One of the last Bronze Level PSU's I'll Purchase8/30/2021 1:02:31 AM

Pros: Not the last Bronze "level" PSU because there is an issue, no no, it's been running phenomenal for the past 3 weeks (24/7) Noob miner here and I needed a PSU that had the right amount of PCIE power cables for my RTX 2070 Super FE (6 pin and 6+2 8pin). I've got two 2070 S. FE's and the other one is running on an EVGA 600W BR80+, it is currently daisy chained, which is fine, it's only running approximately 88-94W at any given time with an average hashrate of 42.85MH/s, meanwhile the 700W rigs GPU is running approximately 94-99W at any given time, and an average of 43.65MH/s. That being said I'm going to upgrade the daisy chained PCIE power connector to a Gold+ next and compare it's efficiency to the rig running on this PSU.

Cons: None at all so far.

Overall Review: Oh before you troll about mining, i'm all clean energy where I live.

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It's okay3/20/2021 3:40:49 PM

Pros: LightweightRTX 2070 Max Q (80W max) Would have been nice to have the 90W version.144Hz screenDecent amount of vents for airflow from the bottom and out through the sides/backMaintains GPU temps ~60C and hotspot temp ~72C underload for prolonged periods of time.

Cons: The frame doesn't "pinch" together on the front side bottem left of the track pad leaving a slightly annoying gap where the led can be seen clearly...Using a window fan for extra cooling.

Overall Review: I'd recommend for a lightweight, on the go, mid range gaming laptop.4* because of the frame being defective, but not the end of the world.

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Just the right amount of extras11/29/2020 10:41:03 AM

Pros: Arrived FAST Assembled in under 30min Leg rest Back massage pillow via usb Upper neck pillow I put another small pillow in the middle between the Velcro straps for the massage pillow. Reclines!

Cons: The width could be another 1-2 inches for more comfort to the sides of the legs while sitting

Overall Review: Already recommended to two of my friends and family.

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It's a chonker5/19/2020 9:27:18 AM

Pros: Keeps cool at stock (Max Turbo) I7 9700k 4.7MHz 20-40C Under load (F@H) @4.07MHz average it averages 57-61C across all cores. Wonderful product, I have it in a negative pressure case (Until I mod the front) blowing out the top and it's a wonderful heater for the room haha Love the mounting bracket.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Perhaps i'll put a couple higher rpm fans on it for OC testing. Would buy another.

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Great for OS installs5/19/2020 9:23:40 AM

Pros: Bought 2 so far for a couple builds I'm working on Going to, haven't yet, install and use one for a Manjaro OS fun build. Decent read and write speeds for the price

Cons: None

Overall Review: Good brand, no problems, will buy more.

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Ouuuweee that factory smell!5/19/2020 7:56:20 AM

Pros: Perfect for lightweight to mid-spec office PCs and gaming, running a Radeon RX 570 4gb, R7 2700X@1.3-1.45V, B450M Pro4 mobo, 3 case fans, 2 DIMMS@1.35V, HDD, and SSD. Another rig just runs an A320 mobo paired with a R3 3200G, 2 DIMMS, HDD, and SSD, a bit overkill I think so I purchased a 450W PSU to swap out eventually and I need another OC board for this 600WPSU. I rent a house, so I don't trust the power to well, surge protectors ftw for just in case scenarios, rarely does the power go out or blink, but still safety first, and gotta make sure to have a decent board with over voltage protection. For the price, I can live with the daisy chain power cables.

Cons: I put them both up on the windowsill with a window fan and another indoor fan blowing on them to air the chemical smell out, not a big deal.

Overall Review: Great for DIY fun builds and upgrades of ancient PSUs like 280W or 300W or even 350W PSUs

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Memories!5/19/2020 7:26:58 AM

Pros: XMP Profile on the B450m Pro MOBO runs at 2933MHz (1433MHz)-Latency. Paired with a R7 2700X, I've managed to OC safely without thermal throttling at 4.1MHz all cores @1.3V stable, CBR15 scores ranged from 1778 base - 1889points(This final score was @4.2MHz @1.425-1.45V...TO HOT FOR STOCK) , temps on the stock cooler (at 3600rpm on the fan phew) were reaching 75C-82C. A boost to say 3200MHz DIMMS would be an upgrade too.

Cons: None

Overall Review: No memory stability issues yet, thinking about picking up a second set to make 32GB for a fun build I'm doing. Solid product, take vengeance upon your foes!

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Affordable secondary GPU5/19/2020 7:20:17 AM

Pros: Lightweight, compact design. Radeon software allows control of the clock frequencies, fan speeds, voltage, etc. Great for lightweight gaming at medium to high settings depending on the game

Cons: Hasn't stopped working, so none!

Overall Review: Budget GPU for starter gaming builds/mid-tier gaming.

