Good but cost-down4/28/2020 3:09:49 PM

Pros: --- PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT --- The black square button just behind the scroll wheel is a RATCHET/FREEWHEEL toggle button. I'll discuss this later in my review. Keyboard: Comfortable to type on. The concave keys feel nice under the hand, and I have no problems reaching my full ~90WPM typing speed on it. Spill-resistant design with drain holes on the bottom of the keyboard. Great on batteries. It'll last forever on a single pair of AA's. LCD panel is intuitive and pleasant to use. I LOVE the LCD panel, and wish more wireless keyboards had something like this. Configurable shortcut keys. Standard, familiar layout with multimedia features. Versatile tilt legs for 4-degrees and 8-degrees. Mouse: A pleasant compact mouse that fits well in my hands. You might have issues if your hands are large though. Browser buttons. All but essential in a modern mouse. Tilt wheel is convenient, although less essential. I LOVE the freewheeling scroll wheel feature! Also great on batteries. Will even work with just one AA loaded!

Cons: Keyboard: The keycaps will wear quickly with heavy use, as other reviews have noted. This seems to be a common problem with Logitech's older keyboard designs, as my ancient 47MHz S510 did it too. The LCD panel can be hard to read in indirect or poor lighting. You can't safely remove the keycaps without breaking them. No back lighting? That said, it's an older design meant to use AA batteries. Installing any kind of lights will severely cramp the whole "3 years on a pair of AA's" thing. Mouse: This is a newer, and slightly inferior, revision of the M705. The old model had a "hidden" thumb button at the base of the mouse. This one does not. Fans of this model of mouse will be disappointed. The toggle button to switch the scroll wheel from ratchet to freewheel is NOT LABELED OR MARKED in any way, shape, or form. It was labeled in the previous version. (It's behind the scroll wheel, in front of the battery light.) Given that the mouse comes out of the box in freewheel mode, this cost-cutting measure has likely cost Logitech and Newegg a lot of money in support calls and unnecessary RMAs, judging by some of the other reviews I've seen.

Overall Review: This is a refreshed version of an old keyboard/mouse set. I don't know if it was sold with a 47MHz radio, but I got these to replace an aging 2.4GHz non-Unifying set. The M705 is a significant improvement over whatever they threw in the box of my original version, which broke years ago so I don't remember its model number. It had the toggle for the freewheel feature on the bottom. The keyboard is largely the same. Aside from them either disconnecting or removing the "Mute" light from the LCD panel (and my old one being worn out!), I can barely tell the difference between them. By the way, the keyboards they're shipping as of me typing this (still) have a black LCD with white icons on it, not a white LCD with black icons as shown in some of the pictures. Final Verdict: It's great, if a little pricey. If you have a need for this set's headline features - the mouse's free wheeling scroll and the keyboard's LCD status panel - then I have no problem giving it my recommendation. Otherwise you can find keyboard/mouse sets for a good bit less than this one, and I would instead recommend shopping around some more for something with a bit less sticker-shock.

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I love this thing, imperfections and all!7/6/2019 8:47:46 PM

