Not terrible; may want to do some minor upgrades4/17/2019 5:44:59 AM

Pros: -GPU will handle majority of what you throw at it, no problems -CPU will pretty much do the same

Cons: -RAM is awful. If you attempt to let Nvidia control panel optimize Division 2 or Battlefield 5, or any of those free ones, you will likely blue screen within 5-10 minutes due to MEMORY_MANAGEMENT. The 8GB isn't really enough to do what the rest of the system will do, and the RAM mine came with was pretty awful anyway. -StoreMI is terrible it seems. First time using this hybrid, makeshift, whatever the heck it is SSD but not SSD type thing, and it doesn't seem to work very well.

Overall Review: If you are getting this for gaming on any modern AAA titles, even if you are wanting to run 1080p ultra, upgrade the RAM. The GPU and CPU have been solid so far, so no complaints there. The case is convenient, it's pretty I guess, if you're into the lights and all that. A quick RAM upgrade got me to where I wanted to be, but so far so good. I'll come back to edit this if I run into issues

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