and you can't use it as a standard webcam. Limited documentation. The quick start guide is minimal, there are 6 pages and then it just switches to the next language. This is not a bad wifi camera, but it just seems very limited and specific in its use. 3.5 stars is the rating I would give it, if i could.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Anonymous, Thanks for the review! We always appreciate when our customers take the time to leave feedback about our products and share their experience with other customers. We do have an update for the iOS and android mobile app, please visit your app store and download the update. Also please make sure your device is running the version of the firmware. The new firmware update, improves the device performance and improves the overall user experience Best Regards, EZVIZ Tech Team
Great Range Extender, GIgaport is necessary and has decent range8/2/2016 11:40:24 PM

Pros: - Great design and look, I love the way the antennas fold out and slide up. - LED light indicators pleasant - LED on/off button is a nice touch - Ethernet Gigabit port, this should be the standard. Wireless speeds can easily surpass 100Mbits Fast Ethernet now. - The intelligent signal indicator is really a nice touch. - Compact design near the 2-prong plug doesn't crowd the bottom wall AC port. But if will crowd and take ports on the sides. - Decent range for my house, beats out my old TP-Link N300 range extender by a large margin.

Cons: - WPS is insecure, they really should just throw the feature out.

Overall Review: - Can't act as standalone AP device. Product not really advertised that way, but a feature like that would've been really nice. - The tether app is nice for configuring extender, but I personally prefer using the web browser to access the admin pages. - Not sure what other reviews are talking about but you're able change the SSID for the extended network. You don't have to keep the same SSID as your host network.

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Great looking slim portable external hard drive.7/11/2016 7:43:14 PM

Pros: - Small, very portable. Light weight, low profile. - Sleek design. LED doesn't seem too intrusive. - USB 3.0 (Consistent transfer speeds ~115MB/s+) - Works with Mac time-machine. - Fairly quiet. - The case does help in heat transfer from the hard drive because of the slim design.

Cons: - USB cable provided is a little short for me. - Hasn't failed on me yet, time will tell. - I wish more support for the cable around the USB 3.0 port was provided.

Overall Review: - Not sure how I feel about the GB/$ ratio. The 2TB version of this same drive is a little better. - I have the drive hooked up to a QNAP NAS device serving as an additional network drive. I don't move it around too much. - Android 3.0+ support is listed, I don't have an Android device to test. - A 2-year limited warranty. Not terrible, at least it isn't 1-year, but it would've been nice if Seagate could match Western Digital's 3-year warranty. - The 200GB of OneDrive storage is nice, but I personally wouldn't use it.

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Great DDR4 sticks of RAM for either 2011v3 or Z170 chipset6/4/2016 1:53:27 AM

Pros: - Corsair quality. I've never had a pair of Corsair sticks go bad on me, ever. Even after intensive 24/7 stress testing. - Passed memtest86 with flying colors. - Heat-spreaders are low profile making them compatible with a lot of CPU coolers. - DDR4 3200 speeds - Works on X99 and Z170 chipsets - Runs fairly cool because of quality Corsair heat-spreaders. Probably can be OCed a little.

Cons: - XMP profile and your motherboard should automatically detect best and proper settings for the RAM. I had no problems on my Z170 board, but the X99 board did take some manual adjustment.

Overall Review: - Kinda wish these sticks were rated with a CAS latency of 15 instead of 16. With higher frequencies but a longer CAS latency I wonder if getting DDR4 3200 is even worth it vs a pair of sticks running at DDR4 3000 but with 15 CAS latency. You can easily just overclock the DDR4 3000 up to 3200.

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A mixture of the pros and cons of both SSD and standard HDD4/28/2016 11:11:08 PM

Pros: + Quick boot into Windows + Definately beats out a conventional HDD in terms of speed and read/write rates + 4TB of space, an SSD costing the same would be a fraction of the size + Draws less power than some of my other HDDs + 5 year limited warranty is nice

Cons: - It is still no where near an SSD in terms of access speeds. Even for hot files stored on flash. - Suffers from the same durability issues as a conventional hard drive. If you drop this, you're going to have a bad time. - Failure rate would be similar to any other Seagate 4TB drive as it still depends on the 4 platters and the 8 read/write heads total. - Average read/write rates are far below an SSD. - 4K Random Read/Write speeds are at HDD levels. Not unexpected.

Overall Review: Sequential Read I got around ~155.28MB/s. Sequential Write I got around ~143.79MB/s. This is still faster than some of my other 4TB drives, but not as good as my SSD. Really the benefit of the SSD speed really only kicks in for hot files or commonly accessed files. Everything else, expect standard 4TB HDD speeds. I still wouldn't consider this drive for an OS drive. But for a data storage drive in which you are commonly accessing files, over time this can be worth it if you want a little bit of a performance boost over a convention 4TB. I am not sure what the RPM speed is for the actual disks are. This drive can be used with a PlayStation 4 and the Nyko Data Bank. Just make sure you've updated your PS4 firmware past 3.50. Currently using this drive for rtorrent, and it is actually performing very VERY well. Seagate's reliability and production standards I feel have greatly improved since their old 7200.11 days. This drive has been working 24/7 for almost 2 weeks now. No hiccups yet, but obviously way too early to make a final conclusion though.

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