Pros: > Keyboard. Lenovo hits another home run. These guys know how to design a keyboard. The throw on these keys is short. They're quiet as well, and there's a minor annoying quibble with the ` key being a little wider than I think it should be, causing the number keys to not quite line up as they would on a regular PC, but you can get used to that pretty quickly. Really... this thing is GREAT. I can touch type on it at full speed fresh out of the box. > Battery life. Wait, what?! But most people on this page complain about the battery! Look. If you want an "all day on a single charge" laptop, scroll back to the top of this page and keep shopping. That is not what this laptop is designed for. That said, if you adjust it right, you can get five hours out of this thing in light use. Play around in Windows Advanced Power Settings, I've found that a modestly aggressive advanced setup can get you surprisingly decent battery life without sacrificing performance. Dialing back your "more performance/more battery" slider can get you even more. And when you inevitably do need to park it next to an outlet for a little while, there's a convenient "Fast Charge" function accessible in the Lenovo Vantage "app" to rapidly top yourself back off for your next adventure. It's still far better than the 15 year old things I bought this to replace. > Performance. You aren't going to see top-shelf $1500 gaming laptop performance, but this is not a $1500 gaming laptop. It plays older and indie games handily, maintaining 1080p60 at reasonable settings in most games I've tried. You'll be able to get your CS:GO, Overwatch, DOTA, Hearthstone, Portal, or Fortnite fix here after some options tweaking. Just don't expect it to hammer out the latest AAA releases on full ultra max high res mode. > DVD drive! The drive tray on the side is a 9.5mm slimline DVD/CD writer. Many people will find this to be obsolete. I do not. If you don't like this, you can always take it out and buy a hard drive adapter, or upgrade it to Blu-ray or something. It's your laptop, I can't stop you. > A useful and competent arrangement of ports. Almost any commonly desired peripheral will work when connected to this laptop. HDMI monitors, wireline Ethernet, USB A and C, SD card, and a "headset" jack. The Type-C port is internally wired as a standard USB3.1 port with no special features. You can get an inexpensive adapter to turn the type-C port into a type-A port, or the headset jack into headphone/microphone jacks. > It's thin! This is actually my first "thin and light" class laptop. Kinda blows my mind upgrading from a full size machine to this. > Privacy features. You know how there's a subsection of laptop users who put tape over the webcam? Lenovo includes a hotkey to shut the webcam and microphones down completely. You can also access the feature from the Vantage app. I leave mine off all the time, and only turn them back on when I'm making a call and need them. It's reassuring to know that this is there.

Cons: > Yes, it throttles. In my testing, the machine will run for up to two minutes at full boost, then will roll back to a bit above base. I've yet to see it roll back below base though, and that's with pretty intensive testing. I usually see a rollback to about 75% of peak performance under sustained load, such as prolonged gaming or a stress test application. This looks like a VRM and power delivery rollback, not a thermal one, as the fan actually spools down a little during this rollback. > Out of the box color settings are totally whack. EXTREMELY cold color temperature. Lenovo Vantage uses the Windows Night View engine to compensate it back to whatever color temp you desire. I find it more reliable to use Radeon Settings. - Open your settings, choose the Display tab, and click the Colors button. Then turn "Color Temperature" to "Automatic". Your colors should be about as pure as this thing is able to display (see below). > It's a TN panel. I find vertical view angles to be a little disappointing with the screen. Whoever Lenovo buys their LCDs from could stand to do a little more R&D in their polarizer technology to improve vertical view angles. I've seen monitors from 2003 with better viewing angles. 1080p is a competent resolution for a laptop this size though. No complaints here in that department.

Overall Review: When I clicked 'Buy Now', after reading diverse reviews and watching videos and considering, I had built a pretty reasonable picture of what to expect, and what I wanted, when I opened the box. And when I got it? It slotted perfectly into those wants and expectations. What I wanted: Drop-in replacement for my aging collection of 10-15 year old full size laptops. Each of my machines had a single role it could fill. I wanted one computer that could usurp them all. - One machine could get five hours of battery life, but gets poor performance. And sometimes crashes. - One machine can play games, but gets horrible battery life to do so, and crashes because of a video card problem. - One got both good battery life and okay gaming performance, but is ABSOLUTELY HUGE and unwieldy to try to take with me on the go. And has a problem with the display going blank at inconvenient times. - Most of them are just aging potato. This thing does exactly what i wanted it to do, by getting comparable battery life to the first one, playing games better than the second one, and being thinner, lighter, and easier to handle than any of them. Here's my experiences with this laptop to help you decide if it'll meet your needs as well as it's met mine. - Below, find features and points that I consider neither pros nor cons. > "Proprietary charging port" Wait, what? Since when has the ever-standard barrel connector been proprietary? USB-C charging is more proprietary than a barrel socket. These have been common for many years, and finding SOMETHING that'll provide 20v and fit into that hole should not be difficult. You'll have no problems with a common 19v universal laptop charging adapter if it has a tip that'll fit. My "large battery bank" can power it with no problems at all. But if you really want Type-C charging, there are special adapters that can convert the barrel connector to a Type C port. > Audio quality The built in speakers are just fine. They won't blow your pants off, but they won't let you down either. They get reasonably loud, have acceptable audio quality, but they fire downwards from the bottom of the wristboard. I'd have preferred if they were on top of the bezel. > Trackpad. It's a pretty large, pretty okay trackpad. I find the laptop perfectly usable without an external mouse for most uses, such as web browsing and messaging with friends. Main complaint here is that scroll speed is inconsistent. In some programs it's ultra fast, while in others its modestly slow. > Wireless. It uses WiFi AC, so can connect to 5GHz APs. Range is perfectly fine, as is bandwidth. Bluetooth is present, accounted for, and does not seem to interfere with WiFi. I've had no problems with it. I have, however, had problems with the wireless system going offline after sleep mode or using Windows Fastboot, forcing periodic reboots. This has happened on other computers I've owned too, so maybe it's just me? Turn off Fastboot to minimize time wasted rebooting the laptop immediately after turning it on because of this weird little bug. You'll only lose about three seconds booting out of a fastest-possible eight seconds from cold. - Open Windows Settings, System, Power & Sleep, Additional Power Settings, "Choose what the Power Buttons do", "Change settings that're currently unavailable", and uncheck "Turn on fast startup".

