Great laptop for what it was created to do.6/10/2018 12:26:20 AM

Pros: This laptop performs excellently. the quad core processor combined with the SSD allow for quick load times on most applications. The casing itself is pretty solid. Even if it is not aluminum it seems sturdy enough with an appropriate amount of flexibility on the screen so that it isn't too susceptible to breaking. The tile style keys are well made, they have a very satisfying tactile response that is great for typing. The screen's brightness is really good, but it's not extremely reflective like a macbook, so there is far less of an issue with glaring. Having a disc drive and SD card slot are great for anyone who wants to watch media on the laptop separate from the internet Up to this point the power cable feels extremely secure in its port and takes effort to remove, which is a bonus if you're using it somewhere where it may be jostled around. On that same note, having an SSD instead of an HDD is great for preserving your data against damage from vibration. Having a laptop with a number pad is also very convenient for someone who needs to do calculations and input data. The speakers are about your average laptop quality, except for that they are able to surpass many that I have had experience with in terms of sheer volume.

Cons: The only downside that I feel isn't a result of getting the laptop cheaper than the more expensive options is the location of the track pad. While I do understand the idea of putting the track pad directly below the space bar instead of dead center, I often have issue left clicking when I'm not looking at the track pad because it takes a very conscious effort to reach that side of the trackpad.

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