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SOLID HDD can't get enough5/19/2020 7:15:57 AM

Pros: I've bought 3 Dropped two (2ft drop) (Pulled a Linus I know I know!) I was stress testing the uh...durability of the drives! For real though, I've had 0 problems with these 2tb drives and the price point is almost perfect for multiple builds I've been working on. Speeds are solid, great storage for everything, but the OS of which goes on an SSD.

Cons: None!

Overall Review: Durable (Don't drop the drive....) But, now you know! Lots of storage at a low price point. No problems reading or writing files, programs, pics, vids, etc. Keep up the great quality Seagate!

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Affordable MOBO5/19/2020 7:10:33 AM

Pros: Bought this to OC a couple R3 3200Gs and a R7 2700X I also purchased an A320 as well, which of course does not have the OC settings that this board does, but it was even cheaper and it's meant for a 3200G in a low spec system anyway. Considering purchasing another, or perhaps kicking it up a notch and grabbing an X470 or X390 Or I should just upgrade my main PC board from a B360M Extreme LGA 1151 to a Z390-E...

Cons: None!

Overall Review: Affordable board for most AMD processors and a good entry OC board Gets beginner OCers comfortable with all the varying voltage protection features this board includes for the price.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Great TV and Overhead monitor5/18/2020 7:26:01 PM

Pros: 4K HDR settings look 8/10 subjectively speaking via HDMI ARC to my pc (RTX 2070) decent for 60fps 4k gaming in say, World of Warships? Civ, Anno, etc. Lightweight easy install via a separate vesa mount I purchased. Picture and sound quality are phenomenal for the price point At a 2ft distance angled on the wall above my gaming monitor it's not hard on the eyes at all. Plenty of room for multiple programs/windows 50" would have been a bit to large unless it was curved ;)

Cons: None

Overall Review: The roku included service and the price is great, suits multiple purposes. It isn't a gaming tv by any stretch, but for lightweight games and classic games it brings them to life a bit moreso than the old TVs used to. This is my first personal flat panel TV purchase and I'm quite satisfied with the quality and display in all. Pick one up, if you're in a large living room more than 8-12ft away go with the 50 or 55" model.

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Amazing Lounge Chair Gaming Gaming Experience5/18/2020 5:11:12 PM

Pros: Arrived fast! fits my chonky hands okay, soft grip to the back so it won't slip out of your hand during rage moments...I mean whilst stretching, yaaaa. Steam was up and running as I connected to the pc via the USB dongle and was able to set up a desktop profile in less than 30 minutes, everything is adjustable settings wise per button including sensitivity. Plays classic Final Fantasy games with ease and no disconnections (after attaching the dongle usb cable extension for better wireless connection and less input lag. Also tried LoL TFT and it was great on the 4k tv in the recliner ha. Been a few months since purchase and the original batteries are still kicking with an approximate use time of 1-3 times per week.

Cons: None Well...ya not really anything to complain about.

Overall Review: Great price point, gj Logitech keep up the good business, pick this up if you're curious about PC controller gaming and want to test out a few games, Fortnite is...interesting, totally different dynamic in comparison to my mechanical keyboard and usb mouse.

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Backup OS Stick5/18/2020 5:03:25 PM

Pros: Fast read and write times Using this for a Manjaro OS test rig, should be fun once I actually start it up and install the OS

Cons: None

Overall Review: Just wait till' USB sticks are USB C, the the future! Ya it's good pick it up.

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One cable to rule them all!5/18/2020 5:01:34 PM

Pros: Specs are what they say they are, does it's job for a backup pc next to the router.

Cons: None!

Overall Review: Pick it up does the job and transfers the data

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Love it!3/20/2020 11:35:20 AM

Pros: Compared to literally every other mount know where (Not the amzon rain-forest[See what i did there ;), can't even mention a place on a continent because someone owns a business that is called that place, kinda absurd, but I digress]), far cheaper, and superior in the sense that you have so many mounting screws that come with it, extenders for LARGE TVs, 88lb capacity. I've mounted in the middle stud of the wall and it can swivel to either side with an approximate 10" difference between the TV and the opposing bedroom walls. Easy installation with just a hammer, framing nail, ratchet screwdriver (thankfully a ratchet), and the provided level.

Cons: None Hence the reason i took the time to type in this box

Overall Review: Fits most TVs, Most TVs are not above 88lb. Affordable Easy install, though it took a week for my lazy a%$ to install it. Get it, worth it, I'm thinking of getting another to replace my parents wall hugging vesa mount.

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It's a filter, cheap and a 2 pack.3/20/2020 11:25:14 AM

Pros: Does it's job

Cons: The magnets glued to the back are not precise, leaving a millimeter or 2 space that would allow small particles to be pulled through (intake of course) over time (approx. 2-5 years without cleaning and depending on environmental variables like pets) maybe I'm being to critical, but at least I didn't give you 4 stars ;) it's still a decent product to do the job and keep dust out.

Overall Review: I'd recommend this because it's a 2 pack for cheap and i needed it for an immediate build that's going out.