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First Impressions are GOOD!1/2/2016 1:20:13 PM

Pros: Several "goodies" are included: -Two Y type microUSB cables -An HDMI to micro-HDMI cable -Two branded, neon green velcro straps -Microfiber cleaning cloth -Reusable, thin fabric packing sleeve -Stand/cover Extreme dot pitch full 1080p IPS panel is a beautiful thing to look at. Very efficient power draw over the USB port - the "worst case" 2A draw is at full brightness. It works off a single normal USB port on my PC at 25% brightness. Can be powered from either the touchscreen or main power USB ports - or both! Works on 5v USB "booster" batteries for a truly portable experience. Instruction manual offers pin-outs for all ports on the side, for the tinkerers.

Cons: Very wide bezel around the border (appears to be about an inch). On a monitor this small it's a significant amount of the face real estate. Contrary: This makes the unit usable as a tablet where you can hold it by the bezel without interfering with the touchscreen. The tight dot pitch can make displayed text very small. If you're hard of sight, this might not be the monitor for you. Nonstandard VGA connector on the side, and Newegg does not sell the required adapter. I can't speak for the DisplayPort connector. All three video connectors have the exact same physical connection. It's easy to "accidentally" connect a cable to the wrong port if you aren't paying close attention. Despite the acceptable "getting started kit" that's included in the box, most accessories are still optional. Cannot accept video over USB. Requires one of the three main video inputs. This may be a concern for some prospective users. The manual is legible, but rife with poorly translated "Engrish". For a premium product like this, I was expecting better.

Overall Review: The Stand/Cover included with the monitor, and the prop stand on the back, are both magnetically attached. While there is a screw hole at the top to mount the monitor in, it is not necessary. It did not include a screw to thread into it, but it appears to be a standard PC case screw, or similar that a computer hobbyist is likely to have laying around. The included speakers are clear, present, and about as good as you would expect in something this small. You might want to use headphones for better audio quality. There is no way to get audio to the speakers in VGA mode. The thing as a tablet is usable, although holding it in one hand for a prolonged period of time may cause fatigue. It has a metal and glass body construction, with a thin plastic frame mating the high-hardness (7H according to the manual) touchscreen face to the metal body, lending to its appreciable heft. Little rubber bumpers inside of the cover protect the monitor from scratches. Final Verdict: While it is a little small to be using it as your desktop PC's main monitor at home, it makes an excellent addition to a LAN party rig, SFF machine, cramped desk, improvised tablet, bugout bag, or a secondary monitor for your main PC.

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Metal Band8/17/2015 2:32:43 PM

Pros: Attractive Stainless Steel band. Matches matte-black Pebble Steel perfectly. Fits said watch perfectly. Simple to install. Adjustable to fit smaller wrists (like mine). Allow your Pebble Steel to achieve its 50m water resist rating! Works on any 20mm watch, but is designed for the Pebble Steel smartwatch.

Cons: Black paint is wearing off the inside of the band with heavy use. Metal links can pinch wrist hairs.

Overall Review: The links rattle gently when the watch vibrates. I don't consider this a bad thing, but you might if you work in a very quiet office. I believe the "paint wearing off" is due to my particularly aggressive, heavy usage pattern of "never take the watch off, ever", leaving it exposed to natural oils and wear from the movements of me being an active young man. The metal-link pinch thing is a natural consequence of ANY metal link watch band. To adjust your band's size, locate the six (three on each side) "special" links with the arrows and the visible little "clasp" in them. Use an awl or other pointed object to push the clasp piece out of the band in the direction of the arrow, then gently unhook the link. Do this to two of the links on each side of the clasp, to the size you believe to be correct. Remove the excess links, storing them somewhere safe, and hook the new loose ends back together. Reinsert one of the little pieces you removed first to secure the band at its new size.

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Good Router; Be Prepared ...12/28/2014 6:49:23 PM

Pros: Very capable, tiny little router that can do almost any network related challenge you can throw at it! A self powered: - Wireless Router - Wireless Access Point - Wireless Client Router - Network Access Storage via uSD or USB - USB 3G Internet Share?! AND a power jumper for your phone!

Cons: Be prepared to get your hands dirty to get some of these features to work, particularly the wireless client router mode. The unit does NOT support wireless bridging or repeater mode, depending on the hardware configuration you get. Mine did not. MicroSD NAS can become unstable when transferring large files (>10MB).

Overall Review: Research "openWRT", and remember "port 8181" in order to get the absolute most out of this thing. You could get it doing things Loftek never pictured when they made it. The difficulty in use and missing features are worth cutting one egg. The fact that I STILL LOVE IT anyways is worth keeping the other four.

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Set your PC on FIAH!12/9/2014 3:45:12 PM

Pros: FAST. Seriously, my PC is up before I realize what's going on, and games/programs loaded on it load just as quickly. Silent. There's no mechanical drive noise coming from this thing. Efficient. Loading one of these drives in your laptop will actually improve its battery life! It's been reliable for me for the almost-year of continuous use I've subject the poor thing to.

Cons: You need a drive bay adapter to install this into your desktop computer. SSDs are still relatively small. I firmly recommend putting a companion mechanical into your computer for data and anything else you don't need CRAZYINSANESPEED for.

Overall Review: No, please, don't literally set your computer on fire. That's hazardous to your health and your investment. Just buy the dang drive already. You won't regret it.

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First Impressions8/7/2014 3:31:59 PM

Pros: Great key feel, I can touchtype at full speed all day on it. SPACIOUS touchpad with gestures support. Logitech Unifying lets me pair it to any Unifying receiver Good battery life Convenient, slim, all-in-one design perfect for cramped desks, home theater PCs, and presentation laptops.

Cons: Odd placement of special keys - the Home/End/PgUp/PgDn keys are Fn-Left/Right/Up/Down, respectively. Function keys are "reversed" - you have to hold Fn to get the "normal" F-keys, and the "special" mode is enabled by default.

Overall Review: I'm not going to call the strange placement of the touchpad controls a "pro" or a "con". The left click is the lower left area of the touchpad - and there is a physical button hidden beneath the touch surface if you press down on it. Same story for the right click on the lower right. You also have the normal tap controls that every laptop user knows anywhere (except the lower right) on the pad. "Gesture" controls can be a mixed bag, if you trigger one on an OS that doesn't support them it'll do nothing. The "scroll" gesture, btw, is emulated by the keyboard. Drag two fingers over the touchpad up or down to scroll on ANY OS. I received a different model number than the one advertised. 820-005634, instead of 920-005108. The 820 model has LED indicators, while they might have been removed from the 920 version. No fault of the keyboard, but touchpads are harder to play games on than full size trackballs and mice. The strange placement of the physical buttons makes this even more interesting/difficult. Pair a companion Unifying mouse or trackball to your receiver if you'll be playing regularly, and just keep it nearby on your desk/in your laptop bag. Final Verdict: Love it, recommend it, would use as my "daily driver" on my desktop PC.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Great Motherboard6/29/2014 1:00:24 PM

Pros: Heh, I know I'm late to the draw, but I love my motherboard. 3 years and still going strong. Firm support for all my legacy (PCI, PATA, parallel floppy) devices Admirable performance "The best motherboard is the one that you forget is there." A godsend upgrade from my last board that didn't work correctly anymore.