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They work, solid memory.2/13/2020 11:36:38 AM

Overall Review: For an older PC, works well with an upgraded M/B and SSD

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Beautiful Product and Company, They know what's up.1/24/2020 2:11:56 PM

Pros: Durable, quiet, I've reached 1549 RPM so...I've overclocked the fan MUWAHAHA! Just kidding, idk maybe it's seal is good an creates a better vacuum on the radiator on the inside. Anyway, buying another...and then another probably...

Cons: Be cool if it was green, not rgb...but hey there's an idea for some.

Overall Review: I'd say get it, or if they have any fan with a higher RPM, 93.40 m3/h max., 74.30 m3/h, or Air flow, 93.40 m3/h max., 74.30 m3/h (w/ L.N.A.), get it, probably quality if it's Noctua.

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Stunning graphics1/24/2020 1:59:54 PM

Pros: Durable thick cable, does the trick...I think. I do run everything at max settings, still tweaking NVIDIA control panel settings too.

Cons: I bought an Acer XB272...capable of 240Hz I'm running an RTX 2070 (TU-400 Dye) I7 9700k, and still not hitting consistent 240Hz with this cable. I believe it's because of the older DP port on the monitor.

Overall Review: I recommend it, but I do wonder...would a DP 1.4 to USB C be a drastic performance boost? Possible?

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Great OS SSD1/24/2020 1:55:07 PM

Pros: None great for OS.

Overall Review: Have at it, small form factor for placement anywhere really.

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First Impressions9/5/2019 4:23:31 AM

Pros: It arrived?

Cons: I have not opened the nox yet, but it did only arrive yesterday (9/4/19) just after 5pm with one side of the box ripped open where you would find the carrying slots, so i do hope that whomever picked up the box didnt drop it as abruptly as it would seem they had picked it up. I will be un-boxing today and checking the entirety of the components and hopefully no damage. Ill be back to finish this review once I have looked over and tested the machine.

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Air POWER!8/29/2019 11:09:12 AM

Pros: PUSHES the air, expect it to be loud and prepare some sound buffering. Perfect for cooling the system during Benchmarks and Stress tests. I've set up a makeshift foam sound and vibration absorbing "pyramid" around the fan of which drops the DBs by about 20-30, while still providing great airflow in and out. I'll get a read on all DB ratings from a top case Pov later with and without foam.

Cons: If the manufacturer could make it quieter in terms of taking the squealing sound out of it, be nice.

Overall Review: I'd recommend this for anyone seeking massive cooling at the cost of noise.

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"Knock off" ;) S10+8/29/2019 11:04:34 AM

Pros: Beautiful upgrade from my S6 Check out the tear down and durability test of this phone by: JerryRigEverything on YouTube if you want a solid review of this product.

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: I recommend this as an upgrade to any S-Series device up to ehhh and S7/8 perhaps a 9.

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Noticible Difference8/29/2019 10:53:41 AM

Pros: Cut the temperatures of the CPU down by approximately 20-30C playing Assassins Creed Odyssey and running the benchmark they provide, as well as Fortnite Max settings on everything. 3D Mark Advanced running Time Spy Benchmark Went Smoothly and didn't even push the system to the point that surprisingly enough Fortnite does (Before 95C CPU) I'll have to dable and use a different benchmark. No noise from air bubbles after installation that's a plus. Easy Install, easier than the stock fan that mounted via push through hold tabs that flare out on the backside of the board...such a bother.

Cons: I set up a dual fan outtake to the radiator and it works, but....not enough airflow, as of this moment i have a small personal fan leaned up against the outside to vent more hot air haha. I did order a 3kRPM 120mm fan to compensate though so i'll live with the noise from that for quality airflow.

Overall Review: Back 8/29/19 I've deduced it's simply the static pressure on the fans, 1 is PWM controlled so i can boost it close to 2500RPM compared to the original case fan that runs DC steady full at 1200-1300RPM, just a matter of having the proper PWM fans in place is all. Still a 5/5 on cooling, i put my heavy duty 12v 3k RPM fan on top of my my pc pushing air in and after a few minutes with minimal load on the CPU/Cooling block, i started seeing temps of 24F-29F on varying cores through CPUID HWMonitor. OC has been a blast.

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Not a bad secondary screen of 38/29/2019 10:48:09 AM

Pros: Easily adjustable controls Capable of turning blue light off (easy on the eyes) seeing as this is my right hand screen and used mostly for writing, researching, open tabs, monitoring programs etc. Just under a 1/4" bezel compared to the 3/4" bezel on my main screen, sadly can't go surround. Arrived packaged correctly, i mean if it had not arrived the way advertised I'd simply have returned it or replaced it, surely not complain on a review pfft.

Cons: Not height adjustable :( Will solve this eventually once I buy a 3-4 monitor wall mount and get 2 more 27" screens with a low bezel like this one.

Overall Review: I'm back, after some dabbling I've concluded this Acer VG270 is my main display seeing as it runs at 75hz refresh rate at 1080p gaming in contrast to the Acer CB280HK 4k gaming at 60hz (59hz).

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