Cons: Ah, I have exactly one complaint in two words about this thing: RAM SUPPORT. I have put so many RAM sticks through this board, and it is exceptionally picky. RAM that meets all of its ratings are still rejected with a memory failure beep code, seemingly based on brand alone. G-Skill and PNY don't seem to work well, but Kingston and some Corsair cards do. To be fair, DDR3 was very young back when this board was manufactured, and modern boards are probably far less fickle. We'll see when I finally decide to upgrade.

Overall Review: If it was still being manufactured, I'd recommend this motherboard in a heartbeat, fickle RAM and all. (Psst: get Kingston ValueRAM 2GB sticks)

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Right for the job.6/29/2014 12:50:31 PM

Pros: Small Simple Convenient Fits two 2.5" drives or SSDs - or one of each! - into one 3.5" bay Fits my Antec Three Hundred easily - should fit most cases For most modern cases, the open space between the two drives allows the case's front fan to blow air over both drives at the same time to keep them cool.

Cons: Like any adapter, you have to remove it to service either drive that you've installed into the carrier. It's a flimsy plastic carrier, but with all the screws installed into its bay it gets a lot of support from your case. You have to tap the holes that mount it into the case, which makes it a bit difficult to install the first time you do it. I don't consider these enough to knock an egg, especially at this price point.

Overall Review: This carrier was perfect for my build, where I installed my primary SSD into one bay, and a secondary mechanical into the other, completely replacing my single 3.5" drive.

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First Impressions12/12/2013 8:42:20 PM

Pros: 10-point capacitive touch is plug and play on supported systems. Windows 7 and 8 are known to work. Diverse input options, all the ports are here. Spacious 23" display. Do not underestimate how big 23" really is when you're right on top of it using it as a touch screen! 12vDC input fits all standard 12v positive center AC adapters that can produce 3A+, if the included cord is too short for your needs. Efficient LED backlight will never discolor or burn out. I like the kickstand. It's stable on my computer desk, even as I type this review on it using the Windows 7 on-screen keyboard, and is easy to adjust across a wide viewing angle. Stows flat if you ever need to store the monitor. Kickstand is spring loaded to help support the monitor when slung at low viewing angles. Sound pass-through headphone port is in a fairly convenient location, allowing you to get sound from HDMI to your good speakers.

Cons: It's a TN panel. Vertical view angle is more like 140 degrees. Good color view angle is about 90 degrees vertical or horizontal. My monitor exhibits serious "pixel walk" when things on the screen move. Others may do the same. The only reason I docked an egg from an otherwise nice monitor. It's a lot heavier than you might think because of the massive hunk of hard plate glass that forms the touch screen panel. Makes it a bit heavy for use as a "giant tablet". It WILL gather smudges, by virtue of being a smooth glass touch screen. Keep cleaners handy.

Overall Review: It's a full feature capacitive touch screen LED backlit TN LCD monitor with a unique spring loaded kickstand and unremarkable built in speakers. I wouldn't consider the speakers a pro or a con. They're there if you need them, and are of acceptable quality. Newegg carries a nearly identical monitor with no HDMI port. All other thoughts are exactly the same. Overall, first impressions are positive. I like my new monitor, would buy it again.

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I LOVE my tablet!11/16/2013 3:46:53 PM

Pros: Everything about this tablet? The blazing fast processor and HD 1080p screen make video-watching, Internet browsing, and gaming a joy. The screen is bright and clear, and the auto-brightness can be tweaked for "brighter" or "dimmer" if you think it's too bright (or not enough). Can even see it clearly in broad daylight. The cute little mini-apps are a convenient amusement. It's a universal remote! You can look up TV listings online, then call up the remote app and change your TV right to the show you just looked up! Or prank your favorite restraunt ... Water-resistance really works! Be gentle with the dustcaps though. You break one, you're in trouble. It actually lets you remove some of the "bloatware" included bundle apps! THIN and LIGHT. This thing is a whole new world after using an Iconia A500 for a few years. The speakers are proud and loud, and well-placed, firing out of both the bottom and sides so you'll always hear them. The camera takes good pictures and videos, though it's no match for a dedicated camera. Supports HDMI and USB-host through its USB port via MHL and USB-OTG. Wifi performance is solid, and it's able to pull signal in conditions some of my other devices fail to.

Cons: I'm not even sure if this is worth a "con", but it's so thin I'm afraid I might break it if I handle it roughly! In the several months I've owned it, Bluetooth has become fickle, but this might not even be the tablet's fault ... No LED flash for the camera makes night shots a bit of a shot in the dark *slapped* Owww...

Overall Review: You'll need a converter for MHL (standard 5-pin) or USB-OTG micro host adapter, both available right here on Newegg, to use those features. USB-OTG can only provide 100mA (low power). No USB-powered hard drives here. Run a System Update on the tablet as soon as you get it, to upgrade to Android 4.2.2 (or possibly later!) I can't speak for its NFC capabilities, as I've never used them, but they're there.

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Back That Thang Up11/16/2013 3:23:59 PM

Pros: This USB drive adapter will convert almost ANYTHING into a USB external drive. Works on CD drives too! This makes it perfect for: >Archive. Save old hard drives and store your data you don't use often on them. >Backup. Make copies of all your most priceless data without having to pay extra for an external hard drive. >Recovery. I've lost count of how much data I've saved from damaged drives or from dead PCs. >Regular use. Maybe you just want another hard drive, but don't want to open your PC, or are out of hard drive bays ... >External CD drive. Now you can finally give your Ultrabook or Netbook a CD drive without breaking the bank!

Cons: The big one: THE POWER SUPPLY. The power supply that comes with this unit is cheap and underpowered. It failed repeatedly while attempting to power a hard drive I had in storage for a long time, that should have been well within its capability. I only dock one egg for this because I was able to make a new power pack for it. The device's USB cable is short, limiting your working area for setting up a drive to work on it. USB2.0 only. This isn't a problem for older PATA drives or CD/DVD service, but the fastest SATA hard drives or Blu-ray drives won't work at full speed. Extremely old "IDE" hard drives will fail to recognize. The drive needs to have automatic ID function to work on this.

Overall Review: To have the unit and drive recognized easily, follow these tips. >Power up your CD/DVD drive on the power supply, and remove any disc. Having a disc in during recognition could cause the unit to back-clock to USB1.1 speed. >Turn off the power supply at the control switch. >Connect the converter to your drive first, then to your USB port. >Connect power last. Make sure the drive won't short out against anything metal in your work area before turning it on. >Wait for the drive to recognize completely before trying to use it. Despite all of this, I love my converter! It's a true lifesaver for my large box of hard drives.

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Nice Keyboard11/16/2013 3:03:50 PM

Pros: Small. Excellent for small desks and workbenches. USB HID. Works on absolutely anything, even Windows 98 PCs and USB-Host capable tablets! Has all the keys and indicator LEDs of a full-size keyboard. Full-size keys - I'm able to touch-type on it at full speed.

Cons: The numeric keypad is a laptop-style Overlay that's enabled by Num-Lock. It's easy to accidentally leave it on and type numbers while touch-typing! USB cable is a little on the short side. Might need a USB extension cable if your PC is on the floor... Nitpick: The shiny plastic collects smudges and scratches, especially if you carry it with you for use on a tablet or laptop.

Overall Review: This keyboard would find an excellent companion with a trackball on a cramped desktop layout. Wish I had this 15 years ago on my Pentium 2 PC! The chicklet keys may be a pro or a con for you; that's why I left it here. I rather like them. Final Verdict: Highly recommended!

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Excellent Fan!2/3/2012 9:44:31 AM

Pros: QUIET! Moves good air. Fluid bearings - no rattling ball bearings here! Still going strong after three years.

Cons: Only 3-pin, so my motherboard can't adjust its speed. Not much of a Con because of how quiet they are!

Overall Review: Loaded three of these into my super-quiet PC build. Can barely hear them in there, even at full speed. I've slept beside the PC while it's on! The system has done several 24/7 runs as a backup server and the fans are still running great, silent, and keeping my system cool!

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Exactly What It Says On The Tin9/21/2011 4:11:16 PM

Pros: Fits the Antec Three Hundred, and matches its front bezel, perfectly! Makes it look like it was meant to be like that. Includes mounting screws, and mounting the 3.5" drive in it was painless. Slide tracks allow me to make sure the 3.5" drive lines up flush on the front bezel. The face plate is detachable, so you can put one of the case's included front covers over it and leave it an internal drive bay - you should be able to do this on any case, not just the 300.

Cons: This adapter was purpose built for the Antec 300 case, so your mileage may vary if you use other cases.

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Does the job9/21/2011 3:56:06 PM

Pros: It reads and writes floppy disks. What more can I ask of it? The drive appears solid and well-built. The front bezel choices are a pleasant and welcome accessory for making the drive match your PC.

Cons: It's a floppy drive? The frame is double-keyed, and Pin 1 is not clearly marked, making accidental reverse installation a possible problem. Not enough to dock an egg.

Overall Review: I've had no problems with the drive.

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Doesn't work on Supermicro MBD-C2SBX8/23/2011 6:40:26 PM

Pros: Attractive appearance, inexpensive multi-channel kit that would have been perfect to max-out my motherboard's capacity.

Cons: DOESN'T WORK! Motherboard gives a "RAM error" beep code with any of these cards loaded. Is there something I don't know about getting these cards to work in my motherboard?

Overall Review: I hope something can be figured out. My motherboard's Newegg link is here:

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Manufacturer Response:
. Dear Customer We are sorry to hear the memory does not work properly. Please make sure you have the latest BIOS for the motherboard. This memory should be compatible, and installation should be plug and play. If you continue to have issues and need further assistance, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum:
Awesome processor. :)11/8/2009 4:29:27 PM

Pros: Fast. SUPER efficient. x64, for those who're privy to that. Overclockable like nobody's business! Plenty of L2 Cache. Matches great to 1333 DDR3 RAM on a P45 motherboard.

Cons: ... only 2 cores? :P

Overall Review: Very highly recommended for desktops and servers alike. 1 year later and I'm still lovin' it. If I ever need another processor, I'd buy another E8400 in a heartbeat. No need to get the faster versions!

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Silent, Reliable, Quality, ANTEC!11/8/2009 4:03:42 PM

Pros: Dead silent. Roomy. Sleek. Front panel USB and sound. Built in filter to keep your investment clean. :) Airflow Inc (tm) - you will have LOTS of airflow through this case. Air intake straight over the hard drives to keep them cool and happy.

Cons: As some have said, watch the PSU. The motherboard power may have difficulty reaching on some motherboards. Doesn't include all the fans, but the ones included will suffice for most users.

Overall Review: One year later, still ghost silent, still just what I wanted. Just don't let your cat maul the filter like mine did. ;) And remember to clean the filter every so often - letting dirt build up in it will inhibit the otherwise spacious air intake. Tip: Internal filter destroyed? Use mosquito screen, or any other fine mesh, held in place by the existing frame.

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Good RAM.11/8/2009 3:53:13 PM

Pros: Good RAM. Reliable. Fast. Inexpensive.

Cons: Not the fastest RAM out there, but c'mon, it's /Value/RAM. If you want the high performance stuff, raise your credit limit and keep looking.

Overall Review: One year later, still running great. Highly recommended if you want DDR3 on a budget.

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One Year Later...11/8/2009 3:47:09 PM

Pros: Very simple, straight forward, legacy-free design. DDR3. Support for those nice, efficient Wolfdale processors. Loads of SATA and USB. Offers some overclocking features. Surprisingly, offers a RS232 serial header. Works well under Linux and Windows alike.

Cons: Watch out! Long term reliability problems may rear their heads. No legacy support can go either way - say goodbye to your PATA drives and parallel printers.

Overall Review: Just over 1 year running, and here's my track record. Two failed POST attempts, one after tweaking O/C settings, one after merely trying to go into my boot device menu. Lots of spontaneous reboots trying to get to boot device select menu. One bone-chilling false hard drive failure notice. One integrated NIC failure. Better bring that Linksys PCI NIC out of retirement. And one year of otherwise faithful service. :) Naturally, your mileage may vary!

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I haven't even scratched the surface...4/20/2009 3:31:01 PM

Pros: Stable. Fast. Cool. Overclockable. I took it to 3.4 and it didn't even bat an eye at me. I think it's taunting me to push it harder... I haven't been able to get the cooler fan to rev up, and that's the stock cooler on there!

Cons: The stock cooler sucks to install. Scary to the uninitiated. I thought I was going to break something. Took a few tries to get it to stay. I probably should have gone aftermarket. Ah well.

Overall Review: It's fast, it's inexpensive, it's dual-core, it's efficient, it's x64 if your OS supports it, and paired with a mobo that handles its FSB, you'll be lighting your work - and play - on fire. Even running it stock. No reason to buy any higher, unless you absolutely, positively need quad-core.

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Intel P45 ATX Motherboard4/20/2009 3:21:39 PM

Pros: My setup was fairly painless, though your mileage may vary. DDR3 lights things on fire! SATA2, and plenty of it, should you decide to go RAID. More USB2 than I may ever use, though half of it is in headers. Plenty of fan headers. No reliability or overheating problems in my use, and I leave my system on 24/7. Dual PCI-E 16x for you performance fiends out there who do twin video cards. Overclocking settings in BIOS, where many believe they belong. Inexpensive for all the modern tech it supports!

Cons: DDR3 is still a relatively new technology. Make sure you match your numbers. I had no problems, but the horror stories abound. Be careful with that LGA775 socket! I've heard the horror stories. Legacy? What's that? Though there is a serial header, if you can actually use it. A power hungry fool. Takes ATX12v, a modern ATX motherboard connector, AND a Molex 12-G-G-5v connector like a hard drive! Make sure your PSU can take it. Nags the living heck out of you when you go in to overclock, but I can't really blame them for that, OCing is dangerous for the uninitiated.

Overall Review: Overall, this motherboard does what I ask of it, and does it well. Then again, I'm not really pushing it to its limit here. I'm sure it has a lot more potential locked away in there. To me, this board mates perfectly with the E8xxx series of processors, but that's the ones that I chose, so I guess I'm a little biased! If you know what you're doing, I don't expect this mo-bo to let you down anytime soon. Unless you overclock the living snot out of it, then I can't really guarantee anything.

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4/20/2009 3:05:05 PM

Pros: In a few words: Spacious, Quiet, Solid, Sleek, Stylish. Loving the cord storage bay on the side, behind the hard drive bays. Having the intake flow directly over the hard drives keeps them cool - a plus for reliability. Top and back fans are well placed for keeping your CPU cool on an Intel LGA770 board, can't speak for AMD though. Stock Tri-Cool fans are quiet and move good air. Never had an overheating problem in this machine, even running only the stock fans.

Cons: The power supply may be a reach to the motherboard for some PSUs, but my Antec True Power Trio 550 had no problems. Watch out if you have a PSU with a large bottom fan, as this fan will be facing up and just begging to have screws from the card rack dropped into it. You could probably install it rightside-up, but I'd imagine that'd cause airflow problems... There's no place for a Chassis Intrusion switch! Though a clever modder could always make a spot. Don't expect to fit six hard drives and two large video cards in this case, but I doubt that'll be a concern for most users. Doesn't include any external 3 1/2 drives. Floppy and ZIP drive users beware.

Overall Review: The PSU-on-the-bottom is unusual and give-and-take, but IMHO, having that weight on the bottom adds stability to the overall case. The filter does its job, but with a PC on 24/7 and a cat in the house, it becomes a regular occurence to have to clean it. Overall, a very good case - half the cons I listed are nitpicks or caveats for system builders to keep in mind. Not enough to dock an egg.

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First Impressions10/29/2008 5:28:38 PM

Pros: Inexpensive DDR3 at 1333, a perfect compliment for your modern 1333MHz FSB processors. Two gigs on one stick, not a combo, so you can load more RAM in your system if you're running X64.

Cons: This isn't the fastest DDR3 you'll see. If you really want performance, consider forking out the dough for one with better timing figures.

Overall Review: This RAM is a good way to get your feet wet with DDR3. Inexpensive, and still decently fast. You do get what you pay for, and you're forgoing a little speed to save some money with this RAM, but I've not had any problems with it. It was autodetected by my system at 9/9/9/24 at 1.55v.

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